First time with my cousins pt. 3


That night we had a lot of fun. Dinner was a hoot with all the antics of us boys and of his father too. His dad was a good one that joked and cut up with his kids. We all watched television and played games (his dad again joining in) and wrestled with his younger brothers. We kids stayed up late, past midnight. That was unusual for me. Then it was time for bed. That meant sleeping completely naked for the first time ever. I could hardly wait.

As soon as we went into Chuck's bed room, he locked the door and asked me if I wanted to sleep naked. I said yes, so we pulled off our t-shirt and shorts, neither wearing shoes or underwear, and crawled into bed. The bed ran horizontal to the door. Chuck was against the wall and I was on the outside toward the door. We had just crawled under the covers when Chuck asked if I wanted to jack off again. I said yes. And he asked if we were going to do it to one another some more, and I said yes again.

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   So we grabbed one another's dicks under the covers and started slowly stroking one another. Then we started talking about more nasty stuff. He told me that he and Gerald had also done stuff like rub their dicks together and fucked one another between the legs. He said that felt real good and asked me if I wanted to try it. I said I didn't know but would think about it. I asked him if they were fucking in the butt, too, and he said "No, that's gross and queer. " Then he asked me if I wanted to use some baby oil he kept stashed in the closet. I said no, that it sounded messy. He told me that he and Gerald really liked using the baby oil. Sounded like he and Gerald had been getting it on pretty regular and a lot more regular than he had really let on before. Then he asked me if I wanted to try doing stuff with Gerald, too, and I said (and this is really laughable) no because Gerald really did sound like a big fag. I told Chuck I didn't want anything to do with him (never mind that the guy was truly very ugly) and to keep him away from me. Well, we were off to a great start tonight. Then I asked him if he wanted to try sucking dick without a rubber and said he thought that was kinda gross because you might taste piss. This was just not going well at all.

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   Thank God for pure hormones. We were both still hard as a rock. But then he said he thought I'd really like us rubbing our dicks between one another's legs, even without the baby oil. So I agreed. It really scared me because it was going to be so intimate. He said he wanted to do it to me first so he could show me how and I bought it. We threw back the covers. I got on my side and lifted my right leg, he wedged his dick in between my legs and I closed my leg back down tight. It really did feel great. I loved the feeling of his dick rubbing the sensitive skin behind my balls, and his dick head sometimes hitting my balls themselves. I could feel his course pubes brushing my ass. He wrapped his arm around me and grabbed my hard dick and began stroking it. He said this was the way he and Gerald did it. It really was intimate, but I was liking that, too. We did this a bit and I told him that I wanted my turn to try it.

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   We switched and it felt so good. To feel all that warm flesh on my dick was almost too much. I was one the verge of losing it several times. Chuck told me to do like we did when we were jacking and just slow down if I got to close. He said it felt good for him too, and since my dick was longer, my dick head was rubbing into his nuts with every stroke. I was jacking his dick, too. We took a break, and I asked him again if he wanted to try sucking dick with out a rubber. I really wanted to have a dick in my mouth. I wanted it real bad. And, I wasn't going to pass up this chance. I told him that I would do it to him and he didn't half to do it to me back if he didn't want, too. He said ok, so I got up and leaned over his dick and sucked it into my mouth. There wasn't much technique; no real tongue action. I just bobbed up and down on it. He said that it felt really good.

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   So much better than with the rubber. He said he had been wanting to suck a dick without a rubber because the plastic taste of the rubber was nasty, but he was scared to because he didn't want to really be a fag (too late honey, you already are). It didn't take long and he told me he was close and to stop. Then he said he would do it to me, too. (Hurray!) So I leaned back on my pillow and he leaned over me and started sucking my dick. It felt so good. I'd never felt anything like it. After a short while, he suggested we do it to one another at the same time. He said that he and Gerald (Gerald this and Gerald that; if I heard "Gerald" one more time, I was going to kill him) did it that way with the rubbers and Gerald said that was called a 69. So we did. He moved his head down by my feet and we resumed dick sucking. It was not long at all before I felt his heavy breathing that told me he was close to cumming (it even got worst when as the got older and he became a really loud orgasm). I didn't even think about stopping and was praying that he wouldn't tell me to stop. This was my chance to eat somebody's else's sperm and I wanted it real bad. This was probably the thing I wanted to do more than anything else.

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   I wanted this boy to shoot his sperm into my mouth. He didn't warn me off. We'd never said a word about carrying it this far, but we were just going to let it happen. Chuck pulled his mouth off my dick and started moaning and at the same time I felt his dick stiffen and his cum start spurting into my mouth. I swallowed without thinking before I realized what was really happening. He got off a couple of shots. I could taste that it was sweet. Very sweet, like mine. I was in heaven. I sucked him a little more and then pulled off. He put his mouth on my dick and resumed sucking. When I got close I did warn him that I was about to cum but he kept right on going. I told him to just start swallowing as soon as he felt it in his mouth. He nodded his head on my dick in understanding. I felt the contractions and knew I was shooting my sperm into his mouth.

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   It was three or four spurts and I could tell that they had really rocketed. He gagged a little on the first, but was a champ after that and never missed a beat. He pulled off quickly, while I was still hard. I asked him how it tasted and he said really good and was sweet and he liked it. He said he still thought I was kinda gross, what with piss coming out of a dick and all, and that the idea of having cum in your mouth; but that he had wanted to try doing it anyway. We got back under the covers, he rolled over on his side of the bed and I fell asleep on mine. I was awakened in the middle of the night by something touching me. He had rolled over and cuddled up to me in a spoon and had wrapped his arm around me. His dick was hard as a rock. It was pressing into my ass, and even though he was asleep, he was lightly rubbing it into my ass. This kid never stopped. He was the horniest little thing even in his sleep.