First Time with Drunk Mom


Drunk Mom
By Packer@operamail. com

I've always thought my mom was sexy. I'm a 35 year old male and I still get hard when I think of my own mother. She's only 18 years older than I am, so even at 51, she's got a body that causes her own son to look twice and sigh when I think about the many times I've been between those legs.

But the best and most erotic part is that she doesn't know any of its ever happened! My mom was raised a very strict Catholic girl so there was NO WAY she would willingly have sex with her own son. If she ever found out that she had sex with me, well, I really think she'd be under "treatment" now.

Ok, let me start from the beginning. . .

I was 18 when it first happened. My mom and dad were 30 and 31 years old at the time, and worked at the local meat factory.
Dad worked the swing shift and was gone from 4pm to midnight, while my mom worked days, and would be home by 5pm. She worked on the line so she'd really be tired when she got home. I usually tried to help her by making dinner, or just getting the house cleaned up.
Her and my dad always got along great, but I guess she just started getting bored or lonely with him gone every night. She's definitely not the type to go to a nightclub by herself or even with her girlfriends without my dad’s permission.

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   And then with me there to take care of, well she probably felt she should just stay home. That's when the drinking began. It started with one drink when she got home from work. Then it went to a couple of drinks, and eventually even a third each night.
I suppose they were meant to relax her after a hard day at work. First it was just a beer, and then the beer changed to Tequila. She'd have a couple of shots and sometimes knock out on the couch watching TV. Mom really didn’t drink much, so a couple of shots were a lot for her to handle. I'd have to wake her before dad got home and would occasionally catch a flash of thigh, or some deep cleavage.
I knew this wasn't right, but it just looked so damn good! I'd get so hot and horny just watching my mother sleep on the couch. Sometimes I'd take the blanket off her, and just stare while rubbing my growing cock just inches from her face. I'd get so hot and bothered I'd run to the bathroom to jack off. Moms job included a lot of physical work so she was in shape and did have a great looking body. Even though my buddies would kid me about her, at 18 even I knew my mom was hot! Just a stroke or two was all it would take for me to have an orgasm that would make me light headed! This was when I came to the conclusion that I wanted more than just playing with myself while watching my own mother sleep! I needed to get back into the pussy I came out of 18 years earlier! I needed to fuck her. And I knew a quick and easy way!
My plan was simple, I'll just get her drunker! I'll start by making her drinks stronger each day.

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   I even considered approaching some of the druggies in the neighborhood for some pills, but no, that scared me. What if I overdosed her? Nope, Tequila would work just fine.

It took awhile, but by the second week, mom's shots had become mixed drinks, and then those mixed drinks started to have very little “mix” in them. They were almost straight tequila! A few of these a night and I'd have her out! But the hard part was thatI could never tell just HOW out mom was, so I never touched her outright. I would accidentally brush my hand against a tit while adjusting her blanket, or while taking moms shoes off, I’d lift a leg for a quick peek under her dress. Sometimes I'd do it a little rough just to see if mom was with-it at all.
I'll never forget our first time. . . It was a Friday night around 9:00pm and three "glasses" of Tequila later mom had fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV. I shook her arm and she gave me no reaction! My heart started beating 1000 miles a minute! Would tonight be THE night? I shook her shoulders again and yelled her name. I even rolled and dropped mom off the couch to the floor! Nothing! She was totally passed out, and was about to be used and abused by her own 18 yr old son!
I rolled mom onto her back and reached down to take off her shoes. For some reason I was still nervous that she may wake up. I started by massaging her lower legs. My dick was so fucking hard! With both hands I ran them up and down her calves a few times.

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   I've never touched my mom like this before! This was so awesome! That’s when I said, fuck it, I’m going for it! I slowly lifted moms skirt up to her chest, and there between her legs was my treasure! Mom always wore those full cut white panties. I guess they were the style back then. I could see this big puffy area of black hair covering my goal. I very lightly stroked her there with the back of my fingers. It felt like it was all hair! My heart was pounding even louder now! I was literally shaking I was so nervous, this was my own mother after all! But I knew I had to see it! And who knows, maybe even more!
I bent down and put my nose to moms crotch and inhaled long and slow.
Ah. . it was nice. I shook her again just to be sure. No reaction. . So I went for it! I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly started to pull them down. Mom suddenly began to cough and groan. My mother was starting to wake up! Shit!! Fear and panic sliced right through me!
Luckily since mom was laying on her back with her skirt up to her chin, when she started to sit up her skirt fell into place. What woke her? Did mom feel what I was doing to her? She just sat there looking around confused and trying to get her bearings.

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   When she was finally able to focus on me, I saw that her eyes were really bloodshot and she was still slightly swaying. Yup, she was really really drunk, but not out. Damm.
I quickly came to her side and said, "Come on, it's time for bed. ” I could see she was still trying to focus on who was talking to her. Suddenly she chuckled and said with a crooked smile, "Ok Hon, lets go to bed. " Hon? That's what she calls my dad. Did she really think I was Dad? Cool! More ideas flooded to my brain. All of them would have to be forgotten if I didn't do something quickly, dad would be home within the hour. So I put my arms out for mom and she lunged forward, causing us to lose our balance. I had to reach down to stop from falling over and with my other hand I found a nice soft handful of butt check. Oh yeah. . . so nice… so soft… Mom let out a soft drunken chuckle and with my help we stood up again and continued to stumble towards her bedroom.

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I was so panic stricken and so horny all at the same time! I had less than an hour… what should I do. . . . would I ever get this chance again? Groping my own mother was ok for a quickie, but I wanted more, a lot more! And time was running out! I kept the hall light off and also the light in moms room. Did mom really think I was dad? We’re “kind of” the same height and build. . When we got to her bedside she suddenly just fell face down onto her bed and answered all my questions when she slurringly said, “Hon, get me undressed and under the covers”. FUCKEN ALL RIGHT!!!! Was all I could think of. And then mom started snoring. Time was short so I went for it. Not REAL rough, but I knew I had a job to do before dad got home. This time I unbuttoned and unzipped moms skirt, and started to wiggle it out from under her. . Oh hell with it I thought, I might as well go for it all and started to pull her panties off at the same time.

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   After a few good tugs they were around her ankles and then onto the floor. There it was, my mother's glorious naked butt just staring me in the face. Wow, was the only word my brain could think of. I figured it was now or never… I grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and slowly massaged and rolled them around and around. Wow, again! I felt like a kid with a new toy. I was actually fondling my own mothers ass! Awesome I thought again as I felt the smooth skin of her ass cheeks, and of the eroticness of what I was doing!I then slowly spread her cheeks apart and there it was! Super Wow this time! I was looking directly at my own mothers asshole! I sat there staring for almost a full minute. It was amazing to look at! Have you ever seen your mother asshole? Moms was perfectly round, and had a pinkish brown color to it with star shaped lines going out from it. What would mom think if she knew what her good little boy had done to her, and that he was now looking at her most private area!? What other son could say they've seen their moms butt hole? Just that thought alone got me even harder!
Let's see… the room was dark… my mother was drunk, naked and passed out with her rear endright in front of me… what should I do?What do you think I was going to do!Hahahha
Who cares if I get caught, it’ll definitely have been worth the attempt.
I reached under moms stomach and lifted her enough to prop a pillow there, which lifted her ass up at the perfect angle for me. I didn’t have time to waste, so I kicked off my pants and hauled my dick out. It knew where it wanted to be! I knew I had to hurry so I aimed my cock at the right spot and rubbed the head up and down her slit a couple of times. That gave the shivers and almost caused me to cum right there! I paused to calm down and slowly slid in. Oh my god! I did it! I was in her! My 18 year old cock was actually IN my own mothers pussy! I felt the hot, the tightness and her hairy all at the same time! AWESOME!! I was fucking my mom!!! It was amazing, and a feeling my wife would never be able to equal. And I would never forget the feeling for the rest of my life!I’d seen a few porno movies, so it was not a problem to know that a “back and forth” motion was next!What am I saying, I knew what to do! I started pumping in and out of mom so fast since I knew I wouldn’t last long. Ten strokes or so later I felt it coming! Actually I started cuming like I had never cum before in my life! Spasm after spasm hit me… I knew I was flooding mommy's cunt.

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   I still couldn’t believe it! I was actually here with my cock inside my own mother! Yeah! I juststood there with my cock pulsing inside of her while trying to catch my breath.
Whew. . that was amazing. . quick, but still amazing. I just knew I wanted more of my mom in the future somehow. But then it hit me, DAD! What time was it? Mom’s nightstand clock said he should be home now! Plop! I quickly pulled out of mom… I grabbed my underwear and wiped her pussy and my cock with it. I pulled back her covers and rolled mom under them. The bedroom suddenly lit up with dad’s headlights pulling into the driveway. I was physically and emotionally drained, but still very nervous. What if mom realizes what happened? What if she confronts me?
All I could do was hope she doesn't remember, but I’ll take whatever happens. Mom sure was worth the risk. It was still sinking in my mind that I actually had "my cock" in "my mother". I doubt if any of my school buddy's could say the same! I bent down and gave mom one long kiss with a lot of tongue which felt kind of weird, and then ran off to my bedroom.

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   Dad would be coming up the stairs soon.
I was just starting to relax and get my breathing under control when I heard dad's keys in the front door. After he came upstairs I tiptoed to the hall where I could peek into their bedroom without being seen. Dad was next to mom shaking her, trying to wake her up. "Babe, are you drunk again? Damn!" he was saying. No response of course. It looked like dad was ready to give up when he stopped and put his hand on mom's hip. He started to rub/caress her hip and thigh.
Oh oh, was dad getting horny? I just smiled, I guess mom has that effect on us, even when she's asleep!And here I was getting another hard-on! Dad lifted the blanket off mom and dropped it on the floor. I heard him mutter something about her only getting half undressed. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. And there they were, my mother's breasts. Even laying on her back they seemed to reach for the ceiling and not hang to each side! I never did get to play with those today. But soon… real soon… He started squeezing a tit with one hand, and with the other he stuck his fingers into mom's freshly fucked pussy.
I could see fingers being pushed in and out of my mother.

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Back and forth they went, in and out, in and out. I guess dad must have been a little rough, because mom started moaning and soon started to wake up.
It took her awhile to focus and realize what was going on, but when she did, she just smiled at dad, and said something about having a great dream. He helped her stand up, they kissed and both finished getting undressed. Dad suddenly stopped and started to walk towards the bedroom door. Shit, I was going to get caught! But he stopped short and reached out with his foot and kicked the door closed. Whew. . I stood outside their room, and for the next 18 minutes I played with my super hard cock listening to their bed creak, and my mother grunt. She sure sounded like she was enjoying herself! After that, I knew I was safe from being caught.
Little did my mother know, but she would be sleeping with the cum of both her men in her this night! And if all goes as planned, this will only be the first of many!
Mom continued to do some heavy drinking for the next couple of years, and I averaged "enjoying her" once or twice a month. Eventually dad switched shifts and came to work days. Mom must have then started feeling better because she didn't hit the bottle as much as she used to.
I'll write about those times if requested.
Now when mom and dad come over for a visit, I catch myself daydreaming about mom and those times.

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   Yeah, she's looking a little older and has added a few pounds, but I still get a nice hard-on just looking at her and remembering what her naked body looked and felt like.
Maybe I can talk mom into visiting for a few days and offer her a drink or two. . . Just for old time's sake.

-- The End




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