First time with daddy


i have always been blessed with the best in life. even when my mother died giving birth to me my father was always there and provided better than most two-parented homes.
aside from this i've always had the coolest father in town. all my friends talk about how young and muscular he looks like with the right 5 o'clock shadow giving him a manly ruggedness that all their fat beer drinking fathers lack.
im not sure if im a normal girl but i've always been on the horny side. i cant help it, i found out about masturbation and sex when i was in just grade school. now that im 18 and i've been getting these wild thoughts of my dad. whenever he'd bring home a date to our house, i could hear them fucking from my bed and what really gets me turned on are the grunts of my dear daddy. i'd think of him all sweaty and moaning in my ear that he loves to fuck me. . i think of it every time i finger myself and it always makes me cum hard.
i was washing his car one day, one of the many chores he makes me do, and like the movies i love to watch i wear only my shortest shorts with panties underneath and a thin white shirt. the car was already foamed up when i carelessly tripped over the hose and fell to my knees.
"toni, are you ok?" my dad shouts out as he comes running, having seen me take the spill from the porch.
"it stings!" i whine as i sit on the ground and look at my freshly skinned knees. there were lines of blood mixing with foam on them.

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"let's get that fixed then kiddo. " my dad says and carries me inside the house. he then places me on his bed and gets two towels. he gives me one and instructs me to dry my hair while he tends to my wounds. when he was done he started to wipe my legs dry.
"now we should get you clean and dry, i'll finish up the car for you. . . " he says joking that i scratched my knees on purpose. as he wiped down my legs he started from the very top of my leg so close to my pussy then stroked the towel down and did this several times over. then as he was about to start from the top again he stroked my pussy by accident. i couldnt help myself, i let out a big moan, the whole time he was drying me, i was fantasizing about him. he stopped and looked at me.
"im sorry. .

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  . " i whispered and hung my head down in shame of what i displayed infront of him
"it's ok. i know you're not a little girl any more. . but you'll always be mine. " he whispered in my ear and at the same time he slipped a finger into the side of my shorts. his two fingers were touching my bare clit! i was so shocked i just stared into his eyes. "why? dont  you wanna be my little girl anymore?"
"i do! oh daddy, i want you to. . " i couldnt help myself from saying. . . and with this he removed his fingers from my shorts and almost ripped off my shirt exposing my two small bumps of breasts and my two small very hardened pink nipples. here was my father kneeling infront of me kissing my breasts and here i was sitting at the edge of his bed wanting more. his wet smooth tongue caressed my nipples making my pussy juices flowing out of my shorts.

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   he then gently sucked my breasts and at the same time pulled my shorts and undies off. my mount of hair was very light with only the top having any hair. he stuck a finger into my pussy then and there. his middle finger was long and think, the first to have ever entered my body, i let out a little whimper.
"are you alright baby girl?" he asked looking up with concern and love and a whole lot of lust in his eyes. i shook my head yes and with that he pushed his finger in deeper, making me almost jump. "you want this?"
"yes, please. . . " i begged and he shoved in two fingers, he started to move them up and down inside of me. . . this made my legs shake and he then shoved me to lie down on his bed with his free hand.
"just enjoy this, daddy will take care of you" that's when i felt the best thing in the world. .

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   his tongue licking my clit, it sent shivers down my neck. his tongue slowly circled my clit round and round then suddenly started flicking so fast and just when i thought i couldnt take it anymore he stopped and licked slowly again. he did this for a couple of times then pulled out his fingers and got up on his feet. he removed his clothes and there stood his proud seven inches, long and thick. i sat up and was about to put my lips around it when daddy stopped me.
"i cant suck you?" i asked
"not today sweety, i want today to be all about you. . we can get rough another time but i want now to be sweet. " he said and crawled on top of me. . he started kissing my neck, licking it with long strokes up to my ear. he slowly spread my legs and used his one hand to rub his huge cock's head around my clit. then i could fell him slowly pushing into my pink virgin lips, my virgin pussy. his prick pushed deeper and deeper, inch by inch. he is so big! he took my hands and held it above my head with his big left hand.

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   he held my slender tummy with his right hand and started pumping. his thrusts getting faster and deeper, i felt like i was being impaled but this was just too good. . .
"oh daddy!" i screamed. .
"you like that? you like being fucked by your own father?"
"good thing i love fucking my own little baby girl!" and with this he unleased mind pounding thrusts, we both nudged from our places. . "you're so fucking tight!" he whispered into my ear. "so tight, i love fucking your sweet little pussy, i love you honey. " he placed his lips around mine, our first lover's kiss. it was not sloppy or lust driven but a mixture of love and lust, i really could tell. he then pulled out and without warning flipped me on my stomach, as i was lying flat, he pushed his throbbing cock inside me from behind. . .

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   we were locked in an embrace of ecstacy. while he was pushing in deeper he slid a hand between my pussy lips and started fingering my clit. . so much was going on, his thick cock sliding in and out so quickly and his fingers bringing me closer to heaven that i didnt notice that we were practically kneeling already. the pain from my scratches started to burn but no amount of pain could make me want to stop him from fucking me. he was holding me up by massaging my right breast with his left hand all the while fingering me with his right and fucking my pussy out. . .
"oh my god! im comming!!" i screamed and felt that all my energy just gushed out of my pussy as i squirted out my juices onto his cock, it dripped down my sides and i fell to my hands and knees. he was still raming his dick in me. . cursing every now and then between moans. "fuck baby, i love your pussy! oh fuck!" he then doubled his speed, his huge cock burning my insides out. he pulled out and started to come on my back, he was moaning so loud with his eyes closed. .

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   he then massaged his juices into my back and onto my chest, kissing my neck and next thing i knew is that we were making out in an embrace under the blankets.
"i love you sweety. "
"i love you too daddy"
"this means that no other guy is touching you till you're 18!" he joked
"i dont want no other cock fucking me dad. . just you. . "
"and there will be more sweety. . . a whole lot.