First time w/ Daughter 9


A year had passed, and Donna was now 18 Stephanie and Katie had moved on to boys at their school, but Donna seemed to feel as if she were my wife. She went on dates with a few boys, mainly to keep others from talking, but sexually, she was mine.
In the last year, Donna’s pussy hair, blonde as the hair on her head, had grown in more, but she kept it close-cropped, and even shaved her pussy lips. I told her that this made her look even sexier, with a slightly hairy mound, and bald lips. She even said that this hair-configuration made her feel sexier too. She was now 5’3” tall, with a 34B-24-34 figure that turned me on every time, even when she was clothed.
We have always had a house with a large yard, but taking care of the 4-bedroom house that we lived in while I was married was getting to be too much, so once the divorce was finalized, I bought a 3-bedroom house just down the road a couple of miles. It was located off the road in the woods, offering us privacy, but for even more, I had a privacy fence installed around our back yard. That way, if we felt like wandering outside unclothed, nobody would notice the difference. We sometimes took nude hikes in the woods surrounding our property, one of the sexiest things we’ve ever done. And there was a small stream that got no more than 6’ deep that ran just beyond the back yard where we often skinny-dipped.
We had a standing rule in our house (meant just for the two of us, of course) that there was to be no clothing worn ever while on the property. When we got inside, the rule was that each of us had to remove all our clothing immediately. If we were cold, we could wrap up in a blanket, but it was always big enough for the both of us to fit under.
One day, while Donna and I were sunbathing, we heard some unusual noises in the woods. Curious, I got up and looked into the woods, only to find a partially-clothed girl trying to fight her way through the brush.

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   I went back into the yard to pull on a bathing suit, and instructed Donna to do the same thing, saying “We’ve got company. ” She gave me a puzzled look, but got her bathing suit on.
I went back into the woods, and listened for any type of noise. When I didn’t hear anything right away, I began to think I’d lost it, when I heard another whimper just a few feet away. I quickly located her, but she tried to run away. I was faster and stronger, though, and quickly caught up to her.
“Ssshhhhh, don’t worry, sweetie, you don’t have to be afraid. I’m here to help you. ” Somehow, she heard me over her sobs, and fell limp. It was all I could do to keep her from falling in a heap, but I picked her up and brought her to my house. “What’s your name?” I asked.
“My name is Elizabeth,” she said between sobs.
“I’m Mr. Light, and this is my daughter, Donna. What are you doing in these woods all by yourself?” I asked.

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   At that, she began to cry again, and my heart just broke for her. Something was obviously wrong here.
“My daddy decided that, since I couldn’t get along with his girlfriend, I didn’t need to be in his house any more. He always blamed me for my mom leaving him, and was looking for a reason to kick me out. ” I almost started crying with her.
“How did you get here? Do you live nearby?”
“No, he just drove me from my house and put me out in the woods. I don’t remember what town we were in, since we had just moved there. He said if I followed him back to the car, he would tie me to a tree and let the animals have me. He never let me leave the house, except to go to school, and we had moved recently, so I hadn’t gone to school yet, since it’s summer. ” No one would know she was even gone, I thought. How awful!
“Let me get you some water, then you’re going to have to get a bath. How old are you anyway?”
“Your clothes are just shreds of cloth right now. So let’s get you cleaned up, then we’ll worry about everything else. ”
I took her to the bathroom, turned on the water, and took her clothes off. She didn’t seem to mind being nude with strangers.

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   I put her into the water, lathered up my hands, and began washing her off. I couldn’t help but notice that she was very dirty, and had cuts and bruises in several places. I cleaned her up as best I could, then began noticing her body parts. First off, she was brown-haired, green-eyed, and quite slim. I figured that her diet had not been the best. There were a couple of AA-sized boobs on her chest, and absolutely no pubic hair. I asked if she had started her periods yet, and she said that she hadn’t.
I walked her to the kitchen with no clothes on, expecting her to try to cover her “privates” up along the way, but she seemed very nonchalant about nudity. So I asked the question: “Does being naked bother you?”
She said, “My father did not allow me to wear clothes in the house. For punishment. Is it like that here?”
Donna jumped in here. This was probably the best, in order to make Elizabeth more comfortable. “We don’t do that for punishment--we stay nude just because we like to. Is that OK with you?”
Elizabeth seemed to lighten up then, saying “I’ve been naked for punishment for so long, that being naked “just because” will be a pleasure. So what about you two? Are you going to be naked, too? If it’s just me, I’ll want some clothes.

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With that, Donna pulled off her bathing suit, and then I did mine next. Elizabeth said, “Ooohh, Donna, you are beautiful! Can I touch your titties?”
“I prefer to call them boobs or boobies, but yes, you can touch them,” Donna replied. When Elizabeth touched Donna’s boobs, Donna moaned and seemed to melt a little.
“Do you like to feel Donna’s boobs?” I asked.
“Yes, Mr. Light, they feel really good. And when I touch hers, I start to feel really good myself. ”
Was this girl an angel sent to us? “Elizabeth, can I touch your boobies,” I asked.
“I thought you’d never ask,” was her reply. I moved around her, and began lightly touching her boobs, squeezing and rubbing them. Then, I moved to her nipples, and when I began manipulating them, she also moaned. “That feels great, Mr. Light. Don’t stop. ” I didn’t have to be told twice.

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   “My father’s girlfriend liked to do this to me, too. ”
AHAAA, now we know more of the story. Girlfriend gave too much attention to daughter, daddy got jealous, you know the rest.
Donna picked up on this also, and began rubbing Elizabeth’s pussy in long, slow strokes, while I continued to play with her nipples. Elizabeth started moaning while continuing to play with Donna’s nipples. Then Donna became more aggressive with her pussy rubbing. Elizabeth’s moaning became louder, and her breathing became faster, until she shuddered and then collapsed in my arms, panting like she had just run a race. Donna then licked Elizabeth’s pussy juice off her hand like it was sugar water.
We all sat down on the floor at that point, and I noticed a rather large puddle of pussy juice spreading around us. Elizabeth didn’t squirt like Donna, but her amount of juice was almost as much as Donna produces, which surprised us both.
“Oooohh, man, that was great!” Elizabeth gushed. “Can we do it again?”
“Not only again, but in a lot of different ways, too,” replied Donna.
“Do you mean me and you?” Elizabeth asked Donna.
“Unless you have some objection. Daddy and I have always had sex together, but understand that if one of us doesn’t want to do something, we don’t have to,” explained Donna.

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   “But it’s more than just me and you. Daddy is part of this, too, unless you don’t want to. But you have to remember and promise one very important thing. ”
“What’s that, Donna?”
“You have to promise that no one else knows about this. This has to remain our secret, just you, me, and Daddy, OK?”
Elizabeth’s face brightened at the thought of a secret that she is entrusted with. “I promise with all my soul, cross my heart. ”
“Now are you sure that you really want to do this with Daddy and me?”
“Oh, I do, I really want to, Donna. I think that people like you guys are the coolest,” replied Elizabeth.
I then jumped into the discussion. “Elizabeth, how much experience do you have at sex? Have you done it with a man? What exactly did your father’s girlfriend do with you--just rubbing your pussy, or did she go farther than that?”
“My father’s girlfriend pretty much did what Elizabeth did just now. And I’ve never done it with a boy or man before. I guess I’m still a beginner at this,” she said, rather shyly.
“Well, don’t let that upset you. I just wanted to know what all we still have to show you. It’s nice to have a beginner with us again.

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   Now, just watch, listen, touch, and learn,” I said. “Let’s go get a blanket and go into the back yard. ”
In just a couple of minutes, we were all on the blanket, all fully naked and fully ready for Elizabeth’s introduction to the sexual world. Donna took the reins, and showed Elizabeth how to care for her daddy’s cock. She took my cock into her mouth, sucking just the head in at first. Then, as she got more into it, Donna began taking more and more into her mouth. Where she used to just get only about 3” of my 6” into her mouth, now she got closer to 5” into her mouth. She is an expert at using her tongue to lick and slurp all over my cock, especially concentrating on the head, then plunging my cock as far in as she could go. I noticed that Elizabeth was getting hotter herself, and soon she began playing with her cunny with her right hand, and squeezing her nipples with her left.
Before I let Donna get too far, I said “Punkin, let’s go 69. ” In one quick move, Donna was on top of me, still sucking my cock, while I began my oral visit to her cunt. I ran my tongue in and out of her wet pussy, stopping occasionally to flick her clit, before going back into her pussy hole. Elizabeth then began rubbing her pussy faster and faster, until her hand was nearly a blur. She kept eye contact on Donna and me all the while, not wanting to miss a thing.
When I felt myself reaching the point of no return, I said to Donna, “Pull it out and let Elizabeth see a man come now.

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  ” Donna began jacking me off with her right hand, while playing with my balls with her left. When I knew I was coming, I softly bit Donna’s clit. I could hear her “EEEEEEEEEEEE” and then she lifted herself up with her legs and sprayed her pussy juices all over my face and shoulders. When I saw this, my come immediately began shooting my come straight up in the air, splashing Donna’s chest and tummy, and getting it all over my cock and upper legs.
When I was sure it was all over, I looked over at Elizabeth, and saw her eyes wide in wonder. All the while, her hand was still stroking her little clitty, and then she had her own come, breathing hard while her pussy juices flowed over her hand and onto the blanket.
I gave us all a chance to catch my breath, then said, “Elizabeth, what did you think? What did you like and what did you not like?”
She grinned as widely as she could, and replied “There wasn’t anything I didn’t like--it all looks real fine. I couldn’t believe that Donna’s pussy could shoot her juices like she did! That was WAY COOL!! My pussy doesn’t do that, though. Is that OK?”
Donna tried to ease her mind by saying “Yes, that’s OK. Really, from reading books about girls and women and coming, I’m the one that’s unusual. How you come is more common, so don’t worry. ”
“What about you, Mr. Light? Was yours normal, too?”
“Yes, Elizabeth. Men’s cocks do spurt their come. That’s how we’re made.

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   So I guess that I’m just plain ordinary. ”
“No, Daddy, you are many things, but ordinary is not one of them. ” Elizabeth laughed with both of us, and I knew that she would be a comfortable part of our little family.
“Can I taste your come?” asked Elizabeth.
“Of course you can, honey. Just get some on your finger at first, and give it a quick taste. ” This she did, and said “That wasn’t bad--can I have some more?”
Donna jumped in and said “You can have some more, but you’re going to have to fight me for it. ” All of a sudden, both girls were on top of me, grabbing handfuls of my cock juice from my body and from Donna’s body. It was funny and sexy to see that taking place, and Elizabeth seemed to enjoy every minute of her naked body “fighting” Donna’s naked body atop my naked body. A good time was had by all.
“What’s next?” asked Elizabeth. She seemed ready to go at it again.
I answered “One thing that you have to remember is that men and women are different sexually. Where you and Donna could be ready for sex again really quickly, it usually takes men a little longer to recover. So I suggest that we get a shower and a bite to eat, then we’ll plan some more fun.

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“So who takes a shower first?”
“Who says we can’t take a shower together?” I retorted.
“That sounds like fun. Let’s go. ” And Elizabeth was already in the house before Donna or I could move.
I turned the bath on and let the tub begin to fill up. Fortunately, when I bought the house, I had the tub replaced with a larger one, to accommodate Donna and me more comfortably. The three of us together was not too uncomfortable. I got the soap first, and began washing Elizabeth again. This time, though, it was for pleasure rather than necessity. I stood her up, then started on her titties, playing special attention to her nipples, until they were erect again. Then I moved down her torso, and turned her around. I washed her back, slowly making my way down to her rear end, then I washed two of the cutest little girl ass cheeks I have ever seen. After her backside was thoroughly cleaned, I turned her around and started on her Mound of Venus, still unencumbered by hair. I proceeded down until I reached her pussy, and noted a few wild hairs here and there on her lips. I cleaned all over and around her pussy lips (being careful not to enter her), then worked my way down her smooth little legs.


   Since she was standing between Donna and me, I couldn’t help but notice that Donna was getting excited by my washing Elizabeth, and was leisurely playing with her nipples.
Then I looked at Donna, and said “Your turn” and she was up on her feet in an instant. Elizabeth took Donna’s place in the tub and watched me clean the older girl. I started with Donna’s face, then worked my way down to her chest and boobs. Donna’s breathing became a little heavier, so I moved down to her belly, cleaned her well there before moving on to her pussy.
When I got to Donna’s pussy, I gave her the same treatment that I did Elizabeth. I cleaned the outer lips thoroughly, cleaned her pussy hair on her Mound, then went down to her legs, cleaning her completely before moving up to that wonderful ass. I cleaned one cheek maybe a little longer than necessary, then did the same to the other. Elizabeth seemed to like to see Donna’s pussy as I cleaned her ass, since she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.
Finally, it was my turn. I stood between Elizabeth and Donna while they worked on me from both sides at once. Donna gave Elizabeth the choice, and she wanted to clean the front, and she did a wonderful job. The best part was when she got her hands soapy a second time just to clean my cock and balls. Needless to say, my cock became fully erect when she did this. Donna took my legs and ass, and while Elizabeth worked on my cock, Donna cleaned my ass in the same way that I did hers.

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   I eventually had to stop Elizabeth from any more cock cleaning, or she would have made me come in the tub. When she gave me a puzzled look, I just said “Wait for that until later, OK?”
We all then dried each other off completely and went to the kitchen for some food. We all acted as if we were starving, and in just a few minutes, the food was gone. Elizabeth said “Let’s go back outside again!” but it was getting dark, and we decided to stay inside.
I suggested we go to my bedroom, and this time, Donna led the way. I trailed the parade, so that I could get another view of those two gorgeous asses in front of me. I knew that getting any sleep tonight would be next to impossible, so I already made plans to call in sick tomorrow morning. When we got to Donna’s room, she asked me “Daddy, what would you like to do first?” My Punkin, always thinking about me before her.
“Well, let me see. Punkin, you have already had the pleasure of tasting our little guest, so I think that’s where I’d like to start. Elizabeth, sit on the bed and spread your legs so I can see between them. I love to see your bald pussy. Now lie down with your legs hanging over the side of the bed. ”
“Like this, Mr. Light?” she asked.

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“That’s just right. And we have to find something for you to call me now. ‘Mr. Light’ is getting old. ”
Donna suggested “How about ‘Daddy?’ Especially if she’s going to be staying here any length of time. It’s OK by me. ”
“Elizabeth? What do you think?”
“I think ‘Daddy’ is perfect. ”
“Then Daddy it is. Now just do as your daddy says--spread your legs nice and wide for me. ” I then began brushing my hands over her nipples while my lips and tongue were working on her pussy. I licked and kissed over the entire length of her crack, and then began putting my tongue slowly into her pussy. My hands moved down to her crotch and spread her outer lips apart, revealing very moist inner labia, and a clit that was beginning to show itself also. I took a long lick from the bottom of her pussy lips to the top, then flicked my tongue over her clit in a back and forth motion. Elizabeth began to squirm on the bed, playing with her own nipples.
Donna had already begun playing with her nipples, and it was obvious that her pussy lips were opening up, begging for more attention.

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   Donna stuck one finger into her pussy and began in and out movements, which immediately sounded very sexy as her pussy tried to keep her finger inside. Elizabeth was watching this when I moved my lips over her clit and began gently sucking it in and out of my lips. Her breathing suddenly got more rapid, then a river of fluid came pouring out of her pussy. “I’m coming, I’m COOOOMMMMING, OH GAWD, THIS IS SOOOOOO GOOOOD. ”
I couldn’t get all of her pussy juice into my mouth, so I helped myself with my hand under her butt. My palm caught some of her pussy juice and I licked it off quickly, then went back for more. I touched her clit with a finger, and she came again, saying “OOOOHHH, LOOOORD, I’M COMING AGAIN!!” Again, more juices flooded from her pussy, more than I could handle. When I pulled back a little, Donna took over where I left off, and began sucking in her share of Elizabeth’s cum. I then stuck my head between Donna’s legs and licked her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her butt was toward me, and she lifted her rear higher by standing on her tiptoes. Then came her “EEEEEEE” before she soaked me with her pussy juices. Though I had just had a shower, I got an additional one, courtesy of my Donna.
I then flipped Donna over, and stuck my fully erect 6” cock into her pussy all at once. She was so wet, there was no resistance at all as I penetrated her pussy to the hilt. After just a few strokes, she said “Daddy, I’m going to come again.

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  ” Then louder, “Daddy, I’m going to come!!” Then she wrapped her legs around my waist in a deathgrip, and “EEEEEEEEEE” sprayed another load all over my lower torso. Elizabeth, for her part, was playing with her pussy, legs spread wide, and cum was flowing out of her like there was no tomorrow.
After Donna and I recovered briefly, Elizabeth said “My turn now?”
“Yes, honey, your turn now. This could hurt for just a short while,” I warned “but only this one time, and then, you’ll begin to feel better and better. Are you up for it?”
“OK, let’s do it!” she replied.
She laid down on the bed, legs over the side again, and I positioned the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy lips and slid it up and down to get some lubricant from her pussy onto the head of my cock. I began to slide it in, very slowly, so she could get used to it. While I did this, I motioned to Donna to play with Elizabeth’s nipples. She was happy to join in with us. I then spread Elizabeth’s legs as far as they would go, and began entering her further and further, until I hit her hymen. I applied steady but firm pressure, and finally her cherry broke, along with her tears. I stopped just to let her relax and get used to things for a bit.
After a few seconds, Elizabeth asked “Why did you stop? I need your cock now. ” I was more than happy to oblige, and began pushing in further until I reached her cervix, then pulled out just as slowly. When I started moving back in again, she let out a long moan “MMMMMMMM” and did the same thing when I pulled back out again.

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   Then I increased the speed slightly, while Donna kept up the stimulation on her nipples. Faster and faster I pumped, until finally I felt my come rising in my cock and spurting all over her insides. There was too much to keep within her, so it began leaking out around my cock. A few more strokes, and she reached behind my back and began pumping back in time with me. One more “MMMMMMM” and then her own juices were leaking out of her and onto my bed. Elizabeth’s heavy breathing let me know that she was feeling no pain. I pulled my semi-erect cock out of her now, and Donna licked my cock clean, then started cleaning up her new “sister” with her tongue.
All of us were getting tired now, and I knew that sleep was not far behind. But I had to get one matter straightened out. “Now, Elizabeth, comes the big question. I want you to think about this long and hard. Would you like to become part of our family permanently? We’re going to have to say something to the Dept. of Children’s Services soon, and get you registered for school in a couple of months. We’ll need to know how to contact your father and try to get him to give up his parental rights to me. Do you have a phone number or any way that we can get in touch with him?”
After much hesitation, we finally got that information, and I started the proceedings with Children’s Services the next day.

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   We got temporary custody orders from the judge (a personal friend), and Elizabeth was unofficially a member of our family. When the authorities contacted her father, he signed parental termination papers quickly and without a fight. Since I had already raised Donna on my own, permanent custody of Elizabeth was granted rather quickly, and those worries were out of the way. Now, all we had to do is get to know each other. Or haven’t we done that already?



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