First time w/ Daughter 8


“Hi, Mr. Light!” I would recognize the cheery voice of Stephanie, my daughter’s best friend, anywhere. But, being the observant man that I am, I noticed that there was another girl piling out of the car that Steph had ridden in also. And just like Stephanie, she was beautiful. “And this is Katie, my cousin. I hope you don’t mind if she joins us this weekend. ”
“Hi, Katie. And no I don’t mind. You are quite welcome here. Our house is your house. ” I reached my hand out to shake hers, but she pulled me to her and gave me a kiss. Does this mean what I think it does?
Not that I would mind at all. Katie was the tallest of the group, though still 13, and had wavy, long, dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was strange that there would be three girls here tonight, one redhead, one blonde, and now a dark brown added to that. Katie also had dark brown eyes to match her hair. Her tits were a 32-A, with very long (and very sensitive) nipples.

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   And those legs--they were so long, I thought they would never end.
I said goodbye to Stephanie’s mom, who was grateful for the help with her daughter. Steph had apparently told her mom about my breakup with Sarah, and she expressed her condolences before leaving. Then the four of us (with my Donna) all headed into the house. So many lewd thoughts were going through my mind, that I could already feel my 6” cock beginning to stir in my pants. Thank goodness that Steph’s mom was already gone, or she would probably have loaded the girls back into her car and left.
I noticed that Steph and Katie were both still dressed in short skirts and shirts--apparently, there wasn’t time after school to change before they headed to our house. The girls headed up to Donna’s room, and I began to grill some burgers for all. When they were done, I called the girls down to the kitchen, and we all sat at the table and hungrily munched hamburgers, chips, and soda. Steph and Katie were still dressed as before, but I noticed that Donna had joined them in a short skirt and shirt. Oh, well, who can figure out why teens did things like that?
It didn’t take long before I began to figure things out for myself. Katie, sitting next to me, swung around a little, opening her legs just enough for me to see most of the way to her pussy. I couldn’t quite see it, but I couldn’t quite see any panties either. Either she was wearing a very skimpy pair, or…?
Then, as if to answer my questions, she spread her knees further, and her pussy was revealed in all its glory. Katie’s was the only one that was almost completely hairless (she was, after all only 13), despite the size of her boobs.

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   I thought I could discern a few stray hairs poking out here and there, but she was primarily bald on her pussy.
“Do you like what you see, Mr. Light?” asked Katie. “I know there’s not much pussy hair, but I‘m still sexy, aren‘t I?” she asked innocently.
“Yes, Katie, you are very sexy,” I replied, trying to keep my heart in my chest. I’m sure that I was red-faced by now, and that all the girls could see that. And I didn’t have to encourage my cock to grow--it was at its full 6” attention by now.
Then Steph walked around the table to Katie, and lifted her skirt up to her waist, exposing her bald pussy to us all. “Steph has been teaching me all about sex, and it sounds great! But the one thing I haven’t done is put anything into my pussy. Do you have any suggestions?”
“Well, the first thing I would suggest is someone’s fingers, don’t you agree Steph?” When Steph nodded, I continued, “But since this is your first time with anything in your pussy, I suggest we start with something small, and work our way up. How does that sound, Katie?” When she agreed, I said, “Punkin, lets find something to fit the bill. First, she needs to be lubricated, so if Steph will work on her pussy with her tongue, I’ll find a lubricant. ”
I began to look around the kitchen, when Steph said, “Mr. Light, that probably won’t be necessary. Just watch.

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  ” She then took Katie’s shirt off, revealing those beautiful breasts with their ½” long nipples, and began pinching and rolling them with fingers, lips, and tongue. Then Steph unzipped Katie's skirt and removed it as well.   Soon, Katie began moaning and squirming on the chair. Steph still hadn’t touched Katie’s pussy, but Katie’s moans became louder and more frequent. I looked at Donna and Steph, and saw that they were reaching under their skirts, playing with themselves. Donna was up on a counter, with legs spread, and one, now two, fingers in her pussy. Her other hand was under her shirt, playing with her own nipples. Steph still had one finger up her pussy hole, moving it in and out on a regular pace. Steph was still playing with Katie’s nipples, making both of them longer and harder. Katie now began breathing quite heavily, then sharply inhaled and said, “I’M COMMINGGGGGG!” I looked down at her pussy, and indeed, her pussy fluid was coming out of her much faster than could possibly be for mere lubricant.
“See, Mr. Light??!! She can come without anything inside her at all!!” Steph seemed very excited at that prospect. “Isn’t that COOL? But I can’t wait to see how she reacts with something is inside her pussy. How about you?”
Before I could answer, Donna began lifting her gorgeous ass off the counter, and I knew that she was going to come. Then, the high-pitched “EEEEEEEEEEEE!” sounded, just prior to her shooting her pussy juice all over the kitchen counter and floor.

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   Upon seeing that, Steph increased her speed, with her ass still pointing toward me, then inserted a second finger into her pussy. You could see her teeth gnash together, then we all heard a low-pitched moan, before her own pussy juice began streaming down her fingers and hand.
Katie said, “Steph, the way Donna’s pussy shoots is WAY cool! I didn’t know girls could do that!”
Steph replied, “I didn’t know girls could shoot either until I saw it with my own eyes. ”
We all paused for a bit, then Katie walked to me and said, “How come I’m the only one naked here? Do I have to undress all of you?” And with that, she began pulling my clothes off, starting with my shirt. She kissed and sucked my nipples, then licked her way down to my stomach, before pulling my pants down. She then began kissing up my thighs, while fondling my balls at the same time. Then she stroked my rock-hard cock through my undies, before taking them down slowly also, revealing my jewels to all three girls at once. While Katie was sexily disrobing me, Steph and Donna began undressing each other, and in just a matter of a few minutes, all of us were fully nude, awaiting the next move.
Someone came up with the brilliant idea to move from the kitchen to a bedroom, so we quickly headed up the stairs, with me bringing up the rear, and looking at three rears all the way up the stairs.
We went all the way to my room, and I sat on the side of the bed. Steph and Donna then shoved Katie aside. “Katie, just watch and learn what we do with his cock,” said Donna. Then the two of them began bathing my cock with their tongues. Donna was licking the head and stroking the shaft with her hand, while Steph sucked my balls into her mouth. Steph eventually joined Donna at the head, where they both licked and sucked my cock like it was a lollipop.

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   Donna then began taking more and more of it into her mouth. She’s too small to get it all into her mouth without gagging, but she can get about half in. When she did this, it drew an unplanned moan from me. “Keep it up, Punkin, this feels great. You’re going to make me come very soon. ”
Meantime, Steph and Katie began fondling each other’s tits. Katie’s nipples grew to their ½” length again, and she began moaning and breathing heavily again. Steph let out a moan of her own, and soon, they were playing with each other’s pussy. Both of them stuck two fingers into her cousin’s pussy, and began in and out motions.
Then I had to look away, because I could feel a familiar feeling building up in my cock. Donna was stroking me with her mouth and tongue, and suddenly, the volcano erupted, with several spurts going into, then leaking out of, Donna’s mouth. She swallowed more this time than in the past, but her tits and stomach were covered with come also. “How was I, Daddy?” she asked innocently.
“Only perfect, Punkin,” I replied, which caused a big grin to spread across her face. In the meantime, the other girls began coming also, both soaking each other’s hand and fingers with their come.

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   Both girls then licked each other’s come off their own hand, but then Katie came over to me and tentatively tasted my come from Donna’s body.
“Hmmm, not bad. I think I might have some more. ” Then she began licking my come off of Donna’s tits, while Steph concentrated on her stomach. After they had both cleaned my come off of Donna, we all laid down for a brief rest.
Later, I figured I should start things off again, so I said, “Punkin, where is your dildo? I think our newcomer would enjoy that tonight. ”
“OOooh, Daddy, that sounds perfect. Perfectly nasty, that is. I’ll go to my room and get it,” she replied. What she didn’t know is that I had bought another one just like it, and had put it in her room right beside the first one. In just a few seconds, I heard a squeal of glee, and she came running downstairs with one in each hand. “Daddy, look what I found,” she said with a mischievous grin on her face. “I just love the way you think. ”
Then Katie reminded us how unfamiliar she was so far with things sexual by asking, “what are those things for?”
Steph said, “You put them in your pussy, and make them vibrate, and they give you INTENSE orgasms! Let’s try one on you right now, Katie!” Katie still looked a bit nervous, so Steph said, “Just trust me this one time. If you don’t like it, I’ll never bring it up again.

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With that, Katie finally said, “OK, but if I say stop, you have to stop. ”
Donna whispered to Katie, “Don’t worry, Katie. Pretty soon, you’ll be begging me not to stop. You’ll see. ” Then she took one and turned it on low. Donna ran it on and around Katie’s long nipples, and she began squirming. Then she ran it down her torso, and down and up again on one thigh, then did the same to the other. When she came up to Katie’s pussy again, Donna ran just the tip of the dildo on the lips of her pussy, drawing deep breaths from Katie in anticipation. Then Donna started parting Katie’s pussy lips, carefully avoiding her clit, just running the tip up and down our beginner’s pussy lips. You could see her inner lips parting, and could notice how wet Donna had gotten her. “Ready for the grand entrance, Katie?” asked Donna.
“Oh, God, am I ready. Please put that thing in me NOW! I need to come like I never have before. ”
“See, Katie? I told you you’d be begging me. ” And with that, Donna began slowly easing the dildo into Katie’s pussy.

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   You could see her wetness all over the dildo, and could hear Katie’s moans growing ever louder.
“MMMMMMM, I think I’m going to come soon. ”
“That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all night,” said Donna, and she pushed it ever farther into Katie’s pussy. Then Donna paused pushing, and increased the vibrations with the dildo still inside of Katie. She moaned even louder this time, so Donna asked, “Are you ready to go all the way?”
Katie’s reply was only, “YESSSSS!!” Then Donna shoved it in as far as it could go. I noticed just a little blood on the dildo, but very little, then Donna pulled it out and concentrated her efforts strictly on Katie’s clit. Katie went rigid as a board, then yelled, “I’m coming, I’m coming, oh god, I’m coming. ” A short pause while Donna still concentrated on her clit, then “I’m coming again, please don’t ever stop, this is sooo goood!” Katie’s come was dripping out of her pussy in a steady stream, then Donna began pushing it back into Katie’s cunt, faster than before. Katie had one more teeth-gnashing orgasm before Donna began to slow things down.
In the meantime, Steph had grabbed the other dildo, and was already on high speed, concentrating on her very wet clit. Steph’s orgasm was just seconds away, and as she increased the pressure on her clit, her juices seemed to break through a dam and flowed like a river out of her pussy. She shoved the still-vibrating dildo deep into her pussy, then collapsed on the bed with the dildo still sticking out of her cunt.
Everything that Donna promised Katie would happen just did. Donna eventually did stop to allow Katie to recover, but the “damage” was done. Katie said, “I want one of those things.

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   That was great. Can you get me one, Mr. Light?”
“I’ll have to think about it, Katie. Besides, what have you done to deserve one, hmmm?”
“I’ve gotten naked in front of you, and let you see my pussy when its all wet, and let you see me coming, and…”
“OK, OK, I get the picture. I guess I’ll have to buy you one also. ”
“Thanks, Mr. Light. But there’s one thing that still hasn’t happened tonight. ” That drew puzzled looks from all three of us, so Katie continued, “I came to see what fucking was all about, and now I want to do it with you. ”
I thought, 'She’ll have to stop beating around the bush (no pun intended). '  “OK, Miss Direct One. Let me tell you how this is done.   I’ll lie on my back, and you get on top. "  As she climbed atop me, I said, "Now spread your legs, and slowly lower your pussy onto my cock.

    I moaned as she began, and she said worriedly, “Is this OK, Mr.

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       Light? I’m not hurting you, am I?”
    “Oh, this is better than OK, Katie. This is great. ” I reached out and began stroking and squeezing her boobs and nipples, and noticed that she was getting wetter by the second. I looked to my right, and both Donna and Steph were lying to my side with their pussies facing us, and each one had started using one of the dildos. I turned my attention back to Katie, who was quickly increasing her up and down movements on my cock. I gave her nipples one hard squeeze, and she took in a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, then let it out in a long moan, as she came all over my cock and balls. As I continued pumping into her, I noticed no hymen to slow things down, and finally was all the way inside. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, then let her down all at once, which brought another shuddering orgasm from Katie, and then I had my own come, shooting spurt after spurt into her young little pussy.
    Katie fell onto my chest, and I played with her fine ass while we both watched Donna and Steph move the dildos in and out of their pussies faster and faster. Steph was the first to come, and her pussy juices ran down her ass crack and onto the bed. Donna’s was in her usual fashion--she squealed her little “EEEEEEEEEE” while she raised her legs up, lifting her fine ass off the bed. Then, the spray came, shooting all over Katie and me while Katie watched her new friend’s soaking wet orgasm.
    All the girls were tired, but my bed was soaked, so we all four walked to Donna’s room for a good night’s sleep. What a way to end the day--coming all evening, then sleeping naked with three girls who make me feel as sexy as I ever had. Wife? What wife?
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