Finding Our Way;Chapter One: The First Two Times.(Part 1)


Finding Our Way

Chapter One: The First Two Times


Part 1


With the sucking sound of sticky flesh, I rolled off that slender but impressively sturdy frame. She'd taken everything I had to give and giggled, ready for more. What a woman!What a criminal shame that it was all so wrong.

I looked over at her. Her long black hair was spread out over the grass beyond her towel, and her sculpted torso was curved, serpentine, towards me; her breasts simply jutted up and out. One slender leg was bent with the knee pointed at the sky, and the other knee was pointed at me; my cum oozing lightly out of her cunt and towards her anus (which I couldn't really see, but immediately began wondering about. )The plane of her toned stomach bent and flattened as she slowly regained her breath, and her skin was wet with sweat and blotched with patches of red where I'd grabbed, nibbled or sucked. Her face was flushed too, staring blankly at the treetops. It could have been a look of wonderment, but I guessed it was horrified disbelief.

Again her stunned and stunning beauty began to inspire a reaction in me, and I began to harden again. Terrified, I sprang up, and ran to the house. I could hear her calling after me, but I couldn't face her. I went into my room, and dug through the pile of clothes I'd left earlier that afternoon. I found my boxers, and picked them up just as Mom barged into the room.

“Hey!” I screamed.

“You're not just going to run off like that, buddy!” I heard that voice she used when I didn't want to study for a difficult test or finish some unpleasant task.

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  It was her toughen-up-tough-guy voice.

I pulled up my underwear before turning around. “Oh come on!” I said, throwing my hands up. “Put something on already!Can't you cover yourself up a little bit at least!?”She was standing in my doorway fists on hips that arced round away from her pinched waspy waistline to those long long legs. Her hair fanned out behind her with the sunlight burning behind her. I could make out the faint impression of the rib cage of her slim torso heaving those succulent breast up and down. It was the latest sexiest thing I'd seen. It was like being trapped inside a Penthouse magazine, while knowing you shouldn't touch.

“What?Now you don't like the way I look?An hour or two ago you thought I looked amazing. ”

“You do look Amazing!” I said grabbing fist-fulls of my hair, and sitting on my bed. “You look un-fucking-beliveable!That's the problem!”I stared at the floor to keep from drooling at her. I needed to stay coherent. I heard the sounds of her shifting.

“Oh. ”She said.

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“I can hardly think straight when you’re naked like that. I'm afraid I'm going to completely loose it around you. ”

“I see. ” She said. “Wait here. I'll be right back. ”

She padded to her room, and I heard her enter her private bathroom (attached to her bedroom. )When she came back, she hadn't improved things much. Her raven hair was pulled back by a scrunchie, and she was clothed in a diaphanous floral print kimono style bathrobe that still showed plenty of cleavage, and only went down to just above mid thigh. Fuck!Those smooth slim legs looked a mile long!

“Better?” she asked.

I looked at her. “Not much, Mom. You're putting yourself in danger sitting with melooking like you do. ”

“Oooh. Should I be afraid?” she mocked.

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  “Are you going to turn into some kind of wolf man and eat me up?”

“I'm afraid I might just. ” I said softly, still staring at my feet. “What we did was wrong, wasn't it?”.

“I suppose it was, but come on!” she said elbowing me. “Lighten up will you?It was a mistake; a heat induced. . . and sleep induced accident. We aren't dumb mindless animals, you and I. We were in a state of mind that we didn't realize who the other was, and it happened. ”

I was silent. Processing it.


Here's what had happened a few hours ago:

I'd just about had it with Kimberly. Sure, she had that rock solid kind of body – thanks to swimming, running and I didn't even know which other sorts of workouts – that seemed to be just made for fucking. She was on the short side, about 5'3”, but that just made her musculature look more compact.

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  She had curly auburn hair, and her limbs were slender, though very well defined. Her breasts could just fill a wine glass; a perfect handful. Her whole body was tight, but that was the problem for me. Her pussy was just too tight. I was sitting naked with her in her apartment, her terrific physique giving me a hard on despite her crying. Was she crying because she still hurt from my dick being too big for her, or was it the mutual frustration?

At that point in my life I was beyond caring. My 23 year old meat is fair sized, about eight and a half inches, no donkey cock or anything like that. Most girls and women I'd been with had thoroughly enjoyed sex with me. But Kimberly said I pushed too hard. I went too fast. I was simply too big for her.

So I got dressed and got out of there.

I lived at home with my mom. Our financial situation is very good, but complicated. My father had been a lawyer pushing forty, when he picked up my mother.

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  She was an unusually easy-going seventeen year old waitress with straight black hair and bright green eyes, who I guess could make herself look like a twenty something with the right makeup. She'd been his favorite waitress, and he her favorite customer. They flirted and played around, and I guess they ran into each other outside of the restaurant setting.

One thing led to another. Neither of them thought to have a relationship. It was just a one time fling. But one day, my father came to the restaurant to find that his favorite waitress was pregnant. I'll skip the gory details, and just say that there came a point wherein my father realized that I was his. He was old fashioned in his way, and asked her to marry him. She didn't see any better options at the time. Besides, she really did like the guy. They never tried to make any pretense of equality, though I do believe that they carried on a love life for the entirety of their marriage. He provided, and she asked for nothing more. He was a hard driving successful lawyer, and Mom didn't mind if he was out late or came home only to sleep. He offered to get a nanny for me so that Mom could go to college, but she wasn't interested.


  She only wanted to take care of me. When pressed for something more she might do, she confessed an enthusiasm (if not an overwhelming talent) for ballet. So she has taken ballet classes ever since I was old enough to go to kindergarten.

Dad and I were never close. The household was clearly divided with him and his duties on one side and me & mom on the other with ours. It wasn't an angry or cold arrangement. It was just how it was.

Dad's working intensity finally caught up with him, and he died of a heart attack before his fiftieth birthday. He left Mom with considerable assets, and a system of property management companies and stock portfolio managers to assure a steady income without Mom having to work.

His law firm was committed to oversee it all, and make sure that everyone played fair. Mom was advised (rightly, I think) not to touch or mess around too much with the money arrangements. She took a modest home that she could easily afford, and continued raising me and taking dancing lessons in a studio while I was at school. Eventually she got bored with that as my school and social hours got longer (friends and the football team,) so she took on a part-time secretary job for the activity and the extra spending cash.

The bottom line is that Mom has too much money in holdings for me to qualify for grants and some of the loans, but not really enough money to pay for more than the gouging costs of my college education without putting herself in financial danger. We couldn't have that, so it was understood that I would have to live with her at least until I got my degree.

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I pulled into our driveway, and parked in front of the large slatted wood gate. I got out and headed to the back yard. “Hey mom?!”

“Back here, Honey!” her voice called from behind the house. “You’re back early aren't you?”

“Yeah,” I said rounding the corner. “Kim and I had a. . . ”My mouth and my feet stopped. Mom was lying, propped up on her elbows, on a towel just out of the shade of a tree. She was wearing nothing but sunglasses, a sun hat and a smile.

So, it's description time:At about 5'9” with long straight shampoo commercial quality black hair, Mom is tall and slender; a ballet dancer's body with some extra in the chest. She never performed professionally, but she loves the dance and the exercise. The result of that kind of workout is muscles that are long and strong but don't look bulky. Where Kimberly's musculature had been overtly obvious and hard edged (Fuck-machine I used to think. She was almost body builder muscular, but still slender and feminine,) Mom's body was all delicate curves.

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  You might not be able to count the abs on mom's belly, but it was distinctly flat, and you could trace the long swooping lines down her abdomen. Even at 40, Mom was every straight guy's dream MILF.

And she was lying naked in our back yard!I'd never seen her sun bathing in the nude before, and I could just barely see her blushing behind her shades. But she refused to run off and hide, reasoning (she later told me) that I was a grown man now, and that she wouldn't act ashamed of her body or her actions. I can't vouch for the actions, but that body certainly left nothing to be ashamed of!

“You and Kim had a what, Sweetie?”I couldn't respond. I was stunned by the incredible shape of my mother's naked form. “Is there something wrong, Kevin?” she asked, beginning to look a bit worried; perhaps self conscious.

I coughed, and said, “Uhum, no! No. no, Mom. Nothing's wrong. I've just. . . um. .

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  . never seen you bake your buns in the buff before. ”I called up the most charming grin I could manage, considering how flustered I was with the unreal sexy beauty in front of me. She liked my words well enough, and laughed. Maybe it was my unspent sexual frustration with Kimberly that made me say it, but I couldn't resist telling my mother, “You look stunning, Mom. I mean, I always knew you were a knockout, but your face, your figure - your skin is just glowing – I. . . I just can't believe my eyes!”

She broke out all the pearly whites in a grin, and said “Ohhh!Thanks!It's the sun. It's just perfect today. Grab a towel and join me. ”

“You mean. . . naked?”

She looked a bit surprised, as if she hadn't considered that factor.

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  But then she seemed to resolve herself again. “Sure!Why not?Strip down and bask in the sun with your dear old mom. ”

I went into the house to get a towel. “Old” mom?She look better than my 25 year old girlfriend, and she thought of herself as old?I couldn't wait to get back outside to catch another eye-full of my mother's succulent shape. I was so eager, that I didn't consider that she would see my hard on (left there by Kim, and still inspired by mom. )But Mom sure considered it.

“Woohoohoo!” she cheered and clapped when I came out of the house. Looks like I'm not the only one looking good!Wow!”She took off her sunglasses, and looked directly at my painful erection. “Wow. ” she said again in more subdued tones. I walked towards her, trying to look calm and disinterested. I had stopped playing football after high school, but continued working out regularly. Having Kim for a girlfriend had pushed me to keep in top condition, so Mom had good reason to like what she saw.

I was looking at her while she was looking at me. That body!Those long legs, and how could a forty year old have such perky breasts?Mom's lithe shape just brought my prick another two degrees higher and harder.


  “Kevin,” she said. “Did you and Kim just. . . ”she trailed off, but she waggled her eyebrows comically and said, “y'know?”

“No, we didn't. I think I may have just broken up with her, actually. ” I said plopping down on my towel next to her. “It just wasn't working out. ”I tried looking away in the hope of calming my boner.

“Oh, I'm sorry Kevin. She must be devastated to loose. . . ” I heard her swallow next to me. “you.

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  ”I shrugged, not wanting to go into it any more, and Mom took the hint. “Just you lie down here in the sun, and it will cock. . . I mean cook your troubles away. ”We both laughed at her Freudian slip and lay back in the late Spring sun. It was practically Summer, but there was no worry about burning . The shade of the tree would be over us within an hour or two.

We lay there together, and I tried not to think about how lucky a bead of sweat could be if it was trickling along Mom's inner thigh.

Amazingly, we both dozed off. Mom was back from an intense session at her ballet classes, and had just had a steaming hot shower before lying down to read her romance novel and catch a tan. I'd used up a lot of strength trying to fuck Kimberly silly, and my body just shut down in frustration.

We have discussed what happened next several times since, and here is what we think happened:I rolled over onto my side, away from Mom, as I slept. And in her sleep she rolled up and snuggled up behind me and spooned. The romance novel she'd been reading before I'd arrived was a pretty racy book, and that or simply the view of my member (in combination with feeling the shape of a man against her body) brought on some sort of dream which led her to reach down and across to my still-erect penis.

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  She squeezed and stroked, completely unaware of whose dick it was. Hell, she hardly knew she was doing it at all.

This attention awoke parts of me that had already been irritated enough up to that point. All the frustration in Kim's bed and all the extra stimulation of the amazing view of Mom's skin finally erupted, and, half conscious, I rolled over onto the slim delicious figure. The legs spread effortlessly. I thrust. At some dreamy level I expected to meet with Kim's tight hole, and the strain of forcing my rod where I wanted it. But this pussy spread wide open and wet for me, and then clenched my cock into place like a new fist.

Holy shit!I thought I'd found the greatest cunt in wet dream history. I wasn't really wrong. Her body was warm, and inside she was overflowing with divine smelling juices. It was tight, but not prohibitively. She let my Johnson slide smoothly along her canal, with just a hint of a squeeze, and then when I slammed all the way in, that pussy crushed my dick like an iron gauntlet covered inbutter. I was in heaven, and I didn't realize that it was Mom's world class pillows I was nibbling. And she had no idea it was her son's ass she was griping; my back she was raking with her fingernails.

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Ignorance is bliss.

Until it passes. Somewhere along the line of this monumental and historically pleasurable fuck-a-thon we realized what we were doing and with whom. We looked into each others eyes, shocked, and we hesitated for a moment.

But then some prehistoric part of my brain or body thought I'd be goddamned if I was going to stop before I was through. I kept my dick moving, and Mom eventually fell back into the delirious joy of being fucked with such abandon by this healthy young man. She spread those long legs as wide as she could get them (and remember that she trained as a dancer!)I grabbed her ballerina ass with one hand and braced her shoulders with the other arm so she wouldn't accidentally be pushed away by my thrusts. I kissed her neck, her perfect tits and – when the pace was high enough – deep into her mouth. She kissed me back, and ran her fingers through my hair as she orgasmed all over the pole she was riding. I couldn't hold out any longer, and wasn't particularly interested in holding out anyway. So I slammed my dick like a maniac into my mother's pussy with all the muscular power in my body, and came like Hoover dam and high explosives.

Mom didn't speak, but made high pitch noises which wound down as my cum gushed into and out of her pussy.

I scrunched my eyes shut. What would she say now that the crazy moment had passed?As my balls pushed out the last of their nutrient shake, I began to wonder how I would even face myself. The greatest fuck I'd ever had was with a woman I should never have touched.

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  Should never touch again. This goddess of sex was my own mother!


And then I'd freaked out and took off. And now Mom was here, tying to reassure me that this didn't have to terrify me.

“Are you going to jump on me right now?” she prodded.

“You do still look amazing in that robe thing. ” I half mumbled.

She chuckled a little. “Okay, fine. And if you were to try something and I were to tell you to stop?”

I looked up at her immediately. “I would stop, of course, mom!I wouldn't ever intentionally force myself on you or anyone. ”

“Of course you wouldn't. ”She said. “I know you, Kevin. I've known you all your life. Okay, maybe it was a weird thing that just happened.

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  A crazy thing that shouldn't have happened. But you and I will go on being family,and loving one another like always. I'm sure we can make sure it doesn't happen again. ”

“All I know is that I can see a lot of leg right now, and that outfit isn't helping. ”

“Okay, okay!” she got up, laughing to herself. “If it's really that difficult for you, I'll go put some more clothes on. ”She headed out the doorway, towards her room. “Obviously you need to be desensitized. ” She called from the hallway.

“Desensitized to what?” I asked.

She peeked her head back into the doorway, her long black ponytail swinging free. “Desensitized to your Mom's hot bod” she said through a devilish grin. Then she stuck a single bare leg into the doorway, and bent the knee while pointing the toe. “Oops!Are we in trouble?” She laughed and went on into her room. “Come on tough guy.


  You'll be just fine. We both will. ”


When I saw her next, she was wearing jeans (tight, but all her jeans were like that) and a T-shirt. She grabbed the phone and teasingly asked if she should call the police before I attacked her. We had an early supper, and I finally let her pull me into the joke. I “accidentally” dropped a fork on the floor, and bent way over to pick it up. I turned to look at her while still sticking my butt into the air, and told her that she'd better control herself. She nearly fell out of her chair laughing, and it seemed that we had become even closer than before.

This fake flirting turned into a game that made fun of the accidental (greatest) fuck (of my life,) and relieved any stress I'd had about it. And it allowed us to deal with each other more like equals than we'd ever managed before. I bumped my hip into her while we cleaned up, and told her not to get any funny ideas. She stretched in front of the Friday night television programming, Arching her back magnificently, and said, “Keep those eyes on the screen there, buddy!” before I'd even noticed.

I got up to shower before bed. I lifted the hem of my shirt to show her my abs, and then asked, “Am I going to have to lock the bathroom door, now?”

She played like she was biting her nails, and said “That might be for the best, Kevin. I'm not sure I can resist your hot bod.

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With a wink and a smile I went off to bathe, and finally got to bed. I stared at the ceiling of my room.

I still wanted to fuck her like crazy.