Finding Our Way Chapter Two: Experimentation (Part 3)


Finding Our Way

Chapter Two: Experimentation

Part 3

“Your mom?”Kim was incredulous. “You're blowing off beers with us so you can have some 'quality time' with your mother?”If only she knew the quality of the time I'd been having with my mother!But I couldn't think of that now. It was mid-afternoon, and Kim had finished off work early to grab me for a quick coffee. Just friends, of course.

“Look,” I reasoned. “I told you before that I wasn't going to be available to hang out before next week. ”

“Yes,” she answered, doubtful, “but you said that was because you had to settle into some thing or things, whatever that means. ”It meant that I wanted plenty of time to “settle” into the V formed by my mother's parted thighs, but that wasn't any of Kimberly's business. I'd broken things off with her earlier that week. I was game to try staying friends – she was still one of the sexiest and smartest twenty-somethings I'd ever met, and just great to spend time with – but I wasn't going to let that keep me when Mom's open arms (and open mouth) were waiting for me. . . and whatever “experiment” she'd planned for tonight!

“Yeah, and I've been so busy with. . . that.

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  . . that Mom's barely seen me” dressed, I added in my mind. “You know how close I am with my mother, Kimberly. ”You have no idea. “She’s good people,” and an amazing lay.

“Yeah, I always did like your mom. ”Kim still showed the conflicted look I saw on the face of every girl I ever dated. On one hand, my mom really was one of the most easy-going pleasant people to be around. Just having her in the room tends to lighten the mood. But on the other hand, the girls I dated could never help feeling intimidated by Mom's inspiring ballet-dancer-with-tits figure, flawless skin and striking bright green eyes. Kim had less to be insecure about than most girls, she was shaped like raw sex with curly reddish brown hair. Too bad her bed play rarely lived up to that shape. Anyway, Mom was hard to dislike, and Kim wasn't in any position to hold a grudge against Mom. Not as far as she knew, anyway.

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  Kim sighed. “Okay. Say 'Hey' to your mom for me. And I expect to see you for beers early next week. And you're going to come even if Doobie is there too. ”

Doobie was another story for another time. “Sure. I'll be there. I promise. ”

I meant it, and I would keep my promise in just a few days.

But first was Mom's surprise “experiment. ”I did my best not to break the speed limit by too much.


I picked up a small bunch of flowers at a flower shop on the way home. Between that and the detour with Kim I didn't have a chance of getting home ahead of Mom like I'd planned. I'd wanted her to come home to a vase of fresh Spring flowers.

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When I got home, Mom was pacing slowly around the living room, still in one of her black office pencil skirts (no stockings today. Just miles of smooth skin curving up into the skirt,) and a white blouse. Her coal colored hair was bunched up on her head – held there by a series of pins and what looked like a pair of fancy lacquered chop sticks – beautifully accentuating her long graceful neck. The phone was to her ear.

I sneaked around to the kitchen, and filled a cut glass vase with water and the flowers. Mom was still talking to someone on the land line when I made my way into the living room undetected. She was standing still now, smiling, and her slinky form looked mouth watering.

Yeah!” she said into the phone. “Yeah, we'll have to do that some time!”She turned to see me and the flowers. Her smile opened wider and her eyes flashed as she mouthed, “Hi!” to me. She licked her lips – a subconscious gesture – and said, “Actually, Kevin is pulling in now. I'll be sure to tell him. No, it's fine. Yes. Definitely.

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  Maybe lunch next week?Okay. Sure. Great. Okay, I'll tell him. Okay. Bye!”Her eyes were locked playfully on me the whole time, and I silently stared back; my hunger for her building.

My mother strutted towards me, her high heels muted by the carpeting. “Hey, sexy. ” she said, letting a hand drift briefly over the place on her skirt where her long legs met.

“Hey, gorgeous!” I answered, and she crashed into me; tits swelling against my chest and her pelvic bone rubbing against my hard on. We kissed deep and with fire. Her fingers ran up the back of my neck and into my hair while my hands slid down to her pencil skirt, and cupped an ass that belonged on a twenty year old gymnast rather than my forty year old mother. She felt good in my hands, melting against my body. She smelled good. Her tongue tasted good.

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  Her moan of appreciation sounded better than waves on a tropical beach.

“Who was that on the phone?” I asked when our kiss finally broke.

“It was your good just-friends friend Kim,” Mom said, still snuggling against my body. “She says your phone must be dead, because she tried calling you first. ”

“Huh,” was all I said. Later I would notice that it was true. “Is that what you were supposed to tell me?”

“Oh, no. We talked for a while. She told me about how you two had broken up, but were still trying to be friends, just friends; nothing I didn't already know. She seemed worried that you were trying to blow her off, but insisted that she didn't want to trespass on our 'quality time. ' ”I squeezed Mom's left ass cheek, and she smiled up at me adoringly. “I told her that I am going to need to ride your beautiful cock tonight and tomorrow, but that – assuming you really fuck me like the stallion I know you are – I could probably spare you to go out with her and 'the guys' for a few beers on Sunday evening; though I'll probably want to give you a tongue bath before you head out. ”She was squeezing my ass now, and showing a Cheshire grin. “You should probably eat my pussy out too. She usually needs a kiss after the rough treatment your monster dick gives her.

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I smiled and shook my head. “So I'm supposed to meet up with Kim and them Sunday evening then?”

“A titan in the bedroom, and so smart too. ” my mother quipped, and we kissed some more.

“What was that about lunch next week?” I asked, wishing I could push my finger right through the skirt and into her anus.

“Oh, that. She and I are going to have lunch. I always got along well with her, Kevin, and I think she could use a woman friend to talk to. ”

“Even if that woman friend is taking her ex-boyfriend to bed every night?And some afternoons and evenings?And even that morning by the bathtub?”

“She doesn't know about that, and I don't expect she or anyone else will. It won’t be a problem. Who knows, I may inadvertently pick up a tip or two on how to really make you howl. ”I doubted there was much Kim could teach my mother. But the other way around. . . what could it hurt?

All that rubbing and kissing and dirty talk got my blood up, so I reached down, and began to lift Mom's skirt.

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  Her legs felt so good. It was as if I hadn't touched them in weeks. But then she put her hands on my wrists to keep the skirt down (where it didn't belong, in my opinion. )

“Easy there, Tiger. Let's have dinner first. ”

“I'm only in the mood for one thing:Mommy a la mode. ”

“Al Fresco a week ago today, and now a la mode?I do. . . appreciate. . . your appetite. But you can have what ever you like – how ever you like it – for desert. For now, let's concentrate on dinner.

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I tried three more times (Slipping my arms around her while she prepared dinner and grinding into her back side the first time. Holding her face-to-face, kissing her neck and cupping her naval orange sized breasts on the second try. I even tried popping her up onto the dining room table while we were laying out the dishes, and tried to fit my head up that pencil skirt of hers. )But each time Mom refused with conflict written across her face.

She wanted us to eat and to talk before we took things to the bedroom. We started dinner sitting opposite one another at the large dining room table, but it felt weird to us. We were too close to sit so far apart. So we moved Mom's place setting over to sit at my right.

“This is better. ” she said. “This makes more sense for this talk. ”

“What's on your mind, Mom?”

“The nature of our relationship, Kevin. ”

I considered playing dumb and asking if there was a problem, but Mom had already made it abundantly clear that she planned this weekend to be one of hard wet play.

“I've got to tell you, Sweetie, if someone had told me before that one day I'd be sweating and smiling and spreading my thighs under your muscular naked body I would've thought they were sick and crazy. But,” here she smiled and guffawed and shook her head.

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  “I am absolutely thrilled by what you’ve got, what you give me and how much you enjoy what I oh-so-willingly – Happily! - give to you. ”

“I feel the same way, Mom. ”

“Good!But this obviously marks a dramatic change from our usual mother-son relationship. We have begun to know each other now as a man and a woman. ”

“And what a woman!” I chimed in. ”

She smiled, and said, “You may be the finest man I've ever known, Baby. You're certainly the greatest sex partner, and the most beautifully sculpted male form I've ever been allowed to put my hands and mouth on. ” She stared at me hungrily, but then blinked it away. “But I also know what a decent and sweet guy you are. I know it because I have literally known you all your life. I know you, probably better than any woman alive. And it is excellent. It is the most excellent thing that has happened to my vagina since. . .

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  well. . . since your arrival to this world. And since you are treating me very much as a woman, I want to treat you fairly as a man. I want to clear up one small problem that I worry might come up some time in the future.

“I know you, Kevin, and I know what a decent guy you can be. I know that you wouldn't ever hurt me if you could possibly avoid it. But I worry that this dread of hurting my feelings will hold you to me even if you no longer wish to be with me. ”

“But why would I ever. . . ”

“Things change, sweetheart; sometimes even when we don't want them to. The likely change I wonder about involves the age difference. I've been very fortunate so far in the youthfulness and virility of my face and body.


  But I will definitely not look like this in ten years. You will be a thirty two year old man, and a fifty year old woman may just be too old for you. ”

“No. ”

“Just hear me out. Right now things are red hot, and I'm lovin' every minute of it. I intend to enjoy your gifts for just as long as you continue to willingly give of them. But I don't want you to hang on if a time comes when you don't want to. Maybe that day will never come. Maybe we'll find a way to keep everybody happy. I'll be thrilled if we manage that. But I don't want you to hurt yourself in order to dodge hurting me. Of course it would hurt to loose what I've got in bed with you. But you are my son. I love you, and I can and will be happy for any happiness you find; even if it is with another woman. ”

“Look, Mom.

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  . . okay, fine. . . Whatever you say. . . But that's just not going to happen. I want you to keep getting naked with me, and I don't want some bullshit 'He'll be happier with a younger woman' excuse for going off and fucking around with one of your old boyfriends. Either you are my woman, or we can quit this right now and you can go back to dating those other older guys. ”

“Like I've said, none of them have had what I want. ”

“And now?” I asked flagrantly fishing for a compliment.

She smiled, and unzipped my fly. She never withdrew eye contact with me, but she pulled my cock out and began stroking it to full size.

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  “Now I want this. I want it for a long long time. ”I didn’t know if she meant hours, days or years. I was eager to give it to her in any case. “But first,” she added. “I want to show you what I've set up in the bedroom. ”

Saturday, the next morning. Technically it was the afternoon, but we were still treating it asmorning. We'd slept until eleven A. M. , kissed, touched and talked quietly for an hour – too spent from Friday night's athletics to do much more - and then I'd gone to the kitchen for half an hour. I met up with mom in the den with a tray of juice, toast and scrambled eggs, only to find my mother on the couch watching the video with one hand in her pajama bottoms, her slender legs spread casually. A tiny remote in her free hand.

“Wow!You really couldn't wait for me, could you!”

She smiled up at me, and I could see movement under the crotch of her satiny pants.

“Yeah,” she said with no apology.

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  “I watched ahead while you prepared breakfast. Don’t worry we can start from the beginning. I've already made some observations. Observation number one: We are hot!”

The previous night, when I'd come to the bedroom, I was a little worried that Mom might have “set up”chains and shackles or a swing (which might not have been too bad) or a tower of power (I don't actually know what that is, but it sounds unpleasant to me. )To my relief she'd only set up a video camera on a tripod near one corner of the bed. Mom wanted to be “experimental” both in the usual trying-something-we've-never-done-before way and in a pseudo-scientific way. “Tonight, if you're game,” she'd said as I'd stared at the small camera, “we're gonna make excellent use of this bed, and we'll try our best to put the camera out of our minds. Then, later – some time tomorrow I guess – we'll review the video and make observations. ”

“What kind of observations?”

“Things we like. Things we could do without. Things we think could be improved. Anything. Any ideas or thoughts we can come up with from the observations of the video we'll make tonight. ”

I hadn't been sure I understood exactly what she's had in mind, but she was already stroking my cock and assuring me that she would help me forget the camera was even there. Frankly, I've never been camera shy.

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  My mother is smoking hot, she'd been stroking me, promising to do things to me that would make me forget all about the camera and inviting me to roll naked with her on that bed. I'd been in no way inclined to say No.

Now, in the den, Mom used her free hand to point the tiny remote at the camera, which was hooked up to the television. (She had connected them. She was one of the few females I'd ever met who didn’t at least pretend to have anxiety around technology. )“Come on and sit down with me, and give me a bite of that toast!” she said.

“Should I hold it for you, so you can keep your hand down in there?” I teased. She seemed to consider the idea. I sat down next to her, and put the free standing tray in front of us. I reached for her waistband. “Here. I'd rather help you with that!”

“Smiling she took her hand out of her P. J. s and slapped my hand away. Let's at least try to get through some of this video, and see if we can learn anything.

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“At least give me a taste or a sniff. ” I said in mock complaint.

“The smell would probably be more your cum than my juices anyway. After last night I'm surprised you’ve got any fluids left in your body. ”

I drank half a glass of orange juice in acknowledgment of the truth of the statement, and waggled my eyebrows at her.

She stuck her fingers in her mouth, hummed and nodded. “Yep. I was right. Delicious. Thank you, by the way. You really hit the spot!”

“There’s more where that came from. ”

“Just toast and juice for now, thanks. ”

With that she remote controlled the camera to begin playing our very personal video.

It begins blurry, but auto-adjusts to a close up of my mother's face. With such a fantastic body it’s easy to loose track of how beautiful her face really is.

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  Her eyes are the the purest emeralds resting on a high powered halogen bulb. So green! So bright!She is smiling joyously, her nostrils flared with excitement, and she quietly says, “This is for you, Kevin. I'm so excited you're my man!”

She steps back, and the view auto adjusts to show the bed. I'm on it on my knees. My shirt is already off (it almost surprises me how hard my body looks. My abdominals are showing and my chest looks chiseled. I kept lifting weights after high school, and my time with Kim intensified the schedule for a time. I'm not abad specimen at all,) and I'm breathing hard with the excitement of Mom's “preparing” me. She crawls onto the bed. That black pencil skirt is nowhere to be see, but the dizzying curvature of her ass is marked well by a pair of silky black panties. The camera cannot catch her tiny waist, but her matching black bra can be seen to sway as she makes her way over to me.

Still on her hands and knees, she kisses my stomach. My voice caries over slightly muffled, “What did you say?”Her response is unintelligible, but watching it in the den I can remember that her words are “You'll see tomorrow. ”The camera fails to show the winning smile she beams at me, then she begins kissing up my torso from my navel to my upper abs to my chest, collar bone, neck. .

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  . Finally she is upright on her knees like me, and we are kissing. The view is from behind, but it is obvious, that our tongues must be deep in one anothers mouths.

One of my hands (my right) is cupping that glorious ass, and the other is stroking her long black hair. Her arms are locked around my waist. What a beautiful sight she is, even from behind!

In the den, watching us make out on screen, I feel Mom's hand, slightly sticky (from the previous hours of fluid exchange or just from the orange juice?I don't care which,) take my own. She tilts her head onto my shoulder. I look down at her, snuggled into me on my right. Her face is hidden from me, but I can see her right hand resting on the groin of her pajamas.

The muffled sound of my voice can be heard, but not understood.

In the den, Mom imitates my voice poorly, but recalls my words well, “If you wanna make a show, then let's make a show. ”She snorts, and I crack a smile while squeezing her shoulder.

My left hand releases her heir, and pinches the back of her bra. The straps pop apart, but hang on her shoulder. Then, with my right hand on her hip and my left on her shoulder, I guide her to turn around until she is grinding her ass into my crotch and the loosely hanging bra is exposing one nipple to the camera.

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  Mom can be heard humming approval, and then she gasps as my hands reach around her and simultaneously pluck the bra off and slide the other hand down the front of her panties.

Mom's hair is covering her eyes, but her smile is wide. She's grinding harder now and grunting. My left hand is cupping one of the two most symmetrically ideal breasts I've ever seen let alone touched. The nipple can be just barely made out between my fingers (and we both remember that I'm pinching those two fingers together for that extra bit of oomph. )Mom's breathing is getting shallow, and she's really leaning forward into my cupping hand and pushing back against my boxer shorts. Her left arm is up, over her head and back behind mine; stroking my hair. Her right is holding onto my right forearm.

“This is one of the parts I wanted to talk with you about, Kevin. ” my mother says. “Let’s let it play a bit further, then I'm going to pause it. Just a heads up. ”She doesn't sound upset, and the vision of her on the screen looks positively delirious.

We hold this position, dry humping up on our knees, for another minute. Finally I release her breast, and she falls forward onto her hands and knees.

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  I pull my hand out of her groin and use both hands to pull the panties off of her. She’s wagging her ass and making happy squeaking sounds; smiling at the camera and lifting her knees so I can pull them completely off of her.

She rolls away from me, onto her back, props her upper body up onto her elbows so she can have a good view of me and spreads her legs in beautiful invitation. I stand up on the bed, and pull my shorts down. It looks like a nine inch long red hot rod of iron. Mom reaches up to my dick as I step towards her, and then we freeze in place.

“Okay,” Mom began, “now you can see on my face that I'm having a good time. So remember that I'm talking now about what could be done to make a very good thing even better, okay?”

“Okay. Relax professor. I'm not going to flip out. What is your observation?”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek just for that, and she grabbed my thigh as a bonus.

“You got your hands down into my panties pretty fast. ”

“Uh huh. I'd have my hands in your pajama bottoms right now if I thought you'd be cool with it. In between your legs is one of my favorite places to put my hands.

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  . . and other things. ” I smiled at her and waited.

“And you know I love having all your things in there. But. . . well, some women like a slower start. It can be even more exciting. My observation is just that you may have more success – and maybe longer lasting success in bed with women if you – at least some times – take your time making your way down there. ”

“ 'Some women'?Success in bed with 'women'?What are you talking about?Are you trying to be scientific sounding or do you have some other woman in mind?I mean you're the woman I want. . . I want you right now, in fact.


  . . and you've never had the trouble taking me fast and deep. ”

“And I love every inch of what you're giving me. The proof is coming up on the video. Good gods, it feels like the most perfect fit when you're inside me. But. . . Well, take Kimberly, for example. I think you two may have. . . ”

“Kim?How did we end up talking about Kim?”

“Who knows, Kevin?Maybe you two will decide to try being intimate again. It would help you to know.

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  . . ”

“I'm trying to stay calm here, Mom, but it's not easy. I told you last night that I want you. . . ”

“And I told you last night that I could and would be happy for you if you found happiness with another woman. ” She slid her hand through the front hole of my boxers, and I could feel each finger snaking around my shaft. “That doesn't necessarily have to exclude me if you don't want it to. I'm certainly not in a hurry to let this. . . slip. . .

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  out of my grasp. ”

My mother's touch and her words were more than a little bit thrilling, but talking with women about threesomes had gotten me in trouble in the past. My policy was that if a woman I was with wanted to do it, I was game, but pushing for it to happen tended to lead to bruised feelings and break-ups.

“You can at least look at it this way: I love having your cock in me when you put it in right away, but I would also like it if, occasionally, you eased your way in; maybe tease me a little bit with it. I think that this would be good for you to practice for my pleasure, and it may serve you (or us) in the future beyond simply getting the two of us off. Okay?”She gave me an extra squeeze.

I didn't dare respond, unsure even of what I felt about the whole thing.

“Let's keep going. ” she said, and removed her hands from my trunks to grab and point the remote at the camera.

Our bodies go back into motion. I step into the wide angle her legs are creating, and she grabs my dick like it's her own personal treasure she wants returned immediately. I ease down onto her, and her hand is already at work, twisting, squeezing and guiding my meat (the meat she has claimed with her eyes and her hands) to the meeting of her lean thighs.

“O-AH!” she exclaims as I entered her.

Beside me I could hear Mom gasp and whisper to herself, “Yes, finally. ”

My body moves in it's fucking movement slowly, but my mother’s slimmer form is already thrashing around beneath me; bucking and fucking against my rod.

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  Her heels are digging into my ass urging me to fuck faster. Fuck harder. She's screaming, but there are no words.

I chuckled. “Slow and easy doesn't seem to be what you're looking for there, Mom. ”

She shrugs, not daring to look away from the raw sex on the screen. “Going slow is just one possibility that occurred to me, Kevin. It's no surprise. It drives me completely crazy when I can feel you in and on top of me. ”Her hand was back down her pajama trousers, and we were still fucking on the screen like a pair of epileptics in a final lusty frenzy.

We both knew that the pair on the screen were going to be in that position for a while, so we took the opportunity to nibble some more breakfast and to kiss for a bit. On screen, my mother and I slammed our privates together (in combination with sucking, grunting and exclaiming our approval) for a good fifteen minutes or so while Mom and I kissed on the couch. Her hand was busy in her pants, and I had my free hand (the hand that wasn't around her shoulder – holding her to me) was stroking and squeezing her breasts under her silky top.

It was quiet and sedate compared to most of the action we'd shared, but nice in a way that brought us even closer. Even the sounds coming from the TV didn't sound like regular porn.

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  We were saying each others names on screen, and there seemed to be feeling in our voices that you wouldn't hear on a professional production.

At some point we heard my mother's voice saying, “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhh!” under the steady pounding of my cock, and Mom snapped out of the make out session. “Ooh!This next part coming up is great!”She didn't ask me to let go of her tits (so I didn't,) but her focus was back on the screen.

We are still thrashing and sweating together in missionary position. Mom has one leg wrapped around my waist. But the other has flown loose, and is just swaying in the air; jolted with each thrust her pussy receives. The “Uh, uh” sounds she was making before have slid into a soft “AaaAaaAaaAaaAaaAaa” in the rhythm of our sex.

I slow to a stop, and draw out of her. We both make grunting and groaning sounds as my penis is loosed from Mom's warm wet middle, where it so obviously should be. But I keep drawing back until I'm sitting back on my heels. I reach out for hands. She gives them to me, clearly unaware of what I have planned and clearly ready to participate in whatever it may be. I back up off the bed towards the camera. Mom scoots along the sheets to me; elation mixed with confusion on her lovely face. And as soon as her body is within my reach, I grab her, lift her up into the air and hold her to my chest.

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  Her legs come around me as I lower her to my cock. “Holy-fucking-shit!” she cries as her open hole (not visible to the camera, but we know) feels the first kiss of the head of my cock. “Fuuuuuck YES!” she cries out to the ceiling, eyes scrunched shut, as she sinks all the way down to the base of my rod.

My back is to the camera, and my mother is loud as hell, so its mike can hardly pick up my voice moaning out a simple, “Ohhhhhhh. ”

Mom was clapping her hands slowly. “Observation:” she said, “Bravo sir!Bravo!That was well done. I just came a bit here and now seeing and remembering that!”

She is really flying now; riding up and down my free standing body. All the camera can see of her is her calves hooked around the backs of my thighs, her arms wrapped around the back of my neck and her face twisted in excruciating exultation. Her hair is flying all over the place, and she’s moving like she'll never stop.

My musculature is well defined, and my ass is clearly on display.

But the camera cannot see my face, so it cannot show my delight or the spectacular view I have:My mother's breasts heaving up at me and her entire tight little torso twisting and shifting and bucking those narrow hips onto the dick; My dick, which she cannot seem to get enough of. No one can see how perfectly each cheek of her ass fits into my hands.

“Tell me the truth,” she said on the couch, her fingers still busy beneath the thin fabric of her bottoms. “You did that for the camera, didn't you?”

“Partly, maybe. Yeah.

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  I also just wanted to do it. ”

“Well good show!Don't do it every time, but definitely keep it on the menu. I especially like what you are going to do now. ”

Mom's eyes shoot open, big as saucers. “Huh. OHHHH!!” she cries out. “OH FUH OH!”And she goes on like that, each time sounding abundantly surprised. ”There is no indication on the screen what has changed.

This time we are both clapping and laughing. Mom is really whooping it up. Finally she pauses it, and turns to face me completely.

“How?How did you know to do that?”

“A little voice in my head,” I said grinning. “It said, 'Kevin, it's time for the ole' reach around. 'And that voice was right. ”

“That voice was definitely right.

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  I'm into all sorts of stuff, but I've never let anyone penetrate my ass before. I've never believed the women who say they enjoy it. But if your finger feels that good in my pucker, we may just have to find a way to sink your beautiful monster up there. ”She was grinning like a kid who'd just found an amazing new flavor of ice cream in her favorite ice cream shop.

“Mom, in case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty ready to go right now. Just say the word and we'll stretch you out right here on this couch!”

“Easy, Tiger!We can experiment with the fingers a few more times before we try to fit my favorite lolly pop up the chute. ”I reached for the waistband of her pants, but she fended me off. “Not yet. My pants are getting gooey too, but I'd like to try to watch alittle bit more. ”I realized that I could smell her sex in the air. “Then,” she continued, “I'm going to personally see to it that we leave an ass, knee or head print on every surface in this house. ”

I folded my arms. “I can wait if you can,” I lied. I would hold back, but when the time came to cut loose I was going to fuck my mother up one wall and down the other.

“I am very impressed,” she said, and then she clicked “play.

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“Our bodies judder back into the standing/fucking action. Mom's eyes are alight. Not for the first time I am struck by how slender and fragile looking she is when looking at her slender calves and arms and delicate features. But there she is, bouncing up and down as my cock jackhammers into her and my finger pushes a second knuckle into her anus, and she's smiling like a chocoholic in a Hershey's factory.

Unlike the missionary we can only go on like that for a few minutes longer, and then my legs begin to shake. Mom releases another flood of yowls as I withdraw my finger and slow my humping to a stop. She goes completely limp in my arms. My cock is still rigid inside her,but I don't have the strength to lift her off of it for the moment. After a ten count she stirs again, and says, “I'm okay. ”

I bend my knees, and Mom's legs stand – wobbly – on the carpeting next to the bed. She is still unsteady from the abuse she's been taking between her legs. She is looking up at me with a lazy eyed smile highlighted by awe. I turn her towards the bed, and she crawls onto it. She's on all fours again, but this time I'm behind her, and am given a reminder of just how inviting her ass can be. I climb on after her, and – before she can plop down onto her stomach – I grab her hips and pull her to me.

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Entry is easy, and she spreads her knees a little bit further; already recharged and ready for more. I'm not fucking her doggy-style for long – maybe three or four slaps of her ass against my abdomen – before she throws her head back in delight. “Oh, yeah, Baby, FUCK it. Uh!Fuck yeah!UH! My Pussy' s so WET! Ah! YEAH!”

And we freeze again just as I'm slamming my prick deep into her waiting cunt.

Mom drops the remote onto the couch, shaking her head. She is staring in amazement at the screen. “I was completely exhausted just a few seconds ago there,” she says. She points at the screen. I'd had about four or five orgasms by the time you set me to crawl on the bed:Once or twice while you were fucking the hell out of me in missionary, once when you picked me up and skewered me on your meat standing up, once when you shoved your finger up my ass and one other when you pulled it out. When you helped me onto the bed I thought I was done, not a doubt in my mind. I was getting ready to collapse and beg for mercy. ”

Finally, she turned away from the TV and looked me in the eye. “But then you put your hands on my hips, Kevin, and. . .

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  and all of a sudden I couldn't have settled for less than every inch of your cock stretching and pushing my cunt!I was. . . ”She stood up, and walked to the screen to look closer at our connected forms. “Look at my face. I'm completely present in the moment, but not like you are. ”On the screen, Mom's hair is all over the place. Her mouth is wide open in some kind of primal rebel yell. Her eyes are shut like a singer belting out the most important note of her career.

“Look at yourself here, Kevin,” she says, pointing again. My body is in a pose of complete fucking domination; my rod is sheathed completely in my mother's cunt, I'm bent over, one hand on her hip, the other reaching forward, and bracing a shoulder. I seem to be using my hands to pull Mom's torso onto my dick with extra force as I slam it forward into her. Her back is arched, and her hands and arms are braced to push her back into the massive penetrating force I'm creating between her legs. It forces her tits a bit forward, nipples clearly defined in profile.

But then my mother clarifies.


  “Look at your face. ”The expression of my face on the screen is not one of domination. It is a mix of calm focus, intensity and passion. But there is a hint of concern in my eyes. I am all about making sure that my body communicates raging passion and pleasure. “You're present too,” Mom says to my face on the screen, “but you're not just focused on the pleasure. You’re focused on me!In this frame of video, I can see that you are completely about pleasuring me. ”

“Well,” I hemmed “I'm no saint, Mom. I'm getting my rocks off seeing your pleasure. ”

Mom's head was hanging with humility. “sure, Kevin, of course. That's how it's supposed to be, I think. But the point is that you're not just being some guy thinking about baseball to keep from coming or a wild animal just trying to get his rocks off. You're being a lover. You're really being my lover.

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“And, me. ” she said, fiddling with the camera, and causing the image of her head to take center screen; bigger and slightly pixelated (I had no idea that that camera could do that!)“I'm like a. . . ”She trailed off, staring at her profile on the screen.

Eyes shut, neck back she might as well have been howling at the moon. “You're like a bitch in heat. ” I said without thinking.

Mom turned to me shocked. “Oh shit. I'm sorry Mom. I didn't mean to. . . It just came out.

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  You know I think you're awesome. ” Inside my head I was in a panic. If she stopped spreading her legs for me because of this I'd never forgive myself.

“No. ” she said with a calm I didn't recognize. “You're right. It's true, and it's been true for the last week or so. I'm normal when you're not around – assuming I'm not thinking about your dick, which I often enough am – but as soon as you're in the room. . . or even if I know you will be in the room soon. . . I go into heat like a bitch out of control. ”

“Come on.

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  You're able to control yourself. Remember the whole desensitizing fiasco?”

“Yeah, okay. I can literally control myself, but you get the idea. It's especially true once we're fucking. ”And she looked at the screen again. “I get a whiff of your sex, and I turn into a bitch in heat, but you. . . ”She turned to face me. She grabbed the hem of her pajama top, and pulled it up over her head; her breasts pulled up briefly then bounced down free; a delight to see. “. . . are a beautiful and wonderful lover. ”She bent down, pulling the bottoms off her narrow hips and then kicked them away.

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  “You deserve better than just a bitch in heat,” she said stepping towards me and reaching down into my shorts. Once she got it out, and it pointed at her (I'd been hard for a long time by now) she climbed onto the couch; onto my lap. “but I'm your little bitch in heat, Kevin, and I'll do better starting right now!”

She held my dick tightly in one hand, and used the other to hold my face so that our eyes would remain locked. She lowered her cunt just low enough to take in the head of my cock, but kept her grip tight so I couldn't go in any deeper. She had tits that belonged on a 25 year old rubbing against my collar bone as she squeezed my shaft and eye fucked me at the same time. She kissed my lips gently, and lowered herself a bit more; wetting another inch or so of my meat.

“We're going to go slow, okay baby?I'm going to show you what a good little bitch I can be for you. I'm in heat for you, Kevin. I'm always in heat for you, but I can go slow. I can go slow and make it good for you. ”Another inch. Two. My mother stuck her tongue into my mouth to compliment the dick deepening in her pussy, but her eyes never shut; they were locked on me.

I finally slid my hands around to hold her ass, and she responded immediately, “Do you like my ass, Kevin?”

“Yeah, I love that ass of yours. ”

“You do?”She smiled.

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  “I'm so glad. I love having your hands on my ass. It makes me so hot. But don't worry, I'll be a good little bitch in heat for you. You can touch it any time you want. Any way you want. I'm keeping it hot for you”

She suddenly dropped the whole rest of the way down onto my cock, so her clit was smashed into my pelvic bone. I thought I might cum right then.

“Ooooohhhh!”My mother cooed, grinding wet pressure all over my crotch. “I'm sorry baby. I'm just so hot. I couldn't go slow any more. ”She lifted herself up again, but slammed back down immediately. “Aaah!”She shoved her tongue deep into my mouth, then pulled it out to say, “I'll do better next time. I can't just completely stop being so hot around you like that.

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“Uhhh!” I gasped. “yeah, it's okay. ” was the best I could manage.

“You're not going to give up on me now are you, Baby?” She said, beginning to rise and fall; fucking in a slow steady rhythm.

“No. ”

“No?Not just because I was a naughty little bitch this one time?”

“No. ”

“No?You mean you're going to keep fucking Mommy?”

“Yes. ”She'd never talked like that before; never played the Oedipal card. But I was thrilled by it never the less.

“You'll keep fucking me?At least for a few more weeks? so I can prove what a good lover I can be for you?”

“Oh FUCK yes!”She was riding me like no one had ever done before. Our eyes were locked, but she would shift her hips violently every time my cock to touched bottom. She was smiling deviously, and licking my lips and tongue.

I grabbed her breasts, and she wrapped her arms around my head; mashing them into my face. I licked, sucked, nibbled and squeezed. She cried out in a vulnerable gasp.

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  “Oh!You like Mommy's titties, Kevin?I'm so happy you do. ”I nodded furiously. And you like my pussy to, I can tell. It is hot enough for you, isn't it, Baby?I am wet enough for you aren't I?

“YES!FUCK, YES!!”I said, bucking as best I could, up into my mother's cunt.

Mom leaned back, linking her fingers behind my neck, so I could look her in the eyes again, but also I got a stunning view of her whole body as it bounced and gyrated on mine. “Wonderful, Baby!It's yours whenever you want. My pussy is just for you! All of this is. All of me!”Her hair was a black flame all around her heart shaped face. Likewise, her eyes burned wild emerald passion. Her neck was stretched in a graceful arc, and her tits – round and firm as they were – were positively flopping in every direction. Her rib cage expanded and contracted rapidly, and I could see her abdominal muscles twist in her hard tummy as she frenzied to rub my dick every way possible. That tiny black strip of pubic hair couldn't seem to decide on where to point as it moved up and down, left and right, forward, backwards and side to side.

“OH GOD YOU'RE SETTING MY PUSSY ON FIRE, KEVIN!”And those deep smooth muscles in my mother's cunt clamped. With fluids and fire, screams and even tears - we came together like a goddamn car crash!

The End of “Chapter Two: Experimentation”

Next will be, “Chapter Three: College, man!”