Findin the Daughter I didn\'t know About


Topic: Meeting my daughter for the first time. Meeting My Daughter For The First Time:      With the job I have I always thought that I would remain single and not have any children.   That all changed about six months ago when I received a phone call that changed my life forever.   It all started while I was still in school.   My girlfriend and I decided to loose our virginity to each other.   We made love for the first time on my bed.   After that we would get together as often as possible to have sex.   We never thought about using birth control and one day Jane called me and said that she needed to talk to me the next day.   I waited until seven that night before I would call her house to see what was going on.   I remembered that her mom didn’t know about me, so I had my sister call for me.   When there was no answer I really started to get worried and for the next three days I had my sister and other girls in our neighborhood call her house.
     Finally my sister got an answer and when she asked for Jane she was told that Jane went to her Aunts home for the rest of the summer.   When school started back and Jane didn’t return I was even more worried trying to figure out what she wanted to talk to me about.   Well that was about sixteen years ago.   So when the call came asking if I knew Jane.   I said yes but it has been a long time since I saw her.

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    I was told that she had me listed as her emergency contact in case of any life-threatening incident with her.   I got all of the information that they could give me over the phone and made all the necessary arrangements to go out to Wyoming to take care of everything that needed to be done.
     When I arrived I was told by the hospital that social services needed to see me first.   I found the case worker and she informed me that Jane listed me as the father of her only child.   That statement told me everything that I needed to know about why she was taken to another state so swiftly.   I was anxious to see both Jane and my child, but social services needed to find out if I really was the father of the child.   I quickly let them draw the blood to test the DNA of my child.   I was allowed in to see Jane and found her mother and aunt at her bedside.   The nurse ushered them out of the room under their protest saying that I had no right to be there since they didn’t know me.   I sat and held Jane’s hand talking to her while she was unconscious.   Jane survived for another six days during which the DNA results came back and I was introduced to my daughter.  
Jane finally came to long enough to know that I was there, and that I would be taking care of our daughter from now on.   Social services arraigned for us to be married and for me to become Kelly’s legal guardian. We held hands through the next three days until she finally succumbed to her injuries.   I buried Jane and Kelly and I got on a plane and headed to her new home with me.

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    During the whole process Jane’s mother fought to keep me from having any legal rights to my daughter.   The state stepped in and took my side helping me keep custody.
     It didn’t take long for my to find out just what kind of problems there are in raising a fifteen-year-old daughter.   Kelly got up the first morning and came down to breakfast in just her panties and a t-shirt that barely came to her waist.   I didn’t say anything at first because I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.   The next morning was the same so I asked Kelly if she didn’t think that she needed to wear something more at the breakfast table.   Kelly said this is how mom and me always did things around the house unless we had company.
     This went on for about three more days with me noticing just how much like her mother she really was.   As summer got fully here Kelly would sometimes leave off the t-shirt and come down in just her panties.   I had to start wearing baggy pants and shorts around the house.   Since I was well off I owned a large plot of land that I had built my home on.   Complete with a swimming pool in the back yard.   Living way out in the country we didn’t have any close neighbors for Kelly to get to know so it remained just the two of us.   The first time that I saw her completely nude I almost lost control of myself and jumped on her.   I found her lying out by the pool naked and getting a beautiful full body suntan.

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     I decided that I should have a talk with Kelly before anything happened that would forever put a wall between us.   I told Kelly that we were going to go out for dinner and then I wanted to talk to her.   We got dressed and I took her to the best restaurant in town where I let her order whatever she wanted.   Although the meal wasn’t cheap I thought that I would be spending more than I did.   We finished eating and went home where I let her get comfortable before we sat down to talk.   I came back to the living room in my pajama pants and a t-shirt.   Kelly came in about ten minutes later wearing her usual panties and t-shirt.   My cock immediately started to get hard just watching her walk into the room.   Kelly sat on the couch and asked if I would sit next to her while we talked so I moved over beside her from my lazy-boy.   Kelly scooted up to me and I put my arm around her shoulder as I started to talk to her.
     I asked her if she knew what her dressing the way she did was doing to me and she just hung her head down.   Kelly said that she would start wearing more clothes around the house but that her mom had talked to her and said that if we ever met that she hoped we could be just as comfortable around each other as they were.
     To say that the situation was awkward would be putting it mildly.   With me sitting there with a raging hard-on, holding my fifteen-year-old daughter, while she was just wearing a pair of panties and a t-shirt.   When I asked her how comfortable she wanted to get.

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    Kelly thought for several minutes and then said , well mom and me never wore anything going to and from the bathroom at night and if we could get to that point it would be ok with her.   I looked hard at her and asked her if she ever went around the house nude with her mom.   All the time, unless we had overnight guest.   Kelly then went on to say that they never locked the bathroom door and if one of them was in there using the toilet or taking a bath or shower the other would often walk in and do what ever they needed to do.   Ok then you don’t have to wear anything more than you feel comfortable in around me, and we will do things just like you did with your mother.
     We sat and watched some more movies on TV until almost midnight.   I said that it was getting late and we should turn in for the night since we had a long day planned for the morning.   Kelly turned towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheek goodnight and we went to our separate bedrooms.   I tossed and turned all night long thinking about we had discussed.   When morning came I was up early and went in to take a shower.   I wasn’t in the shower very long when I heard the door open and Kelly come into the bathroom.   I had dreaded this moment and as I looked out to see what was up.   I said good morning dear, Kelly turned towards me and while looking me in the eye, she hooked her hands in the waist of her panties and pushed them down her lovely legs and let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them.   I enjoyed the view, seeing her little strip of fiery red hair just above her slit.   I got a raging hard-on again just seeing this.

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    Kelly lowered her eyes to see my hard-on poking out at her, her eyes got big and I thought that she might faint the way she was gasping for air.   Kelly finally got her breath back and as she sat down to pee she asked me if it was always hard like that.
     I told her no it is usually soft and laying down, but with such a beautiful young woman standing in front of me with virtually nothing on made it grow.   Kelly giggled a bit and took a small amount of toilet paper reached between her legs and wiped her slit dry.   Kelly flushed the toilet as she got up again looking me in the eye to see what I was going to do.   It took all of my self-control to keep from getting out of the shower and walking over and shoving my hard-on deep into her virgin Pussy, especially when she turned to leave the room, with her back to me and her legs spread apart she bent at the waist to pick up her panties.   She looked back over her shoulder to see what I was doing while she bent over, and with a smile on her lips she stood back up turned slightly and blew me a kiss.
     As soon as Kelly got out and closed the door behind her I started to stroke me cock.   I was furiously pumping away when I heard the patter of bare feet as Kelly returned to the bathroom a good ten minutes later.   Kelly was completely naked this time.   I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t shot my load yet.   Kelly walked up to the shower and asked me how much longer I was going to be, because she wanted to take a shower also.   I was speechless staring at her wonderful teenage breast and virgin Pussy.   Kelly repeated her question al least two more times before I finally was able to talk and tell her to give me another minute to rinse the last of the soap off my body and then she could get in.   I was barely finished rinsing off when Kelly started to enter the shower.

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    I had a huge shower that four adults could fit in at the same time but I had planned on being out before she got in.   I didn’t trust myself not to touch and rape her in the shower, so I quickly exited but the opening was just barely wide enough to squeeze through.   Kelly stopped halfway in with me halfway out and we were facing each other.   My cock was rubbing her belly and the top of her slit.   All I needed to do to enter her was to lift one of her legs up and slip my cock through her virgin lips and passed her vaginal opening, and I would be inside of her.   I quickly kissed her forehead and finished exiting the shower.   Kelly got this pouty look on her face like she wanted me to stay in the shower with her.
     I watched her as I dried off.   Kelly soaped up her shower poof and started to vigorously wash her breast.   Before I could get out the door Kelly asked where we were going today.   I stopped and continued to watch her soap her body as we talked, I told her that I thought I would show her where all the stores and shopping malls were.   I knew that Kelly didn’t have very many clothes because I helped her to pack for the move here.   I decided then and there that I would let her pick out several new bathing suits, not that they would get much use when we were alone at the house.   I also decided to take her to Victoria’s secret outlet at the mall and let her pick out some new lingerie.   I didn’t tell her this wanting to keep it as a surprise for her.

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    Kelly seemed to be paying an awful lot of attention to her Pussy as she was washing it, I could have sworn that she had an orgasm while I was watching her.
     I left so that I could finish beating off in my bedroom and get dressed before Kelly finished her shower.   I was just leaving my bedroom when she came out of the bathroom wearing just a smile and wiggling her butt.   When Kelly saw me she ran up to me and asked if I would let her get a couple of new tops and pants to wear outside.   When I said yes, Kelly grabbed me and squeezed me tight against her naked body, and my cock got hard all over again.   I picked Kelly up to hold her close and get me a little feel at the same time, and luckily she didn’t seem to notice the way my hand roamed over her butt and between her legs.   I gave her a big kiss on the mouth and she nearly fainted in my arms.   I set her back down and sent her in to get dressed so that we could leave.   As I went down the stairs I decided that to hell with the fact that she was my daughter the next morning I would putter around until there wasn’t enough time for both of us to take individual showers, and I would invite her in with me.
     When we got to the mall the first stop we made was at a swimsuit store where I helped Kelly pick out four different suits with one of them being a French thong.   Next we got to Victoria’s secret and again I helped her pick out several extremely sexually explicit items including six pairs of thong panties with matching bras.   At both stores I was in the fitting room area with her as she tried on each item individually and then stepped out to let me see how they fit on her.   I then took her to a very expensive dress shop where I let her pick out several new dresses; again I was in the dressing room area with her to see how they fit.   We had a late lunch at the most expensive restaurant in town and I gave her a tour of the rest of the town.   It was late afternoon when we got back to the house and I fixed us a casual dinner that we ate in silence.

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    We ate quickly and after we got comfortable again we set down to watch some more movies.   Around midnight we went to bed again.   I was just really getting to sleep around two A. M. when I heard a light tapping at my bedroom door.
  Kelly opened the door enough that she could look in and ask if I was awake still.   I told her to come on in.   Kelly came over to the bed and with me being so far gone in slumber I had trouble focusing on her body in the dim light coming in through the window.   Kelly told me that she was having trouble getting to sleep because she kept thinking about her mom, and she asked if she could lay in bed with me and try to get to sleep with me holding her.
      I didn’t think twice about it and pulled the covers open on the other side of the bed.   Kelly climbed in and cuddled up next to me. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me forgetting that I didn’t have anything on in the bed, I always sleep in the nude.   Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that something didn’t seem right about the way Kelly felt next to me.
         That night I dreamt that I was having sex with Kelly and that she was loving every minute of it.   I could just hear the soft moans coming from her lips as I slipped inside of her for the first time.

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        I woke up fully when Kelly cried out in sharp pain and that is when I realized that I wasn’t dreaming of having sex with her, I was actually inside of her and I had just pushed through her hymen.   I immediately stopped pushing into her and started to cry myself.   Kelly was the first to stop crying and she asked me why I was crying as well.   I started to apologize to her for taking her virginity with out asking if she wanted to lose it.   Kelly put her lips to mine and said that she understood that it was an accident and that if I wanted to I could finish what we had started in our sleep.   I pulled her to me and rolled over onto my back carrying her right on top of me.   I told her that this would be a much better way for this first time for her as she could control just what we did.   I helped her get into a slow up and down rhythm on my shaft; soon we were fucking like a pair of rabbits in heat.  
    We were both still more asleep than awake and so when I was ready to shoot off neither one of us had a second thought about it and I buried myself inside of her tight Pussy pushing my ten and a half inches through her cervix and into her womb where I let loose with the most powerful orgasm I had ever had with any woman before.   I shot eleven huge spurts of my virile sperm filling her uterus full to over flowing.   As the first jet hit the back of her uterus Kelly flew into the most intense orgasm that I have ever seen any woman have.   Kelly passed out from the intense pleasure she was feeling and I stayed hard inside of her.   We woke the next morning with my cock still planted deep inside of Kelly’s womb.   What we had done finally hit both of us at the same time, and I was asking before Kelly could say anything.   Are you on the pill dear?  Kelly hung her head as she answered me in a barely audible voice “NO Dad I’m not and I should be ovulating right now.

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        So I am highly fertile.   Are you sure you came in me”.   A tear fell from her eye as she finished speaking.   Another fell as my answer registered on both of us.   “Yes dear I am positive about that fact.   And that my semen is just as potent today as it was almost sixteen years ago when me and your mom made love”.
         Kelly sat up on my groin and eased off of me letting my cock pop, as it pulled free of her fertilized, and no longer virgin Pussy.   I continued to hold her as she lay back down on my body for a good long cry.   I held her close for most of the day in bed and when we finally got up, we walked hand in hand to the bathroom were Kelly peed and I just stood there trying to figure what we would do.   Kelly answered the question for us when she said that she would be glad if she were pregnant with my child because then she would have something to remind her of her first time and how good it was.   I just smiled and asked her if she really liked the moment.   We cleaned each other up and went back to the bedroom to talk about how this would affect our lives.   Kelly asked me to make love to her since the first time it was just pure primal sex.
         I had her lie down on the bed and spread her legs.   I started by kissing her full on the lips and pushing my tongue into her mouth.


        I then kissed my way down to her neck and on to her breast where I spent about twenty minutes just pleasuring her firm young breast.   I ran my tongue over and around her left nipple finally sucking it into my mouth; I then switched to her right breast and did the same thing to it.   I slowly licked and kissed my way down and across her tummy caressing it as I went.   When I arrived at her pubic mound I swirled my tongue over and through her sparse landing strip of hair.   I moved on down to her thighs and licked and sucked on them.
         Finally I made my move on her swollen labia and when I pushed inside I found her fully engorged clit just waiting to be manipulated by my tongue.   I spent another twenty-five minutes stimulating her well used Pussy and clit bringing her to eight small orgasms building to the huge orgasm that I wanted her to feel without my cock being inside of her.   As her orgasms built in intensity, arriving sooner and lasting longer with each successive one, I would add another dimension to the act.   By the time Kelly was in the throes of her first multiple orgasm I knew it was time and I quickly moved up her body and started to kiss her as I rubbed my cock through her very wet slit.   I asked her if she was ready for the ultimate thrill of the day.   All Kelly could do was to moan out Oohhhhh yeeeeessssssss Dadddddddy fillll meeee withhhhhh yourrrrr meatttttttttt.   I pushed into her over stimulated Pussy with one hard deep thrust burying myself all the way inside of her.   Kelly kept repeating over and over again yessssssssssssssss ooooohhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeesssssssss Dadddddddy fillll mmmmmeeeeeee.
         I started to slowly pump in and out of her going faster with each thrust until I was pumping like there was no tomorrow in site.   Kelly matched my thrust with her own and soon we were moving together in a good rhythm.

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        I decided that it didn’t matter now if I filled her with my virile seed so when I was ready I had Kelly climbing to another intense orgasm, I pushed deep into her again.   Entering her uterus for the second time and filling it with my boiling seed.   We made love five more times that day and six the following day.   I filled her womb with so much seed that we didn’t need to wait to know that she was pregnant.   Nine months later Kelly gave birth to twins, one girl and one boy so now we want to know if I can get her pregnant again.   She wants to give me a large family.   There is no pretense about it Kelly sleeps in my bed and we make love every day.   We decided that when the children are old enough we will teach them sex ed ourselves with me taking my our daughters and Kelly taking our sons cherries.   I am glad that I got that call but I wish that I had known where she was sooner then maybe Jane would still be alive today if we had found each other before her accident.