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“As much as I’d like to take another ride on that hot dick of yours John, we had better get back out to the pool and make sure that Ruth hasn’t worn out your sexy girlfriend. You know she is next on my list! Do you think I’m a nymph? I think I just love the feeling of a nice dick and the taste of a sweet pussy. That doesn’t make me a nympho does it? Maybe just oversexed!” Terri chuckled.
Terri turned and strutted out the door, using one of the bathroom towels to wipe my cum from between her legs. I watched her firm butt sway as she walked away. I couldn’t believe that I had just fucked that sweet pussy! The sex that Mary and I have is always fantastic, but fucking 2 of my sisters in the last 36 hours was better than any sex that I had ever dreamt about. I am sure part of it was that the religious upbringing we had all had, made these acts taboo. It was society that had placed all of the nasty ideas about sex between siblings as being wrong. I was feeling that for some reason, as weird as all this was, having sex with my sisters was beautiful and loving, as well as just HOT! I was a young male with raging hormones and my wildest fantasies were becoming a reality. I quickly realized that the thoughts of sex with my sisters was suddenly making me horny again and decided to wander out to the pool. I wanted to see just what my loving girlfriend and sexy sisters had planned for today and the rest of this visit.
As I sauntered out the back door, my legs still a bit wobbly from the recent episode with Terri, I was greeted to another wonderful sight. My girlfriend Mary was reclining in one of the lounge chairs, legs spread and there, lapping away at her pretty shave pussy, was my sister Terri. The oldest of my three younger sisters, Ruth, had her middle digit sliding in and out of my youngest sister, Kathy’s, sparsely covered pussy.
“Now watch Terri, Kathy. See how she uses her tongue to run up and down Mary’s wet slit? Then she stops to tease her clit and then uses it to fuck her tight cunt.

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   Now that is the way we have been trying to teach you to lick a pussy. See how she’s using her tongue to make her squirm. I bet Terri is just loving those juices flowing into her mouth. Ohh, you are getting wet watching too, aren’t you Kathy?” Ruth purred.
My youngest sister was having a hard time focusing on the licking that Terri was giving to my sexy girlfriend. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her breathing was becoming more rapid as Ruth continued to finger her young pussy and rub her tiny rosebud clit. Kathy’s hands were busy squeezing her own small, budding, tits. She alternated the squeezing with gentle tugs on each small hard nipple.
I stood there, nude, watching the action of these four lovely girls. I was so turned on by the sight of my youngest sister’s sweet young body. At 14, she was just beginning to blossom. She had seemed too young to engage in the games that I had played with my other sisters. Even now I wondered if she shouldn’t be participating in these behaviors.
Her a-cup breasts were just beginning to jut out from her slender chest. Her pussy was lightly covered with a smattering of downy hair, just beginning to cover her little girl pussy.

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   It was obvious that she wasn’t a little girl anymore. But she was just beginning to show the signs of one day becoming a beautiful woman.
I quietly walked over to where Ruth was giving Kathy her instructions, as well as fingering her tender young cunt. My cock had become quite rigid again. Without saying a word, I pushed it towards Ruth’s mouth.
“Well, big brother, I was just thinking that we needed you out here. Uh-Uh, I have other plans for your hard dick right now. But believe me, I am going to give that lovely cock a sweet, wet sucking again, but not right now. ” Ruth pronounced. “We have decided that today would be the day that little sister here learns to suck a real cock. She has been practicing on our toys, so today we all decided would be the perfect opportunity for her to experience the real thing. ”
Ruth had removed her finger from Kathy’s young cunt. “Now lay back in this chair, big brother, so we can all see how our little sister has learned her lessons. ” I lay back in the chair that Ruth had just gotten out of. She leaned forward, pushed her wet finger to my lips, and whispered in my ear, “and if you are a good boy today, we might even let you take our little sisters cherry.

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   Doesn’t she taste sweet?” I sucked on Ruth’s finger, devouring the nectar of my baby sister.
“Well Kathy, now is the moment of truth. Do you think you are ready to taste a real cock?” Ruth questioned.
I heard Kathy confidently reply, “Yes, I really want to see if it tastes as good as you say it does. I know I can do it. I am so glad it is John’s dick I get to suck first. At least I know he won’t complain or tell the other kids at my school about what I did. ”
“OK then, show us what you can do. Straddle John, with your butt toward his face. Now lean forward and gives a good show!” Ruth commanded.
Kathy quickly did as she was told. I watched as she stood above me. Her tender young ass was just inches from my face. I admired her tight, youthful, bottom, as it slowly spread above me. She leaned forward and I was given a clear view of her virgin pussy.

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   The puffy young mounds of flesh, lightly, covered with soft, downy, auburn hairs. I trembled as I felt her small hand grip my rigid shaft. Almost instantly, her petite mouth took the mushroom head of my cock inside. I felt her tender lips form a suction cup sensation on my cock head. Her tongue was soon running quick circles around the tip. She used her little hand to gently stroke my shaft up and down as she sucked on the tip of my dick. Gradually she slid more of the length into her mouth.
“Can you taste the pre-cum?” Terri questioned.
“Let us see. ” Ruth commanded.
Mary and my other 2 sisters had positioned themselves to watch Kathy’s performance. Kathy removed her mouth from my cock and showed my sisters the thin film of sticky pre-cum, stretching from my cock head to her tongue. She licked her lips, stating, “Yummy, that does taste sweet. He tastes so much better than those hard plastic toys. ”
I glanced over at Mary.

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   My girlfriend was smiling at me and had her fingers shaped in an upside down V, rapidly massaging her soaked cunt. Kathy’s young pussy was still spread inches from my face. Mary winked at me. She raised her other hand to her face, her fingers forming another V, and stuck her tongue between them. I knew what she was telling me she wanted to see. I looked to my other sisters. They were intently eyeing Kathy bobbing on my shaft.
“John, it would be nice if you gave Kathy a little incentive to suck you harder. Go ahead, taste her sweet, young, pussy. I guarantee you it is the sweetest pussy you’ll ever taste. I should know. ” Ruth smiled.
I needed no further coaxing. I raised my head slightly, gripped Kathy’s girlish hips, and buried my tongue in her virgin crack.
    Kathy began an even more rigorous sucking as my tongue slurped the delicious juices from her wet cunt.

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       I ran my tongue across her little rosebud clitoris. Her hips began to sway and she pushed her impish bottom hard against my face. She was vigorously sucking my cock, nearly taking the whole length into her mouth. She sporadically made a gagging noise, as she tried to devour my entire cock, but eventually, she had engulfed the entire shaft. I was now engaged in a fantastic 69 session with my baby sister! She was sucking like a pro and I was sliding my tongue as far into her tight little pussy as I could. I would occasionally withdraw my tongue to momentarily insert it into her tense little ass hole. Kathy let out a soft moan each time I pressed into her tight little butt hole, swallowing my shaft and gently squeezing my balls. I slipped the tip of my index finger into her wet ass. I gently eased a little more of my finger into her butt. Kathy began to moan. Sucking faster and with more vigor on my pulsating cock. I removed my finger from her ass and slid my middle finger into her strained virgin pussy. I watched as the little butterfly lips of her pussy coated my finger with her juices. My finger was buried to the hilt in her sweet pussy. Kathy was bucking wildly and I felt my finger bumping against her insides.

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       I was beginning to think I might damage something inside of her, she was so small and tight.
    Suddenly, Kathy released my cock. “Oh, holy shit, Ruth. He is teasing me too much. I have to let him fuck me! Please?” She pleaded.
    My cock was now sticking straight in the air, cool from Kathy’s saliva, but wanting to release it’s load.
    “Let her. ” Mary implored.
    To my delight, I heard Ruth reply, “Just be gentle with her. John don’t fuck her too hard. Remember she is a virgin. Mary, maybe you should help guide him in so that he doesn’t tear her tight little cunt to pieces. ”
    My finger made a popping sound as Kathy leapt toward my shaft. She ran her wet slit up and down my cock several times, before Mary could reach us to assist. I wasn’t inside her cunt yet, but I could feel the heat of her tight pussy as she ground her pussy against my dick.

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       The few auburn hairs were wet and clinging together from my tonguing. Mary had reached us and was gripping my shaft. Kathy lifted her narrow butt. Mary ran her hand between my sister’s legs, mixing the juices from her pussy with my sisters. She coated my shaft even more. I felt her rubbing my cock head over my littlest sisters little clit. Then touching it against her cunt opening and back further against her tight butt hole. I felt the opening of Kathy’s virgin pussy canal. The tip of my cock was pressing against her little hole.
    “Slowly. ” Mary spoke softly. “I want to watch it going in. ”
    Mary lowered her head, gave my shaft and my sisters little clit a quick lick and slowly allowed my sister to lower her tight pussy onto my throbbing cock.
    Maybe it was from having used my sister’s plastic toys, or maybe it was just because she was so wet, but suddenly, I felt my cock buried deeply inside my baby sister’s pussy! She was so tight! She didn’t cry, and for a moment, just sat there, filled with my cock. Mary’s tongue was once again alternating between my balls, cock and Kathy’s tiny clit.

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    “Oh, yes John. Feel her tight little pussy. Damn, your fuck juices taste so good! Fuck her sweet little cunt. I want to see you fuck her and fill her with your hot cum! Let her feel your cock throbbing inside of her and filling her with your sticky jizz. ”
    I was so busy enjoying the fantastic sensations of my littlest sister’s pussy that I was barely hearing what Mary was saying. I felt my baby sisters muscles tighten to there utmost. She began to squirm and moan loudly as her pussy seized upon my cock. I was completely inside of her as the jets of cum began to explode from my cock and fill her cunt. She ground her small ass and tight pussy against me as each eruption from my cock shot into her. My baby sister and I exploded in ecstasy as my girlfriend and my other two sisters watched us. We were locked together in orgasmic bliss.
    My little sisters pussy loosened its grip and I felt our hot, sticky, cum running from her pussy and beginning to pool around my balls. Slowly, Kathy raised from my weakened shaft. I felt the cool air surround my dick as Kathy disengaged my cock from her tight, warm, pussy.
    “Oh yes, baby girl.

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       That was beautiful. ” Mary encouraged. “Your little pussy was so good to John. Now I know what it looked like when my brother first fucked me. Now let me lick that hot cum out of you like my mommy did to me!”


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