Feels so wrong, yet so good


    "How can you stand wearing those?" asked Jessica looking at the black, silk thong Brodi had on.     "It feels normal to me" replied Brodi looking in the mirror at her ass. "I would feel naked with those on""Ya you would, you don't even like wearing swim suits" Brodi said as she slapped Jessica on the butt. "Ouch" Jessica yelled as she tried to slap Brodi back. "Hey be quiet guys it is 18 o'clock" Jennifer snapped as she pulled on her pajama bottoms "You will wake someone up" As she said those words a slow gurlging sound came out of the ceiling. "Don't worry it is just my brother taking a shower. " said Jennifer reassuring the girls seeing that they were a little frightened. Brodi looked over at Jennifer with a devilish grin. "Don't give me that look" Jennifer said " I know that look. " Brodi Just smiled bigger. "Hey I got an idea" said Brodi " lets go spy on your brother in the shower"A look of excitment came over Jessica's face. "Ya let's do it, that would be so cool"Jennifer looked at them both with a stern face. "Umm, NO thats not very cool to me""Come on" pleaded Brodi "You have to admit that your brother is kinda sexy! Besides we need to break Jessica in, she is way too innocent"There was a breif moment of hesitation. "Look, not that I would even want to spy on my brother, but it is too risky. We would have to be absolutly quiet which I don't think either of you can be and besides I already know what we would see. I have lived in the same house long enought to know.

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  ""But we haven't, please" asked Jessica "PLEASE" The pleading went on for a long time as jennifer was trying to stall untill he got out of the shower so she wouldn't have to go. He didn't get out. Finnaly she gave in. "All right if we go look for one minute then will you shut up about this?" They nodded yes and started up the stairs to her older brother's room. Jennifer was acually starting to be turned on by doing this. It had been two years since she last saw him naked. His penis wasn't very big, maybe 4 inches. He was 18 now and had almost certainly had to have grown down there since then.     As they walked barefoot up to the top step Jennifer turned to them and told them to be very quiet. She opened Brian's door and stepped in. The bathroom was seperate for the main room and she could she the steam coming out of the crack. They all three got on their hands and knees and peaked around the door. What they saw was not what they expected. Through the clear glass door the girls could see Brian with one hand on the wall and one hand stroking his shaft. He was masturbating! They were stunned, their eyes unblinking.

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   So thats why he was in the shower so long thought Jennifer. I wonder what he would feel like inside me. NO. I can't think like that, she said to herself thrusting the thought out of her mind. She turned to Brodi and Jessica. Both of them had theirs hands down thier pajamas and were fingering themselves. Jennifer looked appaled. She stood up and went for the door and waved for them to follow her. Both girls though disapointed got up and went back down to Jennifers room.     "That was. . . . amazing" exclaimed Brodi " I have never felt more turned on""It was soo big!" said Jessica "That wouldn't even fit in me if i tried""What did you think Jen?" asked Brodi. "I.

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  . . I. . . I don't think we should have done that. ""Come on, Just cause he is your brother doesn't mean you shouldn't want to see something like that. ""Ya" added Jessica. "Alright" yelled Jennifer "Alright I did like it. I liked it soo much I would have let him screw my brains out until his heart's content right then and there. There you happy?"Brodi and Jessica were stunned. They were happy to have her on their side. "So lets go do it" said Brodi. "Do what?" asked Jennifer"Get him to have sex with us"Jennifer laughed. "We are 18 he is 18 I don't think we are the type of girls he is looking for.

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  "" I think we are sexy enough for him to want us" said Jessica. It was probably true. All three of the girls were very attractive. Brodi, with her innocent face and perfect ass that any girl would die for, had caught the glance of older guys before. Jessica with her larger than average breasts for her age made you turn your head when she walked by, and me, I am pretty easy on the eyes too she thought. My full, perky breasts and long blonde hair were about enough to set any boy off.     "Even so what would I say. Just go up to him and ask him 'hey big bro want to have hot steamy sex with your little sister?'""Well not that blunt but I'm sure you could figure out a way to seduce him, come on"No more convincing was needed. Jennifer was already working up a plan to get in her brother's pants. Knock' Knock' "come in" said Brian. The door opened with Jennifer standing in the door way barefoot, wearing her silk black robe open showing the front of her red thong and wearing no bra, only the two side of the robe covered her perky nipples. "Can I ask you a question?" asked Jennifer innocently. "Sure sis, but first haven't you ever heard of a bra?" said Brian jokingly. "Haven't you ever heard of pants?" she replied. Brian looked down at himself realizing he too was only wearing underwear.

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   "I guess not" said Brian"Why are you staring at me Brian?" asked Jennifer. "I'm not, it is just that. . . ""you are turned on?""No" said Brian defiantly "But damn your boobs are hanging out"Jennifer didn't even look down at herself, she just walk toward Brian. "Don't tell me that you never thought of me that way even once?" said Jen putting her hands on his wrists. "Well I-" was all Brian could get out because at that moment Jennifer slipped her robe off her shoulders and lifed brian's hands to her breasts. He was frozen. He couldn't move. Jennifer moved in and kissed him, he could only kiss back his hands still in his younger sister's breasts. They stopped. "I saw you masturbating in the shower earlier. " said Jennifer. "You saw th-" jennifer pusher Brian back onto the bed and moved her hand down to his crotch. The mere touch of her hand was enough to give him a massive erection immediatly.

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  "I don't think we sho-" she put a finger to his lips before he could finish and slid her hand into his underwear grasping his encaged prick. Brodi and Jessica had been watching from the hallway and now moved in with Jennifer. Brian did not say a word as he saw them get on the bed, he was too preoccupied with his younger sister pulling off his underwear and gently massaging his cock with her little fingers.     Jennifer stopped suddenly and stood up infornt of him. The two other girls followed her taking off their underwear and throwing them into Brian's face. As soon as all three were completly nude they kneeled down on all three sides of the bed. Brian nearly blacked out when he looked down and saw three sexy, beautifull, young girls licking and sucking on his erect shaft. Each of their tounges occasionaly touched over so gently and their saliva dripping down toward his balls onlys to be licked up by another. It took only a matter of minutes before Brian erupted with cum all over the girls faces. He was exhasuted. Looking into his sister sweet face, with his cum dripping off her chin she said "Them first, do me last" and with that he moved to Brodi, caressing her breasts and then moving down to her lucious ass. He wanted it badly. Brodi laid down belly first on the bed. Brian positioned himself over her ass and pushed the tip of his dick inside her. She let out a soft moan and then closed her eyes.

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   After a few more tries Brian had got his whole shaft into her and was pumping steadily now. In and out in and out pump after pump Brian finnaly shot his load deep inside her ass. Brodi let out a long sigh of relief and looked back at Brian and smiled . he then pulled out and looked over at Jessica. Brodi stood up and looked back at her ass, she could feel Brian's hot cum dripping down her legs to her ankles. She wiped a little on her finger and tasted it. She loved it and kept trying to get more off her leg. Meanwhile Brain already had Jessica on the bed lying on her back with her legs on top of Brian's shoulders. He looked over at her tender feet and licked her toes gently. running his hand down her leg her moved in for her pussy. It was very tight and was almost too small to fit his cock inside. Still he pushed in with Jessica pushing back into him also. Jennifer ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of petroleum jelly that she knew Brian used to jack off with. She rubbed it on her brothers dick and slipped a little into Jessica's throbbing vagina. It worked.

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   Brain was easily able to slip his member inside her and pump slowly, he big breasts boucing up and down in rythm with Brian's thrusts. In a matter of seconds Jessica squirted her female juices all over Brains dick. That was plenty enough to make brain cum right then. feeling the warmth on his penis he fell over onto the bed.     Jennifer moved over top of him "You still got one more remember" she lowered her breast into his mouth and let him suck on it until he was arounsed again. It didn't take long he soon had another huge erection pointing into the air. "Just hold still I will do all the work" said Jennifer. She stradled his waist and lowered her vigin pussy onto her brothers hard shaft. When the tip first touched her lips it sent a sudder through her entire body. Slowly she slipped Brain's whole cock inside her. She wasted no time in getting used to his dick she started jumping up and down on it. Faster and faster going deeper and deeper each time. She felt her cherry pop "OHH Ohh yes, yes, yes" she yelled. She looked to the side and saw Brodi and Jessica both fingering themselves watching her fuck her older brother. it was too much to bear.


   She let herself go and felt the walls off her pussy pulse on Brian's shaft. Her juices flowed down his cock to his balls and then she felt the wave after wave of her brothers hot cum shot into her pussy. She stopped and laid down on Brian's chest and fell asleep with brodi and Jessica laying by her side waiting for the morning. Until Part Two!.