Father's Day treat


Father's Day treat When I came home from work that day I found my daughter sitting on the couch crying her eyes out! Naturally and went over slipped my arm around her hugged her tight and asked, “What’s wrong Laura”? She flung herself into my arms, sobbing she cried, “Its Jason daddy, he’s been cheating on me”! Jason was her husband, hell the kids had only been married a year an a half. They should still be getting on like newlyweds, and why the hell would he cheat on my baby girl? “I’m so sorry honey, Do you want me to do something about it sweetie”? She looked up at me with her red puffy eyes, snuffed her nose then with a determined grimace Laura said, “Yes daddy there is something I want you to do for me. I want you to give me your baby”! “What”? “You heard me. I want you to fuck me daddy! I want you to put your baby in me”! “But why sugar? Isn’t that going a bit to far”? “Daddy, Jason is cheating on me with his own sister! She’s going to have his baby, so I’m going to have yours”!Laura didn’t even give me a chance to say yes or no. while she was explaining her hand was already tugging my cock out of my pants. She didn’t even bother getting undressed she just lifted up, straddled my lap and reaching under her skirt pulled her panties aside. As she lowered herself onto my shaft she looked right in my eye and in a firm voice said, “Do it daddy! Put you baby in me”! My first thought was this was going much too far! I was well aware of the whole, “Wrath of a woman scorned” bit. I also knew, nothing in this world is a dangerous as a female out for revenge. But knocking up my little girl, just so she could get back at her cheating husband?I firmly put my hands on her hips to hold her still and said, “Laura no! This isn’t right! Having a baby just to get back at Jason is just plain wrong”! Laura sat back surprised, cocked her head to the side then gave me the most remarkablely tender smile I ever saw! She lifted her hands to my face looked into my eyes for a good long time before leaning in to kiss me. When she pulled back she threw her little arms around my neck and hugged me tight. In my left ear she whispered, “Daddy, I don’t want your baby to get back at Jason. I want your baby because I’ve always wanted to have your babies! I want you to cum in me dad! I want you to cum in me right now! I want you to make me your girl and when you do I promise no other man but you will ever have me again”! More confused then ever I put my hand on her head and gently stroked her long soft brown hair.

I whispered back, “I just don’t understand, what’s going on Laura”? She pushed herself back, sat upright on my lap and started grinding her bottom against my cock. “Get it now daddy? Ever since I was little I wanted to be your girl. I never should have married Jason. You’re the only man I ever wanted to do this with! So I’m moving in and you and I will fuck every day just like this until you put a baby in me! Once you do that for me I’ll give you all the blow jobs and ass fuckings you can stand.

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   But right now you’re going to squirt your seaman in my pussy! You’ll do it again after dinner and once more when we go to bed. Now do you mind shutting the fuck up and doing what your supposed to be doing dad”?As she spoke she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Laura then pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and reached behind her back. I just couldn’t help myself, as her magnificent D cups came into view my hands just reached out to cup each of those milky white globes. Laura gently placed her hands over mine then huskily said, “That’s right daddy. There all yours! Which one do you want to suck first, right or left”? She tilted her chest left and lifted up a little to offer me her thimble sized nipple!!No sooner had I sucked it in Laura went crazy. She wrapped her arms around my head crushing her boob into my face. Her hips gyrated on my cock wildly! She threw back her head and screamed, “Oh god yes…Daddy…fuck me…Fuck Me Good Daddy”! I peeked up at her face and saw it all flushed with pure lustful desire! She kept her eyes squeezed shut tight as she bit and chewed on her bottom lip! Her whole body started to shutter and I knew without a doubt in my mind, my little baby girl was Cumming hard!Once her orgasm hit Laura yanked her tit out of my mouth, put her hands on my shoulders then like a woman possessed really started to pound herself down on my cock. Breathlessly she panted, “Cum with me daddy! Squirt in me! Used me whenever and however you want too! Don’t ask, never say, may I? Just do me anytime you want! Oh fuck…Daddy… Cum in me now”!I just couldn’t hold back. I wanted to pull out but Laura was pushing down so hard I couldn’t lift her off! I felt my nuts contract then with a massive upwards shove I felt my seaman explode deep in her womb! Laura had to have felt my hot sticky liquid flood her insides for as soon as that first shot filled her quivering quim she threw back her head and gave this primal scream, “Oooo…Yes…Yes Daddy…Give me all of it”!Spent, heart pounding; I pulled her back to lie on me while my cock drained its last in her. Laura petted my face and stroked my hair as she lovingly looked down at me. She absolutely glowed with a warm radiant smile permanently plastered to her face. “Thank you daddy…thanks for making me your girl”! “Thank me? Are you crazy? Thank you baby girl! That was fucken awesome”! She giggled and gave me a little hug, playfully she whispered in my ear, “You know dad, I know how to do other stuff your just going to love even more”! “Oh like what”? I asked eagerly. She lifted up and again looked into my face this time with a very lustful expression. “Don’t worry dad.

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   I can do things for you mom never dreamed of! Now that you made me yours you can have it anytime you want too”! Laura kissed me, her hot little tongue quickly snaking its way past my lips. Her cunt gave me a little squeeze too and I felt myself twitch back to life. Laura must have felt it as she went back to this slow hip rocking. I had to be out of my fucking mind! After I came in her a second time Laura and I went into the kitchen. Laura now fully nude explained she would stay like that in case I felt the urge to take her again. “Take Her”? Hell she done all the taking so far! But seeing my own daughter piddle around the kitchen making hamburgers while my seaman ran down the inside of her legs was so god damn erotic I wanted to bend her over the counter and drive my daddy dick home again! When she turned holding a pair of plates, our meal, she saw my look of wanton desire. She giggled like a little school-girl then coming over to set the plates down coyly said, “You look hungry dad? See anything you want to eat”? I reached out for her but Laura danced away giggling. “Food first daddy got to keep up your strength you know”! I watched her move with cat like grace as she walked around me, teasing me with her young tender body! When she sat she picked up a French fry Laura sucked on it like it was a tiny cock. She leaned across the table popped that fry in her mouth and lustily said, “I bet you’d like me to do that for you”? With a big dumb grin on my face I nodded my agreement. Laura chuckled as she picked up another fry and did the same teasing suck. When she finished the second fry, dreamily she sighed, “Wow I just remembered”? Dazed over her little show I absentmindedly asked, “Remembered what”? “Well if today is going to be our anniversary it certainly is an appropriate one”! “Why, what’s so special about today” “Don’t be silly! Its father’s day, Happy Father’s Day Daddy”! “That’s right, I forgot. So did you get me a tie”? She gave me a twisted grin and shook her head as she picked up yet another fry, “No, no tie. But I’ll let you tie me up later, if you’re a good boy and eat your burger”!.



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