Father In Law pays.....


Their computer had been acting sluggish. My mother in law need to pay bills and he would be on the road for a few more days. I volunteered to help. After using all the tricks I knew, it was working pretty good. The wife and MIL chatted downstairs while I explored the computer.

Oh my what a nice time it turned out to be. I guess the MIL like having her pictures taken - in the old days and up until a few years ago. More surprising was what I found in a the hidden subdirectories. . . .

Turns out the Father In Law likes boys. Younger boys. And he likes them a lot.

My bi tendencies have never really been towards the younger ones, but they did leave me hard.

Very hard.

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  I rushed to get out before I whipped out this hard meat and came on the spot. Took the wife home and gave her a nice hard fuck that afternoon.

When I stopped by the house a week later, my father in law asked what I did on the computer. I could tell he was a little concerned. that I may have discovered something. Since the wives were shopping, I decided to be honest.

I stood up from the couch and said. "I found some interesting photos. "

His face panicked a little. As I talked I pulled my shirt over my head, tossed it on the couch next to me. Then I dropped my shorts, no undies here. "They can be our little secret. There was fear in his eyes, but he did glance down at my dick.

I found the ones of Mom naked and playing with herself. Those were hot.

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  "He smiled.

"But the boys. . . . I don't usually like them, but they turned me on a bit. Quite a bit. I went home and fucked your daughter hard last week after those. "

He smiled, but stared at my growing dick.

"I can keep it quiet put you are going to pay. You start now. Get on your knees, take my cock in your mouth and suck my grownup dick. "

He was out of his chair and on his knees in a flash. As he took me in his mouth, I opened his shirt and twisted his nipples. He moaned like a slut.

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He did suck a good dick. I moved back to sit on the couch and his lips never left my cock. After ten minutes or so I shot a load of cum into his mouth. He drank every drop.

"Sucking isn't your only payment. I'll have that ass next time. "

He said he couldn't wait.

. . . .