Father in law is my second husband


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Father in law is my second husband
I am 25 years old, married and I have a son of 5 years old. My husband’s name is Praveen and he is a businessman. He is involved in export and import business. He has to travel out of the country occasionally. He rarely takes me with him. We live with our laws that are my father in law, mother in law, my husband, my son and me.
My mother in law was strict. So I had to live being a good daughter in law. I had to obey her, dress up in traditional way. She had maintained a strict environment in the house. So I had no freedom. My father in law was retired government official. He was about 65 years old. But he was not as strict as my mother in law. He was open-minded.

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My sex life was more or less satisfactory. Praveen used to be out of home on business tour and I used to be alone. He was also not so strict and had granted me freedom. My mother in law passed away due to cancer. Our family was in great sorrow. A month passed away and two. As my mother in law passed away I could experience some sort of freedom. There were only Praveen, my son, and my father in law and me living together. My mother in law used to comment on everything. As she passed away I was the only lady in the house and had no one to comment on me. Then I brought changes on me especially in my dressing. I love wearing sari but not covering all my body parts. I started wearing sexy and transparent saris which I was forbidden before wearing it.
I bought sexy blouses having strings at back which exposed my backs. I love wearing sari below navel.

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   I had sexy, deep and round navel. And my belly is flat so my navel and belly looks sexy. I love to expose my belly. I had bouncing boobs and I have noticed men staring at it. But while going out I normally were shalwar kammez and simple saris not that exposing. While at home I love to wear sexy saris. As I wanted to make my sex life with Praveen interesting I tried to attract him towards me. I wear saris in sexy manner but he didn’t show much interest. But in opposite of that I found my father in law being attracted towards me. He showed lots of changes. He used to stare at my boobs and ass. While serving food he secretly tries to look at my belly and navel. While I used to be working at kitchen he used to visit frequently making one reason or other and used to stare at my back as my back used to be exposed as I used to wear blouses not enough to cover my back.
At first I didn’t like it. He was father of my husband.

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   I thought not to expose my body more. I felt that the way he looks at my body is not good. I thought the he will stop doing this. But he started making moves to touch me. One day my father in law called me in his room. I went there I was bit nervous. I went there. He was sitting I sofa. He had a silver chain in his hand. He said, “I had given order to goldsmith to design this chain. This is our ancestral custom that all the daughter in law should be given this type of chain. I should have given on the day of your marriage but I had forgotten. I remember it now. Wear it. ” He handed me the chain.

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   I tried to wear it around my neck. He laughed and said, “This chain is not for wearing around neck. ” I asked, “Then where should I wear it”. He said, “This chain should be tied around the waist. This is worn around the belly. ” I was bit surprised to hear that. But I agreed that. I tried to tie it round the belly but I could not. My father in law interfered, “Let me help you. ” Before I could think anything he dropped my pallo. I was surprised to see that. I could not think how to react on it. I was embarrassed. My entire belly and navel was exposed. He was sitting on sofa and his face was at the same height of my navel.

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   He moved his hand around my waist and tied the chain. During this his fingers touched my hip and belly. While tying the chain he had kept his little finger close to my navel. It was trying to enter my navel. I was so nervous and I felt so tickle and I removed his hand. I put on the sari pallo. He said, “The chain looks so sexy around your belly. ” The first time used the word sexy. I was so embarrassed and quickly went out of room saying that I have work in kitchen. I rushed to my room and locked it. He should have enjoyed the feeling. It was the first time he touched me and that also my belly.
Next day while serving food he looked at me a said “where is the chain I had given u?” I replied “I have it in the room. ” He said “you should always wear it. It is the tradition of our house.

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  ” I thought the reason behind this tradition is to touch the belly of daughter in laws. But I went to room and tied it around the belly. At the afternoon he came to my room. I was watching movie that time. He sat beside me and asked “is the chain tight?” I replied “no it is not. ” “I think it is tight. ” saying this he brought his hand close to my belly and he inserted and pulled the chain by his forefinger. His forefinger touched my belly. I felt so tickling and shy. He moved his finger around the side of my waist. I had to tolerate it because I don’t want to make it a great issue. If I said anything to my husband then I will be taken as negative. It is what happens in male dominated society.
My father in law started being bold. One day he phoned a sari shop and ordered 20 beautiful saris.

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   He said that they were all for me. I looked and they were all transparent. I knew his intention behind it. He wanted to explore my body. Then the same day he called and female old tailor who was his friend to take measurements of my blouse and petticoat. He called me in drawing room. I don’t want to go but I had to. So I went there and the female tailor started taking the measurement. My father in law was also present there so he didn’t miss the chance to have view of my assets. The tailor dropped my pallu to take the measurement of chest. I was embarrassed and bit due to the presence of my father in law. My breast was exposed. His eyes were rolling over my exposed belly and navel. He had lust in his eyes. I was so embarrassed.

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   I didn’t want to continue but I had to. The tailor asked what design the blouse should be of. I answered simple one and covering lots of my parts. But my father in law interfered and said to sew it in stylish way. The tailor had brought a book of different types of blouses. My father in law was looking through it. And he found a design and said to sew in that way. I took the book; I was wondering what his choice was. I was eager to know what he wants his daughter in law to wear. I was shocked what I saw. He wanted to stitch the blouse which was backless with only strings. It would expose whole of my back. I was ashamed. I could not say anything. He again looked through the book and found another low cut blouse.

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   It was too low that it was no worth of wearing the blouse. I disagreed but he forced to do so. The tailor who was his friend agreed. But I was more surprised when he asked the tailor whether bikini blouse was available. I was stiff to hear that my father in law wanted me to wear a bikini blouse like Ash had worn in the movie “Mistress of spices”. The tailor said that she would provide it. My father in law was delighted since he wanted to see me half nude. The breast measurement was completed. The it was the turn of petticoat. While taking the measurement, he stood up and came near me and kneels down. He said that the petticoat should begin at least 6 inches below the navel. Then he kept his index finger above my sari to show from where the petticoat should begin. It was just above my pubic here. While he touched my in that region that also in front of his own female friend I was eaten alive. A current pass through my body when he touched me above pubic hair.

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   Then he rolled his finger up and brought up it to my naked flesh just below my navel. I felt so tickle that I moved a bit and wore the pallo. Then I leave the room. I was so surprised to see what happened to me just before. His intentions were clear. He wanted me to look sexy and expose my body.
After few days all the blouses and saris were delivered. I knew that my body is going to be punished and touched by the old hands. He called me in his room. I went and took all the saris. He asked me to wear it. I could not oppose him. I went to another room and came back changing. The blouse was too short revealing almost all my backs. I didn’t wear bra.


   The sari was so transparent it revealed my entire tummy. Sari was 7 inches below my navel just above my pubic hair. Little of my pubic hair was coming out of the sari. My upper portions of boobs were exposed. Overall my only thigh portion was properly covered. I went to my father in law’s room. He was stunned looking my body. I could see lust in his eyes. He asked me to turn round to have all round view of me. The he noticed my pubic hair coming out. He asked to cut it. I replied that I will do it afterwards. Then he stood up and brought his scissor and came towards me. I was frightened. Then he bends on his knee and removed my pallo.

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   I was not being able to do anything. I knew that I have to surrender my sexy body to this old man. Then he started cutting my pubic hair. I got very much pleasure. My pussy was becoming wet and my nipples were betraying me. It was too much for me that I closed my eyes. I was enjoying, scared and cursing myself. Then he suddenly kissed my navel. I opened my eyes. He was licking my belly. I moved backward I said “what is u doing, I am like your daughter, and this is sin. ” He said “this is love and I love u, I want u. I had been waiting to fuck u. I want to make u my wife. ”
Then he holds my pallo and pulled out in such a force and I fell down in the floor.

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   My sari was gone. And I was in blouse and petticoat. Then he kissed in my forehead then my eyes, then cheeks. He placed his old lips in my lips. He was sucking it. Then he inserted his tongue in my mouth and his tongue was playing with mine. Then he lifted me up and took me to bed. I was not being able to run, he was such a strong. Then I cried and pleaded him, “please leave me, u shouldn’t do this. Your son will kill me. Please. ” He said “I know u want to have sex with my son and he is not interested. Then it’s the duty of father in law to satisfy their daughter in law. He will not know. ”Saying this he kissed my boobs and tears the blouse.

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   He was having view of my white juicy boobs. He stared at it for some time. “It’s the first time I am looking at such the sexy balls. ” Then he holds my nipple with index finger and thumb. I moaned ahhhhhhhhhh. Then I bite it and made my boobs wet by licking it. Then he went down to my belly. He kissed, licked and bit my stomach. I was feeling such a pleasure . it had been long time since I was being bitten like that. Tears fell down my eyes. I couldn’t believe that an old man is punishing the body of wife of his own son. My father in law was doing such a thing with me. Thinking this I used to curse myself and him also I was enjoying it. Then he reached my navel.

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   He mad e circular movement in the circumference of my navel and then he inserted his finger in it. He tickled my inner skin of my navel. It was giving me such a pleasure that I frequently used to lift me head and then lay down. I was biting my lips. Then he untied knots of my petticoat. He slightly moved it down and kept it just above my pussy. My pussy was all wet and it was giving the smell. He kissed me just below the navel and continued up to the upper end of petticoat just above my pussy. it was unbearable pleasure for me. I kept my eyes shut. Then he pulled my petticoat completely. I was in bra and panty. I was breathing heavily and was unaware of surrounding. I was enjoying it. Then my father in law got and he took out his digital camera.

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   Then he took my pictures in just bra and panty. I was not willing to protest. He took pics from various angels’ just kept watching him raping my body with the camera. Then he took off his clothes. Then he took out his underwear. It was the first time I was looking my father in law completely nude. His dick was about 8 inch long where as his son’s was 5 inch long. I was horrified to look at its size. I knew that this monster is about to eat my pussy. I felt so ashamed time and again remembering that I am in bed with father of my husband. i cried and close my eyes. Then I came towards me. Then he took off my bra. Now I had only panty with me. Then his hands were crushing my soft boobs and he was biting it.

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   Then he said me to sit. Then he told me to open my mouth. I was shocked to see that he was trying to insert his dick in my mouth. I didn’t know about this. My husband never did it with me. Then I realized that this old man is such a bastard. The he forcefully inserted his dick in my mouth. i was sucking it and he cummed over my face. Then he pushed me down and went to my panty. He kissed my pussy over the panty. I moaned ahhhhhhhhh. It was so pleasant and unbearable. Then he kissed my milky thighs from toe to panty. i had close my thighs so close. Then he parted them and pulled my panty and I was completely nude in front of me father in law.

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   He came down and kissed my lips. ahhhh I moaned, I cried heavily. I was not kissed in that part before was biting my lips and I arched my body. Then he sucked it. His tongue was playing with my pussy, he bit it, licked it even the inner skin. I went wild after such a pleasure. I was crying and shouting. Please stop it I can’t but I was also saying that chat mere pussy. then he was trying to insert his dick in my pussy. i felt to stop it. I said that’s enough but it was too late and that 8 inch monster went deep inside. It traveled deep inside me. He moved in to and fro motion. It was too much for me and I let a deep yell. ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!Ohhhhhh!
He was humping me hard.

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   Then he cummed inside me. My pussy was filed with his sperms. The warm sperm flowed deep inside my body. I could feel that. i was frightened that I was in most fertile period of my life and I was afraid to be pregnant. That night we slept naked. Tomorrow morning we took bath together. In the shower he fucked my ass hole. I asked him “why did u cummed inside me. If I get pregnant. ” He said, “You are the sexy pussy I have ever fucked and I want baby from u from my daughter in law. ” He said me to have sex with my husband tonight and if I get pregnant then I would have reason to show that it’s his baby although it’s his father’s baby.
I got pregnant and gave birth to a son. My husband thought that it’s his son but it was his brother. And it was not only my son but even my devar.

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   After this the fucking session continued. He fucked me in kitchen, in my room, bathroom, drawing room, corridor, verandha and every part of house. He used to fuck me daily. My husband went out on a trip for a month. During that month he used to fuck me 3-4 times daily. i used to roam in house wearing saris revealing all my body, sometimes I used to be in blouse and petticoat only or even bra and panty. My father in law used to ask me to wear only bra and panty when we were alone in the house. Even he used to wear only underwear . sometime it was also missing.
My husband returned. Our sex life was getting better. We used to have sex more now. My father in law used to fuck me during day, until in the evening when his son returned, and night I used to be fucked by my own husband. So both father and son used to have sex with me. I was having two husbands.

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   My real husband didn’t know what was going on between his father and his wife.
After that I further gave birth to a daughter. That was from my father in law. So I had one child from my husband and 2 from his father. Now my father in law was getting bolder. He used to hold my hand, my sari palloo, even used to touch my bare body parts in front of my husband. First I used to be afraid of it. i didn’t want my husband to get suspicious about that. But he never minded that. It was normal to him. So I even started liking that. I liked my body parts being touched by him even in presence of his son. Moreover now I started changing and wearing sari in the presence of both my husband and his father. I love undressing and dressing inform of my two fuckers who fucked me. I was enjoying that.


   Now my father in law takes me to parties. During party we used to hold our hands together. He even kept his hand around my waist and touches my tummy in front of his friends. His friends used to jealous of him since he used to enjoy his beautiful daughter in law. . .




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