Father-Daughter Affair


“Mom and my brother are at home” Mari told Scott. “We can’t have any time to talk there”. Scott chuckled and held up a key to the motel room he had rented. “Daddy has got it covered Mari, don’t worry. ” “Don’t I always take of you?” Mari smiled, leaned on his shoulder and replied, “Yes daddy, you always know what to say or do to make me feel better. ” “I guess that’s why I love you so much. ” Scott opened his car door and stepped out, He then held Mari’s hand as she swung her legs wide open before stepping out behind him. When she did she exposed the dark blue strip of material between her legs. Scott stopped her for a moment with her legs spread and told her, “Damn Mari!” “You are so fine” They walked to the motel room with Scott’s arm around Mari’s waist and his hand on her exposed mid-drift. Once there, he opened the door, then closed, locked and dead-bolted it behind him while Mari dropped her purse in a chair and kicked off her shoes. Scott wanted no interruptions because time was short and he had some business to take care of. Mari began to talk about how her momma really pissed her off last night. She talked about how her mom warned her that she shouldn’t trust her daddy. That she wouldn’t be surprised if he made a pass at his own daughter! “God she is such a BITCH!” Mari exclaimed. “She has no business telling me what I can and cannot do with you” “She gave up all claims to you when she drove you away. ” Scott had been listening to his daughter talk and talk and talk as most girls do, especially young ones.

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   At the same time he had been undressing and was currently down to only his silk-boxer shorts. His manhood was fully erect and about to split the silk which tried to suppress it. “Mari,” he said. “It’s 3:15. ” “Don’t you have to be back at the football field by 6?” “You also need to run by your mom’s for a minute too don’t you?” “Yes sir” Mari replied. “Well, you really left daddy with a bad hard-on last night,” Scott stated. “As you can see, I still have a bad need for some more loving from you and not much time to share our love. ” “I thought you just wanted to talk?” Mari said. Scott held his sexy daughter to him, face to face and replied; “Mari we can talk later. ” “Right now daddy needs you to show him that you really do love him by helping to wear down this big tree between my legs. ” “ Daddy can count on you for a real good afternoon piece of tail, can’t he?” Their lips met and Scott began to lightly massage Mari’s rear through her cheerleader skirt. After a moment he placed a hand on each of the soft shoulders facing him and gently pushed Mari down to her knees. Mari looked up at her father with those big brown eyes as he told her;“Daddy needs a good blow-job baby”. Mari responded that she had never done anything like that. “Well, it’s time to learn Mari”, her daddy said.

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   Mari mildly protested that “I don’t think I’ll like doing that”. Scott looked down at his darling baby daughter with love and understanding. “Mari sweetheart, you know I love you as my daughter very, very much. ” “You should also know that after last night, our relationship has a new kind of love, a very exciting one too. ” “Mari I understand that there are probably many things associated with making love to your man that you do not know and I am glad. If you were 18 and knew all about screwing and cock-sucking then I would be very disappointed in you. I’m glad you haven’t given into peer pressure to do drugs and screw everybody”, Scott told her. “Mari, as your father and your lover, I’m going to teach you all about making love. I’m going to teach you slowly but when I tell you to do something, you have to trust me. You do trust me don’t you Mari?” Scott asked. “Yes daddy. I trust you. ” Mari replied. “Now unfasten daddy’s pants and slide them down to the floor along with my boxers” Scott commanded. “Yes, that’s my baby girl”.

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   Scott proceeded to instruct his daughter in the art of cock-sucking. He had Mari to use her soft lips and lightly kiss the head of his erect penis. Next, Mari kissed down each side of the shaft as she admired the bulging veins that flowed through her daddy’s penis. Then Scott instructed Mari to use her tongue and slowly lick up and down the shaft pausing at the top each time to wrap her young tongue around his spear head then lick the length of his meat again. Mari was doing just as her daddy told her and she was now starting to relax. Mari tried to identify what this reminded her of and could only think of eating a pickle or corn-dog. Whatever it was like, Mari began to concentrate on what she was doing. Mari was really beginning to enjoy the salty taste of her daddy’s penis. The taste was growing on her. Scott was starting to enjoy his daughter’s attentions also. He looked down at her and saw how she seemed to almost be worshiping his rod. Scott couldn’t help but notice the view down the front of his daughter’s cheerleader top as she licked him. Scott had Mari to open her thin lips now and take the whole head of his penis in her mouth closing her lips around the bottom of the spearhead. He had Mari to cup it with her tongue and start slow suction of his penis as she slid her lips down his shaft as far as she could swallow then back up to but not past the head of his penis. Mari got the hang of it quickly.

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   “Suck it baby. Suck daddy’s dick with lots of love. ” Scott instructed. “Your such a fast learner. That’s what daddy likes Mari, oh yes baby. ” Mari had begun to moan as she sucked her dad’s dick like an experienced prostitute. Scott used his hands to softly hold his daughter’s head on his penis as he began to pump his hips back and forth driving his penis further and further into his daughter’s virgin mouth. Mari was really liking her new role with her dad. She sucked with all she had but being careful to always suck with a soft finesse. His penis was poking out her cheeks and down into her throat nearly choking her but still she hung in there and sucked. Mari felt her daddy’s penis enlarge in her mouth even more and pulsate. It was like she could feel his heart in her mouth and she controlled how fast it was beating. This was grand! Scott grunted loud but failed to warn his young daughter that he was about to explode. Scott held Mari’s head in place as he flooded her mouth and throat with hot sperm. Mari tried in self-defense to swallow all of it but there was no way.

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   Mari couldn’t gulp it down fast enough and it backed up in her throat and mouth, forcing a glob of sperm to exit each of her nostrils. Scott could see his daughter was drowning in sperm and he mercifully withdrew from her hot mouth. There was an audible plop sound where the suction of Mari’s mouth was broken from her daddy’s manhood. Mari took additional shots of sperm to her face, cheerleader top and skirt. Scott stepped from his pants and boxers around his feet and walked over to the night-stand to get some tissue. Mari was standing now trying to assess the damage to her uniform. Scott used the tissue to wipe the sperm drool from his daughter’s nostrils and face. There was a small trail out the corner of Mari’s mouth but she licked it into her mouth and pulled the remaining sperm from her nasal cavity into her throat and swallowed. “I’m very proud of you Mari. You did a good job for your first time. I promise, You’ll be sucking me more and more baby. ” Scott said lovingly. It was four o’clock as Mari’s dad kissed her forehead and nose then unzipped her cheerleader top. He unfastened her bra and slid all of it from Mari’s body. Mari was topless and headed to another round of screwing with her dad.


   Mari never gave a thought to slowing him down or stopping him. Mari wanted her dad to hump her again, badly. Scott sat on the edge of the bed as Mari pulled his shirt up over his head. He could see the passion marks he had left on her breast mounds last night. He unzipped her cheerleader mini-skirt and dropped it to the floor. Mari pushed her own blue cheerleader panty and white cotton panties to her ankles and stepped out of them. Now, finally she was naked with her daddy again! Mari was laying on her back looking up at her father who was already between her creamy legs. “Oh daddy, I love you so much. I’m glad that I’m your woman. The one that you want to make love to. I love you;” Mari said. Scott took one of Mari’s incredible cheerleader thighs in each of his hands to spread her legs wider then sunk the full measure of his ‘king-dong” deep into his daughter’s warm pussy. Mari exhaled a deep sexual moan as her daddy filled her love-box with dick. They were quickly into a fucking rhythm that they had learned together last night. Mari’s big brown eyes were glazed with passion, lust and love for her daddy.

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   Oh how she had wanted to be in bed with several times during the day. Mari had been so horny at time during the day that she had to squirm in her seat. Several boys had mentioned to each other how her ass seemed to be whipping even more than ususal when she went down the hallway at school today. Mari had longed for another good fucking. Scott was taking care of business between Mari’s legs. He slammed his hips into his daughter with every down stroke. His ball sac made a slapping sound against Mari’s ass cheeks every time he drove into her. Scott couldn’t get to her breasts so he began to lick the luscious legs he held in his hands. Mari had such a sexy body that he almost wanted to become a cannibal and devour her. Mari continued to moan and grunt as her dad kept hammering her pussy. Mari actually thought she could see his daddy’s penis push her belly button out each time he pummeled her womb. Mari panted between strokes struggling for air. She voiced her appreciation to her dad, “ Oh daddy yes, yes, oh, oh yes I need you, oh, oh daddy, it’s so. . so.

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  . so fuck. . . ing. . good. . . daddy, oh yes”. Scott felt the eruption coming as he pushed hard against the foot board of the bed trying to fill Mari a little deeper. Mari was unconsciously grasping her father’s cock with her vaginal muscles. Her body was expressing her sexual love by squeezing and seeking to milk her father’s cock of it’s reproductive sperm. Scott propelled his cock into his daughter one last time and held his penetration as he shot his wad into Mari’s womb. Mari squealed her approval as she added her own female cream to the mix inside of her.


   His toes flinched out straight as he released what sperm had built up in his balls. Mari and her dad were both spent as he collapsed between her legs. They were quiet for a few moments as both of them built up the depleted oxygen level in their blood. They then laughed and talked about her day at school. Scott looked at his watch, 5:15. He told Mari they had to get dressed and go. Mari reluctantly climbed from the bed and wiped the sperm up that was dripping down the inside of her creamy, tan legs. She slid her cheer panty back on but put her panties in a small plastic bag because they were just too wet to wear. Mari then slipped her mini-skirt back on and zipped it. Now she put her bra back on and her cheerleader top but had to get her dad to zip it for her. Mari collected her purse and was ready by the time her father dressed. Scott had a handful of cheerleader skirt as they walked to the car. He opened his door and held Mari’s hand as she slid in. Scott did his best to treat ladies with respect and to honor them, that’s how he was raised. He played with Mari’s legs all the way to her mother’s house as Mari tried to do make-up and hair repair.

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   When they arrived Scott walked Mari in. She went to her room to find some clean panties. There Mari noticed the splattering of sperm on her top and a deposit on her skirt at the bottom edge which was gold and blue. It couldn’t be cleaned, there wasn’t time, so Mari just rubbed her daddy’s sperm into her uniform. She would wear it with pride! Mari’s mom showed her ass again while Mari was doing damage control from the sex she’d had with her daddy. Her mom told Scott she would take Mari to the game and she would bring her home. Scott left knowing he had gotten all he was going to get from his daughter tonight. Scott arrived at his place and kissed Brooke telling her he was sorry for not spending time with her. He told Brooke that he had needed to spend some time with Mari, and he had! He promised Brooke they would get something to eat after the game and then “do something together. ”5 Soon. .



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