Farmed Out Part Five


Chapter 5
I got up from the hay bale and smiled towards my grandad,
"Was that a nice way to welcome the morning in for you gramps?"
"Sure was son, looks like you loved it as well"
"you bet gramps, you know I was really worried about coming down to the farm, I thought it was going to be a real shit being here but I think I am going to really like it"
"that's good son, but it aint gonna be all fun and games you know, there's a farm to run as well, but if you carry on performing like you have so far then it will be more play than work, if you’re happy to put the effort in on the farm and help me out then I'll make sure that Jack and I will be available to you whenever you need, and likewise I expect that sexy round arse and mouth of yours to be available to us at all times"
"Oh daddy, yes, of course, I'll be happy to help out on the farm if I'm going to get a good reward of hard cock and hot cum in the process"
"Ok, boy why don't you go inside and do some cleaning up in the house, and I'll be in a short while and we can discuss your duties"
I did as instructed and headed off into the house to clean up
It was a couple of hours before my grandad came in, by then I had cleaned the whole house, hovered and polished, I doubt the house ever looked so clean, but I was eager to please my grandad as much as possible. When he came in he was pleasantly surprised and I made him a sandwich for lunch and we sat down for him to give me my daily rota.
"ok Kevin, I'll make a deal with you, if you keep this place tidy and clean, and I leave you in charge of the cooking then I won't make you work too hard on the farm, jut a few jobs, like helping me keep the stables clean and feeding some of the animals. There’s isn't huge amounts to do on the farm these days but if you handle stuff in here and then I can get the bits out there done and then we will have more time to play"
"Sure grandad, sounds good to me, you know of course I will do anything you say"
"ok good, now I have to go into the village this afternoon and do some deliveries, Jake will be coming with me and I might do a bit of shopping as well so I will be gone for a few hours, finish up with the cleaning and I also need you to go and give Monty's kennel a bit of a clean"
Monty was the farm dog, officially a guard dog, but no one every came around un-invited anyway, he was a Great Dane and had been with my grandfather for about 6 years.
"Sure thing, I’ll make sure it’s all clean for you when you get back"
"Ok, good, now before I go I want to show you the downstairs bathroom, which you haven't cleaned yet, so come with me"
I got up and followed him to the bathroom, I had only used the upstairs one since I got here and the undesireable state of this one confirmed I had made the right choice.
It was a big room that was almost just a massive walk in shower, it had a toilet to one side and a basin to the other, the floors were filthy from mud but at least they were tiled so would not be hard to clean.
"You see it needs it a good clean, I haven't used it much recently because of the state of it so do your best, get it nice and clean and we can have a lot of fun in here son"
The latter part of the statement made me want to get this place nice and clean and I nodded
"Now before I go I need to take a leak, how about you come and hold my dick for me while I piss"
"Certainly daddy, glad to assist"
"Let’s go over there then" he pointed to the shower section "no point me aiming for the bowl if you are going to clean up"
I followed him excited about seeing his cock once more, he beckoned me to unzip his jeans and take his penis out. I wasted no time in grabbing his soft prick and held it for him
"That’s a good boy, now get down on your knees and put your mouth over my cock; let me give you your reward for cleaning the house so far"
I did as I was told and put his limp dick in my mouth, within seconds I was feeling the jets of hot piss in my mouth and I gulped down a mouthful, I could hold it in thou and his cock popped out and started splashing all over me
"Oh yesss, son, that’s nice, let me piss all over you"
He grabbed his cock and directed it all over my face and splashed his urine all over my t-shirt
"Hmmm, oh grandad that’s nice, piss on me, I love you weeing on me"
He started to shake the last few drops and slapped his cock against my face before nudging it back towards my mouth and telling me to clean it off. I eagerly licked the last drops of piss and he put his cock back.
"Good boy, now you should keep those clothes on so you can smell my piss while I am gone"
"Yes sir, I will"
With that he said his goodbyes and walked out leaving me to sort out the mess.
I got to work on the bathroom intent on making sure I did a good job, I started to think about the kind of "fun" we were going to have in here, and that coupled with the strong smell of my granddads piss was enough to keep me semi hard while I cleaned.
After about an hour I was done and you would hardly have recognised the place, I was pleased with my work and decided I needed a break, and went and took a seat in the front room. I had been there for only a few minutes when I remembered that I also had to clean the kennel out,
'Bollocks, no rest for the wicked' I said to myself.
I went out to see Monty, I had not really seen him since I had got back, he was a friendly dog and it was only really his size that made him an effective guard dog as he was as placid as they come.
I wondered out into the farm yard and into Monty's kennel, it wasn't really a kennel, more like a barn converted to suit the dog. Monty lived outside in the summer and came in during the colder months, and he seemed to prefer it that way.

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I went inside and he was asleep, so I began by clearing up his mess, there wasn't much and I presumed Grandad had given it a clean this morning, it just really needed a sweep and refill of the water and food. I gave it a quick tidy and then went to fill the water bowl.
As I got closer to Monty he stirred and came over to see me, I patted him and told him what a good boy he was, he seemed very keen to sniff me, and I couldn't get him to lay back down,
"Down Monty, give me a break will ya" I said as if the dog would understand.
Then he jumped up at me and I lost my balance, I fell backwards, landing flat on the floor and Monty jumped on me still sniffing like mad. Then it dawned on me that he was interested in the odour coming from my T-shirt. Of course the smell of urine would be interesting to him, he continued to sniff my shirt and despite me telling him to get off, he was not going to. I was flat on the floor with Monty standing on top of me and I was struggling to move.
"Monty move your arse, your too heavy" I claimed, but he would not budge, now he was starting to get a bit frisky, he must have thought I was playing with him, he started to lick my t-shirt and unwashed piss stained face, I managed to push him off but before I could get up he was back on top again. This time he was even friskier, and as he got more excited I suddenly noticed it that the smell was doing to him what it had done to me in the bathroom. Glancing down I could see that his cock was starting to appear from his sheath. . . . . .

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  now I had never ever even though about this before. . . . but watching this Great Dane get excited was actually starting to excite me as well.
I stopped for a minute and wondered what hell was I thinking, but that pause didn't last long enough to stop my dick twitching, I had a bizarre desire to see what his cock looked like, and I couldn't help myself. Reaching down I touched his sheath, his cock had only just started to pop out and I knew there was a lot more there to see. He seemed startled by this but was still more interested in my T-shirt, so much so that I couldn't keep him still. Then I had an idea, struggling with him a little bit more, I managed to get my t-shirt above my head and off my chest, Monty nose followed it as that was clearly what he was interested in. Taking the shirt off I held in on hand above my head, Monty moved forward and now he was standing above me with cock dangling above my chest. With my other hand I reached out and grabbed his cock and slowly started to wank him, pulling his fur coat back and revealing his doggie cock.
He didn't seem to mind and as his cock started to appear, I started to get some real kinky desires, would he let me wank him off?, I was sure he would not mind and so I continued to rub his cock until he was fully exposed. His cock was big, and I mean big, there was something very sexy about the texture of it and it's red colour that was so horny, he was now starting to get wet and little drops of juices were appearing on his tip, then his attention was diverted from the t-shirt as he looked around and give his cock a lick, he seemed to enjoy the taste and when he stopped he looked at me.
It was a look that almost spoke to me
"Was that nice Monty, what was that look for", I had a glint in my eyes and I knew what I wanted to do for him
"Ohhh I see you want me to taste it, well I would love you"
He seemed to know what I was saying as he grunted and went back to my t-shirt. In my hands I held a fucking big dogs cock and now I wanted to suck him, shifting my body downwards I came face to face with his red cock and instinctively I put out my tongue and touched him.

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   It was a strange sensation and one was I starting to like, within moments I had started to lick this animal’s cock up and down and he had started to dribble more doggie juices. I ran my tongue over his tip and tasted doggie pre cum for the first time. . . . . . . and boy did I like it.
I lifted my head up to lick more and realised that I needed to get into a better position if I was going to take that prick in my mouth. I let go off the t-shirt and rolled out from underneath Monty, patting his back and he laid down, satisfied that he now had control over the item he desired.
As he lay there, I rubbed his belly and he almost opened his legs for me, it made me wonder if this was nothing new to him. . . .


I rubbed his cock again and then put my head on his belly and started to lick him all over again, this time I was getting more and more excited and his cock was getting bigger and bigger, closing my eyes I opened my mouth and slipped it over his red cock and started to suck his juices right down my throat. He was gorgeous, his cock was not as hard as granddads but it was thick, and it tasted soo good. I was now really getting into this and started to suck feverishly on his red tool, licking the shaft and then putting his cock tip in my mouth and teasing him with my tongue. I sucked harder and harder tasting all he had to offer, then I put one hand on his balls and massaged them.
It was all getting too much for him and he started to jolt forcing more of his tasty cock into my willing slut mouth. He whimpered and the next thing I knew he was shooting wads of hot creamy spunk into my mouth, I was too slow to react and pull away, but I doubt I would have done even if I could and I was pleased I hadn't. I let him spray the insides of my mouth with his sperm. It tasted sweeter than the other two cocks I had recently devoured and I fucking loved it. He filled my mouth with cum and I let go, allowing the last spurts to jet over my face. I swallowed the spunk in my mouth and couldn't believe that I had just given a blow job to a dog. Monty certainly didn't mind.
He bent over and licked the last drops from his cock before getting to his feet and then turning to lick the rest of his load from my face. caught up in my own sexual bliss, I didn’t even think about the fact that here I was on all fours, face to face with a great Dane that had just enjoyed a blow job, like me Monty was still horny and seeing me in that position was always going to re-ignite his natural instincts. When he wondered off and around the other side, I automatically thought he was going to get a drink, even when he stopped and started to nuzzle his nose into my arse I just didn't twig that his next move would be to jump on top of me and start trying to hump me.
Monty's weight on my back was enough to keep me down and he started to frantically pound his cock into my jeans, overcome with the situation I realised that I did not want to waste this opportunity, I wanted his dog cock inside me, I wanted my arse to be invaded by this animals big fat cock.

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I struggled to get the fuck hungry creature off me and I stood up, he barked at me as if to ask what I was doing, but I was about to give him exactly what he wanted. I undid my jeans and pulled them off my legs. I did not see the need to be wearing underware any more. The site of my semi hard cock seemed to delight Monty and he started to lick my balls
"Good boy Monty, give me a good lick and I’ll let you put your cock up my arse as well"
With Monty being such a big heavy dog, I thought it would be better if I rested myself over a hay bale for him instead of being on all fours on a hard floor. He didn't need me to ask him to follow me, he must have known what was coming and he bounded over to the hay bale with me. I sat on the hay facing him to give him a chance to use his long tongue on my now stiffening cock. It felt good on my shaft and balls, but it only called to make me want him inside me ever more. Lifting my legs up I guided Monty towards the hole he was soon going to get to plunder. I wanted his dog saliva to give me some sort of lubrication, as there was no way I wanted to delay my desires by having to find some oil.
He seemed to lick licking my arse, and it felt good having a wet slimy tongue on my ready and willing shithole. After a few mins I could wait no more, I turned over on the hay and offered myself to him. He carried on licking me before realising that I was on offer to his sexual needs, I was ready to be his bitch.
"Come boy, get up her and fuck my arse, give it to your favourite young arse"
He wasted no time, jumping up on me and using the bale of hay to steady himself he started to jut his cock about, frantically trying to find a home for his tool. I reached down and tried to position his cock but he was moving about too much, he just kept smashing into the side of my arse. After a few attempts I managed to get the tip of his cock next to my ring, "come boy now you can do it", he started to jut about again and eventually found his paradise.

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  . . . . . . . . . . and fuckkk me it hurt !!
Monty had blasted his cock straight up my arse and I had never felt so much pain, I screamed in agony and actually badly wanted to get out of this position, my arse felt like it had been split in two but Monty was in, and that was all he cared about. I started to realise that maybe I had tried to take too much on here!
Now that Monty's cock was in he was starting to get his rhythm and he started banging my arse hard and fast
"Fuckkk, shittt it fucking hurtss, argghg"
Monty of course was not interested in my screams and he continued to feed my aching arse with long hard strokes of his cock. I was feeling almost faint and each inch went deeper inside me, god it hurt. . .

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  . . but fuck was it horny, as my arse started to get used to such a thick cock, so I started to enjoy this act of depravity.
"Goddddd yes, boy, fuckkk it, fuck my arse, donnttt stop screwing me"
I started to love having this cock in me and Monty pumped harder and harder as if he could not get enough, I looked around and was just so turned on to see that a good 90% of his cock was buried deep inside my anal passage. I started to rock my arse back and forth in time with him and then I felt him starting to grow inside me, 'fuck. . . . he was getting bigger".
The next thing I felt was a blast of hot liquid shooting inside of my stomach, Monty was coming and as he did he jumped forward again burying the last few inches of his cock further down my shithole. . . . . .

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  suddenly I felt very faint
I must have passed out for a few mins because the next thing I knew I was being dragged off the hay bale and I landed on the floor. I looked around and Monty was heading for his water bowl. . . . and he was taking me with him!
I had no choice but to scramble backwards, his cock was still in my arse and it wasn't coming off. . . . what the hell was going on, why was his cock stuck up my arse!
Monty got his drink of water and then just stood there, he didn't seem to care that he was still attached to me. I could do nothing but try and keep him still, fuck knows what would happen if he saw a cat!
I must have been like that for about 5 mins when suddenly I heard a car pull up and two doors open and shut. . . . .

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  fuck it was my grandad back from the village with Uncle Jack. I didn't have a clue about how he would react, for some reason I thought he would be annoyed that I had got myself into this state.
I stayed quiet as I heard the two of them going into the house, I tried frantically to release myself from Monty but it was just not going to happen.
A couple more minutes passed, although it felt like hours, before I heard my grandad calling my name
"Kevin, you around, come see what uncle jack and I got for you"
"Kevin", "Kevin where are you"
"in here grandad" I felt had to say something, after all I could be stuck like this for hours and I was dreading the thought that I might need hospital treatment to get me free
My Grandad walked in to the stable and although I was in some way pleased to see him, I was embarrassed beyond belief
"What the fuck???"
"I’m sorry grandad, I was just, just , well I was feeling a bit horny and came out her for a wank and next thing I knew Monty had jumped on top of me and I couldn't stop him, I’m really sorry grandad"
I had decided it would be a better route to go down than trying to explain that I wanted to suck his dog off!
"Oh dear son, what have you done?"
I was concerned by the tone of his voice
"Hey jack, come out here and see what a mess our boy has got himself into"
Shit, I was hoping he wasn't going to call uncle jack to the party
"Bloody hell Glenn, what have we here?"
"Look like we've got ourselves a real dirty little boy I think jack, we better take a closer look"
The men approached closer and Jack slapped his thighs beckoning Monty over to him
"Noo don't do that I'm stuck he will drag me"
It was too late and I ended up half way across the floor. My grandfather came and knelled down in front of me
"Now you say you came in for a wank and Monty jumped you"
"Yes grandad, I swear I will never come in here and wank off again, please just tell me how to get him off"
"Ha-ha, looks like you have already got him off!" Jack laughed
"Well son" Grandad continued "you see you are stuck for a reason, and that is because you are telling porkies, now why don’t you tell me what really happened and I might be able to help you"
"I’m not joking grandad that is what happened"
"Really, well in that case you'll just have to stay like that, come on jack lets go inside I don't like liars, he can stay here all night for all I care"
Now I was petrified
"Ok ok, that’s not exactly true"
"Ahhh, I thought not, now why don't you tell us the truth and don't leave anything out"
I felt totally embarrassed now as Jack joined my grandfather in sitting on a hay bale ready to listen to my excuses
"well, it wasn't my fault, honestly, I came in hear to clean the kennel out like you asked and Monty started to get frisky, he seemed to be turned on by the smell of your piss on my t-shirt from lunch time, and he just started jumping on me and getting excited"
"Well I could see his dick coming out and well. . . . well ok I could not resist it, so I wanted to play with him"
"What do you mean play with him?"
"Well I started to rub his cock, I know I shouldn’t have and I'm sorry but I was just so turned on"
"And was that all you did?"
"No I’m sorry I couldn't stop myself and I gave him a blowjob!"
The two men looked at me almost in disgust
"Right so you gave my dog a blow job. . . . . so how come his cock is stuck up your arse right now?"
Granddads tone told me I was in deep shit in more ways than one
"well then Monty started to jump about and tried to mount me while I had my jeans on. .

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  . . I really didn't think it would do any harm and I took my pants off and let him fuck me. . . I’m sorry grandad, I really am, it will never happen again I promise, please just get him off me"
"Well that's more like the truth, and let me tell you it's disgusting, I cannot believe I leave you for a few hours and come back to find that you have been fucking my dog, your sick and perverted aren't you?"
"Yes grandad I’m sorry"
"And I bet you fucking loved sucking my dogs cock and then I even bet you couldn't wait to take his cock up your tight arse, eh?"
"No grandad I didn't I was just overcome"
"Don’t fucking lie to me boy, tell the fucking truth or I will leave you here"
"yesss, grandad, I’m so ashamed because I did enjoy it, I tasted his cock and liked it so much I let him cum in my mouth and then when he started to try and fuck my jeans I knew I had to have him, pleasssee forgive me, I know I am a dirty little slut but after the last day I just couldn't help myself"
"well son this gives me a problem now, because you see I didn't plan on introducing you to Monty’s big cock for a while yet, it was going to be a surprise, but you have beaten me to it, both Jack and I were actually saying in the car earlier that we thought you would be a quick learner and we might only have to wait a few weeks before introducing you properly to the animals but well. . . . . I guess we were wrong, you have proved to us after just one day that you truly are a dirty little fucker, a teenage slut boy who will do anything to get a nice hard cock, no matter whose or what cock is it, and that my son is music to my ears. You really are the best son a daddy could wish for"
I was suddenly taken a back by this change of attitude and now realised that this had been my granddad’s wish all along, he wanted me to fuck the dog, in fact wanted me to fuck the "animals" !, my fears from the last 18 minutes had now become sexual interest again. . . .


"Oh grandad, I am so happy you are not annoyed with me, I was really scared for a while, but please tell me how I get Monty off me please"
"ha-ha, well son you see there is nothing we can do there. . . . but it's nothing to worry about, you see when a dog is really excited and in the process of fucking, he gets what we call a knot, his cock swells up at one end and he shoots his load, but then it takes about 18 mins before his cock starts to shrink again, only with Monty is takes him a bit longer because he's cock is a bit bigger than most dogs, and that’s one reason why he's here, now judging by the size of his cock still, I reckon you still have about another 18 minutes like that"
I couldn't believe that what I had gone through was normal, there I was panicking and thinking I was stuck forever
"So son, did you enjoy getting fucked by a dog then?"
"Hell yes, although it really hurt and I think I passed out when he came"
"I’m not surprised, I would never have thought you would have taken his whole cock inside you first time, it took me about 3 attempts, and Jack a few more before we finally managed to get all that doggie cock inside us"
My ears perked up and the thought of my grandad and jack being fucked by Monty
"You have let him fuck you too; I wish I could see that"
"Well you never know son, but likewise don't you think we would have liked to see you fuck Monty?"
"Yes I am sorry, but you know daddy I would be more than happy to get dirty with Monty again for you anytime"
"That’s what we like to hear boy"
"Have to say Glenn, sitting her watching this little slut with a dog's cock up his arse has made me a bit horny, mind if I take advantage of the situation. My cock needs a bit of a suck I think"
"Ohhh I’m sure my son won't mind the chance to eat some more meat, would you"
"Defiantly not uncle jack, but would you mind grandad if you talk to me while I play, I get so excited listening to you talking dirty to me"
"Sure thing, why don't you let me tell you what I want you to do with uncle jacks penis"
"Hmmm yes daddy, that will be nice, and I will happily do as you say"
Jack walked over to me and took his pants down; his cock was already stiff and waiting to be devoured by his cock hungry nephew
"Now, don’t touch it with you hands just stick your tongue out and let uncle jack rub his cock all over you"
Jack was happy with that and he started to rub his prick over my tongue, face and cheeks, he grabbed the back of my head and directed me to lick where he wanted it
Grandad then came and sat down next to me and grabbed my hair, beckoning Jack to let go
"Good boy, now lick that cock while I play with uncle jack"
He put his hand around jack's balls and started to squeeze them,
"now wait a minute son, let gramps have some of that tasty cock" and with that he yanked my head away and took Jacks cock in his hand, opened his mouth and sucked his knob"
"Fuck yer Glenn, suck it you old whore"
It was the first time I had seen a guy suck another guy in real life and it was fucking horny, even better knowing it was my grandad, he sucked a little longer then spoke again
"Mmmm, that’s such a fucking nice cock don’t you think son"
"Oh daddy yes, I love it, almost as much as I love your cock gramps" I smiled
"Mmmm, I think we need some lube" and with that he spat onto jacks cock three times so his spit was dripping off the knob
"Now lick that up you whore"
I was not going to object and I teasingly licked up the juices, running my tongue over his knob and shaft, then gramps started to spit again, this time over my face and into my mouth, he grabbed Jacks cock and started to rub it into my face smothering me in cock juice and spit
"That’s a good boy, now suck it, suck that hard wet cock, and don’t stop until I say"
I was happy to oblige and put my mouth around this gorgeous cock.
"Now fuck his mouth Jack, give my son a good hard face fuck, I wanna watch him eat every inch of your fat cock"
Of course I knew from last night just how much I loved Uncle Jacks prick, and I knew I was capable of taking most of it in my mouth so I was more than happy to let him shove it as far down my throat as he wanted
Jack grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face in the same manner as Monty had fucked my arse earlier,
"That’s it fuck face swallow uncle's big fat cock, eat my meat and fucking enjoy it you slut"
It was really turning me on to hear them talking to me like this and I eagerly gobbled as much cock as I could, I could see my grandpa had moved his fingers around to Jack arse and he was rubbing his mates bum.
"That’s it Jack, give it to him, he fucking loves it, wants every inch of your prick the dirty little cocksucker"
As I was being stuffed with cock I noticed that Monty's cock had started to slip out of my arse, I had started to get used to having something in my arse and now it felt weird to be empty at that end, mind you I had more than enough to concentrate on in the front. My gramps must have read my mind
"Looks like you are free from Monty now, bet you miss having that cock inside you, don't you, you little whore"
I looked to him as if to nod agreement.
"Answer me slut"
Of course I couldn't so gramps pulled jack cock from my grasp
"Yesss daddy I do miss it, I miss a cock up my arse, please daddy would you like to fuck me again"
"No son, I’m too interested in watching you suck your uncle’s cock right now, but if you really want me to fill your arse up for you I will"
"Ohhh daddyyyyy yes please, please fuck me and fill my arse with cock, I love it when I have two cocks in me"
"Keep on fucking him Jack while I sort this little slut’s arse out"
Jack was happy to continue and once again started feeding me long strokes of his thick penis
Jack was holding my head so I could not see what was going on, but the next thing I knew was I could feel Monty’s tongue back on my arse, shit now I was not sure I could take his cock again!
"that's it Monty boy lick his arse and I will get your cock all ready once more and you can fuck this little slut and we can watch this time"
I really was not sure how I would handle Monty for a second time, but I figured that my arse would adjust as before and no doubt I would end up getting the solid fuck I wanted anyway.
I still couldn't see but I could hear my gramps telling Monty what a lovely cock he had and I guessed he was getting him hard for his grandson
Suddenly gramps yanked my hair back forcing Jack's cock out my mouth with a plop
"Now are you sure you want another hard arse fucking boy?"
"Umm hmm god yes dadddy, please I would like to feel Monty’s cock in me again, I really loved it earlier and if you want to see him fuck my arse then yes I would love to let him fuck me again"
"Come on boy up you get" he patted my back from Monty, the dog didn't need a second invitation, he had been here before and I guessed he liked it. He jumped up and I instinctively pointed my arse forward and spread my legs
"Oh come on Monty, fuck me, fuck your favourite teenage boy’s arse, show gramps how much I can take and what a little slut I am"
Gramps loved it and as Monty started to flap around he held my arse open and directed Monty's cock right up inside me
"Good boy, go fuck that tight arse, split my son in two, fuck him Monty"
Monty needed no such encouragement and his cock when straight back up where it had been just a few minutes ago and for the last 30 mins.
"Ahhhhhh shittttt yesssss, fuckkk meeee, goddddd fuck I loveeee it, oh gramps this is better than before, god he's so big"
"Ha-ha, glad you love it slut boy, now Jack, shut him up for me will ya"
"My pleasure Glenn, get your fucking gob around this bitch"
Once again I was being fucked from both ends, and I was in my element, this truly was the best thing in the world. As Monty pumped so Jack forced more meat into my mouth I just wanted to stay like this forever. Monty's cock was again a good 80% inside me rocking back and forth and gramps wanted to see me take more again
"god son, if only you knew how good this looks, but I want to make Monty fuck you harder, harder than you have ever been fucked, would you like that"
I could only nod in desperate agreement.

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Gramps got up and in the corner of my eye I could see him pull his pants down, what was he going to do I wondered. I saw him disappear behind me and soon I found out
"That’s it Monty, keep fucking him and grandpa will give you something back"
"ohhh yes Glenn, that will fucking make him really hard, you know this boy is going to get a real fucking seeing too now" Jack was loving watching this and I wished I could see as well but I guessed what my grams was going to do.
"Come on Monty, you know you love it when grandpa sticks his cock up your doggie arse"
With that Monty yelped and started to pound my arse faster, I felt him get heavier and realised that my grandfather had started to fuck the dog.
"Fuck Monty your arse is fucking tight but the more I fuck you, the more you are gonna pound my son so here goes"
Monty yelped again and the force pushed him forward and he sunk all 18 inches of his thick red cock inside my tight arse, I went to scream and Jack just forced more cock in my mouth. I was feeling faint again but there was no way I could black out with 18 inches of thick cock meat thrusting its way into both ends of my body.
"Ahhh fuck yer Glenn, fuck that dog, you driving me wild watching this, I gonna fucking shoot my load if I'm not careful"
"Well just hang in there mate, I wanna smother this little fucker with both our loads in one go"
Gramps pushed deeper into Monty’s arse and I felt the knot once more swelling inside me, Jack with drew his cock to take a breather and I was free to scream again
"Ahhh fuckkkkk I can feel him getting bigger ohhh god it soooo fucking gooooood"
Suddenly Monty was shooting yet another load of doggie cum straight up my shit passage
"Ohhh fuckkk yer, he's Cumming, god oh goddddd it fucking hot"
"That’s it boy take that K9 cum in your arse, you filthy little fuck"
"Ohhh god daddyyyyy it so fucking sexy, I fucking love it, and I love you watching me be such a dirty whore grandson"
Gramps took his cock out from Monty as the dog continued to pump more spunk inside me, he came around to me face to face again
"Did that big cock feel good son"
"Oh daddy yesss, it was great, I love Monty’s cock stuck in me, it so warm"
I bet you would love another cock in your mouth again as well"
"Oh yes gramps I always love a cock in my mouth"
"Well you better beg for it you cocksucking bitch"
Now I was in complete ecstasy and would do anything to get yet more cock to feed on
"Ohhh dadddy yes pleasssee, oh I want your cock so bad, I want to show you what a really dirty whore I am for you and uncle jack, please please let me taste your hard cock and drink all that lovely cum from you and uncle jacks stiff pricks"
"Hmmm, well maybe I should let you but then again. . . . . "
"Noooo please pleasssee daddy pleasssee I want to suck you off, plleassse daddy"
He was really in total command and I didn't care what I had to do to get his cock, Monty had jumped off and twisted around again but his cock was still throbbing inside me and I just so badly wanted to taste more and more cock
"Hmm well the only thing is I haven’t cleaned it from fucking Monty's arse, and as you can see it's a little bit dirty, so maybe I should go away and wipe the doggie shit off it and have my own little wank while I am there"
Now I was totally beyond control, I had to have that cock, and I didn't care if I would feel sick after, I was way to far gone in erotic bliss to care, and he knew it
"Daddy noooo, I will suck it, I’ll suck your cock clean of the doggie pooh, please just let me suck it I promise I'll clean your cock for you pleeasee"
"oh your are a fucking good son, a fucking dirty little bitch of a son, but nevertheless one that deserves all the depravity he can get, here boy, lick that dog shit of my cock, lick it like a lollipop and if you do a good job uncle jack and I will both cum all over your face and in your mouth"
He offered me his cock and I wasted no time in starting on my task of cleaning him off. To be honest it was gross, his cock stunk and I thought I would throw up but that was not going to spoil my enjoyment. I licked the shit from his cock and then gramps spoke again
"hmm you're a good shit sucking bitch, Jack I wanna give him a good pounding, why don't you spread my legs and get that lovely cock of yours up my arse while I do"
"Thought you'd never ask mate, spread them legs for dirty jack"
As I licked and sucked my grandpa’s cock clean I could see Jack between his legs, gramps bent forward and my uncle parted his cheeks and I could see his cock disappearing
"Ohhh fuck yer Jack, you always know how to grind my arse mate, get that cock in there and let’s fuck this horny bitch together"
As Jack fucked my grandad so he fucked my mouth harder and each thrust pushed me against Monty to just keep that sensation going strong. It was the perfect session and now that my granddads cock was clean I was enjoying sucking his juices and sticking my tongue down his piss hole while I knew he was loving Jacks fat cock inside him,
"Oh fuck Glenn I am gonna cum soon, I wanna off load on this slut"
"Mmmm ok Jack, but hold on I wanna give my son something special for him to enjoy, just keep you cock in me for a moment"
"Ok man, I think I get your drift, lay it on me I would love to see our little boy eat it all up"
I was not sure what he meant at first but when my grandpa gave a little strain it virtually gave the game away, so caught up in the erotica it just continued to turn me on even more
"Ok son, how would you like two hot wads of cum in that hungry mouth of yours and something very special from your ole gramps"
Knowing full well what was coming I was not going to disappoint the men whose cocks had given me so much pleasure
"Ohhh yes granddaddy, you know I would love to drink all your cum, and I’ll do anything for you, just give me that cum and I'll suck anything you want, just let me taste all that spunk"
I could see Jack withdrawing his cock and gramps looked around with a smile on his face
"Now son, close your eyes and open wide for granddaddies special surprise"
I did as I was told like some obedient little puppy,
"Can you smell uncle jacks cock now?"
"Yes daddy I can"
"And what do you smell"
"It smells of shit daddy"
It actually did smell gross and I was not so sure I really wanted to do this now, I had sucked my grandfather’s cock with dog shit on it and although it was damn kinky it was not the best taste in the world
"And does my cum loving whore of a grandson want to lick all my shit off of uncle jacks cock"
"I’m not sure daddy I don’t think I like the idea of that, it's not very nice daddy"
His voice took a turn for the worse
"Sorry!! What do you mean no, listen you. You little cunt, you wanted you arse fucked hard and your mouth filled with cock didn't you"
"Yesss daddy, but.

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  . . . . "
"no fucking buts here", he violently grabbed my head and I opened my eyes and saw Uncle Jacks cock with a bit of shit on his knob and brown stains down his shaft
"You see it now, you see your uncle jacks cock, I’ve given it a nice coating of grandpa’s special sauce for you, you think you can get away with sucking a dog off and then still refuse my shit"
"But dadddy it's not very nice and I didn't like the doggie pooh"
"well I don’t care, you said you would do anything for me, and right now I wanna see you lick the shit of your uncles dick, got it, otherwise I’ll leave you out here with Monty all night and you will never get to see either of our cocks again"
Putting it that way didn't give me much choice and the recent exchange of words had once again turned me on enough to carry out another humiliating act for my grandfather
"Daddy no, I can't not have your cocks, pleases no, I will do anything for you"
"So what are you gonna do bitch"
"I’ll lick uncle jacks cock clean for you daddy"
"Well you better fucking beg for it now motherfucker and you better convince me that you want it bad"
At this point I have to admit that being made to beg for his dirty cock was probably the sexiest thing ever and I was now really gagging for it
"yesss dadddy, I do want it, I want to lick all your shit from uncle jacks cock , I want to taste your shit and show you how much I love it, pleeasee make me eat shit, I know how much you would love to watch your son lick it all off, goddd please just let me taste your pooh"
"Now that’s better, come on jack let the fucking shit sucker have it"
Jack came closer and the smell was still gross but it turned me on. I put my tongue out and started to lick his shaft, leaving the lump on his knob for last,
"That’s it you dirty little boy, lick it clean, how does my dump taste for you"
"Ohhh daddyyyyy I love it, it’s so kinky and sexy"
"Good, now see that lump on uncle jacks knob, I want you to suck if off and then play with it in your mouth and if you do that, then uncle jack and I will give you the best reward you could wish for"
I moved my mouth over the lump of crap and sucked it into my mouth it did not taste good, but if this was going to get me a double helping of thick creamy cum then it was going to be worth it I started to sexually rub my tongue all over the shit and I knew it was turning them on
"Mmmm dadddy this does taste good, do you like watching you little whore eat your shit and play with it in my young sexy mouth"
"Fuck yes boy, god you are fucking dirty"
"I love being a dirty slut for my uncle and granddaddy, and I love your shit, I just need some nice hot juicy cum to swallow it all done with, do you have any for me?"
Both men were now wanking frantically clearly getting turned on watching a 18 year old boy being a total slut.
"Ohhh fuck yesss her it comes you cum whore"
Jack was the first to offload, I opened my mouth and let him shoot his load straight down my throat and then send globs of thick warm cum all over my face
"Ohhh yes, cum on shoot you cum, cover my face with spunk, shoot it in my mouth, I love the taste of warm sperm, mmmm thanks uncle you taste soo good"
He was still shooting his last few drops when gramps was ready
"Come on granddaddy do it for your son, cover me with love juices, ohhh pleeasee daddy fill your sons mouth with spunk"
He fired his load into my awaiting mouth, splattering all over the inside of my mouth and filling me with creamy spunk.
Jack had been squeezing the last bits from his dick, and as gramps finished texturing my face with white blobs I just wanted more
"oh good that’s so sexy, uncle jack, will you piss on me please, I would love to taste shit cum and piss all in my mouth at the same time, and gramps, please wee on me too, let me show you what a dirty whore you have as a grandson.
Both men smiled and in unison let out a jet s hot piss all over my face, they were directing the piss onto their cum and trying to drive each blob into my mouth. I just sat there open mouthed accepting every last drop of piss into my dirty gob. My face must have looked like a human toilet but I didn't really care, I had satisfied my two older men and had gone beyond any sexual desires I may have had in the past. I was without doubt a real fuck slut and I loved it.



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