Fantasy Thru a Keyhole


I would invision her squatting over my face and showering me with her piss while watching her anal open and feeling the heat of the deposit that she left on my chest. It is amazing how kinky I got with my dick in my hand and my eyes on my sister during some very private moments. She had a way of looking so inocent no matter what she was doing and it made me stroke my meat so hard that it would practically go numb. When she was done going to the bathroom, she would get up and strip down to her birthday suit and look herself over in the mirror. It is hard to believe that a 18 year old girl could look the way she did. I am fifteen and I have to say that the amount of hair that she had between her legs was more than I had between mine. Her ass even had a shadow of dark hair going along the crack and when she bent over, she had a trail of dark hair leading to a very sexy bearded clam. She also had a very firm round set of tits that my mom could only wish for. She seemed to put us all to shame when it came to our bodies. It was only for a moment and then she would disappear behind the curtain and into the shower. This was the end of the first half of the show. I would go back to my room and wait for the sound of the water shutting down and then I would reposition myself by the door and wait for the curtain to whip open. This day was diffirent from most days because my mom was home and she was doing laundry. I didn't want to miss anything in the bathroom but I knew that my mom would be heading up the stairs at any moment. Being a risk taker, I knelt down and peeped in thru the keyhole and as the curtain opened my sister stood there as the water ran off of her hair and down to her tits where it dripped off and landed in her matted down bush and found its way to her lips where it mimicked the appearance of her urinating. What I would give to have a glass of that water.

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   I would have traded my best baseball card to be able to lay under her and catch every drop of water that leaked out from her sweetness. As the music played and she started to dance in front of the mirror, I reached in and pulled out my 7 inches of hot flesh and started to stroke my member to the rythm of her body as she moved her hips back and forth. I was drifting into a fantacy and before I knew it, my mom was rounding the corner of the stair landing and she nearly ran over me. I went into shock and when I looked into her eyes, I knew I was in big trouble. She tried to talk but no words came out of her mouth. Her eyes started tearing and she ran into her room. At the same time, my sister opened the bathroom door and looked down at me kneeling in front of it. She too was startled and shifted her body around me and headed to her room. As she slammed the door, my mom called me into her room and asked me to explain myself. Wow. I hadn't rehearst for this question before so I was like a deer in headlights. I didn't have an explanation so I made one up. I told my mom that I was of the age of masterbation and that I didn't think that I could ejeculate and I was at the door looking at my sister naked in hopes that I could cum. She asked me why I didn't just come to her and tell her this. I pretended to be blushing as I told her that I was way too embarrassed to tell anyone about this.

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   Looking a bit concerned, my mom mellowed out some and asked how long had I been touching myself. " Well, about 3 months or so", I replied. "really", she said as she took a closer look at my package. She stared long enough for me to notice and without any command, my dick started coming back to life. She asked me to sit down and she started out asking me medical type questions and then her questions started becoming personal. After asking me how I masterbated, she asked me if I had ever measured myself. Even though I did, I played dumb in fear of her finding out my secrets and I told her that I never did. She asked me to guess and when I told her 6 or seven inches, she shifted her legs and butt a little and it looked like she licked her lips. I have a dad and he is very much in my life and my mom and dad get it on a lot, but I started to think that she was falling into a little spell like the one I was in with my sister. I didn't know what to do next so I waited for my mom to speak. After an awkward moment of silence. my mom decided that it was best for me to go see a doctor about my problem. I was floored by her decision and I pleaded with her to change her mind but she insisted that it was for my own good. I needed to say something fast to get out of this, but nothing was coming to my mind.
    "Well", my mom said, " you have no problem getting him to stand up do you"? I responded no to her and then it hit me.

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       "Mom, what if I can ejeculate right now"? "Then could we forget about it"? My mom looked at my package again and then she asked me how I was going to prove it to her. My first thought was to bring in my sister and have her get naked on the bed but my mom wouldn't go for that and I was afraid to get in any more of a mess, so I asked for her advise. I could tell by the look on her face that she was as nervous as I was but she tried her best to look like nothing filthy was on her mind. She suggested that I stand up and pull it out, so I did. As I was taking him out of my pants, my moms eyes were glued to it and when I released it into the air and slid my pants down to my knees,she gasped at the size of my soldier. She shifted her stance and cleared her throat and gained her composure. In a softer, sweeter voice, she started telling me that I was a very gifted child and that she would have to keep all the girls and ladies away from me. I never was interested in ladies until that moment when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was getting turned on by my mother. Watching her watching me stroke my long hard shaft was driving me insane and her as well. Her tounge was moistening her lips and she put her hand down between her legs and was lightly rubbing herself and she didn't even realize it . I started rubbing myself the way she was and she picked up on this and started rubbing her crotch harder and faster. i leaned back on the bed and closed my eyes and pictured my mom naked. She was rubbing herself with one hand and she used the other hand to lean onto the bed and as she bent over to sit next to me, I erupted in an orgasm that covered her face and hair with what felt like a gallon of my hot milky cum. This was all she needed to send her over the top and she started moaning very loud as her hand worked itself at an impressive pase.

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       She was in the middle of a long wet orgasm when my sister walked in to see what was going on. Little sis looked at me laying on the bed with my dick hanging to my knee cap half hard and half limp and then she looked at my mom with my cum all over her face and her hand on her pussy and I knew that I just dug myself a deeper hole. Well, there is a lot more to this story but for now I will say this. "This was the best day of my fucken life".