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It was two in the morning, and Penny had an important exam in school the next day, but she couldn’t sleep. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d fingerfucked since Mike had popped her cherry that afternoon, but jacking off didn’t help.

The image of his enormous hard-on filled her brain, throbbing and stiff, swollen with blood and cum. Penny’s pussy was very sore from her first fuck, but her mouth watered for her brother’s prick. She was dying to suck him. It frustrated her that he hadn’t let her give him a blow job that afternoon. She was dying to wrap her lips around his steely cock, to feel his prick throbbing as he pumped hot jism down her throat.

Finally Penny couldn’t stand it anymore. It was so late that everyone else in the house was asleep. If Mike yelled when she woke him up, she’d just stick her hand over his mouth. She just had to suck his prick.

Naked, the horny teenage blonde left her room and padded barefoot down the hall to her brother’s, door. For a moment she was afraid he’d locked it, but she breathed a sigh of relief when the knob turned in her hand.

His bedroom was pitch black, but she could still see his bed across the room and his sleeping form under the covers. Penny shut the door behind her and tiptoed across his bedroom. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and flicked on the lamp on the nightstand.

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Mike grumbled in his sleep as the soft light filled his bedroom. Then he awakened as his little sister pushed her hand under the covers, groping for his big, prick.

“Goddamn it, Sis,” he growled. “What do you think you’re doing in here?”

Mike was still too sleepy to resist as she rolled him onto his back and pushed the covers to the foot of the bed. His oversized cock lay on his thigh, still soft. Penny lifted and squeezed his prick luridly. Immediately his cock began to swell and twitch in her hand. Mike squinted at the alarm clock. “Goddamn it, Penny! It’s two in the morning!”

“I don’t care!” Penny said girlishly. “Please let me give you a blow job, Michael! I’m so horny! I couldn’t sleep just from thinking about your cock!”

Mike smiled at his sister’s eagerness and folded his arms behind his head. “Okay, Penny. If you want it that bad, my cock’s all yours!”

Sitting beside him on the bed, Penny tightened her fingers around her brother’s cockshaft and eagerly began to beat his meat. She whimpered as she felt his prick swelling in her fist, growing long and fat with blood. Soon it was as hard as stone. Penny released his prick and stared admiringly as the stalk of prick flesh throbbed and pulsed over his stomach.

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“Oh, Michael, your cock is so beautiful,” she gushed. “I want to suck it so much!”

“Well, what’s stopping you, then?”

“I… I don’t know how. I’ve never done it. ”

Mike chuckled and put his hand behind her head, guiding her down to the crimson knob of his prick. “Don’t worry, baby! I’ll teach you everything you need to know!”

The shiny-skinned cockhead was before her now, a half inch from her lips. Penny extended her tongue and experimentally touched it to his piss hole. A drop of pre-cum glistened there, and she lapped it up, moaning as she savored the taste of her brothers cock juices.

“You’re making me horny, Penny. ” Mike’s voice was huskier, more insistent. “Start sucking. ”

Penny pressed her lips firmly to the tip of his cock. His prickmeat tasted musky and salty, and her pussy creamed as she savored the feel of her very first cock on her lips. Penny held his throbbing boner in her hand and kissed his prick lovingly all over, sliding her tongue from the root to the tip of his prick.

“Start sucking, Penny!” Mike demanded, and he curled his fingers tightly in her long blonde hair. “Suck off my dick!”

Eagerly Penny opened her mouth wide and stuffed her lips with as much of her brother’s prick as she could take.

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   She nearly gagged as the fat cock-knob pushed down her throat, but she quickly flared her nostrils so she could breathe around the thickness of his cock.

Hungrily her lips clasped the steely center of his rod. A deep-rooted feeling of contentment and security washed over the horny young girl as she filled her mouth with her brother’s cock. It was like being a small child again and sucking her thumb. But Mike’s fat prick tasted much better than her thumb ever had, and she knew that soon his cock would reward her with a torrent of hot, delicious cum.

“Don’t bite it now,” Mike said, wriggling on the bed. “Fold your lips over your teeth, honey. Just suck and suck hard!”

Obediently, Penny wrapped her lips over her teeth, preventing them from nipping the sensitive surface of her brother’s hard-on. Then she puckered her cheeks and furiously started sucking, sliding her tongue all over the heartshaped crown of his cock.

“Ungghhh!” Mike’s handsome, cruel face contorted with desire. Rapidly he realized what a natural cocksucker his baby sister was.

“That’s fantastic, Penny!” He pulled her hair and eagerly rocked his ass off the bed, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. “Suck harder now! Ungghh, shit, my balls are so full of juice! Suck the cum out of my cock!”

Penny sucked her brother’s cock wetly and loudly, shamelessly delighted as the slurping, smacking sounds of her own sucking filled the bedroom. Instinctively, she began to bob her head, fucking her face with his delicious prick.

His cock began to throb and grow stiffer in her buttery mouth, and fresh pre-cum oozed from the slit in the tip.

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   Penny thrust her tongue in his piss hole to lap it up, making Mike’s prick twitch and throb violently between her lips.

“Jack me off, Penny!” Mike instructed excitedly. “Beat my meat while you suck on it!”

Sliding her hand up her brother’s hairy thighs, Penny again wrapped her fingers around the root of her brother’s prick. She started to jack on his cock wildly, pumping her wrist in a blur as she milked and tugged the length of his cock into her lips.

“Gonna cum, Penny!” Mike cried. He grabbed her head and forced her to suck up and down even faster. “Suck, suck hard! Play with my balls! Squeeze ‘em! I got to shoot!”

As her tight hand violently jerked on his throbbing prick, Penny dropped her left hand between his thighs and cupped his hairy balls. The wrinkled sac was stretched by the two fat globes it contained, and they were so tight and swollen that Penny knew he was going to shoot a whole pint of cum down her throat.

“It’s burning, Penny!” Mike cried, as his prick swelled to total painful stiffness between her sucking lips. “Harder, suck as hard as you can!”

Penny did as he asked, clasping her lips madly around his burning hard-on, sucking so hard that her cheeks were flushed red with the energy of the cock sucking. Mike gasped, held her head and fucked his prick as far down her throat as he could.

Then he was cumming. A stream of thick, gooey jism shot from his piss hole and gushed down Penny’s throat. The first blast was followed by spurt after spurt of his salty, milky cum.

“Umph!” Penny gurgled delightedly as she tasted his jizz.

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   Cum tasted even better than she’d dreamed. Her cheeks puffed out as she struggled to take all of his gushing load. Then she lewdly started slurping and swallowing, sucking and jacking his cock as she eagerly drank down all of her brother’s cum.

Finally his cock stopped spurting, but Penny didn’t release his cock until she’d cleaned every drop of jism from the surface of his prick. Then, to her surprise, she saw that his cock was still rock-hard, throbbing as stiffly as if he hadn’t cum at all.

“Oh, Mike, your cock is so wonderful,” she said breathlessly. “You’ve still got a big boner!” Penny brushed the hair out of her eyes and prepared to sink his fat prick back down her throat. “Let me give you another blow job. ”

“No,” Mike said, pushing her head away. “Let’s try something a little bit different this time. Turn over, Penny. Lie on your stomach next to me. ”

Penny was so horny that she did as her brother asked without questioning the request, wiggling her shapely little ass as she stretched out on her belly beside him. Grinning wickedly Mike crawled across the bed and opened the drawer in the nightstand. Penny pursed her lips curiously as she watched him withdraw a jar of Vaseline.

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“My pussy’s not that sore, Michael,” she said softly. “You don’t need that stuff to fuck me. ”

Mike unscrewed the led and looked at her teasingly as he tossed it to the floor. “Who said I’m going to fuck your pussy, baby sister?”

He separated her ass cheeks with his hands, exposing the tightly muscled ring of her asshole. Sticking his fingers into the jar, he withdrew a thick glob of the petroleum jelly. Penny realized what he planned to do to her as he smeared it all over her puckered asshole.

“No, Mike!” She struggled away from him. “Your cock’s too big to fuck me there! It’ll really hurt!”

“Not it’s not, and I really want to do it to you,” Mike said. “Now put those pillows under your pussy. That’ll lift your ass so I can slide in my cock. Come on, Sis. Do it!”

Penny was afraid of taking her brother’s prick up her asshole, but she was so much in love with his cock that she felt she had to do anything he asked. Fearfully she grabbed the two pillows and wiggled them under her pussy, lifting her rounded asscheeks for the invasion of his cock.

“That’s right. That’s a good girl.

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  ” Mike extended his Vaseline-slicked finger and pushed it into his sister’s asshole, making Penny grunt as he coated the inside of her ass tunnel with the jelly. “You’re going to like it, baby sister! You’re going to like it a lot. ”

Then he coated his massive, stiff cock with the Vaseline, and then he tossed the container onto the floor…

“Hold your asscheeks apart,” he commanded.
    “I want to get in my prick. ”

    Fearfully, submissively, Penny grasped her asscheeks and spread them wide. A second later she felt the spongy knob of her brother’s cock pushing onto her asshole. His prick separated her tightly muscled ass ring, making her wince as she felt the first stab of pain. Then his cock was boring into her bowels, filling her rubbery asshole with inch after inch of his fucking cock.

    “It hurts, Michael!” Penny gasped. She tried to wiggle away from him, but only wound up thrusting her asscheeks up to his cock. “Awww, it’s too big for my ass! You’re killing me!”

    “Just give it a second, Penny,” Mike panted. “Just a second more. ”

    Half of his cock was embedded in her asshole now, and he winced as her exquisitely tight shiner sucked and dung to his cum swollen cock. Mike slid his hands under her slim rib cage, firmly clasping her small, firm tits. Then he started to fuck into her asshole much harder, stuffing the narrow fuck tunnel with the meaty thickness of his cock.

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    “Ungghhh!” Penny’s cheeks were flushed, and her face contorted in pain as her asshole was fucked by her brother’s burning prick. “Awww, Michael, stop it! It’s too big, you’re hurting me!”

    “You’re going to like it,” Mike whispered harshly. Harder and harder he fucked into her, until his cock was buried to the balls in the forbidden heat of her asshole. “There! Now wait’ll I start to fuck!”

    Pulling on her stiff nipples, he lifted his ass and made Penny sigh as his fat cock pulled out of her asshole. Then he fucked back in again, stuffing even more of his prick into her shit tunnel.

    Then he started fucking her. In and out his huge cock fucked, seeming to fill her ass with every stroke. Helplessly Penny grunted and bit her lip, struggling to withstand the pain shooting through her ass. She felt submissive, like a slave girl. She had no choice but to submit to the cruel asshole fucking.

    “Does it feel good now, Penny?” Mike panted. His hips contracted steadily, fucking her asshole in a steady brutal rhythm. “Don’t you like the way my cock feels rooting in your sweet little ass?”

    Then Penny realized that it was true, that she did enjoy it. The pain had all but vanished, and in its place was an intense, throbbing pleasure. Her asshole seemed to have a will of its own now, throbbing and clutching, milking the steely hardness of her brother’s prick.

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    “Ahh, Penny!” Mike squeezed her tits and fucked her ass faster, rhythmically packing her bowels with his cock. “Your asshole feels so good…”

    “Fuck me,” Penny squealed suddenly. She clawed, the sheets and started humping her pussy off the pillows, eagerly lifting her jiggling asscheeks for more of her brother’s cock meat. “You’re right, it feels good now, Michael! Ummm, I can feel my asshole sucking your dick. Fuck me Michael, fuck my asshole as hard as you can!”

    Chuckling at his baby sister’s sudden eagerness, Mike quickened the speed of his fucking. In and out his bloated cock fucked. He looked down and watched the veined shaft of his prick fucking in and out of her tightly puckered ass ring.

    “Harder, fuck me harder!” Shamelessly horny, Penny thrust her hand under her belly and groped through her pussy curls, squealing as she sank two fingers into her mushy cunt. “Unh, it feels so good! I’m gonna cum, Michael! Fuck my asshole as hard as you can!”

    Mike panted and fucked his stone-hard prick furiously into his sister’s ass, wincing as her rubbery shit hole sucked convulsively around his cock. Feverishly Penny fingerfucked her pussy, fucking her fingers in and out of her gurgling cunt, rubbing her clit hard under her thumb.

    “Cumming now!” she gasped. “Unhh, Michael, you fuck my ass so good! It’s burning, it’s burning on your fat dick! Fuck meeee, I’m cummiiiinnnngggg!”

    It was an even harder cum that the one produced by her first fuck. Again and again the spasms swept through her naked body, pleasuring her pussy and asshole at the same time.

    Her asshole throbbed insanely, clutching and sucking and milking her brother’s fucking cock. Her pussy juiced all over her fingers.


       Penny was barely conscious as her brother colapsed on top of her, ramming his big prick to the hilt in her rubbery little asshole.

    “I’m cumming too, Penny!” he sighed. “Oh Christ, here it cummmmsssss. ”

    The white cum spurted out of his prick head, gushing deep into his baby sister’s ravaged asshole. Penny mewled as she felt her burning ass tunnel soothed by the salty stream of Mike’s cum. Hornily she contracted her ass muscles, helping him shoot out every drop of his spunk.

    Neither of them noticed that the bedroom door was now slightly open, nor suspected that they were being watched.


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