Family turned on chapter 8


agian dedicated to ashely who i think is my biggest fan


It was just after two, and as she stood in the kitchen Diane could barely restrain herself from watching the second hand make its trip around the clock. Her son would be home any minute. She couldn’t wait to feel his big cock fucking deep inside her.

Two days had passed, and Diane felt more sexually satisfied than at any time in her life. Kenny and she were fucking constantly, even with two other children and a husband in the house. Somehow they always found a place where Diane was sure no one would catch them.

There was no more shame. She’d given in completely and happily to her need to suck and fuck her son’s magnificent prick.

Now she wore a light summer dress with a deep cleavage and a hem that barely covered her ass cheeks. Under the dress Diane wore no underwear. Her huge tits jiggled as she moved, and the stiff nipples protruded through the dark-blue fabric. Diane hoped that Kenny would be turned on by her luscious, bare thighs, and if that didn’t work, she could always bend over to let him see her ass cheeks and hairy cunt. She wanted Kenny to be so horny that he would fuck his cock up her pussy as soon as he came home.

Any moment, Diane thought, watching the clock.

Kenny was already in the habit of skipping his last class so he could give his horny mother a good fucking before Mike or Penny got home. Diane smiled as she remembered how she had once insisted on a perfect attendance record.

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   Now she would have begged Kenny to skip his last class if he hadn’t thought of it first.

The front door opened and slammed shut. Diane’s heart skipped a beat, and her pussy juice warmly as she heard footsteps in the hall, moving toward the kitchen. But when she turned, she didn’t see the face of her second born.

Instead it was her first child, the tall, muscular, wickedly grinning Mike.

“Mi-Mi-Michael,” Diane stammered. “What are you doing here so early?”

Mike wore a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscular physique. He leaned against the refrigerator, effectively blocking his mother’s exit, and lifted his hand to pick his teeth.

Even before he spoke, Diane felt her lust replaced by fear. There was something in Mike’s expression that told her that he was up to no good, and that the no good would be done to her.

“Oh, I just thought I’d skip my last class,” Mike said breezily. “It being such a nice day and all. You don’t mind, do you, Mom?”

“Well… yes, I think I do mind, Mike,” Diane said defensively. “Once in awhile is all right, but your grades haven’t been the best lately. I think that as long as you live in this house you should…”

“But, Mom, you don’t mind if Kenny comes home from school early, do you?”

There was a long pause.

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   Diane felt an embarrassed flush spread through her cheeks as Mike smiled at her lightly. His gaze lowered, and for the first time she became conscious of how unusual it was for her to be doing her housework without a bra on.

“Kenny… Kenny has been helping me with a little housework,” Diane lied stiffly.

“He was just trying to be considerate, unlike some children I could name. ”

“Aw, bullshit, Mom! You are such a fucking liar!”

His rage was sudden and frightening. Diane felt herself cowering against the counter as Mike walked menacingly toward her, his expression frozen with rage. When he stopped, he was so close that their bodies almost touched.

“The only housework Kenny’s helping you with around here is with your pussy! Don’t try to lie to me, Mom! He’s been fucking the shit out of you!”

“Mike, how… how dare you say such things to me,” Diane stammered weakly. “You leave me alone. You were always such a horrible…”

“I know because I heard you, Mom! The two of you were humping so loud yesterday afternoon that I guess you didn’t even hear me open the Goddamn door. ”

Mike stepped still closer. “And if you’re wondering where he is now, you might as well forget about it until dinnertime. He’s not coming anywhere near here till then. I told him if he did I’d beat the shit out of him. And you know fucking well that Kenny’s so scared of me that he’ll do anything I say!”

“Everybody’s scared of you!” Diane retorted tearfully.

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   “You’re so mean that nobody can like you! The things you’re saying to me now! I can hardly believe you’re my son. ”

Mike seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then his smile became even thinner and crueler. “You never did give a shit about me, Mom. You always waited on Kenny hand and foot, and now you even started fucking him. Well, I think I’m going to take some of that for myself too. ”

Then he was all over her, pressing his body to hers and wrapping his arms tightly around her. Diane struggled to escape, but it soon became obvious that Mike was much stronger than her. Insistently he covered her with kisses, biting her neck and hungrily squeezing her ass cheeks through the dress.

“No, Michael!” Helplessly the horny mother flailed her fists on his shoulders. “You’re raping me! Stop!”

“You want me to tell Dad?” Mike shot back threateningly. “Forget it, Mom! This time you’re giving me what I want!”

He continued to embrace her lustfully, dropping his head to her deep, jiggling cleavage to plant wet kisses in the valley of her huge tits. His hands slid under the skimpy dress and massaged his mother’s lush ass cheeks, rolling the ball-bearing ass globes with his fingers.

Diane shuddered and stopped protesting. There was no denying the wanton shiver of lust coursing through her now, making her nipples stiff and making her pussy creamy with fuck oil. Mike was going to blackmail her if she resisted.

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   Why not just give him what he wanted? Her deep-rooted shame for fucking Kenny made her want to do just that.

“God, Mom, you’ve got such a beautiful body…”

Mike tore open the top of her dress, releasing her enormous tits from confinement. As Diane struggled weakly, he lowered his head and caught one fat, stiff, rubbery nipple between his lips. Furiously he sucked it, showing his hunger as he tugged on her dusky-pink nipple like a nursing child.

“Ungghh!” Diane grimaced as she felt the lust building to uncontrollable proportions deep inside her cunt. “Stop it…” But her words were now meaningless to both of them, showing little true resistance. “Stop, Michael… have to stop… not with your mother. ”

Mike’s strong hands ripped her dress completely open, leaving tattered blue threads hanging from her shoulders, exposing all of her naked body. Lewdly his hands roamed all over her luscious body. He parted her thighs and slipped a long finger into her hairy moistened cunt.

“Shit, Momma,” he breathed hoarsely. “You’re all wet down there…”

Hungrily his finger burrowed into her pussy, buried to the knuckle between the pouting, fur-fringed cunt folds. Diane whimpered as she felt her cunt muscles sucking tightly around it. Mike withdrew his lips from her stiff nipple and began to fall to his knees, planting wet kisses on her ribs and navel, chewing on her pussy curls.

“Stop, stop.

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Then he was kneeling before her, with his face buried between her legs. Diane tried to shut her thighs, but her son’s strong hands held them apart. He glued his mouth to her aching pussy and sucked it hard, flicking his tongue hungrily into her fuck slit.

“Ungghh!” Dazedly Diane stared down at her son’s head, rooting in her pussy. Waves of horny sensation seemed to wash over her, making it impossible for her to protest at all.

Mike slid his hands up her long tapering legs, digging his fingers hornily into the peach shaped cheeks of her ass. Unconsciously, Diane spread her feet on the floor. Avidly Mike pumped his long tongue up and down her pussy slit, wiggling it against her protruding clit.

“Your pussy tastes good, Mom,” he panted. “Why don’t you let yourself cum?”

Diane whimpered as his, tongue fucked between her swollen cunt lips, spearing deeply into her pink fuck tunnel. Then she was humping her ass away from the counter, gasping and moaning as she helplessly pounded her pussy onto his lips.

“Like it, Mom? Like the way I suck you?”

“Yes, oh God, yes!” Blushing with shame and incestuous lust, Diane thrust her hand behind Mike’s head. Then she worked her ass in earnest, grinding and thrusting her burning pussy onto his mouth. “Suck it! It’s making me so hot!”

Mike licked her pussy noisily, lapping down the musky fuck juices that oozed from the depths of her cunt. His big hands lewdly massaged her ass cheeks, making her hot asshole pucker lewdly.

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Withdrawing one hand from her humping ass, he pushed it between his mother’s thighs and again slipped a finger into her throbbing cunt. Then he pushed in a second finger and jacked her off as he sucked her, fucking his fingers quickly in and out of her burning cunt.

“Aww!” Grimacing and panting, Diane pulled his hair and frantically pumped her pussy all over his face. “My cunt’s getting so hot, Son! Oh darling, darling, suck it for me! I need to cream!”

Her clit was swollen and pulsing obscenely. Mike found her clit with his tongue and wrapped his lips around it. With surprising tenderness, he sucked the little bud, tugging it with his lips.

“Cumming, gonna cummmm!”

Mike sucked her clit harder, washing the tip with his sliding tongue. He buried his fingers to the knuckles in his mother’s gushing cunt and twisted them hard. At the same time, his free hand moved between her ass cheeks. He found her puckered asshole with his index finger and buried it in the rubbery tunnel of his mother’s asshole. Then he jacked off both her fuck holes at the same time.

“Cumming!” A hot flash of intense pleasure coursed through Diane’s naked body. She clawed the back of Mike’s head. Then she bucked convulsively as her pussy overflowed with cunt cream and her asshole spasmed around his finger.

“Suck me, Michael! Suck me good! I’m burning up, oh Christ I can’t hold back! Ungghh! Oh fuck, oh shit! Love you, darling, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggggg!”

It was as intense a cum as she’d ever had with Kenny.

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   Again and again the contractions ravished her naked body, making her cunt and asshole throb with delicious incestuous lust. Mike kept sucking and fingerfucking her until the spasms had completely faded away. Then he rose slowly to his feet.

“Now it’s my turn, Mom,” whispered meaningfully. “Get on the floor. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. ”

Diane looked at him almost fearfully for a moment, realizing that he was so mad with lust that he might rape her if she didn’t comply. But she wanted to fuck him. Her pussy was still burning for a big fat cock.

Blushing with shame, the horny mother got on the floor on her back. She wiggled her ripe ass on the cool floor. She spread her long legs wide, revealing the hairy creamy slit of her pussy, and looked up at Mike expectantly.

Mike panted as he stared down at his willing, stacked mother. For the first time, Diane became conscious of the enormous bulge in his crotch, and the sight made her clit tingle with lust.

Mike pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular chest.

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   He kicked off his tennis shoes and slowly unbuckled and unzipped his jeans. Then he pulled them off with his shorts, showing his mother all of his nakedness.

Diane gasped at the sight of his enormous cock. His prick was every bit as big as Harry’s, perhaps even a little larger. The blood-swollen, stiffened prick rose straight out of his matted cock fur like a billy club, capped by a fat rosy prick knob that was already leaking cum.

Mike’s massive hard-on throbbed and quivered as he fell to his knees, crouching between his mother’s milk-white legs. Diane whimpered submissively as she watched his cock looming stiffly over her hairy pussy mound, as he prepared to fuck his stiff cock deep inside her buttery cunt.

“Shit, Momma. I’ve wanted to do this to you for so fucking long…”

He held his pulsing prick in his fist. Diane shuddered as she felt the heart-shaped cock knob lodge between the clinging folds of her pussy, pushing into her cunt. With the tip of his prick securely embedded in her pussy slit, Mike withdrew his hand. Then he started humping, fucking inch after inch of his rock-hard prick into her throbbing fuck tunnel.

“Ungghhh!” A deep flush spread over Diane’s face as she felt her pussy invaded by her son’s big prick. “Oh, Mike…” Her cunt walls were spreading wide, almost paining her as they accepted the meaty thickness of Mike’s cock. “It’s so big, Mike! You’ve got such a big prick!”

“Do you like it, Mom?” Mike winced as he felt her pussy muscles contracting, sucking the hardened trunk of his cock.

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   “Don’t you love getting fucked by my big dick?”

“Yes, darling!” Shamelessly Diane lifted her legs high, opening up her cunt passage completely for the invasion of her boy’s big cock. “Fuck me, Michael!” Feverishly she started humping, bouncing her ass cheeks off the floor, fucking her pussy onto his cock. “It feels so big and stiff! I want it, darling! Ungghh, please, fuck the shit out of me!”

As wet as her pussy was, it was difficult to get his cock all the way inside her. Mike winced and rotated his ass, fucking the meaty thickness of his hard-on all the way into her clasping cunt. For a second he rested on top of her naked body, crushing her tits beneath his chest as he felt her cunt tunnel clinging to every inch of his huge cock.

“Fuuuuuuuuck meee,” Diane gurgled. Convulsively she scissored her long legs around his waist, drawing more of his big prick inside her. Then she whimpered as she feverishly humped her ass, driving her pussy relentlessly onto his prick. “My cunt’s so horny! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Mike lifted his as, withdrawing his throbbing cock until only the puffy, swollen prick knob parted her pussy slit. He sighed with pleasure as he fucked back in again, and his prick was again enveloped by her syrupy pussy.

Slowly he started fucking her, fucking his cum-swollen cock steadily in and out. Diane squealed and whipped her ass off the floor in a wanton attempt to make him increase his speed. Mike started fucking his mother faster and harder, fucking his long cock in and out of her hairy cunt.

“Yes, yes, it feels so gooooood!” Diane threw her arms around his shoulders, groaning and crying as her cunt throbbed to each fucking thrust of his cock. “You’re fucking me, darling! Fucking my cunt so gooooood!”

Mike’s cock was getting bigger and stiffer, bathing in the oozing fuck juices of his mother’s gurgling pussy.

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   He slid his hands down her slim waist, digging his fingers into her bouncing ass cheeks. His hips worked faster as he fucked her as hard as he could, reaming out her dripping cunt with the steely length of his cock.

“Gonna cum!” Diane’s stiff nipples pushed into his chest as her cum spasms started to burn through her belly. “My cunt’s so wet! Michael, it’s throbbing on your fucking dick! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! I’m cumming, Son! Cuuummmiiinnnggggg!”

Her second cum swept through her with almost unbearable intensity, gushing relentlessly through the mother’s prick-stuffed cunt. Diane felt, every inch of her pussy passage throbbing and quivering, milking the burning length of Mike’s cock.

“Aw, Mom, I’m cumming too!” Mike gasped. “Here it is… ahhhh!”

He fucked his cock into her, burying his cock to the hilt in her cumming pussy. His balls erupted. Diane screamed in ecstasy as thick streams of jism gushed into her gurgling pussy.

Rhythmically the hot, salty spunk squirted out of his prick head, flooding into his mother’s cunt. Like Kenny, Mike’s load was very big. It filled her pussy, dripping out of her cunt slit around his fucking cock.

Diane mewled as her cunt muscles contracted, milking out all of her son’s spurting cum. She didn’t feel angry or guilty or ashamed or even very worried about what would happen next. Fucking Mike made her love him more than at any other point in their lives together.