Family turned on Chapter 5


i know i havent post in forever idk why i havent but here just a little chapter i promise a much bigger one later


They were watched by Diane, their mother. Ten minutes earlier she’d gotten up to use the bathroom when she’d noticed strange sounds coming from upstairs. Even as she’d tiptoed up the stairs, and the sounds grew louder, she never suspected that her children were fucking.

But they were. The horny housewife stood in the hallway and looked through the cracked door, watching Mike fuck his cock into Penny’s tender asshole. She stood transfixed even as he collapsed on top of her and his thick cum spurted into Penny’s ass guts.

Then Diane quietly shut the door and turned away. She felt as if she were in a trance as she hurried back downstairs to her bathroom.

Her cunt was burning as hard as ever. She had to fingerfuck. She desperately needed to cum.

Mike’s body was lean and hard, and the cock he’d been fucking into Penny’s asshole was obviously a very large one. But Diane still didn’t feel aroused by him, or she had suppressed the arousal so well that she wasn’t aware of it.

What the act meant to her was that if Mike and Penny were fucking it wouldn’t be so extraordinary for her to fuck Kenny too.

Her boy. Her sweet, darling son.

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Diane locked the bathroom door behind her and sat on the toilet. Throwing the halves of her robe apart, she rubbed her hands on her enormous, stiff-nippled tits, feeling their weight, imagining Kenny’s lips sucking them hungrily.

Then she thrust her hand between her legs. Diane dipped two fingers into her steaming pussy and started to jack off. But she realized shortly that her fingers wouldn’t be enough tonight. She needed the dildo.

It was under a bunch of towels in the cabinet over the sink, where her husband would be least likely to find it. Diane withdrew it from its hiding place and stretched out on the floor this time. She spread her legs and whimpered with pleasure as she slid the dildo slowly up her gooey, churning cunt.

Fuck me, Kenny, she thought. Fuck me, fuck your mother.

The dildo was long and thick, and it felt incredibly good as she fucked it into her hungry pussy. Diane was surprised as remembered images of Mike’s huge cock flooded through her mind. Mike was too big for her, too cruel. She didn’t want to fuck him.

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   She wanted Kenny.

Or did she? Grunting, Diane bounced her ass off the cool tiled floor, feeling her pussy muscles suck needfully on the dildo’s plastic shaft. She didn’t know what she wanted anymore. She felt she was losing control of herself, that she was no longer responsible for her actions. Her darling son Kenny… Mike’s huge cock, pushing into Penny’s eager asshole all seemed to merge into one.

Fuck me, Kenny, Diane thought deliriously. I need you, Son. Fuck your mother hard.