family turned on chapter 10


It was a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon. Mike and Kenny were out playing ball, and Diane had gone on a long-overdue shopping expedition to the city. Penny’s father was sunbathing by the pool, dressed in a pair of racing briefs that looked surprisingly good on him.

Penny was upstairs in her bedroom. She was naked. Her bedroom window overlooked the patio and the pool. Crouching before it, she stared at her father’s hairy, muscular body and rhythmically fucked fingers into her hairy teenage cunt.

Mike wasn’t fucking her much anymore, and Penny was very, very horny. He’d told her that he was getting it on with a mystery woman and had to save some cock juice for her, but suspicious little things around the house had led the precocious blonde to suspect that he was busily fucking their mother.

That didn’t bother Penny at all. As far as she was concerned, it only gave her permission to fuck her father.

And did she want to, did she ever! He was so handsome, Penny thought, and the bulge in the crotch of his swim trunks was so fucking huge! Penny jacked off faster as she thought of pulling down the trunks and seeing his gigantic prick grow thick and fat in the sun. She would give her daddy a fantastic blow job if he would let her. She’d suck his prick until she saw stars.

Suddenly Penny decided that it was time to turn fantasy into reality.

Turning from the window, the horny young blonde went to her bureau and fished out the skimpiest bikini she had.

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   Donning it swiftly, she turned to admire herself in the mirror. In spite of her lust, a light blush coursed through her cheeks. Wait until her daddy saw her in this!

The bikini was more like a couple of fabric strips than a swimsuit. It barely covered her protruding nipples and hairy pussy mound, and when she turned she saw how enticingly it clung to the succulent cheeks of her ass. If this didn’t make her father want to fuck her, nothing would.

Penny studied her reflection a moment longer and giggled vixenishly. Then she left her room and pranced downstairs. She opened the sliding glass doors without a second’s hesitation and stepped into the bright sun of the patio.

Her father was resting peacefully when she came out. He looked suddenly nervous when he lifted his head and saw his smiling daughter approaching in the bikini.

“Hi, Daddy! Mind if I get some sun too?” Penny said brightly. “Can I lie on the towel next to you?”

Without giving her father a chance to respond, Penny spread out a beach towel on the patio next to her father’s towel and stretched out comfortably at his side on her stomach. Her arm nearly touched his, and Harry looked very uncomfortable.

“Where did you get that swimsuit, Penny?” he asked nervously.

“Oh, I just had it around,” Penny sighed.


   “God, that sun feels good. Daddy, would you mind putting some lotion on me?”

Harry hesitated a moment, then sat up on his knees beside his prone daughter and reached for the tube of tanning butter. He squeezed some out on his fingers and rubbed it gently into her shoulders. Penny sighed and wiggled her ass delightedly.

“It’s a very… revealing swimsuit, Penny,” he said softly. “It doesn’t leave very much to the imagination. ”

Penny giggled. “What’s wrong with that, Daddy?”

“Well, I guess I never knew you were such a growing girl. ”

Her father’s fingers felt good as he spread on the tanning butter. Penny whimpered openly as he gingerly applied the lotion wound the edge of her ass, digging his hand into the succulent globes of her ass cheeks. When he was done with her back, she rolled over and looked up at her father expectantly.

“Get my front too, Daddy. ”

Harry looked even more nervous as he stared guiltily at his daughter’s swelling, rounded tits and the shape of her hard nipples protruding through the bikini top. His gaze dropped to her slim belly, lithe hips, and long tapering legs. Penny saw a bulge growing in the crotch of his trunks as he saw stray pussy curls peeking from her bikini crotch.



He applied the lotion in silence, and the bulge in his trunks grew fatter and thicker by the second. When he was finally done, it was obvious that her father was very embarrassed and that his cock was as hard as a rock.

“Now it’s my turn, Daddy,” Penny said, taking the lotion quickly from him. “Which side do you want me to get first?”

Harry glanced nervously at his aching prick and shook his head. “I… I don’t think I need any more lotion, Penny. ”

“Now, Daddy!” Gently but firmly, Penny pushed his shoulders down so that he lay on his back on the towel. Then she straddled him before he had another chance to protest. “You don’t want to get all burned, do you?”

She was sitting on his upper thighs, with her pussy mere inches from the swollen bulge of her father’s cock. Penny put the lotion on both hands and slid her fingers sensuously through her father’s thick chest hair. Lovingly she slid her hands all over his upper body, not so much applying the lotion as massaging him and making him hot.

“I… I think you’d better stop, Penny!”

“Now, Daddy, don’t be silly…”

She applied more lotion and slid her hands breezily over his hard, slim stomach, going lower and lower. Harry moaned in embarrassment and shut his eyes. His cock started to throb violently, jerking obscenely under the sheer fabric of the trunks. Penny decided to play her hand.

“Why, Daddy, your penis is very stiff today,” she said innocently.

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   “Am I turning you on?”

“I… I can’t really help it, Penny,” Harry replied, his cheeks bright with humiliation. “Sometimes a man’s organ just goes up by itself. ”

“And what an organ it is. God, Daddy, you’ve really got a huge dick!”

Harry gasped at his daughter’s unexpected use of obscenity. Penny slid a few inches down his thighs and grabbed his trunks. She shocked her father by pulling them down to his knees, revealing the nakedness of his rock-hard prick.

“God, Daddy! Your cock is enormous!” Penny gushed. “Oh Jesus, you’ve got the biggest prick I’ve ever seen!”

His cock rose out of his loins like a club, long and fat and swollen to steely stiffness with cum and blood. The underside was turned to her, and Penny gaped at the thick blue vein running along the center of his cock.

Her father’s balls were hairy and as big as his prick shaft. The cock knob was enormous too, swollen and heart shaped. The piss hole was leaking cum, and every inch of her father’s prick was throbbing and twitching painfully up and down. He had the biggest, stiffest prick Penny had ever seen.

“Penny, oh my God!” Harry gasped. “You’ve got to stop!”

“I’m not stopping for nothing, Daddy!” Hurriedly the horny teenager pushed out some more tanning butter onto her palm.

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   Then she wrapped her hand around the center of his hotly pulsing cock. “Your dick needs some lotion too!”

Harry groaned involuntarily as his young daughter squeezed his throbbing prick. Then he gasped as his little girl furiously started beating his meat, pumping her hand in a blur up and down his enormous cock.

“It’s so big and fat!” Penny cooed. “Do you dig it, Daddy? Do you like my hand on your cock?”

Harry’s eyes were wide and disbelieving. For several seconds he just gaped at his daughter, unable to believe that the innocent-looking blonde could be giving him a hand job.

Then the pleasure of her fist stroking his prick started to get to him. Diane hadn’t been very generous with her mouth or pussy lately, for reasons that he didn’t understand. Harry’s cock felt incredibly good as his daughter jacked on it, pulsing rhythmically with its load of cum and blood.

“Unggghh!” Harry winced and started rocking his ass on the towel, fucking his boner through the grip of her hand. “Yes, Penny… oh Christ…”

“I want to fuck my pussy on it, Daddy!” Penny hornily thrust her free hand between her legs. Violently she rubbed her juicing cunt through her bikini crotch. “Please, Daddy, please! Can’t I fuck your big fat dick?”

Harry gulped and nodded his head. Penny released his prick and groaned as the massive cock quivered hotly over his stomach. She tore off her bikini in one quick movement, showing her father her luscious teenage nakedness.

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Hurriedly she mounted him, planting her knees on the towel to either side of his hips. Harry started to wonder who had taught his little girl how to fuck, but he never had a chance.
    Grasping his aching cock, Penny directed the juicing prick knob to the fleecy haired folds of her cunt.

    “Put it in, Daddy!” she cried. “Fuck the shit out of me!”

    Harry directed his cock head to her pussy, watching the prick tip fierce the pouting, furfringed lips. Immediately he felt her cunt slit clinging hungrily around his fucking cock, sucking his prick juicily into her pussy.

    “Oh, Christ,” Harry gasped. Hornily he started rocking his ass, fucking his hard-on into her. Penny moaned and bucked back to meet his strokes. Lifting his head, Harry watched his huge cock shaft disappear into the gurgling hole of his daughter’s cunt.

    “You’re fucking me, Daddy!” Penny cried. She whimpered and mewled as his huge prick penetrated her body. She could feel her pussy tunnel spreading even farther than when Mike fucked her, throbbing and pulsing around her daddy’s enormous cock. “Oh fuck, Daddy, it’s really stretching me! Your boner feels so good!”

    She leaned forward, clawing his shoulders as her ass quivered over the impaling shaft of his prick meat. Then she started fucking herself on his cock hard and fast, contracting her ass cheeks, fording all of her father’s cock up her little cunt.

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    “Yesss,” Harry sighed. He lifted his hips off the towel, fucking his aching cock into his daughter’s pussy. Then he just stared at the junction, seeing the way her swollen cunt lips clung to the thick base of his cock.

    “Fuck meeeee!” Penny clawed his shoulders and wildly humped him, making her rounded tits jiggle provocatively with her thrusts. “My cunt’s so wet! Daddy, Daddy, I wanna cum!”

    Faster and faster she fucked herself, whipping her hairy pussy slit up and down on his throbbing prick. She was like a bitch in heat, Harry thought, driven mad by the stiffness of the prick inside her.

    He pushed his hands up her belly, squeezing her full, stiff-nippled tits. Hornily he bucked to meet her strokes, fucking his cock all the way into her cunt, then withdrawing his prick to the knob.

    “Gonna cum, Daddy!” Penny fucked herself faster and faster on his huge cock, pumping her ass cheeks in a frenzied blur. Her whimpers and groans were loud enough to be heard by the neighbors, but both of them were much too horny to care that they were fucking in the open. “My cunt’s burning so hard! Daddy, I’m gonna cream all over your dick!”

    Harry dug his fingers into her ass cheeks, massaging them lewdly. His cock was growing deep inside his daughter’s tight pussy, continually massaged by the velvety sheath of her clinging cunt. He knew he was about to shoot too.

    “Cumming, Daddy!” Penny raked her fingernails up his hairy chest and shuddered convulsively as the delicious heat burned through her body. “Your cock is so goooood! It’s fucking me, Daddy! Harder, do it harder! Unh fuck, oh fucking shit, I’m cuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

    The heat of cumming pumped exquisitely through her naked body, making her nipples tingle and her asshole pulse and her pussy muscles clamp needfully around her father’s cock.

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       Harry lifted his ass, fucking his prick to the hilt in his daughter’s pussy.

    The white cum gushed out of his piss slit, shooting deep inside his daughter’s cumming cunt. Penny squealed in ecstasy and fucked her father faster than ever. Her pussy milked and sucked his cock, draining every drop of jism from his bloated balls.

    Then they both heard Diane’s car pull into the driveway. “Oh, Christ!” Harry gasped. He pulled his cock out of Penny’s pussy and reached for his trunks.

    “No, Daddy, that’s okay! We won’t get caught!” Penny leaned over and kissed him passionately before reaching for her bikini.

    “Tonight, Daddy! Meet me at midnight in the garage!”