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“Fuck that prick up my pussy, Harry!” Diane Sanders screamed. “My cunt’s so hot! Aww, God, ream out my pussy with your big, fat cock!”

Panting and groaning, the thirty-seven-year old woman pounded her ripe ass off the mattress, making her enormous tits jiggle as she fed her pussy full of her husband’s prick. Harry’s cock was huge. His prick felt like steel inside her. Diane was sure she was going to cum as his swollen cock shaft chafed her elk with every stroke.

Rut still she wanted more. “Harder, Harry!” Locking her long, sleek legs around his midsection, she humped so furiously that the bed skittered on the bedroom floor. “My pussy’s so wet, it’s dripping on your prick! Harder, harder, fuck the shit out of me! I’ve gotta cum!”

Her handsome husband’s muscular body was coated with a gleaming sheen of sweat. He panted too as he fucked between his horny wife’s thighs, rhythmically emptying and filling her clinging cunt with his oversized prick.

As he fucked her, he stared into her gorgeous face, seeing the way her shameless, driven lust had contorted her expression. Her short, thick, brown hair was matted to her cheeks and forehead. Her huge D-cup tits quivered with every pounding thrust into her fuck hole. Her fat, rosy nipples were as stiff as little rocks. The sight made Harry horny. He dug his fingers into her succulent ass cheeks and fucked his beautiful wife as hard as he could.

“Yes, Harry, ye-ye-yessss!” Her words were like little mewled whimpers, desperate and girlish as her dark-haired pussy slit throbbed and sucked Harry’s fat cock.

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   “Your dick’s going up my cunt, Harry! Oh God, it feels like it’s in my throat! Keep fucking me, my cunt’s burning! I’m just about to cum!”

She slung her creamy white legs up his writhing torso, lifting them until her knees nearly touched his shoulders, opening up her pussy passage completely for the fucking thrusts of his massive prick.

Now she felt like a fire had been lit in her cunt, burning through her loins, making her skin tingle, making her asshole pulse madly as the heat built inside her. Digging her long nails into her husband’s shoulders, Diane clawed hard as the fuck lust built to a climax deep inside her buttery pussy.

“I’m cumming now!” she cried. She moved her humping ass in a blur, tirelessly slamming her horny cunt onto his cock. “Fuck meeee, lover! My pussy’s creaming! It’s cumming on your cock! Fuck me, Kenny! Kenny, Kenny, fuck my cunt! I’m cuuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy spasmed violently, milking hard on the aching stiffness of her husband’s huge prick. Harry couldn’t hold his wad. He fucked his cock meat relentlessly into his wife’s cumming cunt, wincing as his jism-laden balls bounced on the crack of her ass.

Diane moaned in shameless pleasure as a heavy stream of cock juice flooded out of Harry’s throbbing prick, spurting torrentially into her pussy. It kept on gushing into her, soothing the burning walls of her cunt, filling her pussy tunnel with hot, sticky cum.

Diane whimpered and let her legs fall as her husband’s cock slowly softened in her pussy. The load of cock cream rushed out of her belly, dripping out of her hairy cunt slit and forming a puddle on the bed.

But when she opened her eyes, Harry’s face wasn’t as happy as it usually was after he savored the sucking pleasure of his wife’s pussy. Instead he was looking at her suspiciously.

“Why did you say that?” he asked softly.

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“Say, that?” Diane shook her head and looked at him curiously. “Say what, honey? I don’t understand what you mean. ”

“Kenny. You said ‘Fuck me, Kenny,’ Diane. You said it when you were cumming. ”

For a split-second, Diane looked up at her husband in open shame, feeling a hot blush spread through her cheeks. Kenny was the name of their youngest son.

“I… I don’t know, Harry,” she stammered. “I really don’t I have to talk to him about his schoolwork. Maybe I was…”

“You mean you think about Kenny’s schoolwork when you’re having an orgasm?”

“Harry, don’t look at me like that!” Diane said defensively. “It was just a slip of the tongue! Slips of the tongue don’t mean anything! Now let me alone! God, what a mind you have!”

Harry studied her face a moment longer, then lowered his head and kissed her deep, milk-white cleavage in apology. “Okay. Sorry, honey. ”

“I hope so! Now if you’ll just move over, Mr. Suspicious, I’m going to go to the bathroom and clean up.

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   You really shot off that time, Harry. ”

Harry chuckled and made room for his wife as she crawled out of bed. He was tired after such a good fuck, too tired to notice the significance of her closing the bathroom door, which she almost never did after they fucked.

Inside the typically suburban bathroom, Diane was quivering as she looked at her voluptuous body in the full-length mirror. Kenny. She’d said it, her son’s name. She had to watch herself, Diane told herself, absolutely had to! She could never slip up like that again.

Her crimson silver-dollar-sized nipples were stiff and crinkled from her husband’s sucking. Diane put her hand between her legs and felt the hot cum bubbling in her red, ravaged pussy. How much she wished it was her son’s jism, her sweet youngest boy’s huge prick that had invaded her wet, horny cunt.

Diane did want to fuck him. It was a desire that she’d told herself she could never confess to her husband, and certainly one that she could never bring to life. Some fantasies just weren’t meant to come true.

Kenny was her middle child, a tall, slender, shy youth with a boyish face and longish, sandy-blonde hair. Diane had wanted to fuck him ever since she’d seen the lump of his cock growing in his pants.

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She had two other children, Penny and Mike. Diane didn’t know why, but Mike had never appealed to her as much, and she had to admit that she hadn’t given him as much love while he was growing up. A star football player in college, he was so big and muscular that he sometimes frightened her, his own mother. Mike was as bold and arrogant as he looked, too. Kenny was much gentler, much more lovable.

And much more fuckable. Sitting on the toilet seat, Diane slid her hand up her luscious thighs; she whimpered under her breath as she stabbed two fingers into her curly haired pussy. Then she started to jack off, humping her ass lightly off the toilet seat, massaging her hard clit with her thumb.

Sometimes she spent whole days thinking about Kenny’s lean, slender body, his golden haired thighs and his sinewy ass cheeks. She wanted to squeeze that hard young ass while she dropped her head into his crotch opening her mouth wide… filling her mouth with his beautiful, big prick.

The desire to fuck him had worsened as he grew older. Now she’d even called out his name while fucking Harry. Diane was afraid of what her desires might make her do next.

Why did she have to be this way, she thought miserably. Her husband made a fantastic living, even in a recession.

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   Their sprawling two-story home was everything she’d ever dreamed of, with separate bedrooms for each of her children. At thirty-nine, she still had the beautiful face and voluptuous, big-titted body that had won her homecoming queen honors in high school.

Men were always whistling at her, always getting big hard-ons when she wore a sexy dress. If she wanted to cheat on Harry, she could have had her choice of any frustrated husband in the suburbs.

But she wanted Kenny. She wanted her own child.

Fuck me, Kenny, Diane thought. She couldn’t say the words aloud, but there was no harm in hearing them in her mind. Her enormous tits jiggled lightly as she started to hump her ass off the toilet, grinding her wet, hairy pussy onto her fingers.

Oh, Kenny, I want it bad. Your mother wants your big, fat prick. Fuck me, Kenny. Fuck me. Fuck your mother’s sweet, burning cunt.

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