Family Triumph


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Things were going along great.   We got married and moved in together.   I made a few simple rules.

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    She wasn’t working at the time, so she had to do whatever I said anyway otherwise she wouldn’t be allowed to play with any money out of the bank account that I controlled.   She wasn’t allowed to wear any clothes in the house, unless I gave her permission.   I would bring home guys to fuck her.   We had some of the most amazing threesomes.   She became a pro at taking two big cocks in her pussy at the same time as well as taking two cocks in her pussy and having one in her ass and one in her mouth at the same time.   She would come so much.   Her pussy would squirt, almost on command, and gush all over the bed and whoever was underneath her.   The guys never got to stick around though.   They would also never be allowed to return to fuck her again.   They were walking dildos that were disposable.
I come home from work one day and notice that she is clothed.   I didn’t yell at her or anything, but I asked why she was wearing clothes.   She told me her sister had come for a visit and she didn’t think I would mind.   I understood and went about my business.   Her sister came out of the bathroom and I was stunned.

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    She was hot as hell.   She was much shorter than my wife, but just as petite and her skin was the same dark complexion as my wife.   She just graduated high school.   A sweet young 18 years old.
Out of respect for my wife, I thought it would be fine if she kept her clothes on for the couple of days that her sister would be staying with us.   But then she threw a curve ball at me, her sister was staying for the entire summer.   Her sister was there, sitting on the couch while we were having this conversation.   I was instantly pissed.   Not that she was staying for the summer, but that I wasn’t told about it.   It was then that I decided that my life was not about to change because her sister was there.   She knew what I was going to say before I even said it… She gave me a look, begging me to remain quiet.   But no, I didn’t like the thought of my wife inviting someone into our home for an entire summer without telling me.   I told her sister that she may not want to stay there because she might feel uncomfortable with the nudity rule.   She looked confused as she asked me what it was.   I told her that nobody in our home is allowed to wear clothing.

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    It would have been ok for a day or two, but if she wanted to remain for the summer, she would have to conform to the rules as well.   When she asked me why I explained to her that being in the nude was the most natural way to be.   That is how I preferred to stay in my home and my wife is bound by her duty as a wife to remain in the nude as I request.   She remained silent for a little while, but said that she needed a place to stay and would conform to the rules.
My wife knew where this would lead.   I got up to go to the bedroom and instructed the girls that they should be nude by the time I return.   As I requested, when I returned they were both nude.   Her sister was a little uncomfortable at first and my wife seemed to worry about her own nudity in front of her sister.   Her sister was the first to speak though and said that she didn’t have to worry about doing so much laundry now.   We all laughed and I turned on the television.   I was admiring her sister’s body for a little while.   My wife finally said that we should all stand and give a good look at each other so there wouldn’t be any uncomfortable quick peaks by anyone.   I agreed and was the first to stand.   Her sister stared at my cock and her eyes moved no further.    My wife was next and she pranced like a stripper on stage.

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    Her sister really got into it and even smacker her on the ass as they both giggled like school girls.   We all returned to our seats.   My wife and I on the couch, her sister on the loveseat.   I flipped over to a movie channel that was just finishing up a movie.   We started watching the next one because none of us had seen it before.   Within about 20 minuets, a really sexy scene came on and I got hard.   My wife was lying with me and felt my cock start to swell.   I slid my hand down to her thighs and pulled her legs apart just enough to slide my cock in from behind her.  She glanced over at her sister who was pretending to be asleep.   I know she was pretending, nobody falls asleep that fast.   Anyway, when my wife thought the coast was clear, she got up and straddled me, slipping my cock into her soaking wet little black cunt.   She was so wet I could hardly believe it.   I glanced over at her sister, she had her eyes open, starring at my cock sliding in and out of her sisters pussy.   When my wife glanced over at her to see if she woke, she shut her eyes quickly and pretended to sleep again.   I was so turned on that I shot my load.

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    Filling my wife’s cunt with, what seemed like buckets of cum.   After that, we laid back down on the couch and drifted off to sleep.
In the morning, I did my usual thing.   My wife made coffee and I showered and got ready for work.   When I came into the kitchen, her sister was sitting at the table in a t-shirt.   I told her that the nudity rule applies whether I am home or not.   She apologized and quickly complied by removing her shirt.   She looked even hotter in the daytime.   I left for work and thought about what my wife and her sister were doing that day.   I was sure that they were wearing clothes because my wife knew that I would be at work all day.   So I decided to leave early and catch them breaking the rules.   On my way home, I stopped at a adult bookstore and found a couple of guys to bring home to have some fun with the wife and I.   I explained the rules to them and they understood that they could never speak of it and never return or the deal was off.
We arrived at the house and sure enough, her and her sister had both put on a t-shirt.   They were shocked to see me, but her sister was even more shocked to see the two other men with me.

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    I instructed my wife that she knew what to do and she took off her shirt and went to the bedroom.   Her sister seemed confused but still complied by taking her shirt off and sitting on the couch.   The two men took off their clothes at the door as they were instructed and all three of us guys went into the bedroom.   I shut the door behind us to get her sister’s curiosity to a boiling point.   My wife got onto her hands and knees and immediately took the first big white cock into her mouth.   The other guy had a big cock for a white guy too, about 18 inches.   He stared rubbing it on her cunt until she reached under herself, grabbed his balls and pulled him deep into her pussy.   She took all 18 inches of it without any warm up.   She knew her sister was in the other room and it turned her on.   I told the two guys that she wanted two cocks to shoot a load into her cunt at the same time; they eagerly agreed and got into position.   She straddled one guy and the other got behind her and shoved his cock in with the other.   My wife squealed in delight.   Her beautiful black pussy started gushing cum all of the two big white cocks inside of her.   I was standing by the door, as soon as my wife wasn’t paying attention; I opened the door to find her sister standing there with 2 fingers in her pussy.    I grabbed her by the back of her hair and brought her into the room.

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    The two guys fucking my wife didn’t even see what was happening.   All the sudden the guys started to groan.   Just then, my wife started bucking and screaming like a wild woman as the two men started filling her cunt with their loads.   They had obviously saved up because there was so much cum that it is flooding out of her pussy.   The two men stopped, pulled out their cocks and sat down on the bed.   My wife was exhausted.   She glanced over at me and saw that I had her sister by the hair and she was still playing with her pussy.   I told my wife to open her legs wide because her sister wanted to clean her up.   My wife looked like she came right then and there as she opened her legs.   I walked her sister over to the bed and pushed her head firmly between my wife’s legs.   She began working her magic.   She was sucking and licking all the cum from my wife.   It was an amazing sight.   I was so fucking hard.   My wife looked at my hard cock, grabbed her sister and rolled her over.

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    She placed her sister’s face directly under her pussy.   Her sister started hungrily licking whatever cum she had missed from my wife’s cunt.   My wife reached down and spread her sister’s legs, bent down and spit on her sister’s cunt.   Slapped her pretty black pussy lips and then pulled them apart and told me to fuck her little sister.   Her sister tried to beg me not to, but it was too late.   I had my wife’s permission and I was going to fuck that little cunt.   I forced that 18 inch cock into her little hole, little by little it gave way.   She was almost screaming but you couldn’t tell because her mouth was still covered by my wife’s pussy.   Within a minuet though, I was gliding in and out of her wet little fuck hole. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my wife looked at me with a cum smile and said that her sister just put a finger in her ass.   I directed one of the other guys to slip his cock into my wife’s ass and fill her asshole with another load.   My sister in law started massaging his balls while still licking her sister’s clit.   My wife was cumming so hard.   I couldn’t hold back anymore and filled her sister’s pussy with a load of cum.   I pulled out quickly though because my wife couldn’t wait to get a taste of my cum from her sister’s cunt.

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    She started lapping at her sister’s cunt like a cat cleaning herself.   When the guy fucking my wife’s ass finally came, I went around behind to see the cum running down her asshole onto her pussy lips.   Her sister was licking up every drop.   Just then I flipped the two girls over and now my wife was on the bottom and my sister in law was on top trying to reach the rest of the cum that war running from her sister’s ass.   I told the other guy to see if my sister in law was any good at sucking a cock so he dangled his cock in front of her face.   She gobbled it up like a whore in a hurry.   Just then my wife looked up at me and grabbed my cock, spit on it and aimed it at her sister’s little asshole.   I was ready, she grabbed hold of her sister and held her tight as I plowed my cock into her virgin ass hole.   She tried to scream, but the other guy held his cock in her mouth so all she could do was suck or choke.   I held my cock in her ass for a few seconds before I started working it back and fourth.   My wife grabbed her hips and started rocking her back and fourth on my cock while she sucked her little sister’s clit.   I couldn’t take that tight little asshole for too long and started cumming within a few minutes.   The guy she was giving a blowjob to started cumming too, but I told her not to swallow him, but to spit it onto her sister’s pussy.   She did exactly as she was told and my wife started cumming again as her sister washed her cunt with his cum.   After all was said and done, the two men left and we were left alone to rest.

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    My wife said that she was really excited about all the things that this opened her up to.   Her sister asked if it was ok to fuck each other during the day while I was at work.   I told them it was no problem as long as they were both ready to fuck when I got home.
It lasted most of the summer but her sister finally had to leave.
      Sisters will always find something to fight about and you can only fuck for so many hours in the day.   Things went back to being just my wife and I.   Things were great for a while, but after about a year, my work was interfering too much with our marriage and we separated.
    I received a phone call about a week after the separation from her mother.   She wanted to talk to me about what was going on.   I agreed to meet with her at my place and discuss things.   So my wife and her mother showed up around 7 o’clock that night when I got home from work.   We discussed some things and I understood that I needed to make some more time for my wife.   But at the same time, my wife wasn’t giving me as much sex as I needed and this was a definite obstacle.   My wife sat silent for a moment and then told me and her mom that it wasn’t that she didn’t want it as much, but she was just really sore from fucking all the time.   Well, we had to find a way around it if things were going to work out.


        I said that if she couldn’t have sex whenever I wanted it, why should I stay married to her.   Then I looked at her mother and said that if she would take her daughters place when she couldn’t do it, then that could be a the answer.   Her mother looked shocked that I would even suggest such a thing.   I told her that unless she did, her daughter would be divorced, and probably deported since she hadn’t received her green card yet.   Her mother sat silently for a few moments looking down at the floor.   My wife seemed in a state of shock.   Then her mom looked at me and agreed to the terms.   I told her that we might as well start right now because I wanted proof that she would follow through with it.
    I stood up and walked over to my mother in law, pulled open the front of my pants and told her to suck on my cock.   She said that she didn’t have to suck my cock.   I told her that if she wouldn’t fuck the way I wanted, that the deal was off.   She looked angry as she reached up and took my cock into her hand.   She started rubbing it and as I got harder her eyes got bigger.   I was only half hard when she took my cock into her mouth.   I could tell that she had never sucked a cock before because she was doing a really bad job of it.

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        I told my wife, who still seemed to be in shock but was getting turned on, to teach her mom how to suck a cock.   She obliged and crawled over to the couch where we were.   I told her to undress first so she pulled off her skirt and sweatshirt.   She wasn’t wearing any underwear and that got me even harder.   She reached out and undressed her mom also.   Her mom had a fine body.   Just as petite as her daughters and her skin was even a little bit darker.   My wife brought her face up to my cock and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.   Here mommy, she said.   He likes it when you stroke his cock while you suck him.   She guided her mom’s hand up to my cock and showed her how to suck me like a pro.   Then she moved around behind her mom and started rubbing her mother’s tits.   Her mom let out a small groan when her daughter pinched her erect nipples.   Her mom started to speed up, sucking my faster and deeper, leaving large amounts of spit on my cock.   My wife reached up and grabbed some of the slobber dripping onto her mother’s tits and started rubbing it onto her mom’s pussy.

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        Her mom started to squirm and moan.   Moving up and down like she was riding a cock.   Just then my wife laid down and slid herself under her mother’s dripping wet cunt.   Her mom seemed to start cumming the second her daughters tongue touched her pussy lips.   I was so turned on that I started pumping my load of cum into her mother’s mouth.   There was no way she could catch it all so it started dripping all over her tits.   She rolled off her daughter onto the floor and told my wife to come and lick up her son in laws cum off of her tits.   My wife was all to eager to please her mom and made sure that she didn’t miss a drop.   It was then that I noticed that there was some leftover cum from another man still oozing from my wife’s cunt.   I asked her what the fuck that was about.   She said that a couple of guys fucked her earlier that day and that she didn’t have time to clean up before she had to pick her mom up for our meeting.   My cock was instantly hard again.   I pulled her mother to me with her legs to each side of me.   I shoved my cock into her mother’s wet pussy without any resistance at all.   She climbed on top and placed her cum filled pussy on her mom’s face.

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        Suck my pussy while my husband fucks you mommy, she said.   Her mom started sucking her pussy right away.   This went on for a while.   My wife reached under her mom’s ass and started fingering her asshole while I pumped her mom’s hot cunt.   Her mother responded by doing the same to her.   This was all too much for me and I filled her mom’s cunt with my cream.   My wife wasted no time in shoving her tongue into her mom’s cunt to lick up my cum the second I pulled out.   I went behind my wife and stuck my cum soaked cock into my mother in law’s mouth and she loved the taste of her daughters cum and mine mixed on my cock.   My wife was going at her mother hard, with two fingers scooping cum from her pussy and two fingers plugging her mom’s ass hole.   We were all totally satisfied.
    It wasn’t long before we settled into a routine.   It was like nothing ever changed.   I would fuck as much as I wanted.   It was the best when I would come home from work and find her mother on the couch with my wife’s face buried in her pussy.   Suck mommies pussy baby, she would be saying.

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        And my wife would happily keep her pussy wet until I got there to plug her hole.   The orgies we had were amazing.   She taught her mom to enjoy two cocks in her pussy at the same time, along with every thing else we were doing.
    And we all are living happily ever after.



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