Family Togetherness. Part 3


I gently started to rub my finger up and down her slit, feeling her moisture slowly starting to flow. Then I pulled my damp fingers out from under the jacket, and while she watched I licked them clean, tasting her juices. Once I was finished I reached back into her crotch and started again. This time I applied a little more pressure and pushed my finger past her labia, I circled her hole a few times, then drove my finger into her, and stopped. It was unbelievable; there I was, sitting with my mother in a public place, with my finger buried to the knuckle in her pussy. I pulled my hand back until my finger was almost out and inserted a second finger. Then I slowly moved both fingers into her hot, tight, passage. I let my fingers just rest there for a few minutes, slightly flexing them, then slowly started to move them in and out, in and out, doing with my fingers what I wanted to do with my cock. After a while I paused again for a while before starting again. I kept this up for the remainder of the movie. Just keeping her stimulated, never bringing her off. Finally the film finished, I pulled my fingers out, and quickly brought them to moms' mouth. I didn't say anything, I didn't have to. Mom took my fingers into her mouth where she quickly licked them clean. I stood and put my jacket on, when mom got up and turned to lead the way out I noticed an wet patch on the back of her dress, she'd really been turned on. I looked down at her seat, and, sure enough, there was a dark patch where her crotch had been.

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   I stopped mom. "Look at the seat. " I told her. Mom looked, she blushed when she realised what had happened. Then she gasped, mom quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching her, then she touched the back of her dress. It didn't take her long to find the wet patch. "Wayne, is it very obvious?" I just nodded. "Could you give me your jacket?""No, mom, I like you the way you are, your dress looks beautiful. Lets go to the car. " I led mom slowly out of the theatre, my arm around her, my hand resting on her hip, hopefully drawing attention to the wet patch. I wanted people to see it, to realise what it was, to guess what I'd been doing. As we neared the entrance we passed a mirror, I looked and sure enough 5 or 6 people were stareing at moms' dress, smiling. I whispered into her ear, "Look in the mirror. " I felt her tense as she looked and realised the patch had been noticed, she didn't say a word, she just kept walking. Once we were outsid on the way back to the car mom whispered in my ear, “God, Wayne, I’m so hot, all those people know I was letting you play with my pussy.

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   I could jump you right here and now. ”“Sorry, mom. You’ve got to wait until we get home. You drive this time. When we get to the car pull up your dress so I can see your pussy while you drive. ”Once we got in the car mom did exactly what I asked. It was wild, driving down through town, my mothers pussy in clear view, even if, because of our tinted windows the only one who could see it was me. I watched as her labia (which were already swollen and parted with arousal) slightly opened and closed as mom used the pedals. The scent of her arousal filled the air. Mom was really on fire. When we got home mom quickly led the way into the house. Once the door was closed behind us she threw herself into my arms, covering my face with kisses as she ground her lower body into mine. Pulling away she gasped, “Come on, I’ve got to have it, now!” She turned towards the stairs, but I stopped her in her tracks. “No, mom. I can’t wait for us to get to your room.

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   We’ll do it right here. ”Mom didn’t argue, she simply lay down, lifted her dress, and opened her legs; she was really ready for it. I stood there looking down at my horny mother and slowly started to remove my clothes. Her eyes followed every move until I finally pulled down my shorts and my cock sprang free. Mom moaned as she gazed up at my organ, then she simply held up her arms to me. I came forward, but instead of moving into place between her thighs, I grabbed one of her hands and pulled her to her feet. Quickly turning her around and pushing her down to her hands and knees. Then I flipped up her dress, exposing her ass. She was in the classic doggy position. Looking over her shoulder she just said, “Remember my rule. ” I remembered, but that was okay. There was only one place I wanted to be. I moved into position behind her on my knees, and then guided my cock up and down her slit, teasing her, and me. Mom started pushing back, trying to trap my cock. Finally I was ready.

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   I lined myself up and drove into her all the way in one long stroke. Mom threw back here head, “Yes! Yes! God, yes!” she screamed. I reached around to grab her breasts as I began to fuck her slowly and steadily. Mom was meeting my thrusts with thrusts of her own as I continued to drive deep into her. I had gotten her so hot she was no longer thinking with her head. Her pussy was in total control of her body, it only wanted one thing and it was getting it. I started squeezing her breasts as I increased my pace, then I stopped moving altogether, but mom didn’t, she kept moving, forward and back, fucking herself on my cock. It was almost time, I started stroking into her again, and then I leaned forward and whispered to her “I’m coming mom, I’m coming. ” She redoubled her efforts, determined to come as well. Soon I felt my semen welling up from my balls, then, just before my cock started to shoot my load into my mother, I drove as deep as I could and held myself in place. I exploded; spurt after spurt of cum was shot deep inside moms’ vagina. I reached down and gently squeezed her clit, triggering her own orgasm. Her vaginal walls squeezing my cock harder, trying to force more cum into her. Finally our mutual orgasms subsided. We were both totally drained.

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   I slumped over moms' back, she turned her head and kissed me. “That was wonderful, I’ve never cum so hard before. ”“Neither have I, mom, neither have I. ” Was all I could say. After a while I pulled my softening cock out of moms' pussy, we stood up and started to go upstairs. Part way up I told mom to take her dress off. She didn’t hesitate an instant, mom undid the buttons and pulled her dress over her head, she stood there naked except for her bra, as I ran my eyes over her body. I could see the traces of our lovemaking coating the lips of her pussy, I loved it, I loved having my mother displaying her body to me. I wanted more, I simply said, "Take off your bra. " Mom reached behind her and undid her bra, quickly removing it. Mom continued up the stairs stark naked, it was almost as if she revelled in being controlled. If that were the case I would make the most of it. When we got to the top of the stairs, I told her that she wasn’t to take a shower or wear any clothes for the rest of the evening, I wanted to be able to see my cum running out of her pussy. So from now on she wasn’t allowed to wipe up any of my sperm that trickled out of her until she got my permission to do so, then, so it wouldn't go to waste, she was to eat it. The rest of the evening was a surreal experience.

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   My mother was totally naked the whole time, while I was fully dressed. She made us a late supper naked, ate it naked, she was naked when we did the dishes. When we watched TV I had her sit with her legs spread wide so when I looked her way, which was quite often, I could see her pussy. And all through this time, every now and then, my cum seeped out of her slit. It was a real turn on to see my cum emerging from my mothers pussy, and dribbling down her thighs. Then, every time she’d ask me, “Wayne, can I eat your cum?” I’d usually wait until it had run some way down her thigh before giving permission. And then she’d scoop up each drop and suck it off her finger. Mom was obviously totally into being controlled sexually by her son. And I wasn’t going to complain. Finally it was time for bed, I told mom to take a shower. I was waiting in bed for her when she returned; she dropped her robe and joined me. We made love, much slower this time. When we came I rolled to the side, moms legs still holding me deep inside her. As we drifted off to sleep our arms around each other, I thought about tomorrow. Tomorrow I'd have more fun with mom, tomorrow we’d be going to church.

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   To Be Continued. .