Family Togetherness. part 1


Anyway, Debbie was away for the week, on a school trip. It was the early hours of Saturday morning when I was woken suddenly by rain pounding against the window by my head. When I realised what had woken me I decided I’d better check that all the windows were shut. I checked the windows downstairs and found 2 of them open, luckily the rain was coming the other way, but I shut them anyway in case it changed direction. Once I’d finished I moved back upstairs to finish checking. When I came to my mothers’ room I quietly opened the door. Mom was still asleep, I wasn’t surprised. Mom works very hard during the week, and often has trouble getting to sleep with her thoughts churning away in her mind. So on Friday she usually takes a couple of strong sleeping pills so she can get to sleep easily and sleep through the night. Anyway I looked at the windows and they were shut. I was about to leave when I glanced at Mom again. She looked so beautiful lying there. Her face, relaxed with sleep was even prettier than usual, her long blond hair spread over the pillow, her body outlined by the thin sheet that was covering her. I found myself drawn to her. “God, Wayne, she’s your mother!” I thought. But even as I did, my cock started to harden.

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   Now I get a lot of hard-ons, I guess its natural for a guy my age. To make it worse I was still a virgin, so my only release was with my own hand. The problem was that with all the moving around I’d never been in one place long enough to have a real girlfriend. Most school dances I'd taken Debbie because we were both unattached. In fact almost my only experience with the female body was from magazines and the Internet. Not really very satisfying. I suddenly realised that with Debbie gone I was alone in the house with a woman who could sleep through anything I did. If I played my cards right I might finally see a naked female body, even if it was my mothers. Having made up my mind to take the chance, I stepped quietly towards the bed, keeping an eye on mom, just in case. Moving to the side of the bed, I took the sheet in my fingers and gently started pulling it down to expose my mothers’ body. I stopped when I reached her breasts. Her nightie was transparent; I could see her breasts clearly through it. They were beautiful, rosy tipped mounds, I couldn’t resist, and I just had to touch them. Keeping an eye on her face I reached out moved my hand inside the top of her nightie and covered her breast with my hand. It was unbelievable, I was finally touching a naked breast, and it was my mothers! Gently I started to run my hand over her breast, and, emboldened by her lack of reaction I covered her other breast with my other hand.

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   There I was cupping my mothers’ breasts, playing with them. I had touched a few breasts before; it was about as far as I had time to get with my various girlfriends before moving, but always through clothing. It was so much better naked, so much more exciting. Finally I pulled my hands away and returned them to the sheet, I had to see more, I had to make the most of this chance, who knew when I might get another, if ever. I eased the sheet down further, faster now, and more confident that she wouldn’t wake. Finally I moved the sheet past her feet, she was wearing panties so I couldn’t see her pussy, but I was so close. I pulled up her nightie leaving her covered only by her panties. It was a bit better, but the first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t see much, she was lying on her back and her legs were together. All I could really see through her panties was her pubic hair. That at least answered one question, mom was a natural blond. I’d often wondered since Debbie and I are dark haired, and I know my pubic hair is dark as well, I guess we get that from our father. I reached down stroking over her pubic hair, feeling it crinkle through the thin material. Oh well, I’d come so far I might as well go all the way. I grasped the waistband of moms panties and carefully worked them past her hips and then pulled them all the way off. Then I gently moved moms’ legs apart exposing her genitals to my view.

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   I could clearly see her pussy; her pubic hair was more of a frame than an obstacle. I was surprised to see it wasn’t like most of the pussies I’d seen in magazines; there were no prominent labia. It was a tight-lipped, well defined slit, it looked beautiful. I had to know what it felt like As my fingers touched her pussy lips mom moved! I froze, then realised she was opening her legs slightly, she was reacting to my touch, but she was still asleep. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, her legs opening wider and wider in response to my stimulation. Carefully I climbed onto the bed, moving between my mothers now widely spread legs. Then, once I was in position I leaned forward to look even closer at my mothers most private parts, the parts a son should never see, the parts a son should never think of his mother even having. I was finally seeing a pussy for the first time, a real pussy not a picture of one. And the fact that it was my mothers seemed to make it even more exciting and more of a turn on. I leaned forward, even closer as I reached out to touch her again. I gently opened the lips of her vulva, the first thing I noticed was the moisture, she was wet! My mothers sleeping body was becoming sexually excited. I was turning my mother on! I could see everything, her clit was quite prominent, and most of all the entrance to her vagina. It was hard to believe that I had come out of such a small hole. Then I realised that something else was hard also, very hard. My cock was now fully erect inside my pajama pants.

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   I had to get relief, and soon! I was about to go back to my room and masturbate, again, when I suddenly realised that mom was in the perfect position. I could run my cock up and down her pussy and come in a face cloth. Great idea! I carefully got off the bed and went to the bathroom and grabbed one, returning quickly to my previous position. Holding the cloth in one hand I moved forward so my cock was only about an inch away from my target. I hesitated, and thought about what I was about to do. Here I am on my mothers’ bed, kneeling between my sleeping mothers legs, about to touch her pussy with my cock. Did I really want to do this? Hell yes! Finally decided I moved my cock forward that last inch, contact! My cock was touching pussy lips for the first time, and they were my own mothers’ pussy lips. I gently began to stroke my cock up and down her slit. It was an amazing feeling. My cock was touching my mothers’ pussy, the pussy I had been born out of, the pussy my father had penetrated and shot his sperm into, the sperm that had become Debbie and me. I stroked moms stomach, I had grown inside here I thought, before entering the world from between my mothers legs. Just like I was entering another new world between her legs today. Then I thought, why just touch her pussy? This is my chance to feel what its like to have my cock in a pussy, if only I had the guts. Suddenly I was burning with excitement, I had to do it. I had to put my cock inside my mother.

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   I decided I’d put it in carefully and leave it there for a while before pulling out again. Reaching down I again splayed her pussy lips, then with my other hand I guided my cock to that little, but oh so important, hole between her legs. I lined my cock up so that the head was positioned correctly, and slowly pushed forward. As I watched my cockhead slowly entered my mothers’ vagina, it was tight but I was moving in. It was unbelievably exciting, seeing my cock penetrating a woman for the first time, and not just any woman, my mother. Then the head was in, I was in, I was inside my first woman, and she was, after all I had been here before, I was coming home. It felt so warm and snug, so welcoming, it was as if I belonged here, as if this special place was made for me, and me alone. I continued easing my cock into her; it seemed to take forever, even though I am only just over 6 inches long. Finally all my cock was in her, I was balls deep in my mothers pussy. I froze, letting the sensations run through me, her vaginal muscles contracting on my shaft, it was a wonderful feeling. It was just a shame that this would be my only chance to have it; I knew I wouldn’t have the courage to try again. I wouldn’t want to take the chance of being caught. Then mom started to move, my god, was she waking up? What would she say if she woke and found her son buried in her pussy up to his balls? I needn’t have worried; she settled down again, it’d been close. Then, suddenly, before I was ready to pull out, I started to come. My cock was fulfilling its purpose, it was delivering my sperm deep inside a female, it didn’t know it was shooting my cum into my mother, but I did, and I loved it! I held myself still as I shot my sperm into my mothers’ womb, into the womb my sister and I had been created in, I was really coming home.

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   Finally the spasms eased and, its job done, my cock started to soften and slowly came out of moms’ pussy. I reached forward with the cloth to wipe up my cum, but there was very little to wipe. I was relieved I hadn’t made a mess on the bed. Carefully I pulled up her panties, it was a lot harder getting them on than taking them off. Then I replaced the sheet, reluctantly covering her beautiful body. I bent down and kissed her softly on the lips before heading back to bed. I lay there for a while thinking about what had happened, I realised I still hadn’t made love with a woman, what I’d really done was use moms body to masturbate with, but at least I’d finally been inside a woman. God, I thought as I dozed off, I’d really loved being inside my mother. Next morning I was up making breakfast when I heard the shower start upstairs. Mom had finally woken up. In my minds eye I could see the water running down her naked body, I was starting to become aroused. Shaking myself I went back to preparing breakfast. It was on the table when mom came in the door dressed in her bathrobe. “Morning, Mom. ” I said when I saw her.

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   She didn’t say a word; she just walked up to me. “Wayne, what happened last night?” she asked. “Nothing,” I replied, “we had a bit of a storm but there was no damage. ” “If nothing happened what’s this?” she said as she held up one of her fingers. There on her fingertip was a drop of cum, damn, I thought, how did I miss that? I was sure I’d cleaned up carefully. “Well, go on, I know its cum, I just want to know how it got on my leg. Last time I looked you’re the only male in the house. ” I panicked, and started babbling. “I’m sorry mom. I came into your room while I was checking the windows, and I peeked at you under the sheet. While I was doing that I came, I guess some of it landed on you. ” Mom just looked at me, shaking her head. “Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, you might as well tell me the whole truth. I didn’t really find the cum on my leg, it came out of my pussy when I stood up. Did you fuck me in my sleep?” I gave up.

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   “No mom, not really, I only put my cock in you once and left it there, I meant to withdraw before I came, but I got too excited. ” Mom just smiled, “There, that wasn’t so hard was it?” “You’re not angry?” I asked in bewilderment. “No, you’re just a horny teenager who took advantage of the situation. I kind of wish I’d known so I could have enjoyed it too. Until last night I haven’t had a real cock in me since your father left. ” I suddenly realised that the same circumstances that had keep me a virgin had also stopped her having sex. She must be really horny I thought. Then I realised, maybe she was horny enough. “Mom,” I said hesitatingly. She looked up. “We could try it again, if you like. ” Her eyes widened as she realised what I was suggesting, then she smiled and said, as she moved to the door, “Race you to the bedroom. ” As I followed her up the stairs she dropped her robe as she ran, and continued stark naked into her room. She was standing by the bed when I entered the room, my eyes roamed over her body now totally exposed in broad daylight, she was even more beautiful than last night. As I started toward her she held up a hand and said, “No.

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   First I want to see you, take off those clothes. ” Since I was only wearing shorts and a tee shirt it didn’t take me long to undress. It felt strange, standing there, naked, in front of my mother as she ran her eyes up and down my body. “Wayne you certainly have grown up haven’t you, you’re not my little boy any more. I think I’m going to enjoy this as much as you. ” With that she held out her arms and I walked into them, our lips met in our first kiss as lovers, as our bodies met I felt her breasts against my chest, and my cock against her stomach. “God, I’m so ready, lets just do it, I can’t wait. ” We fell together onto the bed, and as we rolled around mom positioned herself on her back, and, as she opened her legs and raised her knees, she guided me between them. Reaching down she grasped my cock and guided it to her pussy. As she felt the head enter her vagina she gasped, “Now, Wayne, now. ” With that I drove forward, watching moms eyes as she felt me penetrate her, she was so wet. “Fuck me, Wayne, fuck me hard. ” I began to do just that, I began thrusting in and pulling back, varying the speed and depth of my penetration. A couple of times I pulled back too far and slipped out, I quickly guided myself back in. My lips found hers and they crushed together in a wild passionate kiss, my tongue entering her mouth even as my cock entered her vagina.

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   Suddenly she gasped, and shuddered, her vaginal muscles contracting on my cock. She was coming! I’d made my mother come! I slowed down, waiting for her to come down from her high. She opened her eyes and smiled up at me, then her eyes widened as she realised I hadn’t come yet. Mom hooked her legs around mine, cradling me with her body. “Come in me Wayne, I want your cum in me, I want your cum. ” I drove into her again, and again, and again. Gaining speed as I drove myself to my own orgasm. As I drove in she eagerly raised her hips to meet me, taking me even deeper into her body. Our wild dance continued until, finally I could feel myself beginning to come. I drove as deep into my mother as I could and froze. Realising what was happening she clasped me to her tightly, gasping out, “Give it to me, give me your cum. ” At that point I couldn’t have stopped doing it if had wanted to, and I didn’t. I could feel my cock shooting shot after shot of my cum deep into my mothers womb for the second time that day. Only this time was so much better that last. This time I was really fucking my mother, and this time she knew what was happening and was fucking me back.


   It was wonderful. But all good things must come to an end, and, finally, I was done. I had fulfilled the basic instinct of any male, to mate with a female and deposit my sperm into my partner. Still keeping my cock inside her, I rolled onto my side, bringing my mother with me. We lay there still joined, kissing, as we came down from our high. After a few minutes, mom looked deeply into my eyes, “That was wonderful Wayne. It’s been so long for me. I hope you’re not sorry we did this, I know I’m not. ” I just smiled, “I’m not sorry at all. I loved it, I want to do it again and again. ” Mom laughed, looking down at my cock that had finally slipped out of her vagina. “I think we had better wait awhile, I think my new toy here needs a rest. And right now I need another shower. ” Moving to the side of the bed mom got up and started heading to the bathroom, I watched her all the way. Just before she got to the door she laughed and turned to face me.

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   “Now you can see how I found out. ” She said, pointing at her crotch. I laughed as I saw a stream of my cum flowing down her leg. Mom looked up at me. “I don’t know why you’re laughing, I really didn’t want to waste that load, I wanted to keep it in me for a while. ” “Go and get your shower mom, I guess I’ll have to see about replacing it, later. ” Mom smiled, “You are such a good son, being so kind to your mother. ” Then she turned, entered the bathroom and shut the door behind her. I sighed; wishing I could be in that shower with her, but I knew it would be a while before I was ready again. So I got out of bed, picked up my clothes and went and had a shower in my room. As I washed my cock I thought to myself, “Later, later. ” To be continued. .