Family Ties Part 2


Section 2 Part V. It was around sunrise that I woke up. Rachel’s hand was nestled on my ass. I liked the feel of her small little hand on my ass. I slowly slid my hand down her slender little back and over the curve of her ass. I let my hand rest in the same place that her hand was resting on me. I felt that I could lay in that positian forever. I felt so much disire and love all at once. "Michelle are you awake?" I heard Rachel's voice say in a whisper against my ear. "Yea I am. " She pulled her head back till our eyes met. No words needed be said at that moment we both knew what we were feeling. Our mouths came together and when the lips touched it was almost like magic. Our toungs tangled together first in her mouth then next in my mouth. It felt so good to be doing something so intamite with someone I loved so much. With another girl who was a lot like me in more ways than one.

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   As our tounges continued to explore so did our hands. Very slowly I brought my hand back up from her ass, which was still in its pants. I slowly started to pull her pants down, I wanted to feel her little pussy so badly that it was killing me. I had never touched another girls pussy before and now was my chance. When Rachel realized what I was doing she helped me to get her pants down. When they were down around her ankles I started to pull the sheets back so that I could look at her pussy. Rachel was not shy around me about anything. Oh don't get me wrong she was shy, but not around another girl. For some reason for Rachel it was never a problem around girls but always around boys. When I had the sheets down to our ankles I could see her little pussy. Her legs were still closed and I wanted to open them but first I wanted to look at her pussy. A little tuff of red hair was starting to form above her pouty lips. The pussy lips were still very much clear of hair and still as smooth as mine. I so much wanted to show her my pussy and see if it turned her on as much as hers turned me on. I slowly started to pull my panties down.

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   Rachel watched me with intrest, even though I thought she had the far more sexy body with her little tits she thought my little girl body was far more sexual. I slowly pulled my shirt up after I had pushed my panties down. Rachel licked her lips and I knew that she wanted to eat me out. Well I wanted to eat her out also. So there was no problem there at all. When my shirt was up to the top of my belly I stopped pulling it up. Rachel turned to me and sat up. I sat up with her and we started to pull each other's shirts up over our heads. God I loved it when her little titties appeard before my eyes once agian, but I found my self not wanting to touch them right then and there because I wanted to play around with her pussy for awhile and make her feel as good as she had made me feel before. We kissed on the lips and with out words she laid back down on the bed. Even though she was as thin as hell, I was also just as thin as her plus a few feet shorter and smaller, so I was the one who would get on top so that I wouldn't get crushed. I slowly slid down to her pussy which was already spread open for my explorations. When I was down by her pussy Rachel brought me into position so that she could start on me. I was already wet just from the anticipation. It had almost been to much, but somehow I managed to contain myself and begin making my lover cum more than she had ever cum before.

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   I slowly brought my tounge out and slid it along the length of Rachels pussy. I could feel her body give a shuder. I brought my hot little thirteen year old mouth down on her pussy and started to circle my tounge around her little clit. That was when I felt Rachels tounge sneak out onto my pussy. She went straight for my clit. She started to move around it just like I was doing to her. I was shuddering and could feel the cum building up in me. Oh God did it ever feel so fucking good having her mouth on my pussy. At the same time I could tell that Rachel was about to cum also. I didn't know what to do, I was so close to cumming but I didn't want to until she had put her tounge in my hole so I held off as long as I could. That was when I brought my tounge into her hole. I entered the canal and I brought Rachel over the edge. At the same time her tounge started to enter into my pussy and her going over the edge in my mouth her juices every where, plus her tounge in my pussy hole was too much. I started bucking and letting my jucies flow out and into her mouth. We both came harder than even the night before bucking against each others mouths.

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   As we laid there against each others pussies I knew that it would not be the last time that we were caught up in this position, but I also knew that we would be doing other things, things with men and boys of all ages, and even other girls, at that time though I did not know how far it was going to go and how complicated it was going to get. After all Rachel and me were just starting at that time to understand each other's bodies and our own bodies, but I did feel a connection with her something I still feel to this day. End Part V. Part VI. "Daddy's home Michelle!" I hear my father scream practically from across the room. I am sitting at the kitchen table the afternoon that my father is suppose to come home. Rachel and me had decided to go over their because it would be quiet and we could practice some more things together. It had been quite an afternoon of cumming in the mouth or around the finger of my lover. Both Rachel and I had been tired out after that afternoon. I had of course expected her to be gone by the time my father got home, but she had fallen asleep in the bed after the last time we had played around with each other. Her parents had known that we were at my house infact they had liked the idea of us playing over here instead of being loud in their house. My father had gone over there to pick me up. They had told him where I was, and had also told him to get Rachel home. Well I had a surpise for my father, I wanted Rachel to stay the night. Not that I respected her company more than my fathers, not at all, in fact I wanted to bring Rachel into our games.

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   Of course my father would never say no to me asking for her to stay the night, even though I knew what was going to go though his mind, that I didn't want to help him release his sexual disires. Well it just so happend that I did and that someone wanted to help me. "Daddy," I said as soon as he came though the front door. I ran from the kitchen and into the living room and right into his arms. My father scooped me up in his arms, and not seeing Rachel around brought his mouth down to mine. Our lips met for only a matter of seconds but to me it felt like a life time. "So wheres Rachel. I want to take her home right now, daddy's got a present for you. " I smiled at him and felt his hard on growing in his pants. God how I hated to quinch his need but I had to because I wanted to bring Rachel into our games. "First off, Terry is staying with your aunt one more night, not because I asked her to, but because I told her that I was going to be one day later than I thought. " He smiled and ran a hand over my ass. God how I loved the feel of his hand on my bottom. I decided that right then I would spring my own little surpise. "Daddy," I said in my sweetest voice.

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   "Can Rachel spend the night please, I want her to spend the night and we can watch a scary movie with you please!!!!" I begged, hey what is a girl to do when she knows that its going to be harder than ever to convince her father that she doesn't want to do anything and would rather be spending time with a friend. At first my dad's face showed some dissappointment, but he quickly hid it but not fast enough for me to do anything about it. "Yea sure Michelle honey Rachel can spend the night. " Good I thought to myself. As soon as he said yes I kissed him on the lips and ran up stairs to tell Rachel. It was going to be a night that my father would never forget ever in his life. It was later that night when me and Rachel appeared downstairs in our nightclothes to watch the movie with my father. Our plan had been orchstrated to make ourselves as sexy as possbile in front of my father, I didn't want him to chicken out half way though the process of us sudducing him. I didin't have anything to worry about, because it was already okay for my father to do things with me, but I knew that he would not be accepting of Rachel wanting him to do things unless he saw that she really wanted it. We were both dressed as sexy as two thirteen year olds, one with no titties and the other one with small ones, could be. Rachel was wearing a short top ,again, this one ended right at the top of her belly button and was even shorter than the one before. Now the idea was to be not to sexy, which meant that Rachels first idea of her only wearing panties and the shirt had to be discarded. Instead she wore boxershorts that showed off most of her beautiful legs. Her red hair was hanging down to about the middle of her back and hanging over her shoulders, which I thought was pretty damn sexy personally. She was also wearing socks that went up to about the middle of her shin and made her look even more adorable.

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   The shirt she wore was another button up, but not as tightly fitting as the one she usually wore. I was going towards a totally diffrent approach to turn my father on. I was going for the approach of the innocent little girl, not that Rachel wasn't innocent looking, just that the way I dressed looked innocent. I was wearing a long nightgown that went down a little below my knees. Underneath the nightgown was a pair of regular little girl panties, again I was going for the innocent little girl part. I was also wearing socks that went to about where the gown stopped. My hair was parted down on both sides and totally straight down my back. It helped to inhance my big green eyes and make me look even more innocent. "Okay Daddy," I said as we got downstairs. We both sat down on the floor with our backs aganist the couch he was sitting on, we were on either side of my father, all part of the plan. "Start the movie we want to watch it then go to sleep. " My father never one to argue with me openly turned off all the lights and started to movie. It was one of those classic horror movies that never really scare you, but are perfect for couples to go to. Expecially if the girl is attracted to the guy 'cause when the scary part comes she can clutch to him and pretty soon they are kissing and stuff. Well we were watcthing the film, and on the firts scary part both Rachel and me got a scared look on our faces (all an act) and cluthed to my fathers legs.

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   It was not till then that my father stated to get intrested, infact he had started to doze with a huge hardon in his pants. Oh I had seen it when I came downstairs, Rachel had also but we had ignored it. Now we started to put him to use. On the next scary part we got up on the couch and looked really scared. We kinda cluthcd at his arms, but after the scary part ended we pretened to be interested in the movie, when infact we were more interested in the sudducing of my father. At the next scary part of the film we tried to bury our heads in his chest. My father being a very carring man gently took Rachel and I into his arms and held us. He didn't realize it till the next scary scene but his right hand which was rapped around Rachel was also slighlty touching one of her small little titties. On the next scary part when we knew it was time to spring the rest, Rachel clucthed at my fathers hand and smushed it onto her breast. My father immediatly knew what he was touching and tried to pull away from it. Rachel held his hand on her breast all the tighter, "Don't remove it Mr. Ramsy," she said in a very turned on voice. My father looked for one instant from her to me then back to her. He knew then what we had been trying to do all night long. We were just letting him develop the knowledge that Rachel was attracted to him, just as much as I was.

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   When he saw the lust in her eyes he slowly started to rub on her small little breast. He rubbed on it though her clothing and Rachel not being a draft girl started to moan a little bit. I could see my fathers hardon in his pants and I knew that he needed to be releaved. And I was just the girl to give him that pleausre while he was busy with Rachel. End Part VI. Part VII. While my father was busy rubbing and playing with Rachel's little titties, I went down on the floor infront of his pant covered cock. I slowly reached up with my hands and started to unbotton his pants, my father opened one of his eyes and looked down at me and smiled. I unziped his pants and pulled his boxers down till his cock sprung up and out of his pants. God did I ever like looking at that organ and touching it. But not tonight, No way was I going to touch it now, I was going to give my father the ultamite pleasure, I was going to suck him off. I slid my mouth over my fathers hard cock and very slowly started to bring the huge organ into my little thirteen year old mouth. When I had about half of his cock in my mouth and knew I could take no more I started to suck on his hard-on and lick it with my tounge every know and then. While I sucked I looked up at my father and saw that finally he was pleasuring Rachel with his mouth. His mouth had totally enveloped one of her titties and was sucking on it hard, which was causing Rachel to cry out in pleasure and moan just about as much as she had done for me.

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   I continued to work on my father cock, knowing full well that later tonight we were going to get him to fuck both of us. For even though I had done things with my father and even slept with him every night, we had not had sex yet. I could feel my fathers orgasm beginning deep inside his cock. I slowly slid my hand down and inbetween my legs. After all why should my father and Rachel be the only ones that got off at that time? I slowly started to rub my hard little clit and pretty soon I felt my own orgasm comming on. My fathers cock gave one finally surge in my mouth at the same time Rachel gave out a loud moaning sound as she had her own cum (her first one from a man). I also came with my mouth around my fathers cock. I felt each pulse of his cock as he spurted his insectous seed into my little mouth. I swollowed all of it down my thoat and gave my father probably one of the best blow jobs that he had ever gotten. After I had milked my father dry I came up and sat on the couch next to both my father and Rachel. Rachel was the first one to speak out of all of us and she spoke to me, "What does your father's cum taste like Michelle?" She asked me, this was also in a way part of our plan. "It tastes soo fuckin' good come over here and get a taste Rachel. " My friend came over to where I was and sat down sideways on my lap. We slowly brouth our lips together and our tounges met. Mine with some semen left on it and her's with nothing.


   The tounges innertwiend inside my mouth then hers. We kissed for the longest time and while we did, I slid my hands down Rachels shorst and started to explore her hot little slit. When we broke the kiss we looked over at my father and smiled. He was already hard again, his cock up in the air sticking out from his boxers and pants. Rachel smiled and got up from my lap and kneeled between my fathers legs. She pulled his boxers and pants all the way to his ankles. Then she took the hard member that was inbetween my fathers legs and very slowly she stated to suck him off. She started off by slowly sliding her tounge up and down the cock, she licked him till a little bit of pre-cum appeared on the end of his cock. She very slowly brought her tounge out and licked the end of his cock where the pre-cum was. When she got the taste in her mouth I knew that Rachel would want more and more of it soon. Her mouth very slowly came down over my fathers cock and she guided it in with her hand. Rachel was not a pro, but what she lacked in knowledge she made up for in sexual expression. She continued to suck on my father's cock and I knew that soon she was going to get him off for the second time tonight. I wanted in on some of this action, my father was too busy being stimulated by Rachel to notice anything. I very slowly got behind Rachel, who spread her legs wide so that I could get under her.

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   When I was under her I very slowly brought my mouth up and clamped onto her already wet pussy. God it felt so good having that pussy in my mouth again! I very slowly bought my tounge out and traced a circle around her small clit and down to her little entrance. When I looked up I could see that she was still getting my father off, I could also see her little titties. How I wanted to touch them again. I slid my hand up and gripped one of her little titties and started to play around with it. My father was going to blow any minute and I could feel my own orgasm and Rachels were both about to come along also. All three of us started at the same time. I felt Rachel's body start to shudder against my explorations, at the same time my body stared to shudder at the excitment of me playing with Rachel while she sucked my father off. My father who could never last long (and lasted even shorter with his cock in a pussy) with a mouth on his cock blew his load into Rachels mouth. She felt it coming and very slowly swollowed it all down into her stomach. After we had all cum, we laid down on the floor all together, My father was inbetween Rachel and I. I was just starting to doze off when Rachel asked a question that I had never even thought to ask. "Mark. " Thas my father's real name. "Yes Rachel?" My father asked her looking over at her and smilling.

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   "Where did you learn to do all of that stuff that Michelle told me about and also the stuff we did today?" My father stopped short for a second looked at both of us and reasted one hand on each pussy. "Well let me tell you a story of my teenage years. . . " So begins the story that my father told me when I was only thirteen years old. A story about his fourteenth year of life. . . (I am going to tell it to you the same way my father did, so it will be in first person, but not me telling it). End Part VII Part VIII It was the beginning of my Fourteenth year of life. I had just moved in with my father and step-mother, after the death of my mother in a car accident three months before. It was probably one of the worst times of my life but at the same time it was probably one of the best years of my life.
    'Cause it was the year that I meet your mother (refurring to Michelle) and I met her though my half-sister. I moved in with my father and his wife who had four kids, the kids ages were: Tim: 12, April: 10, Sarah: 8, and Randy: 5. April was the cutest of the two girls she had long flowing brown hair that went down to about the middle of her back, and dark brown eyes that were huge.

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       She is also the girl that introduced me to your mother (again refurring to Michelle). I am not going to bother you with the details of Tim, Sarah, and Randy because they are not imporant to how I learned and why I like young girls. It happend on April's 11th birthday. Our Father and his wife was out of the night because they felt that me being fourteen I was old enough to watch the kids. Plus Tim, Sarah, and Randy were all gone with the parents to a movie. I was also April's favorite "big brother". It was later at night after the party and April's mom had told her that she could have two friends. One was Tina Brown, and the other was your mother Anne Willson. God your mother was beautiful when she was eleven years old, with long flowing dark brown hair, and those blue eyes of hers were penatarating. You look so much like your mother (michelle) that sometimes I think you are your mother. Now having been around little girls all day my cock was pretty hard and I needed to get some relief, so I told the girls that I was going to go to bed a little early and that they should be quiet because April's mom would be home soon. I went up to my room reminded of the most beautiful face of that whole day, a girl that I wanted to touch so much. Your mother (Michelle) Anne, was so much on my mind. I jacked off and soon fell asleep. It was later at night I suppose, around midnight or so that I heard the knock at my door, I was still naked so I hurridly put on my boxer shorts.

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       I opend the door and Anne stood there, she was dressed so beautifully. In a little nightgown that went down to her ankles. "What's wrong Anne?" I asked. She looked down at her little feet for a second and then looked up at me, "I can't sleep, I'm scared and not use to being in a strange house alone, can I sleep with you? I would feel so much better. " The girls were all sleeping in different rooms so that they could all have beds. Tim and Randy were staying the night at friends houses because they were in that phase of not liking girls. I brought her into my room and let her lay down in bed with me. When I laid down next to her and my leg touched her small little leg I felt my hardon begin. God I was so attracted to her even back then. I was starting to drift off to sleep when I felt something roll on top of me. I opened my eyes and say that Anne was on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her little body, one of my hands slid down to her little ass and I started to rub it. "Mark," she said to me in the darkness. "Are you uh. .

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       . hard?" My eyes sprun open and I looked into her little eyes, her questioning eyes. "What do you mean Anne?" "Well my father plays around with his thing down there every know and then sometimes when he spanks me for being bad I feel it against my leg. And one day he told me what it was and ever since then he has always played with it infront of my eyes sometimes even touching me against my will. " I wanted to cry then and some tears did appear in my eyes, to think that someone would do anything like that aginst a little girls will! It pissed me off so much. "Go to sleep okay Anne, don't worry about my hard thing okay?" She sorta smiled and rolled off of me, "I want to. . . I want to do things with you, I feel. . . diffrent with you around me like you would never let anyone hurt me. " We talked a little more after that because it got me interested in her, I had felt from the minute I saw her at my sisters party that something was happening. Your mother it turned out was the oldest one at the party she was thirteen years old and only came because her and April had grown up together. That was what made them friends, growing up together.

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       It was probably a month later that I started to date your mother. Oh her father didn't like it until one day that I came over and saw him trying to make her suck him off. I was in a furry that day, and I hit him with first my fists then a lamp. Her mother moved out on the creep two days later. I saw Anne a lot after that, her mother loved me and still does to this day. It was about a month after us dating that Anne and I had our first intercourse. Anne was small, just like you Michelle, and did not look thirteen, in fact almost a year after the party she still sometimes looked to me like an eleven year old the same way she did when I met her at the party. It was weird, while other girls her age were gitting titties Anne was getting nothing at all. It ha ppend that one night when her mother was going to be out till about four in the morning that we made love. I was staying at Anne's because even then she was till scared of staying alone. I sure was glad that she was. Anne was a lot like me, she also found it hard not to look at little girls. Your mother was very bisexual, but the only guy she had ever felt attracted towards was me. It was late at night and we were laying in her bed just holding each other, when I felt Anne's hand slip under my boxers. It was nothing new she had touched me before, but what happend next had never happend.

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       She stroked it for awhile, while I stroked her little pussy. That was when it happend. Anne started to pull down my boxers, when she had them down all the way she pulled my hand out of her pussy. She slid her panties off and took her shirt off also. I had seen your mother naked before but this was the first time in full lighting that I had seen her naked. For she turned the light on. Anne laid down next to me and said in a very turned on voice, "I want you to make love to me Mark. " How could I resist her beautiful little blue eyes. I very slowly slid dowon her body to her little pussy and spread her lips, I licked her pussy and brought my tounge wet with her jucies to her little mouth. We kissed deeply as I brought my cock up onto her little pussy. She spread her legs wider for me to enter. And enter I did. I pushed my cock in her little thirteen year old pussy. She gasped as I entered her, she had an eleven year old's body, even though she was thirteen, so her pussy was very small also. It hurt as I broke her little hymen, but soon after I had started to stroke her she started to moan.

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       I knew I would not be able to keep my load in her little pussy, so I let it all go, It went deep inside her little pussy and she sighed as she also had her orgasm. I laid down with her on top of me and held her tightly in my arms. "I love you always Mark. " I smiled and said. "I love you Anne. " We had made love. Her mom came home later that night and checked in on us. She saw the clothes on the floor, and the covers only covered up to the middle of Anne's back, her mother knew. She smilled lightly, knowing that Anne her little girl had nothing to worry about getting pregnant. After all Anne had still not even gotten hair on her pussy. She closed the door and I opened my eyes. I had pretend to be asleep when she came in. I held Anne tighter and then slept. Three years later, when Anne was just starting to develop titties we got married, one year later a beautiful little girl was born to us, our Michelle. I had already by that time built up about two millon in money do to the sales of three books and a software program.

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       Then four years after the birth of your brother and when you were thirteen, the women of my dreams my beautiful lover, Anne died. I knew she had been playing with our sons cock, and she had encouraged me to play around with you lots of times. Even though I wanted to I never did and now I regret it because if I had Anne would never have left that night. I mean she knew I fantazied about you and she was okay with it she was encouraging me. Infact she knew that you played with yourself Michelle and she wanted what I wanted you to learn from your father. Neither one of us thought it wrong I was just scared. And your mother left me with you that night alone because she was hopping that I would take that step, sometimes I wish I had done it earlier before she decided to do that. {Michelle's Note: My fahter a very touching and loving person, made all three of us cry that night, how I wish my mother was there to see us now!!! Sometimes the past hurst more than the future. } End Part VIII End Section 2.



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