Family Reunion


Karen is Lynn's thirty four year old sister who has long raven black hair, is 5 foot 7 inches tall and a 38-26-36 figure Karen had married at 19 to an asshole who regularly used her as a punch bag before pissing off with some slut, and the only good that ever came out of him was their daughter Carole who is now 18 with a body to die for, and who has been fucking with her mother for years. Karen and Lynn were very close as they grew up and were always into each other's knickers and now they were bringing up their children the same way. The families lived too far apart to see each other often and they were really looking forward to this visit. They were sitting in the lounge and were well into our third bottle of Cava and Lynn could see Billy's hard-on straining in his jeans as he watched Carole crossing her legs for the third time in as many minutes and showing a glimpse of her white panties as her short skirt rode up her legs. "Carole stop tormenting Billy. He's going to burst a blood vessel," said Karen. "Its more likely he'll burst out of those jeans first," Lynn said. "Why don't you take it out and show your Auntie how much you've grown. " Billy's never been shy and with a huge grin he pulled down his zipper and with a struggle released his engorged prick from his confinement. I heard Carole gasp and Karen said, "Do you like it honey?""Like it! It's beautiful," she said and lent forward to grasp it in her hot hand. She gently started to jack him off, and at the same time, used her other hand to rub the drops of pre-come around the tip of his cock. Lynn could feel her cunt juice start to flow into the crotch of her panties and wished that she had worn a skirt instead of denims. Karen on the other hand had no such problems and Lynn could see her hand was already rubbing her rubbing her pussy as she whispered encouragement to her daughter. "Go on honey, take his cock into your mouth and suck him off," Karen whispered. Carole needed no further urging and as she closed her lips around the tip of Billy's prick she savoured the salty flavour of his fluids. This was not the first time Carole had given a blow job but it was certainly the biggest prick she'd had, and knowing that her mother was watching her only added to her excitement.

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   Lynn couldn't take any more, the denims had to go. She kicked off her shoes and pulled her tight jeans and knickers off and stood still as she felt her sister's hands caress her butt and delve between her legs to her dripping cunt. Lynn's outer lips were puffed up and she knew her fuck hole would be open and ready for the two fingers that were slowly being slipped inside her body. "Bend over. " Karen said huskily. As Lynn obeyed her sister's instructions, she could feel the cheeks of her butt open and her body shuddered as Karen long tongue reached out to lick her from her clit all the way to her little puckered little asshole. It was also the best position to watch Carole suck off her son who was by now close to spurting this cum down her throat. "Stop Carole," he groaned pulling her head away from his crotch. "I want to come in your cunt. "He grinned as the girl used the back of her hand to wipe away the thick strands of her throat slime that still clung to the corners of her mouth and she stood up to pull her top over head to reveal her perfect tits and then dropped her skirt to the floor. "Look what you've done to me," she said and stood with her feet apart so Billy could see that the crotch of her knickers was almost transparent with her cunt juice and he inhaled deeply savouring the smell of her young cunt. Carole peeled off her soaking panties and moved to straddle Billy as he relaxed back into the sofa. Karen stopped licking her sister as she watched her daughter slowly lower herself until she was impaled onto the full length of Billy's prick. As the last of his prick entered her, Carole had her first orgasm as her body spasmed out of control. Billy gripped the girl's hips as she continued to climax and he groaned as he felt her thick hot cunt cream flow down his prick and drip from his balls.

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   Slowly her shuddering subsided and her eyes that had been screwed tightly shut, fluttered open to see her young lover stare intently into her face. She gave a low throaty laugh and she lifted her fuck tube up from Billy's lap and began to bounce her cunt up and down his cock. As Carole started to ride Billy's cock, Karen groaned and said, "Fuck me Sis, I need to come. " She lay back on the couch, reached down and pulled her knickers to the side and Lynn gazed her hairless cunt glistening with her juices. It had been a long time since Lynn had tasted her sisters slime and she immediately dropped to her knees and her tongue was soon buried in Karen's open slit lapping the hot liquid that was running down to lubricate her asshole. Karen's body started to arch as she felt her orgasm approaching and Lynn took her erect clit in her mouth and flicked it repeatedly with her tongue and at the same time slipped a finger into her asshole right up to the knuckle. As she massaged the inside of Karen's shit tube, Lynn felt her sister's body tense as a huge orgasm rushed through her and her cunt pumped her juices into Lynn's mouth. As she gradually began to recover Lynn looked round to where she knew her son could not last long with Carole's tight pussy milking his cock. She was just in time to hear him cry, "Oh fuck I'm coming. Fuck I'm going to spurt. " Carole sat down hard on his cock as it shot wave after wave of hot spunk into her cunt. Her second orgasm was just a powerful as the first and as she felt the thick spunk splatter against her cunt walls, her entire body convulsed and her spasming muscles milked every last drop out of Billy's shaftAll went quiet for a time as everyone recovered and Carole suddenly announced that she had to pee. As she stood up a mixture of spunk and her own come started to run down the inside of her leg and she gave Billy's now soft and sticky cock a quick suck before dashing to the bathroom. Karen was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm and as Lynn crawled over and took Billy's prick in her mouth and gently licked it clean savouring the taste. She had enjoyed the flavour of her son's prick before, but this was the first time she had tasted her niece's cunt and she slurped the slime into her mouthThe door opened and Carole walked in asking, "Is this yours?"Lynn let go of Billy's shaft with a loud plop, and looked around.

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   Our three-year-old German Shepherd, Corrie, had followed her into the room and now had his nose buried deep in her crotch and as they all watched, he started to lick the spunk and cunt cream that was still dripping down her leg. "I'm afraid he is," Lynn said, "and if you don't push him away, you're going to have another cock to deal with"Carole looked down between the animals back legs to where his red cock had already dropped and was only an inch away from the floor. It was every bit as long as Billy's prick but even thicker with a slight bulge towards the base. "Fuck," Carole said hoarsely opening her legs further as the dog's snout pushed into her sex. Karen sat up and looked at Corrie as he licked out her daughter. "Do you remember Shadow?" she asked. Lynn nodded her reply with her eyes riveted to the junction of her pets tongue and Carole's fuck hole, Billy asked, "Who's Shadow?" "He was a black Retriever that Karen and I had when we were young," Lynn replied dropping her hand between her legs to finger herself, "and we both had some great times with him. " "What your mother means Billy, is that Shadow used to fuck our brains out when our parents were away. " Karen said with smile. "He had an enormous cock and only took a few minutes to recover before he was ready to fuck again. I seem to remember that he also had great tongue. ""You used to fuck a dog!" said Carole. "Well your mum used to fuck a dog," Lynn said smiling "but actually I still do!""God, you guys are so fucking dirty," Carole replied approvingly. "We're dirty?" Lynn said with a question in her voice. "We're not the ones standing with our legs apart being licked out by a dog!"Carole giggled as she realised the stupidity of her comment and her mother suddenly said, "Show us sis.

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   Let's see you take that dog cock"Lynn sat on the chair, spread her legs and shouted Corrie over. At first he was a bit reluctant to leave Carole's cunt but she pushed him away and he came trotting over. As she held her cunt lips apart his long tongue started to lick her out. Karen dropped to her knees and slipped her hand underneath to rub Corrie's red cock and to make sure that every last fraction of the shaft was protruding out of its sheath. Carole knelt on the other side and watched as her mother lay down took the animals cock in her mouth whilst she pushed two fingers into her own cunt. After sucking for a few moments, Karen pulled her mouth away and said, "He's ready now. Get on your knees and show these kids how you like to be taken like a bitch in heat. " She quickly pushed the dogs face away and knelt with her head on the floor and her butt in the air and Corrie immediately jumped on her back with his front paws round her waist. Lynn could feel his cock pistoning back and forth in the air and then Karen's hand grasped the thrusting shaft and guided it into her sister's gaping cunt. His cock went deep and Lynn groaned loudly as her cunt walls were stretched apart and the tip of the animals cock battered against her cervix. Corrie gradually built up his rhythm thrusting faster and faster until his hindquarters were thrusting muck quicker that any man ever could. Billy's cock was hard again and he moved over to where Karen was kneeling down beside her sister watching her getting dog fucked.
    She could feel his presence behind her and she looked over her shoulder and smiled when she saw his hard cock gripped in his fist. She thrust her butt back at him in invitation and he dropped to his knees and with a single well-positioned thrust, drove his entire length up her soaking cunt. She moaned as the boy gave two long slow strokes to cover his shaft with her slime before he pulled out and pushed the tip against her small puckered back hole.

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       Karen looked around at her nephew and growled, "Fuck my shitter Billy. Slam that shit disturber up me and fuck my asshole. "After a few seconds resistance, her anal muscle parted ad his prick slid into her bowels. Lynn could hardly stay on my knees as orgasm after orgasm blasted through her body and her cunt poured its juices over Corrie's balls and dripped onto the floor. She could feel the change in rhythm now and the dogs knot was pounding and pounding against her cunt lips. Every thrust coated his knot with more of his bitch's juice until a particularly powerful lunge forced the knot up her hole. Lynn knew that her pet was close to coming and Corrie slammed in one last time and the knot at the base of his cock started to swell inside her as waves of dog come blasted the inside of her cunt. Billy was pounding in Karen's shit hole and she moved one hand from the floor to rub at her burning clit. She was very close to cumming and this extra stimulation shot her into orbit and she shuddered in climax. Billy took no notice of his Aunt's orgasm as his full concentration was centred on his own release. Karen's climax was just beginning to recede when Billy's spunk started to boil in his balls before jetting up his piss hole and splattering into her bowels. The sensation of his hot semen coating her shit walls was enough to propel her into another climax and her head collapsed onto the floor as she convulsed ands shook. Carole was sprawled on the sofa with her saturated panties dangling from one ankle as she drove four fingers in and out of her cunt. She was almost shallow fisting herself as she watched the others perform and she had lost count of her orgasms when she suddenly climaxed again. Lynn lay on the floor with her butt high in the air and Corrie's stuck inside her.

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       Karen and Billy slowly disentangled themselves and lay back to recover. It took almost another ten minutes before Corrie's knot slipped free with a loud plop and he walked contentedly over to the corner to lie down and lick himself clean as a river of dog cum poured out of Lynn's gaping cunt. Both Karen and Carole dived between her legs and lapped up as muck of the dog slime as possible. After they had sat around for a while to recover Carole said, "Wow that was great Aunt Lynn. Can I try the dog too mum? He should be ready soon. " "As long as your Aunt Lynn doesn't mind," her mother replied with a grin. Lynn responded by calling the big dog over to her and saying, "I've got some nice young cunt for your big cock boy. " His tail was wagging furiously as his mistress directed his nose between Carole's parted legs. Carole grabbed Corrie gently behind the ears and pulled this snout harder into her dripping crotch as Lynn and Karen sat down on the floor and started jacking the animal off. Corrie needed no urging and was soon licking Carole's cunt and his long thrashing tongue was lodged far up her hole. His snout was pressing hard on her throbbing clit and this brought her to orgasm almost immediately. Corrie's cock quickly responded to the women's expert fingers and as his prick dropped, Karen said to her orgasming daughter, "He's ready honey. "As Carole turned over and got onto her knees she pleaded, "Please put his cock in me someone. " Lynn knelt down and guided the animal into Carole's saturated cunt and then everyone sat back and watched as Carole got her cunt filled with dog meat for the first time. "Oh fuck!" she cried, "He's so big and fast I can't stop coming.

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      " Corrie's tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth as he pounded Carole's young cunt and her cunt opened as the knot battered its way inside. She screamed as her fuck hole was stretch further that it ever had been before and her head thrashed from side to side as a long continuous climax erupted inside her. Suddenly, Corrie stopped thrusting and gave a final lunge before standing still. Another orgasm swept through Carole as Corrie's knot trapped all his spurting come inside her and filled her cunt completely. Karen knelt down beside her daughter whilst she was still joined with the animal and gently ran her fingers over Carole's stomach. She sucked in her breath sharply as she realised how much cum Corrie had deposited. Her fingers could feel the cum squelch inside Carole's fuck tube and her stomach was bulging outwards. After about five minutes, Corrie's cock plopped out and for the second time this evening Carole had a river of cum running down her legs that her mother and Lynn quickly lapped up. That was only the first evening and if you want to know what happened on the following nights, including Carole's first gang bang, let me know by emailing me at wet_amber_uk@yahoo. com and if you don't like this story, tell me why!!.



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