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I have been friends with Charles for a long time; ever since we both were in school together in junior high. We both just seemed to have adopted eachother as brothers. Turning 25 Charles than got married to his lovely wife Leslie, both high school sweet heart. We both graduated college he became a pyschologist and I became a family physician. They had a girl at Charles' age of 27. (I am the same age as Charles. ) We both lived near eachother for a long time and still do. I never got married. His daughter was named Lena. I knew she was going to be a heart breaker when she grew seeing that her parents are better from the norm of good looking. Lord and behold at age ten she was beginning to look the part. Lena became active in sports. Her slender long legs and nicely petite skinny body was to die for. She hasn't really developed yet at the age. When she turned 18 her parents had her birthday party at their house. Being a family doctor I had to work late on the night Lena turned 18 yrs old.

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   I opened a pratice in the neighborhood so it didn't really matter. Anyways. I got to the party quarter after nine at night and everyone was out like a light or had left already. But Lena was still up and bright eyed probably because she wasn't able to drink cause her age. I asked Lena, "Where is everyone else. " She replied, "All my friends went home, dad and mom went to sleep. And uncle Dan, Jack,Alex, and Emma are sleeping downstairs. And Auntie and them are sleeping in the family room. " I said, " they are all out already?" She said,"yup. " Then I said, "Looks like it's just you and me. " "Yup," came out of her mouth. We both sat down in the living room where there was no one around except for just us and everyone else was out cold. I sat there getting glimpses of Lena in her teddy bear nightie. Her long slender legs, skinny but athletic build body, and her little mound breasts accentuated her brunette coloured shoulder length hair. Got my cock hard.

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   Being her adopted uncle is shook the thought out of my head and went into the kitchen and grabbed myslef a bottle of Corona. I went back into the living room where Lena was sitting and noticed the time being10:30 at night. Being today is Saturday, I didn't bother her with forcing her to bed. So Lena and I sat there watching something. (I wasn't watching anything but Lena's young body. ) For 18 mins from when I got my beer and sat down Lena asked me a question. "So uncle Tom, how come I never see you with a girl?" Being surprised and being self just lowered my self-esteem to a new low I answered, " Well, Lena it's not that I don't want one, but I just don't have time being I work 6 days a week and sundays are my rest days I don't have the time to look for one. " She said, "Well, how about your secretary? She's pretty. " "She's engaged, to be married next year. " "Oh really? That's nice, not for you but for her and her husband. " "Yeah, it's nice for her. " Then I said, "How 'bout you, who's your boyfriend?" "Don't have one mom and dad says I am too young and plus no one likes me or would like me anyways they say I am to preppy and too tomboy. " "Nonsense your as beautiful as they come, if I were your age I'd date you. " "Really? Well, if I were your age I'd date you too. " I laughed and said, "thank you that means so much.

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  " Then gave her a kiss on her forehead. She smiled and said, "Seriously, you're so nice, cute, and you got money. " I laughed again and said, "That's all? My money helps out huh?" "Yeah, but I would date you because you're cute. " Thinking to myself, "geesh, I am not cute! I got a little belly not too bad looking and not too good looking I am a tweener I am ugly. " She then says, "Hello, you there?" I snap back and say, "Sorry. Just thinking. " And continued on 18 seconds later asking, "so you really think I am cute?" "Yeah, I would love to be your girlfriend and give you a blowjob whatever it is. " I screamed out, "WHAT?!!!!!" "young lady who taught you those words? Girls like you shouldn't know or say them words at that age!" She said, "sorry, I just heard all the girls talking about it thought it was just something they do for fun. " Sarcastically I said, "they do it for fun alright. Anyways forget about it. " "Well was is it really uncle; could you tell me?" "No it's best your mother talks to you about things like that. " She pouts and then says, "fine I guess I'm not your favorite niece like you said. " "You are my only niece. " "Then why won't you tell me?" "You really want to know?" I ask. During this whole conversation my cock was hard like a mother f***er.

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   I then tell her,"this is only between you and me okay?" She says excitedly, "Yes. " So coming from a physician background I tell her about the penis and the sensitive area below the head and then the real fun bagan. "Well, to the blowjob, it is when a woman or a girl in your case sucks a boy or a man in my case penis'. The girl suck and lick the penis untill sperm spurts out and the girl swallows all the sperm that the guys shoots out. " She asks, "What does it tastes like?" "I don't know. " Being really horny now and my cock being as hard as it's ever been I ask,"being your uncle I am not suppose to ask you this but, if you want to taste sperm do you want to taste mine. " Thinking to myself I though. "Oh god, what am I doing she's my niece this is really wrong. " But than my other thought says, "she young inexperience she just wants to find out what's wrong with that, if she doesn't get it from me she'll get it from someone else so it mine as well be me right? Plus having a virgin mouth suck on me will be the best of feelings. " The bad outweighed the good so I went on, hoping she'd say yes. "Well, I guess I am going to have to learn anyways why not learn it from my uncle. " Thinking to myself "YES, YES, YES,YES!!!!!" So I said,"lets go to the bathroom where no one can bother us or walk in on us okay?" She said, "ok. " Then she gettyup to the bathroom by their kitchen. As I followed I noted that everyone on the living room floor was out like a light from being drunk; I also noticed the time being 11:43 pm. Wow that was a lot of time being passed on just explaining a blowjob.

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   So Lena and I got into the bathroom closed the door and locked it. I also turned on the bathroom fan and unbuckled my khakis pants and dropped them to the floor. I then looked at her and said, "well, come over if you want to taste sperm. " I took my off my briefs and stroke me pre-soaked penis. Getting it harder then it has ever been. As she approached me I told her to get on her knees she did as I said. I then said, "open your mouth Lena and let me put my penis in your mouth. " She did as I said. Slowly but maturely I inserted my penis in her mouth. Now let me tell you I don't have a big cock but it is a good size about average of 6 inches but maybe 6 and a half if fully harden and about 1 and a half inch around. I slowly inserted my cock into Lena's mouth and then tell her, "lick my penis like you lick a lollipop. " She did as told. "Like this?" I said moaning, "yes baby, yes!" Now let me tell you feeling the breath of a minor sucking and licking your cock is above heaven and beyond. It was the best feeling ever. Just having her breath on me already almost got me to cum.

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   I then tell her, "okay then, slowly move your head back and forth, up and down my penis, Lena, while licking and sucking on my penis. " She squeezed out while sucking my cock, "yes, sir. " Saying that and breathing on my cock got me all of a sudden burst my cum into her mouth. I tell her, "dang, I am sorry baby, I forgot to tell you I was cumming. " She said nothing and just kept on touching my penis' sweet spot and I just kept cumming. Lena nearly drained me out of sperm. After she was done I tell her now it's my turn baby. She said, "what are you going to do?" "My turn to make you cum too; I'm meaning squirt out your female juices. " "Will it feel good?" "As good as you made me feel baby. " She said, "really? will it be good?" Without saying a word I picked her up and placed her on the bathroom sink counter, still in her teddy bear pajama. I was too horny to wait for anything to happen so as she sat there the animal in me just pulled her pajama pants off and then I went on my knees, pushed her legs (thighs) apart and place my head I Lena's vagina entrance and sniffed the beautiful aroma of a 18 yrs old wet underwear. I was surprised at how wet Lena's underwear was but I loved it. I then pulled down Lena's underwear and exposed her virgin hairless vagina. I couldn't wait so I pushed my self forward and started licking Lena's pussy. I pushed Lena back to the vanity mirror and pushed her thighs apart to get better excess.

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   My first lick stroked her pussy folds and she than let out a low moan. I looked in her eye after the first stroke and asked, "do you like it?" Looking at me she respond by shaking her head "yes. " I again then licked up and down on her vagina. She again moaned in delight. I then took my hand and spreaded her folds apart and all of a sudden placed my mouth on her openly exposed vagina. And just sucked it like a madman who will never get another pussy in his life. I licked and sucked like a madman. Without knowing Lena just cum. I licked and swallowed as much cum as I could. Lena moaned loud, I wouldn't blame her though because I licked and sucked her like there was no other pussy on earth. The fan I turned on silenced her call. After she was done cumming we both put back on our clothes and walked back to the living room. We both sat on the sofa and I asked Lena, "so did you like the sperm taste?" Lena replied, "yeah I loved it; how about mine? Did you like it?" "Like it? I loved it Lena. " I then asked, "since I don't have a girlfriend and you don't have a boyfriend do you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?" "Yes, okay. " I then tell her, "well, it will be just between you and me okay? And what we did in the bathroom is just between you and me okay?" She says, "okay.

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  " I then tell her, "well, I guess it's time for you and I to go sleep so you go on ahead and I am going home, we'll do this again soon okay?" "YES," she said excitedly. There is going to be a continuation of this story. A lot of parts left so read it and tell me what you think. .



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