Family Photos


 About 18 months ago I had to go back home from boarding school for 4 weeks while my ankle got better after a representative School Football game tackle that left me with a broken ankle and mild concussion. For the first week it was a lot of mundane daytime TV with my bandaged ankle resting on a pillow perched on the edge of the coffee table. I pretty much stayed there that whole first week, unable to really move.
 Here I was again, back home. Dad sent me away to boarding school when I was in 8th class - 4 years ago - and in reality I'd hardly been back here since then. Mainly at Christmas for a week, and a few day in the middle of the year. I'd forgotten how cool my sisters - Amy (16), Evie (13) and Melanie (10) were, and they pampered and fussed over me for the first few days. Mum still worked long hours at the bakery in town and Dad still worked shifts at the mine in Bungden, about 4 hours drive west. He worked 18 days straight and stayed at the mine, then had 5 days off where he came back home.
 The second week I could begin moving around the house on crutches, therefor offering me a wider choice of things to do. This was also the week Dad went back to the mine.  Sometime in this week I decided to jump on Dad's computer in his study and surf the  internet a little, maybe surf some porn and have a wank. Dad had told me when I first turned up not to use his computer, but to hell with him; I needed a wank and the only time I could do that was when Mum and Dad were both at work and my sisters were at school.
 After starting the PC and trying to connect to the net I realised Dad must have put an internet lock on, and no matter how hard I put my mild computer skills to the test I couldn't get it to hook up to the internet. I was quit frustrated by this time, and I decided to search around his computer and CD's for any porn I could get a look at.
 After finding absolutely no porn pictures on the PC, I began hunting around his CD collection for any.

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   I searched through the loose CD's in his CD rack and that took about an 20 minutes before I gave up there. Searching through his chest of drawers in the corner though, I found a draw with about 20 CD's with 'Porn Dump 1', 'Porn Dump 2' etc hand-written on the covers.
 I was shaking with excitement as I pulled the CD's from the drawer one by one. . . 'Porn Dump 17', 'Porn Dump 18' and then the next CD had 'My Wife through the Years' written on the front, and the last one had 'My Daughters growing up' on the cover. I carried them over to the PC and sat in the chair looking at the last 2 CD's.
 Why would Dad have CD's of our family in his obvious Porn drawer? Or maybe it's some filthy porn from an incest website or something. After a moment I guessed there was only one way to find out, and I slipped in the 'Wife' CD and opened a browser and pointed it to the CD drive.
 There I found a number of folders numbered by years. . . '1984', '1985', 1986' etc. I entered the first folder down the list and clicked on the first image file.

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  I nearly died with embarassment and looked around the study uneasily before looking back to the screen. I felt sure someone was gonna walk in now, I was sure of it. Probably my Dad back early from work because of some machine breakdown or union strike.
There on Dad's PC screen was a scanned photo from an old fuzzy polaroid of my Mother sitting on a kitchen chair in some unknown kitchen with nothing on but a smile on her face. She must have been no more than 25 at the time, still had no gray in her brown hair which was longer in this pic than it is now, and her pink nipples were erect buttons on medium sized, milky-white firm breasts. Her stomach was flat and her thick pubic triangle was visible between her slightly parted legs. A cigarette hung from between 2 fingers. She was obviously enjoying herself as she smiled brilliantly naked and fancy-free out at me from the screen.
I closed the image quickly and walked to the loungeroom fast and sat down in front of the TV with a million thoughts running around my head and half a hard-on in my pants. Dr Phil was giving advice to some bum who'd gambled away all his family's life savings, and I was shocked and shaky at what I had just seen on my Dad's PC.
 I always put my head under the pillow when I heard Mum and Dad making funny noises late at night in their room when I was growing up. I did this so I didn't have to listen because the thought of it used to make me feel ill, just like all the kids out there who know what I'm talking about. This was something different though.
 My stomach felt ill and it rolled and slurped and for a second I thought I was really going to vomit all over the loungeroom floor. My legs and hands were shaking, adrenilin was coarsing through my veins, and my penis was now fully erect in my pants.

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 At what point lord, should a teen boy EVER be confronted with an image of his Mother (oh sacred loving Mother) naked as the day she was born and sexually aroused like a feline on heat? Tell me that. Does a boy ever deserve that? Can a boy overcome that and grow into a well-adjusted young man with no baggage to deal with?
 I didn't move from the lounge for a good half an hour.
  When I finally did go back into Dad's dark study half an hour later - with the intention of closing down the PC and putting the CD's back where I found them and forgetting about what I'd seen - I became hypnotized by the folders listed the on the screen. . . '1998', '1999', '2000', '2003', '2005'.   I clicked the 2005 folder without even really thinking, then clicked on a random image file from the dozens listed.
 Up came an image of my mother again, this time she looked just like she does in real life this day. The quality was heaps better than the previous photo, and bigger. Her hair was graying just like it is now, and her face looked the full 48 years of age she is now. This photo had been taken recently, and the setting I recognised. It was the loungeroom. She was puckering her lips up for a kiss to the camera and fully clothed in this picture, accept her left breast was hanging out of her white blouse, which she was holding with both hands. Her breast was saggier in this picture compared to the other one, but that was to be expected. I guess having us 4 kids sucking the life out of them when we were babies wouldn't have helped.

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   Her nipples where long and pointy and rubbery.
 I closed that pic and opened another at random, still in some wierd trance, and again with the beginning of an erection.
  I was startled when the next photo of my mother came up on screen. She was sitting on the lounge, just about where I had sat for half an hour only minutes ago. She was gloriously naked again except for her underpants, which where dangling off one foot as she held it up to the camera, legs wide open, giving me the full view of her old bald vagina. Her saggy tits hung free above her fat-rolled stomach and she was laughing and looking just away from the camera, as if someone standing out of view had said something so hilariously funny.
  I looked back again to her vagina, not quite able to get over the baldness of her glistening wet hole, and the simple fact that the hole was my mothers. I right-clicked on the photo and went down to properties and clicked. The pic was dated 2 weeks ago. My mother must be walking around the bakery right now going about her day with the regrowth on her pussy just coming through. Or maybe Mum keeps her pussy shaved or waxed all the time.
 I felt sick and scared but still I pulled my shorts down and began stroking my erect cock as I gawked at a few more photos of my mother posing in all her naked glory, unashamedly and playfully showing all her flesh from every angle to the camera. She seemed to me to be on fire with passion. I say this because in all the pics I saw, her nipple were hard and pointed, her vagina was moist, her pupils were wide and her chest was blushing red with sexual excitememnt. And she looked absolutely beautiful to me at that moment, more beautiful than I had ever seen her before.

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    By the end I had looked at every picture in that folder. One picture Mum was kneeling on the lounge winking into the camera, her lightly-freckled breasts hanging provocatively - much like cows udders - between her arms. Her long nipples looked rubbery and worn, yet very suckable and enticing. The next she was facing away from the camera, her hands reaching around and spreading her bum-cheeks apart revealing her bald bumhole and her open, inviting, hairless vagina. The next she had her finger buried to the knuckle in her asshole, her other hand holding her vagina lips apart to reveal her glistening pink hole and large erect clitoris. The next pic she was laying back on the lounge, legs in the air, stuffing her pussy with a big red dildo that glistened with her love juice. Her face was scrunched like she was in pain and the veins on her neck were standing out, and I knew I was witnessing my Mother in her heights of self-inflicted orgasm.
    My groin was by now on fire with desire for my mother's naked body, my dick harder than I had ever felt it previously. Any shame and dusgusted guilt I could feel was over-powered by the desire to see more of my own mother in her sexual splendor.
      At the bottom of the list of images was a couple of movie files, and in my sexual frenzy I clicked on the first one. It took a moment to load, then I was confronted with a video of my mother, naked, on her back on the lounge. My father was on top of her, pounding his cock into her hungry vagina. John, my dad's mate from work, was standing over mums head, getting a supreme blowjob from her. I could hear her moaning like a whore while slurping on John's big cock as she squeezed and fondled his hairy balls with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other.
    She pulled John's cock out of her mouth and cried, "Fuck me like a bad girl Terry.


      . . oohhh. . . I want you in my ass now" and then she went back to sucking John's cock like she was trying to suck blood from a stone.
     All this time I was pulling on my erection, dazzled by my mothers naked image and robust sexuality. I was imagining that John's cock was mine; that that was me with my cock in my mother's mouth. Me recieving that award-winning blowjob. How good would that feel having your own mother slurping on your cock and fiddling with your balls?
      Then the movie cut to a close up of my mum laying back with her legs up to her chest, showing her smooth ass as she furiously rubbed at her clitoris. Dad's shiny, lubricated cock came into view as he snuggled in beside her, and then pressed it against mum's soft smooth asshole and, after some initial pushing, dissapeared inside her poop-hole. My Mum sighed deeply and I could see her bumhole tightening and loosening on dad's shaft as he stayed still, buried to the hilt. In the background John came into view and mum resumed sucking his huge member like the slut she obviously was.
     That was when I had a sudden thought. .

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      . 'They are the same lips sucking John's cock that mum uses to kiss me and my sisters goodnight', and that was when I came like I had never came before. I felt like I was shooting boiling lava from my cock. I thought I might faint. My orgasm lasted forever and when it receeded the floor and my thighs were covered in strings of my sticky goo.
     Moments later I was riddled with guilt and disgust at myself, and I couldn't put the CD's back and turn the PC off quick enough and get out of there. I felt claustrophobic and drunk with adrenelin as I sat on the lounge, and just then mum walked in the front door, home from work early.
     "Hello you. How are you feeling today? Give me a kiss," and she walked towards me. As she kissed me on the cheek I felt like vomiting and I couldn't look her in the eye. How could I ever look her in the eye again?
    It was 3 days later before I ventured back into Dad's study again. This time I put in the CD with 'My Daughters growing up' on the cover.
     Have you ever seen photos of your own preteen sisters naked, showing every inch of their young, smooth, hairless bodies before?
    (to be continued)



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