Family Lusting


“And you know how sweet Candace’s ass is too. Now or there’ll be no more asses for you in a long time. ” Charlie pulled out, with his cock dripping pre-cum, he leaned down to twiddle with Candi’s clit. “Candi, I’ll have another go at you later. ” He slapped her ass again and followed Candace upstairs, squeezing her plump ass cheeks. Father laughed, “That boy will be an ass man for the rest of his life, but nothing will compare to yours, Candi. ”“Well, let’s concentrate on Carlie, because she just looks shocked. I think that she deserves an explanation. ” Candi sat on the couch, and played with Father’s erect cock, that was covered with Candace’s spit and Clark’s pre-cum. “Carlie knee in front of me,” Father told her. She obeyed, but couldn’t look him straight in the face. “You’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff in the last five or so minutes, but let us explain. Your mother and I believe in keeping it in the family. So when Candace, Charlie, and your sister Carrie came of age, we instructed them in sexual behaviors. We showed them the way to pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Now you have a few questions, I bet.

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  ”“Yes, Father. How long has this been going on? When would I join this instruction, if I hadn’t walked in? How come you like to keep it in the family?”“Well, when Carrie got her first period, we decided that she was a woman, and that was when you would have started instruction. I think that she was about your age when we started on her. So that would be about 5 or so years. We like to show own children how enjoyable sex is. Candi and I believe that the way to fully accomplish this is to start you off young. ”“So am I going to start my instruction, even though I don’t have my period?” asked a confused Carlie, who knew what sex was, but didn’t know what was supposed to be enjoyable about it. “I think we can start you off on the basics, but not actual penetration,” said Candi. “Oh, my little girl is all grown up! I’ve got to take you to the mall before tonight to get you some stuff. ”“Go ahead honey, I’ll go and watch Charlie and Candace. ” Father went upstairs, while Candi put on her clothing to take Carlie to the mall. At the mall, Candi bought Carlie negligees and clothing that barely clothed. She bought her special underwear, a dildo fitted to her size, and other things that Carlie would need for her training. The people at the store were confused by Candi’s behavior in front of her daughter. They assumed that the purchases were for Candi, never believing that Carlie would ever use any of the gifts for the next five to ten years.

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  In the car, Candi told her about her first time. It had been with Uncle Greg, and he’d brought her to a climatic orgasm that she only reached with members of her family and Father. “Carlie have you ever touched yourself?”“What to you mean?” asked a quizzical Carlie. “Have you ever touched your pussy? Fingered it? Pushed your fingers in your hole? Put them up your ass? Touched your tits? Anything?” “Well, this one time, I rubbed my boobs, until the nipples got all hard. That was it though. ”“Wow, your father is going to have a good time showing you the ropes. ”At home, Carlie was told to take a shower and when she was done call for Candi. She did, and Candi got her dressed, with her hair in pigtails, like Clark liked the girls to be. She dressed her in the virginal ivory negligee, which was completely see-through, with easy assessable flaps to the breasts and cunt, which Candi shaved. Carlie looked in the mirror and became frightened by what she saw. “Mother, I can’t do this. ”“Carlie you have to. Now follow me, the others are already waiting. ” Carlie followed Candi into their bedroom, and saw that Candace was dressed in a similar outfit, letting Father suck on her twat. Carrie was sucking on her breasts while Charlie tongued Carrie’s cunt.

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  “Everyone, stop your activities, and look at our newest member in our bedroom lusting club. ” Father pushed Candace off of him, and got off the bed to greet Carlie into the club. “Charlie! Let go of Carrie! Carrie, stop sucking on Candace. All of you in a line. Candi, you too. ” They all got in a line. “Now, Carlie, I want to test your knowledge of the human bodies. When I say a part, you have to suck on it, which ever person has that member. Got that?”“Yes, Father. ” “Tits. Referred to as breasts, boobs, bongos…ect…” Carlie stood in front of Candi and sucked on her tits, first one than the other. Candi shuddered at the touch of her daughters mouth on her breasts. “Oh, Clark, she’s got the skill with her tongue and lips. I can’t wait for it on my…” Father silenced her. “Find the clit.

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  ”“Um… father I don’t know what that is, but I know that its on Mother, Carrie, and Candace. ”“It’s a start. Get on the bed, and spread your legs. ” Father motioned Charlie over to suck on Carlie’s clit. His expert tongue lashed out, and Carlie’s body shuddered. “What Charlie was sucking on was your clit. Now find it on Carrie. ” Carlie, a little dazed, moved to her big sister. Slowly, she began to suck on her cunt, hoping to get it.
    “Was she close?”“Sort of,” said Carrie. “I assume that you know the male organs, and that I don’t have to have you find them? I don’t want to waste any more of your sisters and brother’s fuck time. ”Carlie nodded her head, and watched as Carried and Candace fought over Charlie. He decided that one would get his penis and the other would get the dildo the shape of his penis, and he would use it on them. “Now watch. Pretty soon you’ll want to have Charlie’s cock buried deep inside of you.

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       They only reason that he’s being fought over though, is because I’m going to train you with Candi. ”Candi came over and fondled Father’s cock, enough so that he told her to bend over. He fucked her ass, as Carlie just took it all in. Candi’s bouncing breasts, Father’s tool, thick and long being shoved into her mothers bum. Carrie and Candace fondling each other as Carrie bounced herself on Charlie’s dick, while he shoved the dildo into Candace’s cunt. Sounds of pleasure reverberated throughout the room, until Candi squealed her orgasm as Father groaned and shot his load up her ass. Pulling out, her ass leaked cum. “First lesson. Liquids. Carlie, this is cum. Lick Candi’s ass, taste my seed. ” Hesitantly, Carlie inched forwards and licked a bit. Swallowing, she felt her mother squirm beneath her tongue. “Didn’t that taste good?” She only nodded her head in agreement, as her Father continued, “Next is Candi’s cum. Lick that from her cunt.

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      ” Carlie willingly did, and Candi moaned in pleasure at the sweep of her daughters tongue against her sopping wet cunt. “Those are the two major liquids. Next, how to make me cum. ” Father sat on the edge of the bed, and told Carlie to get on her knees. “Take your hands and gently run them up the sides. Slowly, close your hands over the entire shaft, and stroke up and down. ” Carlie did. “Now, see how my cock is leaking pre-cum, lick it off my head. Then leisurely lower your head to put my cock in your mouth. That feels good…. run your tongue around my head… yup, that’s right. Take the cock out and lick the sides of my cock… yeah, you’re doing it right. Feels so good. Now, see if you can fit a lot of my cock into your mouth and throat. ”At that Carlie pulled away, and said, “But Father, it’s too big.

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       It’ll choke me to death. ”“Suck it Carlie, now. ” She did, her little pigtails bobbing up and down on a little less than half of it. Her childlike hands rubbing the rest. “Carlie, I’m going to cum…. ” he released all of his juices, and down her throat it went, some dripped out of her mouth, but Candi was there to lick them off. “That was good, now lick it clean. ” She did. “I want you to practice again. Charlie get over here. ” “But Father! Candace is just cumming, and Carrie wants me to bang the life out of her ass now. ” “NOW, CHARLIE!!” Charlie removed himself from the girls, and Father took his place. Carlie practiced her newly learned techniques on Charlie, but he wasn’t as easy to make cum, even though he’d been ready to fucking Carrie. After over twenty minutes of patience, Carlie finally made him cum. Soon after, it was time to go to bed, Charlie took Carrie off to his room, and Candace stayed with Candi and Father in their room.

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       Carlie went to her bedroom alone, wondering what tomorrow would bring, if today had been so busy. .