Family love


My name is Jhono and I live with my sister, Ashley and  my Mum, Jen. My father left when I was only young so I know little of him, but I know it had a great effect on mum. Anyways my mum is 41 now, with shoulder length brown hair, nice tanned skin, but has little curves. Her ass in quite small and only has B cups. My sister however is completely different, she’s 1 years older than me at 17, has delicate pale skin, long blonde hair, a very nice set of DD boobs and round curves. I am 16, tanned like my mum, I have short blonde hair, I work out so I have some definition and a large 8-inch penis. I also live with my aunty, Cindie and cousin, Holly. My aunty is 44 and very much like my sister but has a bit more weight but not to much to call her fat. My cousin is 16, my height, tanned and has a very nice ass and even bigger boobs than my sister, which I believe are FF. Her dad died in a car crash a few years ago and she and her mum having been living with us in our two-bedroom apartment. We aren’t rich and only have a small apartment but it is very flash and has a marvellous view of the ocean. We live in the Gold Coast, Queensland so it hot most of the time so we like to swim our apartments pool very often.

It started a few weeks ago when my sister, my cousin and me went for a swim on a hot summers day when our parents were working. It was a Monday morning so no one was at the pool when we arrived. My sister and cousin were wearing matching purple bikini’s that were several sizes too small for them. Their boobs were almost completely viewable except for a small piece of material that covered their nipples and the bottoms left nothing to the imagination.

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   Their ass was completely visible, even the crack and their pussy and clitoris were just hidden but pubes stuck out their sides. I felt myself getting a hard on and sat at a pool chair to hide it as my sister and cousin jumped into the pool.  ‘Aren’t you coming in!’ my sister yelled at me as she jumped into the pool. I waited for them both not to be looking as I quickly jumped into the pool.

 We had water fights and just mucked around until the most wonderful thing in the world happened. ‘I reckon I can a front flip into the pool’ announced my cousin. ‘No you can’t’ I quickly answered back. ‘Well I just have to prove you wring then. ’ She proceeded to exit pool, prepared for the jump and did it. However in midair the bikinis could no longer hold the strain and snapped free and sprung across the room. ‘See I told you I could’ answered my cousin. She didn’t even notice her top was missing. ‘ I never doubted you’ said my sister and looked down to my cousin boobs.

Wow, they are even bigger than mine, Bitch! She said in playful voice. My cousin looked down and was very embarrassed.

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   She went to fetch her top but my sister said it wasn’t necessary. My cousin looked mortified at my sister. My sister continued ‘do you think it’s time to bring him in, in our little secret. ’ My cousin looked at my sister seductively and just nodded and proceeded to swim over to my sister and remove her bikini top.

She moved up to my sisters eye level and began too make out with her. Their tongues were dancing around each other, giving me the stiffest hard on ever. My sister broke the kiss and moved down to my cousin’s nipple and placed it on her mouth. She began to suck and lick the nipple as lust filled her body. My cousin had huge areoles that my sister couldn’t fit it all in her mouth. They played for several minutes as I stood their frozen until my sister said we move into the spa to get more comfortable. I was still stuck there until my cousin grabbed my hand and pulled me to the spa. There I sat with two super hot girls, who happened to be my family, sat either side playing with my thighs. They would occasionally lean over to kiss each other, making me even hornier or me. After several minutes of foreplay they began to pull down my pants and they were off before I knew it. My cousin began playing with my huge penis, slowly stroking it up and down, God I needed to cum so bad.

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   My sister kissed me full on the mouth and our tongues intertwined; I grabbed her boob and began massaging it. She moaned into my mouth then I broke the kiss and brought my lips to her nipple. She began moaning even louder as I reached into her bikini bottoms and stroked her clit. My sister gave a loud yelp of pleasure and I moved down and began to finger her pussy. She was tight but not as tight as I had imagined.   Within minutes she was cumming and yelling at the top of her lungs. . We heard noises at the main door so we gathered our clothes and quickly ran up to our room, dripping and still naked we hoped we weren’t going to get caught.

Once at the safety of our room we began to get more physical. We stripped each other of our bathers and dried each other, taking time in the sensitive areas. My cock was bigger than ever before and was hurting from lack of attention. I looked over at my beauties, they were both so sexy and both their nipples were rock hard. We jumped onto the king-size bed and began to make love. My sister began giving me a blowjob as my cousin shoved her huge tit into my mouth. I sucked greedily and began nibbling on it affectionately which was rewarded with a loud yelp.

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   My sister was going hard; it felt so good I questioned whether this was her first blowjob. Her lips were wrapped tight around my cock and she bopped her head up and down, getting almost my entire length down her throat however she didn’t gag. She looked up as if she was reading my mind she said ‘ I was born without a gag reflex. ’ She smiled and continued her work and before long I was a my peak. Oh God I’m Cuuummmmmming!’ I screamed as I ejaculated stream after stream of sperm into her mouth. She drank it quickly without leaking a drop. She kept a mouthful and leaned over to my cousin and made out with her, exchanging the cum.   My sister went down on my cousin, forcing her down on the bed and began massaging one breast while she sucked the other.

My sister went lower and stuck two fingers into my cousin’s pussy and happily flicked her clit with her tongue. My cousin was moaning in ecstasy screaming for more. My sister got three, then four fingers pussy and before long she was cumming. By this time I was hard and ready to go again. I lied back and motioned my sister to climb on top of me. My cousin helped my sister lower herself onto my penis,. Only the head was in and she slowly lowered herself on.

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   I was ready to feel her hymen break but was surprised when I didn’t feel much resistance. ‘ Holly already took my Hymen’ said my sister. ‘Damn it, now whose do I get to take’ I whinged. ‘You can take mine, if you want, asked Holly. ‘Really,’ I replied. ‘I love you so much. ’ I then began slowly fucking my sister, until my sister called me a pussy and said to really fuck her, so then I sped up. My cousin planted her pussy in my face and I happily licked the juices leaking from it and embraced the scent. I was a little unsure of what I was doing but felt more encouraged from the moans from my cousin. I continued fucking her with my tongue and rubbing her clit with one hand and massaging one of her breasts with the other. Before long I was on the urge to cumming, my sister sensed this. She stopped. ‘ You can’t cum in my pussy or I’ll get pregnant but you can come in my ass,’ My sister explained before I could talk . She turned around and positioned my cock at her butt hole. At this same time my cousin’s pussy was suffocating me as she ground it deeper into my face as she was on the urge of cumming.

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   ‘Oh, shhiit, I’m cuummming my cousin screamed as she started to orgasm.   She then did something that shocked me, she began squirting all over my face, the bed and my sister. At first I thought she was peeing but soon realised she was ejaculating, like some girls do. This amazing performance had pushed my sister over the edge and she to came. Her butt muscles clenched tighter around my cock, which was too much for me to handle, and I began cumming. I shot more sperm than I ever have into my sister’s butt and after I calmed down, she climbed of my penis. Cum starting oozing from her but and this gave holly an idea. She rolled Ashley onto her stomach and began sucking the cum from her ass and giving her some via a French kiss. I lay there I thought how cool my life was going to be from know on.