Family Love Part 3


I awoke to my mum and aunty rushing around the kitchen, eating their toast while they finished packing and several other things all at once. I watched them, especially my auntie, whose huge boobs were swaying side to side as she moved quickly around. I soon discovered I was being aroused by this and there stood a tent under my quilt but luckily they were behind the couch and were oblivious to my hardness. Ashley and Holly came out of their bedroom, wearing dressing gowns; I knew however that they wore only underwear underneath. Holly looked down at me and saw me staring at her mom and the hard on it was producing. I looked at her and was embarrassed but she just seductively winked at me and whispered to me that I was a dirty little bastard.

‘Okay guys, we are leaving now, there is 300 dollars in on the counter which you can use for food and 500 dollars in my bedroom for emergencies only, okay. ’ Informed my mother.

‘You guys be good and I don’t want to come home to see this apartment trashed, so just behave. ’  Said my aunt and then they were off. Holly walked up to the window and opened the curtain to reveal an amazing view of the Coast and city.

‘This two weeks is going to be the best ever,’ exclaimed my sister.

‘I know, we are going to parental supervision free, which means we can do what ever we want. ’ Holly said seductively as she walked over to me slowly, removing her dressing gown on the way. Her body was perfect, her golden brown skin shined in the sunlight and her boobs swayed and almost ripped her lace bra in two. She climbed on top of my legs and placed her hand under the sheets and on my rock hard member.

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   We began to kiss eachother, slowly at first but soon we became more rapid and rough. She slowly rubbed my penis up and down; all the while I was kneading her boobs that I could not fit all in one hand. I then pulled away.

‘Where the hell do you think you going, buddy. ’ Exclaimed my angry cousin.

‘Haven’t you learnt anything from movies, whenever the parents leave the children alone for a while they always return shortly after they leave for they have forgotten something. ’ I explained. It took a while but Holly climbed off me, angrily, and then lead my sister into the bedroom saying they had to get dressed.   I to thought that was a good idea and put on some shorts and a singlet and heard a noise at the door. It was my mother.

‘Did you forget something?’ I said, surprised.

‘You know me too well,’ she said and walked into her bedroom. She walked out several minutes later.

‘What did you forget?’ I asked

‘Nothing, no nothing important anyway, well I’m in a rush so see ya,’ she said and kissed me on the cheek while hiding something behind her back that was purple from the glimpse I saw off it before she hurried out the door. Holly both walked out wearing, tight sport shorts and singlet which stopped before there belly buttons.

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‘Who was that?’ they asked in unison

‘It was mom so it was lucky I called that off or we might of got caught and the whole fortnight would off been ruined. ’ I replied.

‘Okay, I’m sorry that I lack your wisdom,’ holly said sarcastically.

We sat on the couch and watched TV for an hour, enough time to now for sure that our mothers wouldn’t be popping through the door at any moment.

‘Hey guys,’ my sister said to gain our attention. ‘I’m craving a good fucking and I’m sure we have waited long enough so can we get on with it. ’ Holly and I agreed and went down on my sister. I ripped of her top and bra to reveal her perfect, pale boobs and huge areoles and erect nipples, I began to massage it and make out with my sister at the same time.

Our tongues danced around each others, as we swapped saliva. I eventually broke the kiss and placed kisses all over my sister’s neck, making my way up to her ear, nibbling on her earlobe. I ventured further into her ear and stuck it inside her ear as far as I could go. I was rewarded with yelps of pleasure. I continued this for a while then made my way down. I sucked on her neck and kissed around her collarbone then finally reaching her boobs. My sister began to shake uncontrollably and I looked down to see my cousin had pulled down her shorts and panties and was giving her the best pussy licking of her life.

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   She stuck three fingers in her pussy and pulled in and out as fast as she could while licking, sucking and nibbling her clit. She would occasionally swap and tongue fuck her pussy and rub her clit. She licked further down and licked around the rim of her bum hole then slowly inserted the tip of her tongue inside. She experimented around and was happy to watch but was alerted by my sister to continue. I licked around her areoles slowly, putting my sister through torture. She yelled and protested that I was to hurry up but I continued my slow pace. I finally made it to her nipple and began to suck hard. I massaged the other boob with one of my hands and continued to suck on her boob. I then began to nibble it and flick it with my tongue.

‘Oh fuck, I think I am going to cum very soon!’ ’Yelled my sister.

‘Hey sis, I have an idea. Do you want to titty fuck. ’ I asked. My sister quickly agreed. I climbed on top of her and sat on stomach, just bellow her boobs.

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   I got some saliva and lubed up my penis and placed it between her tits. I began slapping them, each time hearing a loud slap. I soon got bored and pushed her massive boobs together and placed my penis at the opening at the base of her boobs. I began thrusting, slowly at first but picking up speed. I stopped as my sister started shaking and went through her orgasm

‘Fuuuucccckkkk mmmmmeeeeeeeee!’ she screamed as she was hit by a wave of pleasure. After a minute or two she calmed down and I continued fucking her tits. My cousin removed herself from my sisters pussy and climbed onto the couch. She stood on all fours, facing me with her tits dangling in my sister’s face and her face on the other side of my sister’s boobs. She saw that when I thrusted forward that my penis came exposed out of the opening so she placed her mouth there. When I thrusted forward the head of my penis would enter my cousin’s mouth. I moved faster and harder, needing to come. And after 5 minutes of fucking my sister’s boobs and my cousin’s mouth I eventually came hard in Holly’s mouth. I came so hard; shooting seven loads of hot, salty cum into a warm, wet mouth.

Once I had unloaded all my cum, Holly moved back, so she was face to face with my sister and opened her mouth to allow cumm to fall into Ashley’s awaiting mouth. They then started to make out exchanging cum and saliva.

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   I collapsed on the sofa bed naked, They both snuggled up to me, their boobs laying on my chest and their nipples touching. We all started kissing until we finally fell asleep.

We awoke around 4 o’clock that afternoon; the intense sessions had really taken it out of us. I was lying on the sofa bed with a sheet covering from my stomach down. I felt cold hands playing with my penis and soft boobs on my chest . I leant of to Ashley and we exchanged a long, deep kiss. Our tongues fought each other in mouths. My cousin joined in and I became a three-way kiss. Our mouths were open as wide as possible, our tongues explore different mouths then changing, find ing warm tongues to rub up against.  

‘Who wants some pizza?’ Holly asked.

Yes please, I’m starving.

’ Replied my sister quickly. We ordered the two pizza’s and the lady said it would take around twenty minutes. We laid on the  sofa bed, cuddling one another, still naked. We chatted about what we were going to do for the two weeks of freedom we had.

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   Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rung.

‘Oh shit, quick help me put my clothes on my!’ Cousin yelled.

No wait, do it naked and see if you can get it for free. ’ I suggested. My cousin walked nervously to the door and opened it. There stood a lanky teenage boy covered in pimples and had shoulder length blonde hair.

‘That’s one large pepperoni pizza and,’ the pizza guy stopped mid sentence as he was shocked to see this beautiful tanned girl in front of him, completely naked. He stuttered but couldn’t find the words as he stared at my cousin’s perfect FF boobs. My sister and I watched eagerly from the couch, hardly being able to contain our laughter.

‘Well thanks. ’ Holly said as grabbed the pizza’s

‘That will be, ah, ah 18 ah, ah 50 thanks. ’ Asked the pizza guy

‘Well you see, I don’t have the money but to pay for them I will let you play with my boobs. ’ Replied Holly. The pizza guy shook his head in agreement and began to touch her boobs. He grabbed one in each hand and began massaging them.

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   By now he had a major hard-on. He continued playing and pinched the nipple.

“You can suck them if you like?’ asked my cousin. The pizza guy had his mouth on them before she had finished her sentence. He licked and flicked her nipple with his tongue before sticking the entire nipple I his mouth.

‘Thanks for the pizzas. ’ Said my cousin as she pushed him out the door and shut it. My sister and I burst out laughing and congratulated her on her seduction skills. We ate the pizza quickly before heading into our parents room, which was usually of bounds but there was no one stop us then.

They had one huge bed, I believe it is custom made because it is much bigger than a king size. We climbed onto the bed, still naked from earlier and began the foreplay. My cousin pushed me forcefully onto my back before climbing on top of me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stuck her tongue down my throat. I grabbed her ass, a hand on each ass cheek and grinded my waist into hers. Her hard nipples stuck into my chest and her legs wrapped around one of mine.

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   We were so caught in the moment that we didn’t even notice that my sister had left. She whispered into my ear.

‘I want you to take my hymen. ’

‘Yes please, but are you sure that you want me to take it?’ I asked

‘Yes, I love you and Ashley more than anyone else, I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking it. ’ She replied. We deeply kissed in each others embrace and grinded our hips together. I turned her over and we laid in a missionary position.   She grabbed my cock in her cold hands and guided it towards her entrance. My head pushed against her opening and I gave her long passionate kiss.

‘Do it quick, don’t go slow, I just want to skip the pain early on and the rest of our fuck to be pure pleasure. ’ She explained. I prepared myself then thrust forward with all might, getting my long member all the way in. My cousin screamed in agony as she clutched at my back. Blood began to leek out her vagina, and my penis felt as if it was losing circulation due to her tightness. As she loosened up and seemed to be in less pain and pulled out then pushed back in.

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   My cousin grunted several times but soon the pain had stopped and she was experiencing the most amount of pleasure ever in her life. We squeezed each other tight as we both thrusted our hips together. We began to make out, pressing our tongues together hard. We began reaching our climaxes and fucked even more urgently. ‘Fuck, yes keeping going, I’m almost there, all my God!’ My cousin screamed as she began squirting all over the place. She had pushed me over the edge with her juices squirting along my penis.

‘Oh God, I’m going to cum. ’ I yelled.

‘Stay inside of me, fill my womb with your sperm, make me pregnant. ’ My cousin yelled back. I couldn’t hold back and I felt the hot rush in my penis as I squirted deep in her womb, covering it with squirt after squirt of cum. We rolled over, keeping my penis inside her, and she lay on top of me. She moved down, rested her head on my chest and pulled the quilt up over our bodies.

We awoke several hours later to the shuffling of the quilt, we both scared ourselves thinking it was our parents but soon remembered that weren’t here and that it was only Ashley. She snuggled up to me, wrapped her legs around one of mine and we all fell asleep.

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