Family Love part 2


I awoke lying on my sister’s and cousins bed with both if their naked lying on top of mine. I heard the door open and instantly knew my aunty and mum were home. I quickly grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom to pretend I was having a shower as Ashley and Holly but their clothes on. I turned on the shower and jumped in. It was a refreshing sensation and I rubbed my sisters and cousins cum off my body. Once I was out my mother told me that we were going out for tea and to get ready. I put on one of my best outfits and waited on the couch for the girls. After what seemed hours they were finally ready. My sister and cousin looked amazing, both wearing short cocktail dresses that showed off their curves nicely. Their boobs were almost bursting out which gave me a massive boner but was lucky I was wearing jeans so I could hide it.

We lived in the city so there were many restaurants within walking distance. Once we found one that we liked we got a table and ordered our food. Our parents generally talked to each other and we talked amongst ourselves, with my sister on one side and my cousin on the other. They continuously whispered dirty comments into my ear and rubbed my thigh under the table. After everyone had finished we headed back to apartment and got ready for bed. My mum and aunt share a room and so do my sister and cousin while I must sleep on our sofa bed.

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   That night I wanked to the images of my sister and cousin, holding each other, kissing and licking each other’s pussies. Once I had finished one of the best wanks in my life I discovered I was not the only one having a good time as I heard moaning coming from my sisters bedroom.

I awoke the next morning to find my mother and aunty already at work and Ashley and Holly in shower together. I opened the door to the bathroom and stripped down and entered the shower. I was surprised to see my sister up against the wall, moaning in ecstasy as my cousin ravaged her pussy with the handle of a hairbrush. I snuck up behind my cousin and rubbed my semi hard cock against her bum. She turned around and stared at me then gave me full on kiss with our tongues dancing around each other’s then she returned to my sister. “Oh, is that all I get,” I complained “well if you want, you can stick it in my ass while I work on your sister,” replied Holly. I happily obliged and grabbed my rock hard cock and pressed it against my cousin’s asshole. I applied slight pressure until my head popped in. My cousin was way tighter then my sister but I slowly added more pressure until my entire shaft was in her ass.

I moved back and forth, pulling almost the entire way out then slowly back in. I gained speed and before long she had loosened up and I was fucking her with all my might. She was moaning loud now I noticed that she had stopped fucking my sister but was getting her pussy licked by her.   My sister licked the entire length of her pussy and sometimes to her ass and gave my shaft a little lick.

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   My cousin was in heaven and couldn’t hold back much longer. ‘Fuuuuuuccccckkkk Mmmeeeee, oh yes I’m cuuuuummmming,” she screamed as she squirted all over my sisters face. She leaned on the wall for support as I finished off. My sister placed one of balls in her mouth and began sucking on it. This pushed me over the edge as I came deep in my cousin ass.

We cleaned ourselves of each other’s cum and dried each other and put some clothes on.   It was a very hot day, too hot to go outside, just hiding in the shade trying to avoid the heat but it was unavoidable. Our air-conditioning was shit and did nothing. “How about we just take of our clothes,” suggested my sister. We both agreed and took each other’s clothes off until we were in nothing but underwear. My cousin wore black lace underwear and bra while my sister wore purple lace underwear and a bra in which you could se her perky nipples through. This gave me a massive hard on which was quite visible through my briefs.   We went and sat on the couch and watched TV. Both them cuddled up to me and I held them close. TV become boring and we began to talk.

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   Mainly about school and work until I asked how they first had sex. ‘

It was a stormy night, and lightning filled my sisters and cousins ears. My cousin snuggled up to my sister, as she had always been afraid of storms. They both only wore underwear to bed so their skin rubbed up against each others. Ashley tried to get to sleep but couldn’t help but notice her cousin’s big boobs getting pushed up against her. This slightly aroused but she quickly dismissed the idea of incest. The thunder got louder and Ashley noticed the Holly held her closer and tighter. She moved position so they were facing each other, their legs intertwined and boobs squashed together. The storm later stopped and Ashley was about to move when her cousin stopped her. “Can you still hold me, I’m quite cold and don’t want to have to get up and put clothes on and your body is keeping me warm.

” Asked Holly. Ashley agreed and stayed in that position. Ashley went to sleep but was awoken hours later to her cousin rubbing her pussy up and down her legs. “What are you doing,” asked Ashley. Holly quickly moved, as she was ashamed.

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   “Why were you doing that while I was asleep when I could be helping you,” said Ashley. Holly turned around surprised but was even more surprised when her cousin gave her a deep and passionate kiss. They just laid there for almost 18 minutes, intertwining their tongues until Ashley broke the kiss. She moved down lower and removed her cousin’s panties. She could feel the heat coming from her cousin’s pussy and slowly took her clit into her mouth. She flicked it with her tongue and entered a finger into her pussy. She become more violent as she moved her finger quicker out of her cousin’s pussy and licked her clit. Soon Holly was screaming in ecstasy but a pillow muffled the sound out. Ashley licked up her cousin’s juices and exchanged it with her cousin via a French kiss. Ashley collapsed on top of her cousin; they lay there hugging, with one of Holly’s nipples in her cousin’s mouth.

 After the story I just stood there shocked but highly aroused also. “So how long have you been doing this for,” I asked “Almost two months now,” replied my cousin. “And you do it every night, like last night,” I asked. “ Well most nights, but we didn’t do it last night, we were to worn out,” My sister replied. “ But if you didn’t do it that means it was mum and Aunty Cindie,” I stated “They wouldn’t, would they,” asked Ashley “ Well they were always close and if we did it together, they might of too,” said Holly.

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   We stood there awestruck by our discovery. We went into our parents’ room just to be sure. We found several dildos but they could have used that to masturbate but were sure of our theory when we found a strap on. “ They must be having sex, why else would they have a strap on. ,” I said. My sister and cousin agreed with me and we stood there still shocked that we weren’t the only ones who had a incest relationship.

Later that night our parents returned back from work with the best of news. “We both need to go to Sydney for two weeks for work. ” They told us together. They didn’t get into too much detail but all I was thinking of was two weeks, without parental supervision and sexy sister and cousin who I was having sex with. They would have to leave tomorrow morning for their flight. They began to pack their things and we discussed what we were going to do this two weeks. “ Well we have to go to the theme parks and also go to the beach in the time we aren’t having sex,” suggested my sister. We went to sleep early that night, just wanting it to be tomorrow morning already. To be continued.

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