Family life down on the farm


Mom woke us up one morning during the summer vacation and said that her sister Barbara had been involved in an accident and she was going to drive to Centerville to see her. She told me that  I would have to keep an eye on my little brother and fix us something to eat while she was gone. She told me to feed the animals and run the dirty clothes through the washer and dryer. I told her that Tommy and I would be alright alone and that if anything went wrong, I would call the neighbor lady at the farm down the road from us. By the time Mom had packed a few things and left it was getting hot, so I went to my room and pulled on my shorts and a teeshirt, leaving my bra off for comfort. As I looked in my mirror, I could see my nipples pushing against the teeshirt. I reached under the shirt and pinched them a couple of times to watch them get even harder. After slipping on my sneakers, I went to the kitchen to clean up the breakfast dishes. My brother was coming out of his room in just a pair of last year’s gym shorts. He had grown a lot since the beginning of the school year and his shorts were a little tight but okay for working around our little farm. As soon as he went towards the barn to clear out the stall where our old mare stayed, I reached into my pocket and opened the case containing my birth control pills. I put one in my mouth and washed it down with a last swallow of milk before starting the dishes.
By the time I was done doing the dishes, my teeshirt was soaking wet from sweat. The front of the shirt clung to my breasts like a second skin. I walked down the hall to my room, stripping the wet shirt as I went. I looked in the mirror as I reached in the drawer for a dry shirt.

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   My breasts were firm and good sized for my fifteen years. I fondled them, thinking of how it felt when my boyfriend had done the same thing. The nipples were hard as rocks. As I thought of David’s hands on me, I slipped a hand into the front of my shorts and worked a finger into my slit. David had not gotten around to taking my virginity yet but had explored every inch of me with his strong hands. The birth control pills had been prescribed to regulate my periods but I was relieved that they would protect me from pregnancy, should David get around to doing it with me. I had already given him a blowjob on more than one occasion and looked forward to him putting his cock inside me. One time, when we were at a drive in movie together, he had kissed my pubic mound and almost worked up the nerve to lick my pussy but he was just too bashful to try it.
I snapped out of my daydream and pulled the dry shirt over my head and straightened it out. I turned and headed outside to see what Tommy was up to out in the barn. I walked out through the back yard and opened the side door to the barn. I was shocked to see Tommy standing in the barn, his shorts thrown across a barrel. He was stroking his cock, which was pretty big for his age. I hadn’t even thought of him being old enough to get a hard on. He turned away, trying to hide his nakedness.

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   He stuttered and stammered a minute, accusing me of spying on him. I told him to relax and this would be our secret. As he reached for his shorts, I told him to leave them off and I would take mine off too if he wanted. He turned red in the face and told me he had never seen a naked girl before. I reached down and took the hem of my tee shirt in my hands and lifted it over my head, tossing it beside his shorts. I had walked up and was only about eight feet from him. His eyes were glued to my breasts as I put my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and started to slid them down over my hips. I stepped out of them and stood in just my thin pink panties and sneakers. I held my hands straight out to the sides and told him to take my panties off if he wanted to see the rest of me. He stepped forward, seeming to forget he had a raging hardon. He reached down and slid the thin nylon bikinis off my hips and started over my buttocks. My blonde bush came into view and he just stared. I told him to take them all the way off. He slipped them down and I stepped out of them and stood naked before him. I spread my legs apart and told him to look close at my pussy.

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   I then took his hand and placed it on my soft blonde bush, letting him rub and feel it. His touch was making me damp and I told him to slip a finger inside my slit. As he did, I reached out and took hold of his cock, stroking it slowly. I decided that it was far too dirty in the barn for us to go further and suggested we go to the house. I told him that no one could see us and that we could just walk naked to the house.
He grabbed up our clothes and followed me through the back yard to the kitchen door. As we walked through the yard, I let my hips sway to give him a good show. When we opened the door to the kitchen, I could feel the heat inside the house and told him we could just sit on the back porch in the big lounge chair mom used to relax in. I lay back on the lounger an told him to come sit beside me. As I settled back, I parted my legs, giving him a good view of my pussy. I told him to put his finger in it. He probed a little till his finger slipped easily inside. I raised my hips towards him, wanting him to probe deeper. He seemed to get the hint and soon was fingerfucking me. While his finger was going in and out of my wet pussy, my fingers were rubbing my clit, bringing me close to an orgasm.

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   My free hand found his erect cock and began stroking it. As much as I was enjoying his fingering me, I pushed him away far enough to lean down and pop his throbbing cock into my mouth. It only took  few strokes and he suddenly erupted into a volcano of hot sperm. I continued to suck him until he was drained. He was out of breath and could hardly say anything. I spread my legs wide and told him it was his turn. I told him to use his tongue like he had been doing with his finger. Even my boyfriend had never actually put his tongue inside of me. Tommy took to it like a natural. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and began eating my hot pussy. I spread my lips for him and showed him where my clit was and told him to suck on it but to be gentle. My hips began to rock and I held his head to my pussy while he sucked and licked until I suddenly exploded in the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.
After I had rested a few minutes, I told him to climb on top of me facing my feet so we could do it together at the same time. In minutes, he was fucking my mouth as he lapped up my pussy juices like a puppy at a milk bowl. I hooked my feet over his shoulders and held him tight as he ate me out even better than his first time.

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   We both exploded in orgasm almost perfectly timed together. This time, I sucked him dry, swallowing every drop of the salty fluid.
We repeated this several times that day and well into the night before going off to sleep in my bed wrapped in each other’s arms. Sometime during the night, I felt him nuzzling my breasts, then begin to suck on them as if he were trying to nurse. I held each one up to his mouth so he could find them in the darkness. While he was sucking my nipples, I reached down and slowly began to stroke his hard cock. I stopped him from sucking my breasts long enough to lean down and take his load into my mouth once again.
Early the next morning, I was awakened by the telephone ringing. It was Mom asking if we were doing okay. She told me that Aunt Barb was doing okay, but she might stay an extra day. I assured her we would be okay and told her to take her time and tell Aunt Barb hello from us. Tommy also had been awakened by the phone and wandered into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. After eating, He went to the barn and fed the horse and the dogs, then headed back for the house for some more of our sexual encounters. While he was out in the barn, I had cleared away the breakfast dishes and taken my pill, then headed up for a shower to clean up from the night before.
As I was toweling off after my shower, I looked at myself in the mirror.

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   There seemed to be a new glow about me and I reached down and slowly worked a finger into my slit. It seemed a little more sensitive to my touch than in the past and I soon was feeling myself nearing an orgasm. I decided to save it for my brother. I turned and walked down the stairs and into the living room. Tommy was just coming in from the barn and said he should also get a shower. I was naked on the couch and told him to hurry.
After Tommy finished his shower, we went out and lay on a blanket stretched out on the back yard. He began running his hands up and down my body, occasionally leaning over to suck on a breast or kiss my tummy. I was becoming more and more filled with desire as he covered my naked body with his kisses. He rose to his knees and positioned himself between my legs so he could knead both my breasts. As he did, his cock brushed against my wet slit. My first reaction was to tense up, thinking to myself that this was my brother and I couldn’t let him do what seemed inevitable. As he continued rubbing my wet pussy with his cock, I relaxed and began to enjoy the feeling. My boyfriend had never gone this far before but the feeling was really becoming intense. I had never had a boy inside me before but I had used a dildo once borrowed from a school mate and torn away the membrane barring entry.

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I felt Tommy’s hard cock pressing against my swollen labia, then slowly push my lips apart and start to enter me. For an instant, I tensed then relaxed as Tommy slowly sank his cock inside me. I could feel the shaft pushing its way in until I felt his cock go as far in as he could reach. I held tight to it with my vaginal muscles as he began to slowly withdraw. He then began to move in and out of my vagina, slowly at first, then gaining speed. I cautioned him to slow down so he wouldn’t come until I was ready. I put my hands on his buttocks and pulled him closer, forcing him deeper. I then put a hand on my mound and began massaging my clit as he continued to fuck me. While he was, he kept wanting to pound his cock into me hard and fast but I kept telling him to go slow. I could feel the orgasm begin to build inside me. While he slowly pumped my pussy, I wrapped my legs around him and held him closer as my orgasm built. Just as I reached my peak, he groaned and began pumping my pussy full of his sperm. I could feel the warm fluid spreading through me as I was overcome by the intensity of my orgasm. My hips rocked as my chest heaved while I rode wave after wave of passion. As I came down off my orgasm, I realized that my little brother had just fucked me, a first for both of us.

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   As he slumped onto my sweaty body, I held him inside me as long as I could. We exchanged passionate kisses, our tongues probing each others’ mouths. I suddenly realized that it was getting late and the shadows were growing longer. We had spent the biggest part of the day having wonderful sex.
Tommy lay still on top of me until I felt his cock growing stiff again. He started moving in and out slowly as his erection grew. In minutes, he was fully erect and I grabbed his buttocks, telling him to fuck me and to fuck me hard. He pounded my sex starved pussy hard and fast, ramming his cock as deep as he could. With a few extra hard strokes, Tommy erupted into another stream of sperm, flooding me. The huge volume of sperm from both climaxes began to run down the crack of my ass and flowed onto the blanket. He slowly pulled his semi erect cock from my pussy. I urged him to turn around so I could lick the sperm off his shaft. He lowered his cock into my mouth and, as I began licking him clean, lowered his face to my sperm covered pussy and started licking me clean, running his tongue up and down the length of my ass and pausing to flick his tongue into my rectum. He slowly sank the length of his tongue into my ass. This was a feeling I had never had before but would not forget.

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   He had watched me rubbing my clit earlier and was doing it while licking my ass. During this time, I sensed that someone was watching us and raised my head to look around.
My heart stopped as I saw Mom standing at the back corner of the house, partially hidden by the big bushes. She had been watching us for quite some time and had a perfect view of what we were doing. I thought for sure we were both in more trouble than we could ever get out of. I pushed Tommy away from me and stood facing Mom. As I stood up, I could see that Mom had slipped a hand into her shorts and was obviously fingering herself. She stepped out from the bushes and walked over to where Tommy and I were on the blanket. Mom looked down at Tommy and said,” Well, Tommy, it looks as if Mommy’s little guy has grown up. Stand up here and let me look at what you’ve been hiding!” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing. Mom reached down and grabbed Tommy’s cock, running her hand up and down the length of it. She looked over at me and said she hoped I had taught him well. Mom let go of his cock and pulled her polo shirt up over her head, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her Breasts were larger than mine but every bit as firm. She could easily have passed the “pencil test”.

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   Her nipples were twice the size of my own. She slid her shorts off her hips and then her black bikini panties. They had barely covered her hair covered mound and now Tommy and I both had a perfect view of her reddish brown patch of hair. She kicked off her sandals and stood totally naked before us. She looked at me, saying that this was the first time she had seen me totally nude in a couple of years and she liked what she saw. She walked up to me and held one of my breasts in her hand and gently squeezed. A shiver went through me as my mother pinched my nipple. I stood still in total amazement as she bent down and put her full lips on my breast and sucked lightly, then ran her tongue around my nipple. She looked down at me and asked if I had ever been with any of the girls from school. She smiled when I answered no and pulled my head close, putting her Dark nipple right to my mouth. She told me to suck on it, which I did after hesitating a moment. Her hand went down and found my still wet pussy. Mom then probed a finger inside me and found my clit. She rolled it between her fingers, driving me almost insane with desire. She remarked that Tommy had done a poor job of cleaning me up after our fucking and added that she might have to do something about it.


   Mom walked through the grass to the outstretched blanket and lay on her back. She told me to come sit over her face, so she could show me how a woman eats pussy. I knelt over her shoulders and lowered myself until Mom’s tongue began to flick against my pussylips. She was much more patient than Tommy had been, slowly working her tongue inside me. I had no idea that Mom had been into sex with other women. Her tongue brought me within seconds of an orgasm and then she would back off, prolonging the effect. Tommy had felt a little left out by watching us and knelt between Mom’s legs and began to lick her pussy. Mom would occasionally tell him to lick a certain way or have him suck on her clit. She kept working her hips and eating my pussy until I heard her moan as he orgasmed and then brought me to a thunderous one of my own. I moved my body forward, away from her face and heard her tell Tommy to fuck her and fuck her hard.
Tommy had been on his knees eating her pussy and adjusted his position until his cock was against her hot pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock on her juices and then buried his cock to the hilt in her pussy. He held her by the ankles with her legs spread wide and plowed in and out of the pussy that had given him birth a little over a decade ago. After having fucked me, he knew what to expect and was slamming his cock in and out of her like a piston. She began to rock her hips violently saying “ Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck your mother! Fuck me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-“ until she exploded into orgasm.

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   Her body shook from one end to the other as Tommy pumped his hot sperm into her. It was as if he was trying to flood Mom. I made note of the fact that she had waited until Tommy was just beginning to come and then rammed a finger deep inside his ass, making him come even harder. I made a mental note of that to ask Mom about later.
After Tommy was completely drained, he rolled to one side and lay still, trying to breathe normally. Mom looked at me and told me I should go down on her and clean Tommy’s come from her pussy. At first I hesitated, but the sight of Mom’s come drenched pussy was inviting, so I leaned down and wrapped my arms around her legs and cautiously licked at her. The taste of Tommy’s sperm was mixed with her own body fluids and made a sweet mixture. I hungrily started lapping at her freshly fucked pussy. Mom reached down and guided me as to where and how to lick her. As I was busy sucking my mother’s pussy dry, I felt Tommy come up behind me and start rubbing my pussy. I then felt the head of his cock slipping inside me as he grabbed my hips and began pounding me. Each thrust of his cock felt like a huge ram slamming into me. I was amazed as the force he was using to fuck me. I couldn’t believe this was my little brother until I turned to look.

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   Just as Mom began her orgasm, Tommy filled me with hot sperm. He kept thrusting until he was spent, then rolled off to the side and watched me suck my Mother’s pussy without stopping until she was completely exhausted.
I took notice that it had gotten almost completely dark by the time we were all done and lay in a heap on the blanket. We lay there resting until it was almost midnight, then picked up the blanket and tossed it onto the porch and went inside. We went up to the bathroom and climbed in the shower together, soaping each other down completely, then allowing the steamy hot water to rinse us clean. Mom suggested we grab a bite to eat, then sit together and watch a movie on television. She surprised us by bringing out a stack of porn movies covering almost everything we had done that day. We sat and watched a couple of those and ended up in Mom’s big king sized bed, fucking and sucking until we finally passed out from exhaustion.
After that initial time, the three of us had sex regularly. Even after I had graduated from college and Tommy graduated high school, we kept up our three-way exploits. Tommy and I dated outside of our little circle so that the kids we were growing up around wouldn’t get the idea that we were anything but a big happy family. Tommy graduated from college and took a job in a big city near here. To look at him, you would never know we were brother and sister. He is bigger that me, despite our age difference and we bear only a very slight resemblance to each other. I look like a younger version of Mom and Tommy has always resembled our dad.

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   Tommy convinced me to move to the city with him, where we live as husband and wife and even our closest neighbors have no idea we are siblings. Mom comes to visit several times a year and we have a real great reunion, fucking and sucking until Mom goes back home to her new husband.

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