family incest


Topic: my first time in many ways Im the youngest of 8 and was the only boy, we lived in a three bed roomed house and as I was the only boy I had to share with my mum and dad. Dad put a black curtain up at one side of the bedroom just big enough for my bunk beds, but as theses were pass downs they only had one bed. I learned from a very early age the sounds of sex. Many nights I would lay away and listen to them what I now know was amongst other things fucking. Some nights it was just soft whispers other nights I heard more swearing than what I heard years later on the building site.
As I grew older and started to listen I got very confused about things, one night she would want him so bad I could hear her begging please fuck me please. Then other nights it would be o fuck just slap it in and get on with it. Or just wank and leave me alone. As the years went by I started to sneak a look round the curtain and saw my mum naked many times. Her big tits slapping about as she rode him or as he fucked her doggy, I would also watch when I heard him begging to fuck her arse I wanted to know why this was so important to him. And I sat there many nights watching him shoot his cum all over her and her giving him blow jobs. Then one night I saw him wanking, she had turned him down and told him to wank. I wanted to know what this was so I watched, I saw the faces he pulled as he pulled on his dick, then the begging again as he asked if he could cum on her, the relief on his face as he shoot his white stuff all over her back and then would lick it off. I was soon wanking every time I got chance I loved it ( I will not talk of ages as this may offend some)
Then one day she had to go into hospital and was in four weeks, even then she went into a convalescing home before moving in with her sister to look after her.

 All in all she was away for 18 week I later found out. What amazed me was the first night she was away I heard the voices and someone shouting something like, fuck yes I love your dick.

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   I peaked round the curtain and saw my dad fucking one of my sisters. And boy was she loving it. Over the weeks I saw he fuck all my sisters hey where his little whores he said and they would do anything for him, he never had to beg  then like he did my mum some night he would have two of them in with him.
I saw him fuck their pussies, arses, tits and mouths and I would wank for England. One night I went to bed and the curtain had been pulled back, he looked and me and said if we have to listen to you wank we may as well see you and you us. That night I lay on his bed while he fucked my sister, as I was getting hard I felt his hand on my dick, I froze at first but soon relaxed as he was so much better at it than me. After he had fucked her and made me cum she went to bed and I got up too but he said stay its ok. We talked for a while and he let me touch his dick then I asked him what it was like to do what he did to the girls. He turned me on my side and put his dick between my legs and told me to clamp down hard he squirted some oil between my legs and then fucked my legs when he cum his spunk (that’s what he called it) shoot out of the front and hit my balls. This was the started of many things to come in my incestuous family. Things that still go on today with some of us, and I don’t regret a second of it.
Maybe I should write more of my adventures only change the ages so not to offend