Family Incest- True Story


After telling my story to all my friends and one Introduce me to this web sit and reading all these storys thought that I had to tell to my story because this is something that only people dream of so here it is TRUE STORY enjoy but hard to write down the picture
My name is paul Im am 23 years old and love Incest and what happen to me shocks me till this day and gets me so hot and horny. Its was in the summer of 2002 and the year I would leave to collage. My parents had a cook out and invite family. It was my mom, dad me and my sister and my uncle and aunt. I never really had a life in school was not to popular but got good grades. I date one girl but sex sucked and she was ok looking. I would always jerk off to my mom panties and think about her. She was pretty hot Spanish 5'6 120 c size. I would catch her sometimes naked in her room. She always wear small clothes and never a bra around the house. I would try so hard to touch her or rub against her. She caught me one day jerkin off but never said anything about it. The day of the cook out my mom and aunt where in the kitchen prepare the food dad and uncle in the back yard getting the cook ready and my sister in the living room watching TV. My Uncle Bill would aways flirt with my mom and sometimes I would catch then kissing. My aunt was white and was very small 5'0 90 and maybe b cup. I never told my dad but I just thought it was nothing.


  As the day went on we enjoy family time and the grown ups where drinking beer. I was in my room that was next to the restroom when my aunt walk by. She was a little drunk and stop by my room. I was on the computer when she stood right next to me. As she talk I would turn and her pussy was right next to me I was getting hard and wanted to jerk off. As she lean forword to get somthing her shirt road up and I could see her panties from her shorts. I was so hard I wanted to try and make a move on her. She ask if she could check her Email so I got up and she sat down. I stood right next to her and my hard on was very noticeable. I would see my aunt looking at it from the corner of her eyes. I was so turn on that I just started to rub on it a little. I touch it and slowly move it around I saw my aunt just look at it.  I was there my Incest with my aunt I turn around to check if anybody was coming and when I turn back my aunt was just glued to my hand on my cock. She got up and need to use the restroom. I rub up against her so she could feel my hard on.

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   As she went by I huged her from behide and press my cock against her ass. I felt her press against me and she walk out shacking her head.  My plan was to get my aunt tonight. I pull my cock out and started to feel the warm and precum from my cock. I was avr. about 6 inchs and felt pretty cool about touching myself. I walk over to the door to the bathroom and could hear my aunt peeing I had my cock out and was slowly jerking off. I could hear every one in the back yard and know I had some time. I went back in my room and got inside my walking closet and took off my clothes. I wait to here the bathroom door open and stood looking straight at the hallway when my aunt pass by I made a noise and she look in. Her eyes open wide to see me just looking at her naked and jerking off she turn around to see anyone was coming and got right in the door way. Show me paul show me your cock coming from jerking off. I got caught up in myself that I just said show me your pussy aunt peggy. With this she turn around to see if any one was coming and pull her shorts down to see her white panties and the dark patch under them. My uncle was real big into sex made my aunt get her bellybutton pierce.

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   I remember my sister telling me that Uncle bill made her wear thong and sometime go pantyless. My aunt look down at her pussy and rub her hand on it. You want to fuck me dont you paul you want to feel your aunts pussy juices on your cock you lick my nipples and suck on them paul. Yes aunt peggy I will give this cock in your pussy so you cam feel me load you with this young and cream cum. Her hand went to her mouth licking her wet fingers and with the other hand dig into her pussy paul Im so wet I want your cock in me so bad, feel so good I bet in my pussy paul. I started to walk and she too when we heard my mom come in the house.
    My aunt quickly turn around and went up the hall. I jump in the closet and put my clothes on. I saw my mom pass by and went down the hall to her room. I put all my clothes on and went to the restroom to jerk off. I got to the hallway and went to the bathroom and notice my parents room door open. As I made my way to the room I saw in the mirror in my parents room my mom change clothes. She turn the closet light on and pull down her shorts. My mom was dark skin her and my aunt would fake bake all time. She was pantyless and her bush nice and trimed.

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       I watch as she put on some panties and new short. I went to the bathroom and started to jerk off. I could here them in the back yard. And heard my mom outside I slowly started to think about my aunt socking my cock and playing with her pussy and telling my that she love the taste of my cock. My aunt licking my balls and turn me around so she could rim my ass hole. I was there I shot thick and white loads after loads of cum and was saying Oh aunt pegy feel me cum in your hot pussy tell me you like it tell me you want to clean my cock off  and taste your pussy juices. As I sat on the toilet to catch my breath and to clear my head. I was still going to try and fuck my aunt. I clean up and went to the living room. I talk to my sister and she told me that she was leave to meet some friends and would be stayin at there house. As night came and my sister left the grown ups where in the back yard still drink and talking. My dad was nerdy and really could not drink alot. My mom came in and had to use the restroom. I heard her go to the one in the hallway. Then my dad and aunt came inside and sat at the kitchen table.

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       My uncle still outside. So I went outside to see what he was doing. I do not see him so I walk arould the house. I was shock to see him looking in the bathroom at my mom. I move a little so he could not see me. He was looking around to make sure no one looking and he then pull his cock out and started to jerk off. . . . . . . . . .

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      Part 2 to follow