family incest 6 dad changed


My dad changed when mum come home, my nightly sex with him stopped as he was busy with mum. They fucked all the time, we could watch the first fuck but could not join in until after that first fuck. But most of the time we just watched and played with each other.
He was different with her than with us, he would fuck her silly and there looked to be no love there like there was with us. like one day he came home from work we were all in the room watching tv he got hold of mums hand and pushed her over the table, lifted her skirt with one hand while taking his dick out with the other he pulled her knickers to one side and rammed his dick straight in her cunt no foreplay or warm up. He fucked her hard, really hard, from behind while slapping her ass. Funny thing was from the noise she was making she loved it while to me it looked painful. When he had cum he pulled out turned her over opened her legs and told us all to take turns in licking her while he got the dog.
He was never like that with any of us he always mad sure we were ready for him and even when he was rough it never hurt for more than a few seconds and the pleasure was well worth it.
For my birthday he asked what I wanted to do or see in the bedroom and I could have anything I wanted. Well I had to admit when he was rough with mum it really turned me on and the times he had been rough with me were also a big turn on. So I asked him if he would fuck mums ass rough and then mine he agreed but insisted that we both have gel on first but he would fuck us hard, then I said I wanted to fuck mum while everyone watched he said ok, then he asked if the dog could fuck me while I fucked mum.
fuck my dick was hard as rock I loved the idea. Unknown to anyone I had been wanking and sucking the dog while no one was home and I so wanted it to fuck me, I had seen it fuck all my family now in cunts and arses and I wanted a turn.
So on the day of my birthday (if you want my age leave your email ) he came home from work and told us all to get upstairs, on the way up he ripped mums knickers off by the time we got to the bedroom his dick was out he throw her on the bed and told her to get on all fucking fours.
As she did he opened her ass and put loads of gel on it, then got behind her and rammed his dick all the way home she screamed and said fuck its about time you fucked my ass.

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   but why did you not do it raw, bastard, you know I want it raw, good job Bob fucks me raw . Now this was new Bob was my uncle dad’s brother and we did not know Bob fucked her. We later found out this was a plan to get uncle Bob into our fuck games.
Anyway dad fucked her faster and harder saying Bob dick was not as big or hard as his which she had to say no to. While he was fucking her he ripped the rest of her cloths off, and she was naked her tits swinging, I could not stop myself, I had to touch them. my dad looked at us and said help your selves.
Two of my sisters were to busy with each other so they did not bother but I sucked and licked her tits like mad, dad telling me to suck harder and to bite her tits, I looked and mum and she said yes please love do it. So I did and she loved it and so did I. my dad looked at me ad said her cunt is free suck on that too, I turned under her and got my head between her legs and her twat was dripping after licking and sucking it I wanted to put my hand in her so I did not ask I just did it.
Now with my hand been so small it was like four of dads fingers, so I got my whole hand in her and I felt her grip it with her cunt muscles.
I heard some whispering and felt my sis lifting my ass of the bed, then I felt my mum suck my dick wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooowwwwww what a birthday, I fucked her cunt faster with my arm and felt my dads dick moving in her ass well I soon cum. shooting my little amount of spunk down her throat and she was coming to and she squirted all over my face wowowwow, then I heard her shout omg and I got wet through it was hot and I found out she was peeing.
dad screamed yes go cover him in pee. Suck it up son suck it up. So id did just what he told (we always did what we where told) it was strange at first, but I soon got to love it after that night I spent many hours in the bath with either mum, dad, one of my sisters or the dog peeing on me and with the dog or dad they could pee in me as well mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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    Well back to the night, dad shot his load in mum and pulled out pushing her to one side said to the girls clean her up he told me to get on all fours. He checking my ass was filled with gel he asked again if I wanted this and I shouted fuck me old man if you can. He did not like been called old man and he rammed his dick up my ass all the way to the top, fuck me did it hurt much more than i expected and he did not stop he fucked and fucked, I was biting my lips not wanting to ask him to stop but wanting the pain to go away.
    Soon it did and I was pushing back at him, mum was now sucking my nipples and one sis was wanking me and sucking my little balls, I lost count of how many times I cum, even though very little come out after first time, but it still felt good. then I felt my dad fill me ass with his hot spunk when he had finished he said stay there and I felt the dog lick my ass and that was ace.
    My mum got under me and said I hear you want to put your cock in my twat well her it is. Dad pushed me forward and my little hard on went into her no problem. Dad told me to stay still as the dog mounted me, i did not have to move much as the dog thrust forward, so did I, into mum and as I pushed back at the dog I pulled out of mum.
    Im sure she was just making the noises to make me happy but she kept says yes son yes fuck your mummy’s cunt fuck her twat so good, yes. Well it worked I felt on top of the world, the dog soon come in my ass and after my dad had fucked me the dog just was not thick enough but I felt its length, and when it cum fuck it went all over the place the girls were lapping it up and as I came off mum dad was down to suck her cunt.
    I was shattered I laid on the bed and just watched as my dad took turns in letting the dog fuck my sisters and then ever one licking the cum up. This was also the night I found out how they were all into peeing on each other and drinking it. To this day it’s still a family fetish we all love water sports. Maybe next time I will move on ten years and tell more about what we did as we got older let me know if you want that or if you want me to stay on this track  



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