family incest 5 the story hots up


All to soon or so I thought my mum was coming home and I though that would be it the end of our sex filled nights and weekends. Over the last few weeks my dad had fucked my ass every night and he had fucked my face to I loved his cum.
And I had fucked the cunts and ass of each of my sisters, dad had always told me there  was more things to come but I could never think what, I had had group sex with all the family in one bed dad called it his orgy of little whores and sluts. But he told me I would have to wait till the right time before I could enjoy some of the things the girls had enjoyed. This confused the fuck out of me as I thought I had seen or done just about every thing, one night one of my sister came into the bedroom while my dad was fucking another sis and I was sucking his ass and balls she said she felt really randy and needed fucking, but she was on her monthly, so could she borrow the big vib dad had in his draw that he never used or so we thought.
I saw his eyes light up he told her to get a bath towel lay it on the bed and lay the fuck down naked, she did has he told her and opened her legs pulling his dick out of one sis he rammed it all the way up my other sisters fuck hole, shouting now you little dirt slut fucking while on you rag you’re a dirty cunt what are you. She screamed back a whore, a dirty fucking whore, your dirty whore fuck me daddy fuck me hard me and my other sis just sat and watched playing with ourselves till dad said fuck her son don’t let her cunt go un fucked ram her. She laid down and I got inside her, by now they all knew the got a better ride on my little dick if they were on top, so soon she was riding me and I love it. My dad finished fucking my sis and he pulled his dick out and told her to suck him clean I could hear her slurping away he said it was the best blow job he had ever had and she said it was the best she had ever done to.

Then next day mum was home  and things seemed to go back to normal for a few days, I would sneak into my sisters rooms when every one was in bed for a quick fuck or feel of their cunts and tits in return they had me like a little slave I would do anything for them. Sometimes in the day they would ask me to make drinks or tidy their rooms I was always rewarded with the flash or their tits or the shaved cunts and later would get anything I asked for. All the girls stayed shaved  as that’s how dad liked them and as soon as I started to grow hair they shaved me to.
On about her fifth bight home mum called us all into her bedroom and we all sat on the bed her and dad in it, the girls where all laughing and been silly, then mum said to me ok dad has told me all about what you have been up to with your sisters while I have been away and your very bad. I was shocked that dad had told her and more shocked that he had not told her about me and him or at least that’s what I thought.
Then mum said I need to see just what you have been doing to them and then I will decide what punishment you should get for been so rude and dirty. Before she had finished talking all the girls had stripped so had my dad.

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   Just me and mum left dressed she lifted her top and for the first time close up I sw her big tits and I could not help but touch them, everyone giggled and mum said like them do you  want to suck them, my head nearly fell of I nodded so fast. She pulled me to her and lifted her nipple to my mouth and said lets see how good my girls have shown you then.
She throw back the bed cloths for me to see she was naked under them and dads fingers where in her cunt. She looked at him and said go play with the girls while my son shows me what he can do. She laid back and opened her legs her cunt bald as the day she was born. I licked my lips and buried my face in her twat my whole hand found its way in her cunt and soon I was arm fucking her.
I wanted to show her just how much I knew but I could feel my dick was going to explode, she knew something was not right and told me to turn a 69 I did and she got her teeth on the end of my dick and I cum in seconds she easily swallowed all my cum fuck if she could swallow dads mine was easy. Once she had sucked me dry she said ok now you can give me what for.
I sucked her tits while trying to finger her clit I was like a bull in a china shop all over her kissing, licking, biting, fingering, I cum twice while doing these things she just laughed and rubbed it on her tits and told me to lick it off.
When I finally got my dick at her cunt hole she said well you need to slow down and be a bit more controlled but you have worked hard so fuck me if you want. My dick slid in her cunt easy and the little grip I felt soon had me cumming again , I did manage to make her cum once with my fingers on her clit.
When I finished she looked over at my dad and the girls who were all watching us while doing things to each other. My mum looked at dad and said have you shown your son our family treat, they all laughed and said no they were waiting for her. At that she called our dog jess a great Dane male jess ran into the room jumped on the bed where mum was still laid naked, his head went between her legs, I jumped to save her , my dad held me back and said its ok sone mum and the girls love this. Jess was licking her like mad and his dick was out the girls all got closer as dad pulled me away to watch, the girls took turns in licking his dick and sucking the end.

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Then he wanted more he pushed forward and with a little help from my sis his dick sank all they way into my mums cunt. But more about that next time if people want to hear