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After that night the curtain was taken down for good, it was strange but no one ever talked about what happened in dad’s bedroom, but no one ever said no to him. And that it turned out was not through fear but just that we all enjoyed it so much. I know some of you have said, it’s ok to put ages in but I don’t want to offend anyone so if you would like those details then please leave your email address and I will give them to you, or email me.  Anyway back to the story , the next night I was in bed when my dad came in, got undressed and called me over to is bed, telling me to undress first. I lay on his bed and we talked for a while, he asked how much I had seen and heard and who and I seen. I told him that so far just my mum and one sister. I had seen him fuck them both, he loved us to talk dirty and told us all the word’s to use. I learn that when he fucked their cunts he would cum inside them and fill them with is spunk but it was ok as he could not give them babies. But when he fucked their ass holes they could not have babies that way anyway so if I fucked a girls ass I could fill it as many times as I wanted and never have to worry about babies.
That night he covered my dick in oil and wanked me the whole time we were talking, he seemed to know when I was ready to bust, (lol that just reminded me of the little amount I did cum then) but he always stopped just before I cum and said it would feel all the better later. After about 20 mins of this I was begging him to let me cum, he said I will do better than that and he leant over and took my little dick in his mouth and sucked me hard, fuck it was amazing and I cum at once shooting my little spunk into his mouth. And watching him swallow it down in one go. Then he liked me clean, he asked if I would like to do something for him I felt that good I said I would do anything, he put some oil on his dick and showed me how to wank him, using my whole hand I wrapped it as tight as I could on his dick as it was not able to go the whole way round and I wanked like mad, he laughed and said slow down we have all night. After 18 mins he said ok stop for now I want to save it for later. He told me he had a treat for me and asked me to roll onto my belly which I did then I felt him kissing my ass licking it and gently bite it. I felt him open my checks and push his tongue against my hole, licking it and then licking my little balls.

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   The feeling was out of this world then he put some oil on my hole and very gently pushed a finger inside me, it hurt like hell for a few seconds but his hand wrapped round my dick soon took my mind of it. Very soon is finger was working my ass in and out it went and his hand shot (Well two his finger and thumb really) worked my dick. Again I felt this feeling in my dick as if I was going to explode and I cum again this time it was just a trickle and I said sorry thinking he wanted more,  but he said don’t worry as you get older there will be lots more.
Now I was so excited I wanted him to cum and show me just how much, he rolled onto his back and holding my head he guided my lips to his dick, just lick it or kiss it and if you would like try to take it in your mouth. Well he was massive I thought and I got the tip in my mouth and felt he would split me apart if I tried any more. His hand was on his dick now wanking like mad I licked the bits of what I found to be pre-cum of his dick then he said better move away your not ready for this yet, has he pulled my head away great streams of cum shot from his dick all the way up his belly touching his chin, I lent over and started to lick it off him. I had seen him do this so many times I wanted to know what it was like and I found it hot and sticky but nice I licked as much as I could off his belly before I felt full up. That night I slept in his bed, I woke him once while I have woken up I wanted to touch his ass as he had mine, I thought I could do it while he slept and he would not notice, but he woke when I had one finger inside him he rolled onto his front and opened his ass checks wide and said put some more in please my hand was so small I got it all inside him and following his instructions I fucked his ass with my hand he was fucking back against me and at the same time rubbing his dick against the sheet and he cum again this time when he turned over he spread it on me and him he said to remind us both about that night. Next time I will tell  you of the night with my sister and me while dad watched



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