Topic: FAMILY CAMPING TRIP PART 1  This is my first story and will right more if you want more and give me some tips so I can make it First, let me introduce myself. My name is Austin and I am 18 years old and I have a well built body because I exercise a lot. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I one of those people who thinks size doesn’t matter, but I will admit I have a rather large cock at 9”. My mom is a skinny blonde at 38, with c size breasts. My twin sister is also skinny like my mom but she has brown hair like me with b size breasts.
Growing up our family went camping every year. We went to all sorts of places but our favorite one was in a semi-wooded with many hiking trails and waterfall that leads to a lake. Every year when we got there we set up the camper and then go and hike for a while. After we hiked we would cool off in the lake under the waterfall. I loved this lake because it had crystal clear water and you can dive off the waterfall into the lake. After we went swimming we would go back to the camp site and have dinner and roast marshmallows. Then we would go to bed. In the morning we would go and take a shower in the camping site bathrooms. This camping ground isn’t that luxury so it only had a couple family showers. You didn’t have much privacy because if you’re in the shower you will notice that there are two curtains and one leads to the other sex’s bathroom.

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   Last year I was showering and my mom was in the other bathroom and some how she didn’t notice I was in there because and went to go in the same shower and opened the curtain with a little pull. I was to slow and she looked in and so me there naked and quickly shut the curtain and said oh sorry.   Well enough with the old boring stuff and get back to the story.
This year my dad was promoted to a high position in the office he works at. So of course, my dad had to go on a business trip when we were planning to go camping and said we should go with out him. So, the next day we left to go camping with out my dad.
When we got there I had the job to set up the camper while my mom and sister cleaned up the mess at the camp site that the previous campers left. My sister and my mom were wearing kaki skirts and tang tops, while I was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Ok, so after we set up the camp site we went hiking. On the trail my sister found I rock that had a fossil on it and while she bent down to pick it up, I saw her red panties. Once I saw them I just stared at them and then became super horny and grew a hard-on. My sister saw me looking up her skirt and called me a perv, and then immediately stood straight up. My mom said cut it out you two. Then my mom just happened to look down at my hard-on she just stood staring at it and I just turned away and then I blushed. She then said someone’s pretty excited.

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   I just said “Ha Ha really funny. ” And then the rest of the trail we really didn’t talk at all.
After the hiking we went to the bathroom and changed into our bathing suits and being horny I took out my dick and went in the shower and saw my mom and sister changing on the other side of the curtain when I saw my mom’s and sister’s breast I cummed almost immediately and turned on the shower to wash my cum away. We went swimming for a while and called it a night because we were so tired.
Once my mom went in the bathroom and my sister fell a sleep I started masturbating and my mom came out of the bedroom and saw me and said “ Wow you have grown and stop that you’ll get your cum all over the sheets!” Being horny I ignored her and continued on with my fun. So trying to stop me, she tried to grab my hand and missed and touch my dick which made my almost cum right there. She said “Ah…Um…Sorry I did not mean to you know touch that spot. ” I said “It’s ok, I really enjoyed that. ” At first she said “Eeeewww never! I repeat never would I touch your dick on purpose!” Then took over my incestuous thoughts she said “You know your father is rather small at 5” and I’ve haven’t had sex for about 3 months now because of his promotion. ” Then she said “I’ve been really horny lately, and have an idea. ” Then startled and said “no this is forbidden, I can’t not with you, I mean how could I even think of having sex with my own son. ” Flabbergasted I said “I would love that. ” She now sitting down on the bed said “No it’s wrong and your sister is right next to you. ” Teasing her with my big dick said “I’ll be really quite. ” And she ok but you can’t act all B A in front of your friends and tell them about this.

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I said “I keep my fucking mouth shut so suck my dick all ready!” and the she leaned over and put hear facing closer to my dick when I beam of light from the shades hit my mom and I saw her hard nipples showing through her night gown as she started to lick my dick. I said who’s excited now!” She just laughed and continued sucking me. She went up and down deep throating about ¾ of my dick it was amazing after a couple of minutes I cummed more than I ever had in my life and she the said “I ate you now you eat me” while she said that she took of hear night gown and her panties and lied down on the bed while I climbed on top of her and rubbed her nipples between my fingers while licking her pussy. After a while I started circling my tongue around her clit while fingering her in both holes. Finally I attacked her clit with my tongue and she tensed up and cummed so hard she almost drowned me in her honey.
 Then I was still stiff and mounted her and asked her if she was on the pill and of course she was and we started fucking and she felt so tight and so wet I had to go slow in order to not cum yet. Man I lasted about 5 minutes because of me looking at my dick going in her recently shaven pussy. We sat there for awhile and then I stuck my fingers in her pussy and fed her my cum. I said “Man that was the best sex I ever had” Her jaw dropped and muttered out “What…. Your. . . not … a. . .

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  virgin…? you…. are…… so…. . grounded……. I fired back and said “I will tell dad about this if you ground me. ” She said “Ok you mother fucker I will not ground you if you keep you mouth shut. Then we looked at my sister next to us and realized she was masturbating, while letting out little moans. My dick became rock hard again… I could only wonder what would happen next…….
To be continued………….



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