Family Arrangement


Family ArrangementRetrieving my briefcase from the car, I slam the door shut and walk toward the house, pointing the remote to the security system over my shoulder at the car and pressing the button. I can hear the ‘thunk’ as the doors lock and the faint beep of the alarm activating. Whistling merrily, I open the front door and step inside. “I’m home!” I yell out to no one in particular as I take off my jacket and shoes. Walking to the living room, I glance into the kitchen where Annie, my wife of 18 years, is preparing dinner. Thursdays she gets off early, so this is her day to cook. Annie is 38 years old, with curly brown hair that hangs down to her shoulders. She is not beautiful in the traditional sense; her chin is a little too strong, her eyes a little too close, but as a whole her face has a strength of character about it that quite transcends traditional beauty. She has a lean, supple body, with firm round breasts and a behind she complains is getting a little too wide but that I think looks just fine. “Where’s Rita?” I ask my wife. “She’s upstairs;” Annie replies. “If you’re going up there, bring her down with you; dinner’s almost ready. ” “Okay,” I reply, and head for the stairs. Going into my bedroom I change out of my suit and tie and into more comfortable jeans and a sweater, then stop by the toilet. Then I go down the hall in the opposite direction, past my wife’s bedroom and to Rita’s door. Loud music, some awful, noisy stuff that involves at least two electric guitars apparently being mauled by big men with hacksaws and hammers, is thundering through the door.

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   I knock hard, then wait a couple of seconds before opening the door and poking my head through. Inside, Rita is sitting on her bed, legs curled up under her, reading a glossy magazine while nodding her head to the beat. Now, paternal pride aside, it must be said my daughter is a stunningly beautiful young woman. She has long brown hair, with big brown eyes in a face that even when she’s mad looks bright and sunny, with a round chin and a cute button nose. Her eyebrows arc a little, giving her a look of perpetual delighted surprise, and her wide mouth seems made for smiling. At 18 years of age, she’s showing every sign of becoming something of a beauty later in life, and if her mother is anything to go by, she’ll age well. “Dinner’s ready, honey,” I yell over the music. “Hi daddy!” she exclaims. “I didn’t hear you come home. ” There is a certain temptation on my part to speculate out loud as to the reason for that, but I refrain. Teenage girls, I’ve learned, don’t like anyone criticising their music, and while I’ve never considered myself to be smarter than my fellow man, at least I’m smart enough not to pick fights where they can be avoided. “Well, I’m home, and your mother say dinner’s ready,” I repeat. “You coming?” “Sure,” she says. On her way to the door she fiddles with the stereo, putting an end to the horrible noise. We go downstairs together, where Rita sets the table while Annie and I bring the food over.

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   Then we all sit down to enjoy dinner. While eating, we talk, like most families probably do, about our day. Rita is bubbling with pride over having aced a test she believed she’d flunked, and Annie and I both smile with pride. I have an amusing story of my idiot boss’ latest screw-up, and Annie tells us about a car crash she witnessed on the M40 on the way home from work. After dinner I clear the table while Annie puts on some coffee. She and I go into the living room, drinking coffee and watching the news on the telly, while Rita does her homework at the kitchen table. When she’s done, she comes in and sits with us, watching a couple of shows. I’m working my way through the last Dennis Lehane novel, while Annie is playing solitaire on her laptop computer. In short, just another evening in the Emerson household. Time flies when you’re having fun, or so they say, and when it’s 18 o’clock, Rita has been yawning steadily behind her hand for some time. Finally, she’s had enough. “I’m tired,” she says, somewhat superfluously, with a yawn. “I’m going up to get ready for bed. ” “All right, honey,” I say. “We’ll be waiting.

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  ” With a grin, she bounces out of the room in a sudden burst of energy. Annie and I look at each other and smile. At this point, I believe a little explaining is called for. As you probably recall, I mentioned earlier that my wife and I have separate bedrooms. There is an explanation for this, but probably not the one you’re thinking of. About 7 years ago, when Rita was seven years old, Annie and I were drifting slowly apart. Not in any noisy way, mind you, with arguments and yelling, but simply a slow, barely noticeable distance that only seemed to grow. Our sex life, which wasn’t all that much to write home about to begin with, was virtually non-existent, and the notion of an affair occurred to me more than once. However, we never discussed breaking up. Annie and I had been friends before we became lovers, and oddly enough, that friendship was still there. Temperamentally we were a perfect match, both of us the calm and patient type. One day, Annie was obviously building up her courage to tell me something, and I waited with a certain dread to hear what it was. Finally, she blurted it out: she was having an affair with someone she’d met through her work. And, more importantly, this someone was a woman. After many years of believing there was something wrong with her, that she was emotionally crippled since she no longer loved her husband, Annie had to her relief discovered that she was a lesbian.

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   Needless to say, this news didn’t fill me with bubbling joy, but at least there was relief in knowing where we stood. And it was this discovery that led to our current, quite unusual, way of life. Sitting down to talk things over, Annie and I actually came to the conclusion that we would not get a divorce. We both had jobs that paid fairly well, but things would not nearly be so comfortable if we each had to make it on a single income. The mortgage on the house was nearly paid, and the car as well, and we’d spent too many years when we were younger juggling our finances to want to go through that again. And, like I said, we got along very well on a personal level; no that out non-existent sex life was no longer looming between us as a thing to worry about, we both felt the atmosphere around the house to be much lighter. And, of course, there was Rita to consider. Being out only child, Rita was easily the most important thing in both our lives. We had both wanted a child very much, and had quite deliberately held off having one until we were emotionally and financially ready. When we had Rita, she was all we ever hoped for and more. We had been quite aware of the tremendous responsibility of a child before we had her, and were both prepared to put ourselves second for the next 20 or so years. At 7 years of age, Rita was a harmonic and happy child, and neither one of us wanted to shatter her world by telling her that mummy and daddy didn’t want to live together anymore. So while not a decision we took lightly, Annie and I didn’t take long to decide we would continue to live together. There would, of course, have to be some changes, but we sat down and worked things out like reasonable adults. First, we agreed to have separate bedrooms.

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   We also agreed that we would both be free to take lovers, but that we would keep our sex lives and personal lives apart; none of us would ever bring sex partners home. We would be honest and up front about when we were with lovers, never going behind each other’s back, always planning our various romantic engagements ahead of time so that one of us would always be here for Rita. Aside from this, we would carry on just like any other family. And so we did, for many years, and our somewhat unorthodox solution worked excellent for everyone involved. Annie and I had our separate sex lives, we were financially secure, and Rita grew up with both parents always there for her. In short, a perfect solution to our particular situation. About a year and a half ago, that situation changed drastically. My musings on the past are interrupted by the sound of Rita coming back down the stairs. There’s a ‘thud’ from the hall as she jumps down the last three steps, and then she bursts through the door and into the living room, where Annie and I are waiting for her and what has become out daily ritual. You see, we have made another arrangement in our little family, an arrangement that suits everyone involved perfectly. Rita is wearing a semi-transparent blue negligee that reaches down to the top of her thighs, barely concealing the thatch of dark hair between her legs. The nipples of her small, undeveloped breasts are hard, poking at the flimsy material that covers them. She has brushed her hair, which hangs loose and smooth down her back, and her face is clean and flushed with excitement. With sparkling eyes and a wide smile, my daughter bounces across the floor and over to me. She stops directly in front of me where I’m sitting in my easy chair, smiling at her.

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   She looks down at me for a second or two, then drops to her knees in front of me. I part my legs, and she scoots in close, her hands going straight for my belt. With practiced ease she opens my belt, unbuttons my jeans and pull down the zipper. Her soft hand dips inside my shorts, pulling out my cock, which is already rock hard with anticipation. She holds it in her hand, stroking up and down while smiling teasingly up at me. Then she opens her mouth wide and lowers her head, her warm wet mouth engulfing my shaft. As always, the feeling of my little girl’s mouth on my cock is exquisite. Her long brown hair is falling down on both sides of her neck and pooling in my lap, and her head bobs up and down on my shaft. Every time she goes up, she pulls her tongue along the underside of the shaft, then holds only the head inside her mouth while swirling the tongue around it a few times before sinking her mouth back down, sucking hard all the while. She is an incredible cocksucker, but then I have in all fairness been teaching her how for over a year. Over in the sofa, Annie is watching Rita suck my cock with a smile on her face. As I watch her she pulls up her skirt, her right hand slipping inside her panties while she unbuttons her blouse with the left. I can see her hand working inside her panties, rubbing her pussy as she watches our daughter give me a blowjob. After having sucked me deep into her mouth a few times, Rita changes her approach. With my cock liberally covered in her spit, she begins concentrating on the head, sucking and licking it.

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   Her right hand pumps my shaft, while her left is fondling my heavy balls. Ever so often she glances up at me and smiles (or at least tries to) around the wet flesh pole in her mouth. Annie gets up off the sofa and walks over, her blouse open and her fingers wet with her own juices. She drops to her knees behind Rita and puts a hand on her arse, sliding her fingers under the negligee. She bows her head and plants a wet kiss on one buttock. The Annie’s hand moves down between Rita’s thighs. “Oooh, your pussy is all wet,” she murmurs softly. “Did it get all that wet just from sucking at daddy’s cock?” “Yes, it did,” Rita replies in a throaty voice, giving my cock a rest. “I like sucking daddy’s cock. I’m going to make him come in my mouth. ” She kisses the head of my cock. “That’s good, sweetheart,” Annie says. “Now I want to taste your pussy, if that’s all right with you. ” “Of course it is, mummy,” says Rita. “I love it when you lick my pussy.

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  ” She throws her mother a smile over her shoulder, then returns her attention to my temporarily neglected cock. She sucks me all the way into her mouth, until I butt against the back of her throat. Sitting down on the floor, Annie turns around until she’s with her back to Rita’s arse. She pulls her panties down, kicking them off, then lies down on her back, her upturned face between Rita’s knees and directly below her by now dripping wet pussy. Wiggling her butt, Rita spreads her knees on the rug, lowering her pussy down onto her mother’s face without letting my cock slip out of her mouth. I can tell when Annie’s mouth touches Rita’s pussy, as my daughter makes a moaning sound in the back of her throat and shudders as her mother’s no doubt talented mouth goes to work on her slit. From my position in the easy chair I can see the lower half of my wife’s body, how her fingers are playing with her pussy as her mouth is busy on Rita’s cunt. The slurping sounds from Annie’s mouth on Rita and Rita’s mouth on my cock mix in a way that puts the soundtrack of the sexiest porno movie to shame. Letting my cock pop out of her mouth, Rita wanks it with one hand, pointing it up along my stomach as she bends down to lick my balls. Ever since the first time she did that and complained about getting hair in her mouth I’ve been shaving my balls a couple of times a week, and my daughter now gives my balls a proper tongue bath every evening. She licks my scrotum with long swipes of her tongue, soaking it, then begins sucking on my testicles, taking first one and then the other into her warm mouth. Her hand seems to be operating completely on its own volition, stroking up and down along my cock. I moan and wriggle in the chair, spreading my legs as far as my jeans will allow, giving my little girl better access. Once she’s satisfied that my balls have received the attention they have coming to them, Rita stuffs my dick back in her mouth and resumes sucking. She is moaning with pleasure as her mother eats her out, but she keeps blowing me like a trooper.

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   I can see Annie’s hands moving up Rita’s belly under her negligee, reaching up to cup her soft little breasts. Rita is grinding her hips, riding her mother’s face, and I catch myself guessing that for once she will come first. A minute or so later I am proven right. Lifting her head from my lap, Rita throws her head back, her eyes staring sightlessly up at the ceiling as she gasps for breath. She clutches my cock in one hand while supporting herself with the other on my thigh as her body trembles, Annie’s tongue wiggling between the folds of her pussy. She bucks as if in cramps, one, two, three times, then lets out a shuddering breath and sits down heavily on Annie’s face, panting. It takes my daughter a few seconds to regain her focus, but once she does, she returns her attention to my cock. Raising herself off her mother’s face, she leans forward and licks the sensitive head, sending a shiver down my spine. “Did that feel good, honey?” I ask her, my voice a little shaky. “Mm-hm,” she replies before taking my cock out of her mouth. “It was great. Mummy always makes me come so good. ” “Why, thank you sweetie,” Annie chips in, having gotten to her knees behind Rita. She’s reaching around our daughter, playing with her breasts. She kisses Rita’s cheek.

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   Rita bows back down, sucking my rod into her mouth. She bobs her head up and down, with Annie pulling her hair back so that I can see what’s going on. Moving into a more comfortable position, Rita pulls me out of her mouth. She holds one fist around the base of my cock, pointing it at her mother. “Mummy, would you suck daddy’s cock?” “Annie smiles sweetly. “Certainly, sweetie,” she replies. She leans past out daughter, who guides my erection into her open mouth. Since we reached our ‘understanding’ all those years ago, Annie and I have had sex a few times, all but once in the past year. The one exception was a New Year’s Eve when we were both drunk and wound up in bed. All the other times, however, have been when Rita asked us to so that she could watch. Annie’s head is moving as her lips slide up and down along my shaft. The main turn-on for her in this situation is probably not to suck my cock as such, but to suck it fresh from her daughter’s mouth, still wet with her spit. Not that I’m complaining; Annie’s doing a decent job on me, even though she lacks Rita’s intense enthusiasm for the task. Rita, meanwhile, is entirely focused on her mother, watching with obvious excitement as she gobbles up my cock. I’m betting that her excitement is not only from watching her mother suck cock (which is a pretty ht sight, for sure) but also that she can get a lesbian woman to go down on a man simply by asking her to.


   That sort of power can be a potent aphrodisiac. After half a minute or so Annie takes her mouth off my cock, and the head has barely cleared her lips before Rita dives right in and clamps her lips around it. She sucks it down greedily, and starts taking it deep and fast. I throw my head back as I feel the come rising from my balls, and arch my back as I shoot stream after warm stream into my little girl’s mouth. She’s making content little humming noises as she sucks away, not even flinching as I fill her mouth. When I’m spent, Rita slowly lifts her head from my cock, keeping her lips pressed together. She has a naughty twinkle in her eyes, and I can see that she has her mouth full of my come. She looks me straight in the eye, then swallows heavily. She blinks a few times, then opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue. “All gone,” she states proudly, licking her lips. “You’re such a good girl,” Annie coos in her ear, and I watch as mother and daughter exchange a deep, passionate kiss. Annie now stands up, taking off her blouse, her bra and her skirt. Completely naked she walks over to the sofa and sits down. Rita bounces to her feet and hurries over, and they embrace and kiss again, with Rita standing over Annie and leaning down. I study her heart-shaped arse, which stands out as she bends at the waist to kiss her mother, and feel the first stirrings of what will eventually become my second erection for tonight.

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   Sitting up in the easy chair, I remove my sweater, jeans and underwear, then bend down and take off my socks. Stark naked, I lean back and watch the show on the sofa. Rita has moved down from Annie’s mouth, trailing her soft young lips along the hollow of her mother’s throat. She’s cupping Annie’s breasts in her hands, nursing on them in turn, a blissful look on her face that makes me think back to when she was a tiny baby. Who would have dreamed that the sweet little girl would grow up to become her parents’ greatest source of sexual gratification? Moving down from Annie’s breasts, Rita kisses her way down her mother’s belly. Annie leans back on the sofa, pushing her hips to the edge, and Rita’s head sinks down between my wife’s thighs. Annie closes her eyes, her face twisting with pleasure, as her daughter’s practiced tongue starts licking her pussy. Watching the two of them have sex is always a guaranteed turn-on for me, and my cock swells to full size in no time. Getting out of the chair, I step over and kneel down behind my daughter. I caress her smooth firm arse with my hands, relishing the feel of that silky skin under my fingers. She murmurs something intelligible into her mother’s pussy, wiggling her arse impatiently. I position myself behind her, erection in hand, and start rubbing the tip of my cock up and down along her wet slit. No matter how many times I see it, I feel my balls tighten at the sight of those pink glistening folds of flesh parting for my hard-on. When I touch her clit, I take a moment to rub it with my cock, the wet nub slipping aside every time I apply pressure. Rita murmurs again, almost indignantly this time, and wiggle her butt even more, clearly telling me to get on with it.

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   I position the head of my cock just outside the opening to her warm hole, the tip just barely touching her pussy lips. Slowly I start pushing, the pussy lips parting around my cock, stretching to accommodate my girth into that tight teenage pussy. Little by little my shaft is swallowed by Rita’s tight hole, until my hips press against her buttocks. She rubs her butt against me, making little moaning noises of pleasure. While I’m busy penetrating my teenage daughter from behind, she’s been eating her mother’s cunt. Annie, already well on her way to coming from having masturbated while licking Rita’s pussy, has her first orgasm only seconds after I’m fully embedded in Rita. She gives a little yelp of ecstasy, and I can see the muscles of her stomach and thighs clenching and relaxing, and she breathes in short sharp gasps. Rita buries her face in her mother’s sopping pussy, lapping up the juices that fill our living room with an intoxicating, musky scent. With Annie slumping on the sofa, catching her breath, Rita lifts her head from her mother’s lap and glances over her shoulder at me. “Oh, daddy, that feels so good,” she moans and pushed her arse back against me. “Fuck me, daddy. ” I have both my hands on her hips, fucking her with deep, leisurely strokes. Her pussy feels incredible around my cock, so tight it’s almost as though it’s vacuum-sealed around me. I lean down over my little girl’s back, kissing her neck and shoulders, and she arches her back up against my chest and belly. Glancing up, I see Annie looking at us with a sated expression on her face.

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   She gives me a small smile, encouraging me with her eyes to fuck our daughter. Rita now lowers her head and begins kissing and licking her mother’s thighs and belly. Annie strokes our daughter’s hair, caressing her face and neck. Soon Annie is ready again, and Rita dives down between her thighs, her mouth going straight for her mother’s pussy. I keep fucking her in the same slow tempo, knowing that she’s going to have another orgasm soon. A couple of minutes later Rita’s hip movements have become noticeably more frantic, pushing and rubbing herself against me, the muscles of her pussy contracting around my girth. With a moan that is muffled by Annie’s pussy, my daughter has her second orgasm of the night with my cock planted deep inside her. I keep pumping my cock in and out of her, knowing from experience that she likes it that way. With a few variations, this has been our regular routine every night for the last year, and I can usually make Rita come twice with my cock inside her as she eats out her mother. When I sense that Rita has recovered sufficiently from her climax, I pick up the pace, ploughing my cock into her pussy with more force than before. Judging from the look on Annie’s face Rita is doing quite a job between her legs, and my wife pinches her nipples and moans as Rita’s brown-haired head moves up and down and from side to side in her lap, not satisfied with simply eating her mother out but making a production of it, as much for my enjoyment as for theirs. I reach forward and squeeze Rita’s small tits through her flimsy negligee, the thin fabric between us adding a little something extra to the sensation. Her tiny nipples are hard, and I pinch and tease them a little before letting go and straightening up. I feel the tension building in my balls, but know from experience that it will be a while yet before I come. I put my hand on Rita’s arse, my thumb rubbing her puckered little anus, and she bucks and moans softly.

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   I lick my thumb, making it wet, before replacing it on Rita’s arse. I then push it gently inside her virgin arsehole until the outer joint is buried inside her. I wriggle my thumb in her arsehole while fucking her pussy hard and fast, and feel her respond under my hands. I’ve been including this penetration of her arse with my finger for the past couple of weeks, getting her used to it; I’m hoping she’ll let me try fucking her tightest hole sometime in the not too distant future. From her responses so far, it’s looking more and more likely that she’ll come around. On the sofa, Annie’s breathing is becoming more ragged with every moment; it’s clear to Rita and me both that’s she’s fast approaching climax. Annie is panting hard now, raising herself up from the seat, arching herself until only her shoulders are in contact with the sofa. Rita doesn’t break contact between her mouth and her mother’s pussy for an instant; she keeps her lips on Annie’s pussy all the time, supporting her mother’s arse on her palms, and I can see the muscles in her jaw working as she relentlessly licks her mother to orgasm. I see her cheeks glistening with my wife’s juices, and slam my cock even harder into Rita’s swollen pussy. Rita, in turn, is moaning and twisting, her pussy clamped hard around my cock every time I pull back for a new thrust. This time I’m the first to come. With a loud grunt I bury my shaft to the hilt in my daughter’s fresh young pussy, pumping load after load of semen deep inside her belly. I plunge my thumb all the way into her arse, and am rewarded with a convulsive clenching of her muscles around both my digit and my cock as Rita comes again. I have my right hand under her belly, and can feel how her muscles harden as she grinds her soft arse against me. I have just spent my last drop inside Rita when Annie gives a low cry, before she collapses back onto the sofa, her hands behind Rita’s head, fingers laced.

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   She gasps and jerks as her orgasm flows through her, before finally lying still on the sofa, limp as a rag doll. For a few minutes the three of us remain still, enjoying the warm satisfaction of great sex that permeates all of us. Rita is resting her cheek on the inside of her mother’s thigh, with Annie looking down on her with eyes warm with love as she strokes her hair. I am rubbing our daughter’s back, feeling tense muscles relax under my hands. Right now, everything is well in our world. I am the first to move, sitting back on my haunches, my now semi-hard cock sliding out of Rita’s come-filled pussy. She gives a wordless whimper of protest, like she always does when I pull out of her. Then Annie puts one hand under her chin, raising her head so she can kiss her on the lips. They share a warm, lingering kiss; then Rita turns to me, throws her arms around my neck and gives me a deep, sloppy kiss. Annie slides off the sofa and kneels down next to us, and we all sit close together on the floor, enjoying the feel of each other’s warm naked skin. “I love you, daddy,” Rita murmurs into my ear. Then she turns to Annie. “And you too, mummy. ” They kiss again. “We love you too, honey,” I say, and Annie nods and nuzzles our daughter’s hair.

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   We remain like that for another minute or two, then Rita gets to her feet, a little unsteadily. “I have to go to bed now,” she says. “I have an early test tomorrow. ” She yawns, a content smile on her face. “Good night, mummy, good night, daddy. ” She pads softly off to the stairs in the hall, her blue negligee swirling around her slender hips. I look at my wife, and we smile at each other. Our little family arrangement has turned out better than any of us had ever dreamed of. The End. .



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