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I wanted to have some type of carrier to fall back on when times got tough in the construction world. I have a strong body and hands that do not tire, as well as the love of touching others. Many of my friends liked the massages I gave and suggested that I should get some professional training. I found a lady that taught massage classes from her home. Three weeks later I was in class and loving it.
I had five nice looking ladies in my class to learn with.   Three of them were hotter than hell and I had a tough time keeping my cock from getting hard when they touched me. Near the end of our training Sue could not resist the desire to fondle my cock and slipped her hand over it. The other four ladies’ in class noticed her touching me and looked on with interest.   Pam, our teacher, went into the bathroom and the gals all wanted to see my cock so Sue pulled the sheet off and gave them a peek.
When I got home my wife wanted to see what I had learned that day in class, so I got her on the massage table and went to work. I had to tell her about what Sue had done in class. My cock sprang to life all over again. Connie loved the thought of five gals seeing my hard tool and took me in her mouth and tried to drain the cum from me. She said that I should slip my finger in their pusses and put them on the spot if they thought it was funny
Connie decided to take the massage class as well. So after I finished the class, she got in the next session.

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   Her class had three men and three ladies. Connie came home after the fifth class and said that Dave had a huge cock.   When I asked her how she knew, she said she could tell and she had peeked under the sheet. She said, that it would reach his hipbone when it was soft. I’m sure that he did not tuck it down like a gentleman would. If I had a monster cock like that I’d bee showing it off too. We got hot and bothered talking about her playing with it and wanting him to part her pussy with it.   The massage was cut short and we fucked our brains out.
 It was three weeks before Connie got to work on Dave in class again.   Pam had stepped out of the room to take a phone call. Dave got hard as Connie touched his cock. Pam peeked in on the class to tell then to carry on, as this call would take a long while. Dave’s cock kept growing and growing until it got to 18 inches. Connie was telling me this as I was giving her a massage after she got home from class. When I got to her hip I pulled the sheet back and peeked at her pussy.

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   Her pussy was wet and very puffy and red. I then thought that she had been fucked hard. At that time I spread her legs and a gush of cun ran down the crack of her ass. I started to thinking that it was time to take her virgin asshole. I rubbed the cum around the rim of her tight ass. Soon I gave her the peace sign with a finger in each hole. Then slipped two fingers in each hole. Connie told me how wonderful it felt to have her pussy filled that full of cock once in a while. I tried to convince her that she would like her asshole stretched too. But she said, soon she would try it.
I called Sue and set up a massage with her for the next day. We would trade massages. I gave Sue her massage first. Making sure that I got her as hot as I could without going to far over the edge.   Sue was dripping wet and made a wet spot on the sheet.

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   Now it was my turn on the table.
 Sue did my back, then my ass, as she started on my thigh’s my cock began to swell. Sue turned me over onto my back. Mr. Winky was on the rise. Sue took my cock in her hand and licked the pre-cum from the tip. I told her that we should not be doing this, just for the fact that we were Now trained pro’s and we should conduct our self’s as such. Sue jumps up and said, you fucking ass hole, you get me all hot and wanting to fuck then flip that fat cock up and now you say don’t touch. What a prick.   My response was, talking about fucking ass holes Connie will not let me, will you?  Sue said, ya I love it in the ass and I cum so hard that way, I go crazy. But now you will have to try harder, maybe next time you have me on the table you can fill my ass up.
 I asked Connie to invite Dave over at the same time as I had Sue over. Connie asked me what I had in mind, I said nothing to her, and I just smiled. Connie’s mind went to work on overtime thinking of what might happen.
I asked our daughters to go over to their friends house and not to disturbed us.

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   They are 18 and 17so it was no problem to get them out of the house. The keys to the Jeep and 50 frog skins (dollars) were all it took. Jill asked me why they never had to leave before, while we did a massage. I’m sure that she read through the excuse I told her.
Saturday came and we had both massage tables set up in the same room. Dave and Sue arrived on time and we sat and shot the shit for a while. I stood and asked the girls if they were ready for their massages. They smiled and went into the massage room.          Looking at each other, they stripped till they got to their panties. They both winked at one another and tossed their panties off. With both gals on their tummies, Dave and I went to work. Dave was going to shadow my moves and follow my lead. When I got to Sue’s ass I tossed the sheet above her ass and up on her back. Dave and I were running our hands between their thighs and touching their pussy’s. We got the girls hot and wet.

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   It was time to roll them over. Connie grabbed her sheet and tossed it in the corner. Sue, seeing this followed suit. Dave and I started at their heads and were rubbing their tits. Connie reached back and pulled Dave’s monster cock out and started to give him head. Since my cock was much shorter I stepped to the side of the table so Sue could get it in her mouth without cranking her head back.
Connie and Dave said the hell with the massage we are going to fuck. Connie bent over the table and Dave took her from behind. It was great watching that huge dick split her pussy. Sue had a little surprise for me. She went over to Connie’s table and bent over it, beside Connie. I took Sue from behind as well. Sue was kissing Connie as Dave and I took them from behind. Both gals liked what they were getting. Sue reached back and took my cock in hand.

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   Rubbing it on her ass. I grabbed the oil and lubed her ass and my cock. My cock might be only 7 inches long but it is 2 inches wide. I let Sue push back onto my cock at her own pace. Witch was in one push. Sue was an ass-fucking slut.
 Sue  started to cum right away.   Sue was yelling for me to rape her ass. I fucked for all I was worth. I busted my nuts in her ass. I pulled out of Sue and Dave pulled out of my wife. Dave stabbed that big cock in Sue’s ass. For the first time in my marriage to Connie she let me take her ass. It was a slow process to get her open, but I got in.
 Connie got the hang of things and wanted me to plow her ass.

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   She was so tight that I would not last long. My cum was piling up in the base of my cock and would not go past her tight ring.
We both were cumming hard. My cum was piling up like a train wreck
I looked up at the window to see our two daughters Kim and Jill looking in the window at us. I pulled my cock from their mother’s ass and shot cum across the room. Dave and Sue were fucking on the floor. As I looked at the girl’s I noticed their hands in their shorts. They knew that they got caught.   Both girls slipped away before anyone else seen them. The four of us played for an hour more. My cock would spring back to life every time I thought about the girls seeing us fucking and them playing with themselves.
After Sue and Dave left we cleaned up the massage room and took a much needed shower. The girls came home before we got out of the shower. Jill could see into our room from her bedroom. Looking to see that her door was shut I never bothered to close our door.

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    I was about to shave, when in the mirror I noticed that her door was open a crack. I could see that she was peeking into our bathroom and could see me. My cock sprang to life again. After shaving I stood at my dresser in full view of Jill’s peeking eyes. I stroked my cock and was looking at Jill, as I got dressed.
The following day, Kim, our 16yr old asked me to give her a massage after dinner. I waited until 9 to give her the massage, so she could go to bed right after I finished. Kim was on the modest side and would wear her bra and panty’s when I massaged her. Tonight she just had on thong panties. My mind started to wander.   When I got to her hips she would, in the past, not let me open her legs very far. Tonight she was a little hesitant then relaxed. She let her leg go and opened her pelvic region. I kept my cool and asked her if it felt better to let it relax. Kim’s reply was yea but I feel so open now.

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   She was open all right. Her open pussy lips ate up the thong. Looking at that open and hungry pussy kept me working on her hips for a long time. Many times my fingers could feel her heat and wetness, as they were so close to her pussy lips. I finished the massage with a throbbing hard on, and sent her to bed wanting more.
The next day was Jill’s turn on the massage table.   I knew that things might spring up so I wore a tight pair of shorts.   As I worked on Jill she put her hand on the side of the table. When I was beside her she moved her hand out further towards me.   I moved her hand back tighter to her side. As I worked on the far side of Jill she slid her hand into my groin. I let her put her hand where it was comfortable.   I moved along as I usual would, while she rubbed my cock When I got to her hip I pulled the sheet back to find her bare ass. Placing the sheet back over her ass to protect her modesty, Jill got a big smile on her face.   I finished her backside and rolled her over.

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   When I started on her thighs Jill opened her legs wide. She would not resist being open like that. Jill pulled the sheet to the floor and smiled. There I was with my 18 yr old daughter bare ass naked with her legs wide open. I asked her what she thought she was doing. Jill started to finger her pussy and said daaaa fuck Dad you saw us watching you and Mom fucking your brains out. You saw that we were fingering ourselves. You know damn well that I was watching you in your room and you were so proud to show me your cock.
Well I’m showing you my hot wet pussy. See how puffy it is. Just like Moms. I stood there with a hard dick stuttering like a fool. I told Jill that she had a great body and very sexy pussy, but if she were only 18 I would be sucking her pussy. Then fill it with my cock I had to leave the room and put on something that had room for a hard cock.
This went on like that for 7 months.


   Jill and Kim would flash me all the time. I never closed the door to our room all the way any more. Connie and I would make love with the girls being able to watch. Connie was massaging the girls every other time. It dawned on me that Connie, Jill and Kim would be naked together all the time.
One Saturday afternoon, I walked into the house, Connie came out of the massage room bare assed naked 
Her pussy was hot and wet, she was so swollen her pussy looked like a gutted salmon. I thought that maybe she was with Dave or one of her “clients”. I was a little pissed off and snapped, asking, where are Jill and Kim? Connie smiled and said, in the massage room.
My first thought was that they were in there with a man. I puffed up and was going to beat to death the motherfucker that took my daughters. The veins in my neck were sticking out half an inch.
Kim and Jill came out of the room and were in the same shape as their mother. I kicked the door off the hinges on my way in there. Only to find the massage tables pushed together, many toys, oil and candles burning. I stood there with a stupid look on my face.

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Connie and the girls came into the room. After getting me settled down, the truth came out. Connie had a Bi streak in high school. Her basketball coach was gay and seduced her. She had many lady lovers all thru collage. When Jill and Kim started their periods Connie had the need to show then the old belt system and the new fem products. She shaves her pussy during her period. So she shaved the girls pussy also. Their love grew in ways that lovers would. Connie has been teaching them gay love and how to please a man also.
Jill stepped up to me and put her arms around my neck kissing me so softly on the lips. Her firm tits were burning holes in my chest. Connie stepped up behind me and kissed my neck. She whispered in my ear happy birthday. Kim was on the table with her legs wide apart.

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   She had a small dildo in her pussy as she tickled her clit. Jill and Connie led me to the tableside. They said, go ahead touch her. I touched her hip and she opened her legs so wide her knees were flat on the table. Connie had my cock in her hand and was stroking it so softly. I said  I  I  I cant the age of consent is 18. All three girls said at the same time, Not any more they changed the law as of yesterday.   It is now 16.



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