Falling For Brother-Part 3


Falling For Brother-Part 3Leanne and Dan awoke later that day and cleaned up. Talk about a morning just right. Leanne was in the bathroom brushing her hair and Dan snuck up behind her and grabbed her. "Ahh! Shit, Dan. You scared the fuck out of me!" "I'm sorry. I just wanted to ask ya something. " "Okay, what is it?" "The parents won't be home again tonight. Think maybe we can get something in tonight?" He winked at her and she just smiled. "Sure. But I'M in control tonight. " "Woah. . . frisky one aren't ya? Sound's alright with me. "Later on, Leanne went downstairs and got some stuff together to fix a late breakfast. She couldn't seem to get Dan off of her mind.

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   He was her first. She knew in her heart, that she didn't want to be with anybody else. If her parents ever found out, they'd kill her and Dan. She knew that she'd have to keep it a secret. "Hey, Leanne! Do you want me to get anything from the store for you?" "Umm. . . nothing that I can think of. . . . Do you want something to eat before you go?" "Nah, I'm good. I'll see ya later then. " He kissed her and left. "Damn.

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  " Dan thought. "I know it's wrong, but I love her. I want to be with her. I don't want anything to stop us from being together. " He thought about alot of things as he was driving to the store. When Dan arrived at the store, he didn't really need anything for himself, but he wanted to get something for both him and Leanne. He got a shopping basket and headed for the dairy section. He looked for some whipped cream. He found it and got two cans. He kept looking around and decided to go into another section of the store. He found cherries and chocolate syrup. Dan had a master plan developing in his head. He didn't want tonight to be just making love, but something fun for the both of them. Sweet and fun. After Dan paid for his items, he left the store and headed back home.

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   Meanwhile, Leanne was in her room, fingering her pussy. She had her eyes closed, thinking of Dan. "ohh. . . . mmmmm" she cooed. She squeezed her clit gently and it sent waves through her body. Using both hands now, she played with her clit while fingerfucking herself. "Ohh. . Ohhh. " she screamed. She started bucking her hips to match the rhythm of her hand. "Oh gah.

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  . oh gah. . . uhhnnnn!" She got stiff and suddenly, she began to cum. She laid back on her bed after her orgasm subsided. Later that day, both Dan and Leanne were sitting on the couch watching TV. Dan put a hand on Leanne's lap and began to move it up, closer to her pussy. She smiled at him. "What do you think you're doing?" "Just. . . playing around. " Dan said. Leanne got the idea and left the room.

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   Dan rushed into the kitchen and grabbed what he had bought earlier that day, took it to his room and found some candles to light. He undressed and got into his bed and called for Leanne. "Leanne? Can you come in here?" "Yeah, be there in a second. " she replied. Leanne walked into the room, with only a pink silk thong and bra set. Dan just stared t her. He took her whole body into his mind like a picture to cherish it forever. "Dan? Earth to Dan. " Leanne said. "Uh. . yeah. I'm ok. Come here baby. Let me see you up close.

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  " She walked up to Dan, and turned around. She pulled her thong down slowly, letting him take a long gaze at her tight, round ass. "Damn. . . you're so hot tonight. " He reached out and caressed one of her ass cheeks. "That feels good. " She cooed. He reached up and unsnapped her bra and she pulled it off and turned around. "Do you like?" "Oh, hell yeah. I like alot. " Dan then pulled her into the bed and began kissing her. "I love you so much, Leanne. I thought tonight.

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  . . we could do something fun. " He smiled and reached over on the other side of the bed and pulled out a can of whipped cream. "Get where I'm going?'' he asked. "Mmmm. . . . sweet. " she said. She laid back and grabbed the can out of his hand and opened it. "Lets see if you like this. " she said. She squirted two huge mounds of cream on her chest, right on top of her breasts.

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   "Put two cherries on them, then eat them!" she demanded. He did as she told him. 'Damn. . . . how'd she know what I wanted?' Dan thought. He put the cherries on her chest and smiled at her. He began to lick the whipped cream off of her right breast first. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Dan took the cherry and drew a circle around her breast, then her nipple and then drew a line up to her mouth and put it in her mouth, then kissed her.
    He moved to her left breast this time and ate the cherry first, then licked the whipped cream off of her breast. He sucked on her nipple for a few minutes, biting it gently. "My turn. " Leanne said.

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       She still took hold of the whipped cream and made Dan lay down on the bed. She sprayed the cream all on his cock. She looked up at him and went down. She licked slowly around his balls, sucking each ball in her mouth, letting the taste of the cream linger in her mouth with his own taste. She moved up to his cock, licking up and down the shaft. "Oh god, Leanne. . . . that feels so good. " She kept licking his cock and started teasing the tight purple head. Dan jerked a few times and then got used to it. She moved up and kissed him, reached back to his cock and guided it to her pussy. She pushed down slowly and started grinding her hips, lifting slightly and going back down. Leanne was in her own world now.


       She started bouncing up and down, harder and harder. Dan was meeting her each time she came down, holding her hips. Something made him want to flip her over, so he pulled her down and rolled over. He began to fuck her hard. "Oh Dan, harder. please harder. " He didn't have to be told again. He pulled her as close as possible and pushed in hard and pulled out just to the tip and pushed in hard until he got to a good pace. He reached for her breasts and started squeezing them and slightly pinching her nipples. Leanne was between moaning and screaming. She was bucking her hips with her brother's. "Oh damn. shit. . shit.


      . . shit. . . Leanne you're so fucking hot. I love you. " "I love you too Dan. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. "For a few moments, there was silence except for the sound of Dan making love to his sister. They stayed like this for another half hour. "Dan. . . I'm going to cum.

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      . . . " she screamed. He kept pumping into her and felt her pussy tighten up around his cock. He pushed as far in as he could and let go. He felt her juices run as his cum shot string after string into her pussy. After a few moments, he stopped cumming and laid down beside his sister. They both were panting. "Dan, that felt so good. I never imagined that it would ever feel that great. " "I'm glad you loved it that much. I didn't think you'd fall for my food and sex act. . .

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      but you did. " Leanne laughed and kissed dan and nuzzled up to him. As they fell asleep, she whispered into his ear. "I want to have your baby, Dan. " Let me know if you want more!!.