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I am a single mom with 2 kids Steve age 18 and Jenny age 17. I have been out of work and struggling to make ends meet. I have a friend Mary age 29 and my name is Pam age 35. We were taking on day while my kids were at school about the money problems I was having, Mary suggested that we do internet porn. I said no , I could risk my kids finding out and sex with another woman was nasty. After about2 hours she convinced me to try it. We decided to start2pm and go until 3:30pm My kids did not get home until4:30 from school. Monday came and Mary knocked on my door about 18 minutes before to and went straight to my room. Mary hooked up all the camera's and set the web site up. She sat on my bed and whispered for me tojoin her. About 18 minutes of staring at the camera I slowly walk over and sat next to her. MY heart was beating fats, I thoughtI would die frombeing so nervous. . Marybegan to kiss and carress me , feelinmy ass. Within minutes I was nude and Mary sucking on my nipples. My fearwas turning to lust.

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   When Mary started eating my pussy , it was the greater that my ex-husband. I was hooked. After multiple orgasms it was my turn to get my first taste of pussy. . Mary moanedwith great pleasure, I must have been doing good for a first time. Mary came in my mouth , I thought we were done butI waswrong she pulled outa strap on dildoand started fucking me. I could not describe how exciting it was to be fuckedby a woman, who needs men. I was convinced a toungue and fake cock was all I needed.

I started recieving checks. My kids started asking questions so I told then I was doing online sales. This went on for about 3 months when things would change. Me and Mary were eat ing each other lost in oral pleasure and did not hereSteve enter the room. Mary spotteded him and said OH No!!Me and her just starred at my son. Mary saw the budlge in his pants and ask him if he wanted to join us. My jaw dropped, I was in shockas my 18 year old son walked over to the bed.

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   Mary helped him remove his clothes and began sucking his cock. I was so shocked I could move or speak. Within minutes my son let out a moan, and filledher mouth with cum. Mary looked up at him and ask if he wanted to fuck his mom. Before I could object Mary was speading my legs and my son was climbing on top of me. Ten minutes later I wasencouraging him to fuck me harder. I don't know what turned me on more, was it my son fucking me or fucking Mary. Before we were doneme and Maryhad sucked and fucked my son. steve aslo was not bad at eating pussy. Steve made it a point to arrive early every day after that and our internet rating improved.

About 2 two weeks later I would get another shock. Ihad my face burried deep between Mary's legs while steve was fucking Mary's ass. when I felt a toungue on my pussy. I stopped eating Mary and saw my daughter between my legs. I wanted to tell her no but it felt so good and being cought having sex with my son , My daughter had the upper hand.

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      Some how Stevestarted cumming tehn Mary, while I filled my duaghter's mouth with cum. Jenny Laid on her backand begged Steve to fuck her . I looked at both them and realized there was no turning back so, I said go for it. There was my 2 teenage childrenfucking while I watched, notwhatI thought would ever happen. This was turing me on Ibeganlicking my son's balls and and my Daughter's pussy while she was fucking my son. steve came and i licked all the cumfrom my daughter's pussy, steve tthen began fucking Mary. By the end of the day My son had fucked and sucked each of us. We took turns sucking his cock, the frighting thing that my daughter fucked and sucked like a pro. After we were done we rest ed and I decided that we all neeeded to talk.

    I cofessed that me and Mary were doing internet porn. I then told my kids that their participation would be their choice uponthe following conditions. First my daughter would have go on the pill, secondly they could tell nobody and third we all had respet the rights of each person, so when anybody said no it meant no sex. My kids agreed to the terms and since then the money has been great and we are oe big happy family



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