Evenings with Grandma Bonnie


Bonnie had become a grandmother before she was 40. She was still too young to get a senior citizen discount, but she still had a teenage grandson. At work she was still got passes from the young executives, invitations for secret meetings that were half joking, half serious. They all knew she was not the kind of woman to fool around, but they all hoped if she ever did, they would be the lucky one. She certainly didn’t dress provocatively. She didn’t need to. Her Rubenesque figure gave full meaning to the term.  She was a pear-shaped woman, of ample bust, plump cheeks, soft-full lips, and a healthy profile of alluring curves and crevasses. She had a way of exciting the family instincts in a man, as well as lustful fantasies. She was built to bear children, but she was also built to excite the genital urges in most men. She was well aware of her motherly qualities. As for her carnal qualities, she was clueless. In her present position at work she had risen from file clerk to vice president of her department, and this in a business dominated by men, and her particular company was especially chauvinistic towards employees. Other women had tried to sleep their way up the corporate ladder, but she made every advancement based on merit. Even so, she considered herself first a mother, and grandmother, and secondarily an executive.
As for the way she aroused the mating instinct in men, she just never thought about it, never noticed it.

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   She was too busy being herself to imagine how so many men might have sexual fantasies about her. For the older men, she reminded them of their youth. For the younger men, she aroused the lustful fantasies most men have had about a favorite aunt, teacher, or even mother. Each year she vacationed with her children who had relocated to Florida. This would be the last year her grandson Tyler was still a child. During her visit he would become a teenager, a young man. They had such good times together when she visited. It make her feel young again to be with him, his energy and enthusiasm for life was contagious, and she enjoyed sharing that with him. Special trips together, to the zoo, the park, the ocean, and even just going out for hot dogs together, they always had fun, just the too of them. He liked having his grammy to himself. Of course he was too grown up to call her “Grammy”, so now it was just “Grandmother”, or “Grandmother Bonnie” or possibly “Grandma”. The vacation was going well. Brian and Jenny both worked, so Tyler and Bonnie spent many hours together. Brian and Jen also used this time to go out together, or with their friends, so there were evenings when it was just grandmother and grandson left at home. On one such occasion they two of them were snuggled together on the couch watching a DVD, like they had watched video tapes for so many years before.

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   Tyler was now as tall as his Grammy, but still enjoyed being held in a special way by his favorite person, next to his mother and father of course. She was wearing her flannel pajamas and a terrycloth robe. Not exactly the traditional makings for a wet dream for young Tyler, and yet he found himself hoping he might get a glimpse of his grandmother’s tits. He had never really noticed them “in that way”, until one of his older friends had made a remark. “Man, does your grandmother have nice jugs! I could suck on one of those all night. ”At first Tyler felt offended, such a crude remark about his grandmother. But he paused, and thought of her as a woman, and realized she did indeed have tits that were, if he had to be honest, very suckable. Of course he had never actually sucked on a girl’s breast. Heck, he had never even held one in his hands. But he had fanaticized about it. Some of his teachers were hot by anyone’s standards, and he had more than one spontaneous erection while thinking about things young men his age often thought about. He heard some of the older guys talk about getting a bathroom pass while they were in Miss Brookes’ study hall when she was wearing certain outfits, just so they could relieve the stress. Now, here he was, within touching distance of boobs any of his friends would love to touch. He knew his Grammy often fell asleep while watching TV, so he remained motionless, and did not say anything. He managed to use the remote to turn down the volume a little.

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   He watched as she fell asleep. When her breathing was regular and shallow he slid his hand under her robe. He wasn’t sure if he could get his hand inside her pajama tops, so he rubbed lightly through the cotton material from the outside. His had cupped one tit and lightly massaged it. He felt his willy tingle. As his fingers moved over the fleshy globes he felt her nipple and used his thumb to rub circles around it. This wasn’t good enough.     He managed to find her pajama top opening and undid one button. The excitement he felt as he slid his hand in against her breast was unlike anything he had felt before. He quickly sought out her nipple and held it between his thumb and index finger. He held it very lightly, moving his fingers very slowly. Bonnie let out a small sound and Tyler froze, holding still to be sure she wasn’t waking up. As the minutes passed he became bolder, moving his hand into the crevasse between her ripe melons, taking turns playing with each breast. She continued to let out small noises. Tyler soon realized she was dreaming, and enjoying his touches.

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   His willy was very stiff now, and poking out of his pajama bottoms. He was imagining what it would be like to rub his peter against his grandmother’s breasts, when he felt a strange sensation, something touching his private parts. He heard her mumble something, and realized it was his grandpa’s name. She was dreaming that he was his grandpa, and they were fooling around. He poked his peter through the opening of his pajamas, hoping she would find it. Her hand was in the right area, but not making contact. He held her hand and guided it towards his pride and joy. Once he placed her fingers on his shaft she began to rub it with her fingertips. If playing with her tits was a 9 out of ten, having her play with his willy was a 20. He couldn’t believe how much better it felt than when he played with it himself. He had to taste one of her nipples. As she continued to fondle his privates in her sleep, he managed to get one nipple out in the open, and he leaned in and kissed it. He knew she liked it. She moaned a little, and began pumping what she thought was her husband’s penis. Tyler was so excited he quickly shot his load into her hand and he left out his own moan that he was sure would wake Bonnie up, but she was sound asleep.

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   He laid motionless for a few minutes, to be sure she was asleep, and to enjoy the most sensual experience he ever had. She slowly continued to massage his wilting shaft, until she stopped, and slept soundly. Then reality hit him. Here he was with his cum all over his grandmother’s hand, and his parents were due home before long. He had prepared, and had a handful of kleenix in his pocket. He used these to wipe his juices from his lover’s hand.  He wanted to suck on her tit one more time, but knew that was too risky, so he tucked her nipple back in and buttoned her top. His seed had been spilled over his pajama bottoms. He wiped some of the excess with the kleenix he had, and figured the remainder would dry and not be noticed by his mother on washday. He carefully got up off of the couch, and went back to his bedroom without waking his grandmother. She awoke a few minutes later, and had the strangest feeling. She quickly realized Tyler had gone to bed after she had fallen asleep, The TV was turned off, and the room was illuminated only by the lamp on the end table.  She  knew she was having an interesting dream, but couldn’t quite remember it. She decided to go back to bed, but just before she got up she noticed a kleenix wedged between the cushions. She picked it up, and immediately noticed how wet it was.

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   No one in the house had a cold she knew about, so it surprised her that someone would have so much congestion or mucus. A motherly habit of her was to check for serious discharge, such as blood, so she naturally opened the tissue just to be sure no one was having nose bleeds. Her grandson’s semen had saturated the tissue, so there was nothing to see except a wet tissue, however there was something to smell. The pungent aroma of male juices nipped at her nose, and put an immediate smile on her face. She held it inches from her nose to be sure, but there was no mistaking that scent. Grandma knew what had happened. When she fell asleep the TV was starting to advertise one of those raunchy “Girls Gone Wild” videos. Tyler was getting to the point where such things excited boys his age. He probably realized she was asleep, and relieved himself while watching those young college girls show their boobies. Such things were normal and she certainly didn’t find it disrespectful that he jacked off while she was on the couch. She balled up the tissue and put it in her robe pocket to dispose of later. She wondered if her hand had picked up Tyler’s scent, so she sniffed her fingers. She was amazed how strong it was. She put her glasses on and looked at her hand. She could see moisture in the crevasse between each finger on her right hand.

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   She licked one notch, then quickly two more. What a mystery! How could she have gotten so much of her grandson’s cum on her hand from the little bit she had handled his cumquat? She decided it must have happened after he left and went to bed. She must have picked it up in her sleep and transferred his juices accidently. The next day Bonnie decided to have a talk to Tyler, to let him know masturbation was normal for a young man his age. She decided to ease into the conversation. “I’m afraid I fell asleep on the couch last night Tyler. ”“Oh that’s okay grandmother, I was almost ready for bed anyway. ”“Listen Tyler, I’d like to talk to you about what happened after I fell asleep, but before you went to bed. ”Dead silence from Tyler, who figures he was in trouble now. Bonnie broke the silence “I want you to know that I know what happened, and it’s okay. ”“Really!” Tyler exclaimed. “I was afraid you’d be mad if you knew. ”“Of course not. I know it could be embarrassing for a young man to have that kind of secret with his grandmother, but I want you to know I won’t say anything to your parents. There’s no reason they need to know.

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   It will just be our secret. ”Tyler’s thoughts were racing a mile a minute. The possibilities were awe inspiring. Finally he spoke. “Do you think it could happen again tonight?” he asked hesitantly. “Well, I suppose so. ” She replied. “Two nights a row won’t hurt. ”“Wow, that’s cool! Do you promise?” Tyler asked. “Yes, I promise” Bonnie was surprised at his enthusiasm, but could see no harm in granting his wish. It was only four o’clock in the afternoon, and his parents weren’t going out until seven. For the next three hours every time Tyler looked at his grandmother, he imagined her nice big tits sticking out of her blouse. His mother noticed he had the strangest smile on his face, but didn’t realize what put it there. If she would have notice the bulge in his pants, she would have had a hint. They left on time, and Tyler and his grandmother took their positions on the couch.

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   The found a movie they thought they would like, although it was more for Tyler. It had some of those young starlettes in, something for Tyler to fantasize about. Actually it was Jamie Lee Curtis that held Tyler’s attention. He was the first to bring up the evening’s festivities. “I’m really glad you aren’t mad at me for what we did last night, and it is really cool that we can do it again”. Bonnie was confused, “What do you mean ‘what WE did’?”Tyler was confused. “You said you didn’t mind that I felt your, you  know, breasts and did that other stuff. ”Now Bonnie was confused. “What are you talking about?”. Tyler explained, and suddenly Bonnie understood why Tyler was so excited. ~ ~ ~ ~“But grandma Bonnie, you promised!”She could sense the disappointment in his voice. She had never broken her promise to him. She couldn’t start now. “If we do it, it has to be our secret. Do you understand? You can’t brag to your friends, or start feeling guilty and tell you father.

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   Not a word to anyone. ” “I promise, I promise, I promise. I’ll never say a word to anyone. ” “Why don’t you get ready for bed, and I’ll tuck you in. I’ll meet you in your bedroom in a few minutes. I think it will be more private back there. ” This would give  Bonnie a few moments to collect her thoughts. Was she really going to do what she had agreed to? If she didn’t, she knew her grandson would never forgive her for breaking her promise. Tyler quickly agreed and scampered off to the bathroom. Bonnie wasn’t quite as sure this was a good idea. She hoped she hadn’t gotten herself into a mess. Bonnie already had her pajamas on, so all she had to do was brush her teeth and go to Tyler’s room. When she entered she could see he was in bed, waiting. She removed her robe, but kept her flannel pajamas on. and sat on the edge of the bed.


   She was still trying to figure out a way to get out of this, but she knew Tyler would have none of it. He was intent on having his grammy play with his willy while he fondled and sucked on her breasts. Bonnie was trying to get her head around the fact that he was her little grandson, but he was also a young man with urges. Her hand slid under the blankets and onto his leg. At the same time she saw his PJs on the chair and realized he was naked. Her fingers went over his hip and easily found his erect penis, so warm, so hard, so fresh. When she realized how much she was enjoying this, she quickly removed her hand, and crawled under the blanket beside Tyler. He was on his back, and she was on her side facing him. “Don’t you think I’m just an old woman?” she asked. “Heck, No”, and he explained how his older friends had said she had the nicest jugs in town. How he heard some of his father’s friends down at the barber shop say she was the choicest thing on two legs. As he talked, she rubbed her hand over his hairless chest. Her fingers drew circles around his nipples. She leaned over and softly kissed one of his nipples. The things Tyler was saying was making her feel young.

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   Then she unbuttoned one button of her top, and offered her ripe nipples to her grandson. As he fingered them she whispered in his ear, ”You can suck on them if you want. ”, and so he did. As he sucked on the nipples, she undid more buttons, revealing the mounds of flesh that enjoyed being held and fondled. As he explored her breasts, her hand slid down to his private parts. Her fingertips found his testicles. They were larger than she would have imagined. Nearly the size of small hen’s eggs. His scrotum was soft, smooth and tender. The touch reminded her of the kid leather gloves she had when she was Tyler’s age. She played with his sack and balls, as if they were playing doctor, and she was doing this for the first time. Her fingers found their way onto every inch of his skin in his groin, every corner lightly rubbed. She wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of his shaft, and used the ball of her thumb to massage the inside, it slid slowly and lightly up and down, avoiding the sensitive head. Tyler’s anxious sucking of her breasts was more pleasant than she would have expected. She knew he couldn’t have had any experience, and yet he seemed to anticipate what she would find pleasurable.

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   Without thinking she released his cock and used her hand to lift his chin up to hers, so that their lips would meet, and they kissed. Tyler had no objections, so her hand went back to their shared treasure, his stiff prick and balls, and they continued to kiss, very deeply. Tyler knew men and women sometimes used their tongues when they kissed, but he never imagined how exciting it was. He wasn’t bold enough to enter her mouth, but her tongue was caressing his tongue and the inside of his mouth so smoothly and delicately, that it made him want to be inside of her, to totally unite with her. During those moments, Bonnie wasn’t really jacking him off. She was fondling every inch of his prick with her hand the way she was using her tongue to fondle every inch of the inside of his mouth. She knew if she started a fucking motion with her hand, Tyler would be done in seconds. She wanted his first hand job from a woman to last as long as possible, and be as memorable as possible. She removed her lips from his, and whispered in his ear, “Oh honey, suck on my tits. ”, and pushed his face to her breasts. As Tyler sucked on his grammy’s tits she slowly rubbed his young prick, until he shot a load of warm cum into her hand. As he did Tyler’s tongue went to her lips, and he boldly probed his tongue into her mouth. They kissed each other, with a passion that expressed the enjoyment they had just shared. Bonnie used one had to milk the cum from his still firm shaft, and let it fill the palm of her other hand. Like a helpful grandson, Tyler had reached over to the night stand and got a handful of tissue, and the used them to clean the goo from grammy’s hand.

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   He was then surprised to watch as she licked the crevasses between her fingers. He could tell she enjoyed the taste, as she licked her palm and fingers clean. His wad of tissue was heavy with his juices, so he thought he better get a new wad to clean his willy, which was very wet.   But before he could do that he watched in amazement as gramma  Bonnie slid down in the bed so that his willy was right in front of her pretty face and mouth. He watched as her tongue came out and licked his stiff but wilting willy.
She licked the side of it, and kissed his young testicles. His willy was no longer wilting, it was rapidly stiffening, and was soon rigid as it could be. Bonnie couldn’t resist the temptation to take it into her mouth. It had been a long time since she had experience such a young cock in her mouth, not that she minded her own husband’s experienced and mature prick.   It was just that she had the feeling that  the special texture of the young cock inside her mouth would make her feel young again. A special kind of fountain of youth.  And she was right, for as she drew it into her mouth, her tongue gave her sensations that quickly reminded her of her youth, when she only had oral sex with her boyfriends, and savored what she could, using only her hands and mouth, saving her pussy for her husband. Tyler watched as she closed her eyes, and began sliding her mouth up and down his willy. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. So did Tyler.

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   He had never felt so good, not even when he was sucking his grammy’s nipples. His hand went down and lightly rested on her soft gray hair, as her head bobbed up and down. Her movements were very slow. She knew if she took her time, her grandson would be ready to shoot another load. She was careful not to rush him. She took her time, and they both enjoyed the ten minutes it took for Tyler to begain to feel like he may need to cum again. Bonnie could tell, as Tyler slowly began a pumping motion with his hips. She put her hand on his smooth skin and behind, and encouraged his tempo. She opened her eyes and looked up at Tyler. As their eyes met she smiled broadly and lightly nodded her head, to let him know he was doing just fine.
She let his prick plop out of her mouth, and whispered, “Grandma’s ready when you are honey. We won’t need tissue this time. ” Without waiting for a reply she sucked the knob of his prick back into her mouth, and polished it before taking all of his young manhood down her throat. His might not be the biggest cock she had ever had in her throat, but it was the youngest and freshest. These moments were so special, neither one of them would ever forget them the rest of their lives.

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   With his lover’s encouragement, Tyler increased his tempo, and thrust his hips into her face. Years later he would watch porno flicks of this same action, and remember fondly of his first blowjob, which was with his favorite grandmother. Bonnie could tell that Tyler might want to enjoy more sucking before cumming, she slowed the tempo, and rolled Tyler over on his back. She knelt over him, her large breasts rubbing against his knees. Her large nipples were especially hard, and positioned them inside his thighs, rubbing them up and down his legs as her head continued to bob up and down. It wasn’t long before she heard Tyler whisper “Now  grandma, I’m going to cum now! Suck me good!” And then he remembered one of his grandmother’s rules, and corrected himself. “Please grandma, Please suck me good!”. She always wanted him to say please when asking for something. But he didn’t need to worry, she was sucking him good for her own enjoyment as much as his. When he shot his second load she eagerly took it in her mouth and down her throat.



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