Esther - My Sister


It was a cold dreary day in our house in England. It was a Monday, and I really didn't want to go to school. I wanted to stay in my comfortable, warm, cosy bed and sleep. So I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, all the while plotting on how I wad going to stay off school. Now, my family consists of my Mum, my sister Esther and me. My Dad was shot down in Afghanistan, and we hadn't heard from him in just over a year, so we were all fearing the worst, and emotions were constantly changing, with most nights the sound of my Mum crying waking me and my sister.

"Josh! Get up now please sweetie! You don't want to be late for school again!" my Mum called out.
"I don't feel well," I called back.
"Esther, go see what your big brother's trying to pull off now. " I heard my mother say to my 18 year old sister. This was then followed by a soft patter of footsteps as Esther ran up the stairs and into my room.
"Josh," she said,"Are you faking it or are you really ill?" I rolled onto my back to look at her. She had a knowing look upon her beautiful young face. Her brown eyes were sparkling, and her brown hair was dropping down in front of her luscious breasts, obscuring them from my 18 year old view.
"How much do you not want to go to school?" I replied.
"Are you suggesting that I lie to Mum, and beg her to let me look after you?"
"Something like that"
"I'll see what I can do" and she walked out the room.

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An hour later, Mum had left for work, and it was just me and Esther left in the house. I slowly got up, had some breakfast, played on the Xbox, and sat down on the sofa. Esther was upstairs, doing work no doubt, so I decided to do something about the rapidly growing bulge in my jeans. I unziped my trousers, and pull out my 6 and a half inch cock. As I start to rub if, the living room door bursts open and Esther comes charging in.
"Are you still playing . . . " she started, before she realized what I was doing. I hurried to stow my full hard on back in my boxers, as she does an about turn and runs back upstairs.

A few minuets later, and I gently knock on her door.
"Esther, can I come in?"
"Yes" a muffled reply came. I stepped around the door to find my sister lying face down on her bed, with her head in her pillow.
"Listen Es, I wanna say sorry for what happened a minuets ago. I should have gone back to my room.

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"It's OK," she said as she twisted around to face me, "But your going to have to make it up to me!"
"And just how am I going to do that?" I asked.
"Take off all your clothes and be naked for 10mins. "
"What?! I can't do that!"
"Then I just might let it slip that you weren't actually ill this morning . . . "
"Alright, I get the point" I said as I began to take off my clothes. My sister watched intently as I revealed my muscular body and a semi-erect penis.
"It was bigger than that earlier," Esther said, her finger pointing towards my dick. So I explained to her that it only gets bigger when I'm having sexy thoughts. "You mean like, when you think about sex or naked girls?"
"So, if I was to take off my clothes right now, you would get 'hard'?" Oh man, just the thought of seeing those perfect tits was enough to make me hard. Esther noticed it as well, "Or maybe I don't need to?" she said as she reached forward and without any warning took my throbbing member in her soft smooth hands and began to rub calmly up and down. I was too shocked to do anything! I was getting a handjob from my little sister! Eventually the familiar feeling started to appear.
"I'm gonna cum sis!"
"I know" she said as she placed her lips around the tip of my cock, and slowly enveloped it in her mouth. Her tongue wound its way round, sending me to the edge of an orgasm. My cock shuddered as I emptied my load into her mouth.

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   "I've wanted to do that for ages" she said.
"But your my sister, I can't let you do that!"
"I bet you want to fuck me though, 'cause I sure as hell want to fuck you!" And with that she pulled off her shirt and bra to reveal to most beautiful tits I've ever seen. I immediately grabbed her and began caressing her body with my lips. Esther began to let out little moans of pleasure as I kissed and sucked her breasts. I then began to pull off her skirt and, to my surprise, found a shaved pussy.
"How long have you been planning this?" I asked
"Ever since I saw you jacking off a few weeks ago" was the reply, and I set to work eating out my sister's tight virgin pussy. She began to moan louder and louder, as I stuck my fingers in her as well. "I'M CUMMING, OH JOSH, I'M CUMMING!!!" she screamed as she bucked and let loose her cum on my face.
"You ready Es?" I asked
"Fuck me stud. " I needed no more encouragement. My cock began it's journey into my sister's tight pussy. Finally I reached her hymen. I looked her in the eye. "Do it!" she hissed. I thrusted deep into her as my sister screamed in pain, and then in pleasure as I began to fuck her hard.

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   My thrust became stronger and stronger as her long legs wrapped around my hips. "Cum in me Josh. I wanna feel your seed in me!" I kept going strong, then suddenly, her pussy muscles tightened around my cock, sending me into a orgasm with my sister.
"That was amazing Es!" I gasped, as we collapsed on her bed, enveloped in each other's arms.
"I know, and we've still got the whole day ahead of us . . .

Please comment and let me know what you think, as this is my first story. Tell me if you think I should continue. I'll try to add more detail. .



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