Enough is Enough: Pt 1


Topic: Chapter 1; The Beginning:Enough is Enough: Chapter 1; The Beginning:      My name is Theodore, and I am seventeen years old. My mom and dad met in grade school. Although they were in the same class they didn’t get along at first. Dad first thought of mom as a friend when they were in third grade, when three other boys in their class cornered mom and were trying to get her to show them her panties. Dad beat the three boys up and him and mom started to hang out together after that. It didn’t take to many years before they were best friends, and by the time they were finishing jr. high they had decided that they were meant to be together.
      The summer that they turned fifteen, they found themselves alone on a deserted stretch of beach in the early evening and decided to go in for a swim. Since neither of them had a bathing suit they went in skinny-dipping. As they played around one thing led to another and mom wound up pregnant with my sister Caroline. Both of their parents decided that they could keep the baby if they would promise to stay together.       They had a small private wedding two months before Caroline was born so that she would have my dad’s name. For months after Caroline was born mom got pregnant again with my second sister Jackie. Jackie was born just two weeks before mom turned seventeen. I was conceived just two months after mom turned seventeen. Mom was pregnant again, with my sister Cindy this time, when they graduated from high school at eighteen.

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       My parents decided to open a specialty store when they got out of school, and mom would design the clothes that they sold in it. Mom got pregnant again with my fourth sister Judy while she was still just nineteen years old, and dad had the operation to stop them from getting pregnant again, as they really liked to have sex all the time. It didn’t take long for the store to get going and mom’s designs were really popular with all the young woman in town. By the time I turned thirteen the store was so popular that they were thinking about opening another store in the next town. I started to go in and help out at the store that summer keeping the stock accounted for.       Dad had a huge home built for us out of the profits from the store and we moved in shortly before the summer was over.   We had a huge swimming pool and the nearest neighbor was over a mile down the road. The five of us kids had a wing to ourselves for our bedrooms to be in. caroline and I shared a bathroom that was between our bedrooms with a door opening into each room, plus one opening into the hallway. Although we barely wore anything around the house, I was never really interested in any of my sister’s in a sexual way. I never really paid any attention to their nearly naked bodies.       There were times when I would walk in on Caroline while she was in the shower, and use the toilet; Caroline often did the same to me. Shortly after school started I woke up in the middle of the night and went in to use the bathroom with a stiff Dick. I had heard form several of the boys in my class how their brothers would stroke their Dicks when they got hard; so I decided to try it out.       I sat on the toilet stroking my Dick and enjoying the feeling, I didn’t hear the door to Caroline’s room open or see her come in.

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   the first that either of us realized that we were not alone in the bathroom was when Caroline started to sit down on the toilet, I thought that it was getting dark in the bathroom and opened my eyes just in time to move my dick slightly trying to keep it from getting bent down by her sitting on it. Caroline let out a loud scream when my Dick split her lips open and entered her virgin Pussy. I was so near to having my first orgasm that as I bottomed out in Caroline I started to shoot right up into her Pussy filling it with my seed. I grabbed hold of Caroline to keep her on me so that I didn’t spray my cream all over her ass and legs. Caroline’s Pussy grabbed hold of my Dick tightly and started to convulse on me milking me of all my seed. We both finished cumming and Caroline got up and said that we couldn’t tell anybody about what happened.       I knew from that moment on that I would never feel satisfied by jerking my Dick off to climax. Three and a half weeks later Caroline came into my room and said that she was glad that her period started letting her know that she wasn’t pregnant with my child, since she didn’t want to be like mom and have to take her baby to school with her, especially her brother’s. We never had another encounter like that, although I did see her naked a number of times, and she saw me the same way several times as well. Caroline would often come into my room after she had been in the shower to talk to me with just a towel wrapped around her, that didn’t really cover her Breast and Pussy at the same time. I asked her why she even bothered to wear that towel when she came into my room after her showers and she said that if anyone looked into the room they would see that she was covered up and wouldn’t think anything about it. I spent the rest of the school year trying to get a look up the dresses of the girls in my class. I even went so far as to sneak into the girls locker room while they were in gym class one day where I hid waiting for them to come back in to change clothes. I had a girl that I was really interested in and was hoping to get a good look at her without any clothes on. I got my wish but was caught before I could get out of the locker room after the girls left.

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        That summer I spent more time working at the store and soon found that there was a hole in the wall that let me look into the dressing room. The first girl that I saw in there was Jane a sixteen-year-old girl that worked part time at the store. Jane stepped out from one of the rooms and looked at herself in the mirror turning around several times wearing just a pair of panties. I was surprised when she stopped and put her hands in the waist of the thong panties that she had on and pushed them down and off her legs. I enjoyed the view of her shaved Pussy thinking about how I could get her to let me Fuck her. I knew that I couldn’t just ask her to have sex with me.       Two days later dad had me come into his office to talk. I worried about having been caught peeking through the peephole, but I needn’t have worried as all dad wanted to do is start teaching me more about the business. Over the next five weeks I learned how to write up orders for materials needed to make the lingerie that mom designed. I learned how to balance the books and do payroll also. Dad was spending less time at the store after he had taught me how to do things for him and more time getting things together for the new store to open. I was thoroughly enjoying running the business for dad while he was gone. It also gave me more time to peek through the peephole to watch the young woman trying on their choices. One day a lady brought her thirteen-year-old daughter in to the store to get her some sexy lingerie since she was just finished going through puberty. When I saw the girl naked I decided that I wanted to see how my sisters stacked up against each other.

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        The last Friday of the summer was arriving and I knew that I would have to go back to school and that I would not be able to run the store for dad until the next summer. That Friday as dad drove home from the site of the new store he had an accident that left him very badly injured and unable to work. I was ready to hold down the fort so to speak at the store but mom put the axe to that saying that I could go in and open the store but then I had to go to school leaving the employees to take care of business until I could get back after school to close the store and balance the books.       I soon found that I was looked to more often to settle things between my sisters. When Caroline and Jackie both objected to this new standing, it was pointed out that being a southern family it fell to the oldest son to run things until dad was back on his feet. I returned home from the store one Saturday to find my two younger sister’s swimming in the pool with no suits on. I enjoyed the view but didn’t say anything about it for the time being. I gradually started to notice that my sister’s were wearing less and less around the house, coming to the living room in just their panties from time to time. I still said nothing about this thinking that mom would say something but shortly after I turned fifteen I was relaxing in the living room watching some TV when mom came into the room wearing just a thong. Dad wasn’t getting any better and it looked like he wasn’t going to last much longer due to complications that arose during one of his surgeries.       We buried dad two weeks later leaving me running the businesses and our home. Mom was getting sadder and sadder as the days went on and when I asked her what was wrong she just said that she missed dad. Two days after the funeral I got up and walked in to the kitchen for breakfast to find all four of my sister’s and mom sitting there, waiting on me. I asked what was going on and mom said that since I was now the head of the family that it was up to me to set the rules of the house. I knew then that it was time for a change in attitude among my sisters and I was going to start with my younger sisters, but I wanted to think about things.

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   Judy stood up and I noticed that they weren’t wearing anything at all to the breakfast table. This marked the beginning of a major change at our



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