Enough is Enough part 4:


Topic: Chapter 4: I finally put my foot down for all the teasingEnough is Enough: Chapter 4: I finally put my foot down for all the teasing       I waited long enough for her to be undressed and I went in to her room. Jackie didn’t think too much about me entering her room without knocking, as she knew that she was in trouble for what happened that morning. I was just wearing a pair of shorts that I work out in. I sat on her bed and had her come over to me. I then had her lie across my knees while I pulled her panties down to her ankles. I gave her five solid whacks with my hand before I had her lie on her bed so that I could eat her Pussy.       I started to lick her slit while I rubbed her breast through her bra. I had her sit up and take off her bra so that I could play with her better. I bit and licked her clit; I then pressed my fingers into her slit to get it lubed up to penetrate her virgin Pussy. I could feel how tight she was going to be for my Dick to enter her as I fingered her. I continued to bite and play with her Pussy until I brought her through three huge orgasms. I then kissed my way up her tight body until I reached her 36 c-cup breast where I sucked first the right and then the left nipples into my mouth.       As I played and sucked on her nipples I reached down to take hold of my dick, which I stroked through her wet slit and across her engorged clit. Jackie was moaning all through this process until I pushed the head of my dick into her virgin Pussy, causing Jackie to cry out in pain at first. I immediately stopped pushing and rubbed her clit until she started to moan again. I slowly pushed more of my dick into her before I started to stroke it in and out.

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    I gradually increased the pace and depth of my thrust until I could feel her hymen. I pulled her legs up and pushed them towards her shoulders ass I prepared to thrust all the way inside of her.       I pulled out until just the head was still inside of her, I looked at the bliss on her face and then I thrust hard and deep into her tearing through a third sister’s hymen. I stopped when the head of my dick reached her cervix and still had two more inches of my dick outside of her. I waited for her to get used to the feel of my dick inside of her tight Pussy before I started to stroke in and out of her again. I quickened the pace and force of my strokes until I felt my dick push through her final barrier and knew that I was now all the way inside of her with the head and another inch inside her womb.       I paused briefly to allow myself to enjoy the feel of her womanhood and to allow her to get used to the feel of her cervix being spread open for my dick. When I started to stroke in and out of her again I also started to rub her clit knowing that I wouldn’t last much longer then. I increased my pace both with my finger on her clit, and my strokes in her Pussy. I could feel my orgasm coming and wanted her to ride along with me to the summit of pure pleasure. I had Jackie right at the brink of her orgasm when I pushed all the way inside of her and held my dick inside of her womb as the first jet of my seed flew out of my dick. When that first stream of cum hit the back wall of Jackie’s womb, her Pussy locked tightly onto my dick holding me in place while her Pussy milked my cum out of my dick, and her orgasm crested and flowed over the banks of bliss and around my huge dick.       When we both came down from our mutual orgasms I was still hard as a rock so I started to give her little thrust just to dislodge my dick from her womb. Jackie was panting like a cat who just got the canary and lifting up to meet my short thrusts, we soon had a good rhythm going and I was pulling almost all the way out of her again. We carried on for what seemed an eternity until I exploded inside of her again pressing the head of my dick back into her womb filling it for the second time.

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   I knew that it was getting time for Cindy to get home so I called a halt to our fucking and had Jackie go take a shower while I got cleaned up in my bathroom.       I was barely dressed when I heard Cindy come in the house, so I went out to meet her. I told her to go to her room and wait until I called her out as we were going to have a long talk when mother got home.   I waited and as soon as mom walked in the door I told her we were going to have a family meeting before anything else was done tonight. I called all the girls out of their rooms and when they got to the living room I had them all sit down to listen to what I had to say.      I started out talking about what they had been doing to me ever since dad had his accident and how it got worse after he died. I then told them all to stand up, when they were all standing I said that since you all want to run around the house barely covered that they should all get out of their clothes. Mom and the girls all started to get undressed but they all stopped when they were down to their panties. I walked up to them one at a time and ripped off their panties saying that when I said to get undressed they were to take it all off and that from now on they were not to wear anything at all in the house and that if I felt like stuffing their Pussies with my dick that I would just bend them over the arm of the couch or what ever was close to hand and fill them up, I went on to say that there would be no birth control allowed by any of them. I told Cindy that she still had a spanking coming from the fight she had in the hallway this morning. I took her hand and brought her back to my room with me. I proceeded to take her cherry and plant my seed in her tight and fertile womb just as I had with our sisters. I then went out and told my mother that since I had already had all of my sisters that it was her turn and I bent her across the kitchen table and proceeded to fill her fertile womb also, now I had all four of my sisters and our mother pregnant and am having sex with them every day. If one of the girls friends comes over to spend the night they have to follow the rules of the house as well and stay naked and ready for a good fucking from me. I didn’t think that any of them would take me up on the idea until Cindy asked if her friend Sally could spend the weekend and then Cindy informed me that Sally wasn’t on the pill and was perfectly willing to go naked all the time she was here.

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   I soon found out that Sally was also more than willing to let me fuck her even though she wasn’t on the pill and was in her fertile time of the month. I fucked Sally six times over the course of the weekend filling her fertile womb each time ensuring that she was pregnant by the time she went home, Sally promised that she would keep our secret about us all having sex but that she would have to tell her mother if she was pregnant.      When Sally’s mom found out that she was pregnant she told her mother that she had snuck into my room while I was sleeping and climbed on top of me impaling herself on my hard-on, she went on to say that I woke up to find her bouncing on my Cock and before I could say or do anything she started to have an orgasm that set mine off causing me to fill her womb with semen. Several days later I was asked to come over to Sally’s house to talk to her mother, when I got there I found her waiting for me wearing just a skimpy little negligee and no panties I wasted no time in filling her Pussy with my Cock and just a little more time filling her with my seed. I was then told that I could come over any time to fuck her or her daughter and that when Sally has the baby that I can come over to spend time with my child. I hope that I will soon have a nice size harem of my own with each female giving not just her Pussy but her womb to me to fill with babies. All of my sisters have friends that are only children to single mothers. .


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