Enough is Enough 2:


Topic: Chapter 2; I take Charge:Enough is Enough: Chapter 2; I take Charge:       I turned to my mom and asked her why the girls were sitting at the table naked. Mom said that she called the girls and told them to come down however they were dressed, not thinking that they would be naked at the time. She also said that she didn’t want to make a big deal out of the way they were dressed since we had just buried dad. I looked at her and asked why she was dressed then, if I was to be the head of the family then she didn’t have anything to hide from me either. Mom started to protest but stopped and looking at me she stood up and removed her bra and panties, to sit back down naked like the girls.
      I had all of them stand up and get in a line so that I could compare them, from oldest to youngest. Starting with Mary my thirty-two-year-old mother, who had a clean shaven Pussy; next came Caroline, seventeen with a cute heart shaped bush on her Pussy; Jackie who was sixteen at the time with a hairy bush above her Pussy; fourteen-year-old Cindy was next with her barely sprouting bush; and last was thirteen-year-old Judy who hadn’t started to grow any hair on her Pussy yet. I told them all that they were not to come out of their rooms with out some kind of clothing on from now on, or there would be some kind of punishment from me. I had to beat off that night after having been in the presence of all that naked Pussy.       For the next two months I was too busy making sure that everything was in order for us to hire staff for the new store, which was just about finished being built, to pay attention to what the my sister’s were doing. The Saturday after the contractors finished up with everything and released the site to us mom and I arranged to have an ad placed in the local paper there for new employees. Three of the employees that worked at the current store were going to transfer over to help train the new employees, and mom and I had several people respond that wanted to fill the positions.

Not that we didn’t want any male employees for the store but woman just prefer to have other females help them in intimate apparel than a man.       We settled on a woman that had graduated from the local university with a degree in retail business management to run the store. I talked mom in to expanding her line of lingerie to include items for younger girls as well as what we currently ran. After getting all the new employees hired and trained it was time to see how they worked out so I left the new store in their hands and was glad to get a bit of rest for now.

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   It only took a week to get everyone ready for the grand opening.       The first day that I didn’t go to the new store to see how they were doing I returned home early to find Judy entertaining one of her friends by the pool and both of them naked as the day they were born. My Dick shot up just seeing these two thirteen-year-old girls naked, that I wanted to pull it out and fuck both of them until they couldn’t walk straight. I called out to Judy and had her come inside while her friend slowly got dressed and left to go home, with me enjoying the view until she finally pulled her shorts up over her lightly covered red haired Pussy.       I sent Judy to my room to wait for me just like she was. Judy wanted to know if she was in trouble and I told her that she would find out as soon as I got in the room. I walked in and Judy was sitting on my bed still naked with her legs spread open enough that I could clearly see her bare Pussy and ever so slightly her clit sticking out of her labia. I moved over to my closet after closing and locking my bedroom door. Although not for Judy I was still sporting my raging hard-on caused by the slow sensuously teasing way her friend Kelly got dressed to go home, I started to strip naked myself. Judy watched carefully every piece of clothing that I removed. I purposely left my tented boxers on and walked over to the bed where I sat down, I had Judy stand up and face me, then I pulled her down across my knees and started to spank her. I found that Judy was really excited by this and gave her a couple more swats making sure to rub across her soaking wet Pussy lips.       I then had Judy stand up facing away from me so that I could see how red her bottom was, and push my boxers down my legs enough to uncover my raging erection.
    Sitting further back on the bed I had Judy get up on the bed over me so that I could get a better look at her red ass, really I just wanted a better look at her Pussy. I slowly turned her around so that she was facing me but couldn’t see that my Dick was uncovered, I then had her kneel down so that I could talk to her, bringing her bare virgin Pussy right above my throbbing Dick, but not close enough that she could feel it yet.

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       I pulled her in tight to me and said that I hated having to spank her but she had to learn that when I said not to do something that she wasn’t to do it even if I wasn’t home to see her do it. When Judy started to cry and say that she wouldn’t disobey me again I pulled her down letting my Dick push into her virgin Pussy for the first time. Judy’s eyes and mouth, popped open as far as they could when she felt my Dick entering her Pussy. Using her weight and my hands pulling her down I bottomed out inside of her no longer virgin Pussy pushing through her Hymen with no trouble at all.       I lay back on the bed with my Dick buried inside of my little sister and let her move around just a bit to get used to the feeling of my huge Dick inside of her. When I felt that she was properly ready I rolled us over so that I was on top and lifted her legs to hold them by her shoulders so that I could get my entire Dick inside of her. I then started to take long slow strokes in and out of her Pussy building my depth and pace until I could feel my head entering her womb. I reached down with my free hand and started to tease her clit ever so lightly, Judy didn’t like this and wanted me to rub harder. I pinched and rubbed her clit until she started to convulse in sheer pleasure. When I felt that she was at the peak of her orgasm I increased my pace so that I could finish at the same time as her. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and knew that I was ready to explode so I buried my Dick as deep into her womb as I could and blew my load never once thinking about the chance of her getting pregnant by me. When the first stream hit the back wall of her womb Judy clamped down tightly on my Dick with her Pussy muscles contracting them to milk my seed out of me.       We both came down from our mutual orgasms and Judy said wow I never thought that it would feel so good can we keep doing this. I told her maybe later that right now we needed to get cleaned up and dressed before anyone got home and found what we just did. Judy promised to keep quiet about our fucking as long as I promised to do it again with her.

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       I decided right then that I was going to have all of my sister’s and mom before the week was done and then we would all sit down and talk. .



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