Enjoy - Incest


Well this is about my son no sex but something that gets me wet enjoy. Well it al started last year my oldest was starting to get very touchy with me dont now why but just never really thought it was anything. I was cleanin the house and went to his room to get his dirty cloths and found what shock me a pair of my blue thong in his room. I thought about it and wonder what it was doing in here. As the day went on I could not stoping think about it. Later that week I started to look at him different and I would catch him looking at me in a strange way. When my husband was out or was not home he would always be around me and very touchy. I kind of play with it and let him feel me up. I would lay on the couch and he would sit next to me and without saying anything I could feel his hand on my side rubing my leg. It was quit and just the TV was on. I felt him move closer to my butt and when he got close I just got up and went to my room. One day this month I was just waking up from sleep and headed to the kitchen to get breakfast started.

As I walk pass his room he call me to help him As I walk in I forgot that I was just wearing a shirt and panties. As we talk I could see his eyes looking at my panties and with this I left but when I got out to the hallway he gave me a hug from behide and felt his cock between my legs and right under my pussy.
I turnaround to yell at him and grab him to tell him enough. Later that day I was think that I was to hard on him and felt bad.

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   As I went to draw my bath water I started to get very hot thinking about him. I could not believe this for I was horny for my son. I try to tell myself this was bad and to stop but now I could not stop from rubing my ass and tits and feeling so horny thinking about him. As I laid in the tub I let my hands go all over my body rubbing my nipples and between my legs. I could not believe how hot this was making me. I push my fingers in my pussy and felt them inside my pussy with the warm water mixing with my pussy juices. I was thinking about how he would grab me from behide and push his hard cock against my ass. I was now finger my pussy and I decide to lean on the tub so I was half in and half out with one hand holding me up and the other pushing deep in my pussy. I was going fast and think about him fucking me and feeling his young cock in my wet pussy and with this cam so good and hard. I finisn my bath and decide to play with this but not act on it and not have sex with him but just to let him get me wet.
I was in my room with my rub on when my 2 sons came home. I started to get horny and call my oldest in my room. I watch him look at me and I felt my pussy get so hot. I told him that I was sorry for yelling at him but he need to act like a gentleman and know that I am his mom. I went to the closet and grab a pair on mypanties and put them on I face my ass to him and as I was pulling them up I know he was watching.


   I pull them up and show some of my naked body for now my pussy was wet. I turn around to see his hand move away from his cock. I walk out of the room to the living room to check on my youngest. I return but before I went in from the hall way I could see him in my bathroom smelling my panties. I was so turn on with this. I went in and ask what he was doing.
Well hope you enjoy this it was real but tell this day nothing happens with him and I but feels good when you know that your son jerks off to you