End of Term Part 3


About a week or so after my ménage trios with Gwen and Shay’La I was coming home from my math final.   It was one of those hot, humid days we often get towards the end of May.   I was thinking of going to the park to shoot some hoops to kill some time.   Gwen had started her summer job and wouldn’t be home till 6:00.  


When I got to our apartment building there was a girl sitting on the steps, looking kind of dirty, as if she had been doing some major cleaning.   She looked to be a few years younger than me, had frizzy, redish- rangy hair pulled up in a pony tail.  She wore a light tee shirt that was covered in dust and a bit too small for her, clinging tightly to her sweaty body.   She was small, about 5’3”, cute, round face covered with freckles, a ski jump button of a nose over a cute, rosebud pink mouth.   She carried maybe a ‘B” cup on her chest, but more likely an “A” that was just a tad bit big.   And no hips to speak of, just thin sticks that were hinting at their shapeliness to come.


I started to step around her when she said:  “Hi, I am your new neighbor and need some help. ”


Helping move someone wasn’t my idea of fun in this weather, but I had noting to do, so I said, “OK.   What needs to be moved?”


She laughed and said, “Nothing.   We did that already.   But my mom went back to our old apartment to finish getting our stuff and forgot to leave the keys.   She already called the land lord and he said he could let me in when he gets out of work around 7:00 tonight, but that you or your sister … Gwen?  would let me inside.




Since she knew Gwen’s name I figured it was OK.   Besides, I wasn’t too worried by a kid for my safety.


So I asked, “Why are you and your mom moving here?”


“Oh, my mom got a TA’s job at the college, which will help her as she finishes her Ph. D.   By the way, my name is Kelly. ”


“Oh. ”  I grunted.   “I’m Zack.   What something to drink?”


“Sure. ” She said as we walked into the apartment.   I had set the AC on earlier to sub-zero, so it was pretty cool inside.   I told Kelly that the living room was straight ahead and the bathroom on the right across from the kitchen.


When I came into the living room I remembered what cold air can do to a girl’s body.   Kelly’s nipples were sticking out nicely, through her thin shirt and bra.   I sat down and handed her a wine cooler.

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    She raised her eyebrows at that and I shrugged, “We are out of milk and Gwen doesn’t keep pop in the house.   If you would like there is water in the fridge. ”


She said “No, this’ll be fine. ” and raised it to her lips, lifted her head, pushing her pointy nipples out further and sucked nearly half of it down in an instant.   I couldn’t help but to stare at her salient points and wonder, was Kelly a true red head?  The more I looked and thought, the less I was aware of her until Kelly giggled and said: “You thinking of something naughty?” 


I eloquently said, “Huh?” and Kelly giggled again and pointed to my own ‘rising’ issue starting to tent my shorts.   I laughed a bit and said, “Look down,” 


Kelly did and said “Opps.   Well these things happen when you have a wet shirt on.   I’ll fix that now. ” And she pulled her shirt and bra off in one smooth motion.   In front of me sat a topless red head with boobs that stood out without the help of a bra, pink aureoles and nice, pointy nipples, sucking on a wine cooler.


“Would you get me another? Kelly asked.


I wasted no time and brought her a second wine cooler.   My dick was straining against my shorts at this point and Kelly asked, “Why do you still have those on, bring him out.   I want to see him. ”


I quickly divested my self of my shorts and sat next to Kelly.

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    “Wow, he is a big boy.   Mind if I touch?”  I couldn’t believe my ears.   Not only was this girl half nude sitting on my couch, she wanted to touch my seven inches of hard man meat with a wine cooler in her other hand.


I said, “Go ahead.   He won’t bite. ”


“Ooohhh, so soft, so hard. ” She said as she ran her hand over my shaft.   This of course started the pre cum dripping out of my head onto Kelly’s hand.  


She ran a finger over it and said, “Slippery.   Almost like when …. . . ” as her voice drifted dreamily off.


I almost shot my load right there.   “Here, hold this.

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  ” Kelly said handing me her bottle as she stood up and removed her pants and undies.   She was a true red head, with a thin thatch of light red hair just starting to cover her mound.   Oddly, there are no freckles on her mound I realized.


She sat down and said, “That’s better.   Now there are no secrets between us. ”


She didn’t take her bottle back, instead she continued to run her hand along my dick, and with her other hand she spread her pussy lips and started running her fingers up and down her slit.


I didn’t know what to say, so I took a slug of her wine cooler, laying back a bit.   Kelly said, “Oh no.   I am not going to do all the work here.   If you want some happiness, so do I. ”  sliding her pussy up near my face as she said so.


I gently put a finger into her slit.   It was wet and slippery.   She smelled a bit from the sweat of moving, but not much else.   After a few moments of my gentle probing of her young, slippery pussy, she began to moan a bit.

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    I felt more comfortable as Kelly got into it and started stroking my cock without hesitation.   She ran her hands over my dripping head, lubing them so she could run those digits slowly down my shaft, making it glisten in the sunlight.   Every stroke of her hand brought a twinge of pleasure for me, and a bit more lube for Kelly.


Once I realized that this girl was for real I slid a second finger into her slit, getting that wet enough to insert into her snatch.   Kelly moaned as my two fingers slid in.   Boy was she tight!  I didn’t think I could get a third into her, so I just slid them in and out, curling them a bit to the top of her love tunnel, where I heard Gwen say the ‘G’ spot was. Kelly loved it and started thrusting her nearly hairless mound against my fingers.   Since she was starting to leak girl juice over my hand forming a river on her smooth, hairless leg I figured it was time to add my thumb to this and started stroking Kelly’s clit too.   That nearly put her over the edge then and there.   She groaned out an “Oh yes!” as she clamped down on my wet dick with her soft, dirty, wet hand.


I continued this for several minutes when Kelly started fucking my hand in earnest.   She spread her legs wide so I could see into her pink, dripping love hole and began thrusting hard against my hand.   She was moaning now with a fervor, my dick left to its own devices, “Ohhhh…. Yeesss… harder …. .

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My hand was moving like a piston in and out of that dripping cunt.   She was so wet that the few hairs she had were plastered against her pink mound.   Then, “OooooOOOOO!  I think I’m cummmming!”  Followed by ejaculations of  “O Yes!  Yes!  OOOOOOOOO! YEEESSSSSS!!!!”


Kelly’s body trembled several moments as the convulsions that shook her body ran their course.   When she stopped twitching, she slowly lowered her leg.   I wasn’t ready for that shop to be closed, so I gently rolled her on to her back, once again spreading her thin legs, exposing her dripping wet love hole. .   I then stuck my head between her legs and started licking Kelly’s cum covered tunnel of love while stroking that clit.


Like a pro Kelly wrapped her legs around my head, pulling my face tight against her pussy.   I licked her for all I was worth and in a few seconds, seconds mind you, she started bucking that dripping mound up against my tongue, fucking my face with her sweet, pussy, the dripping hairs tickling my nose.   The moans started at the same time,  “OOOOOO!  I’m CUMMING AGAIN!  Don’t stop!  OOOOOO!  Yes!  Oh my God, YES!   …. YES!  …. .   YES!  …. . YEEESSSSS!”  This last was punctuated by her juices flooding out all over my face as Kelly went into orgasmic convulsions for the second time in under a minute with my face buried into her snatch.

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This was just amazing to see, and even better to experience.   But while Kelly was immersed in her pleasure, she was ignoring my dick.   He was reminding Kelly of his loneliness by smacking her face and adding long drips of pre cum to the sweat her orgasms had brought out.   I think more out of self defense than any desire she opened her rosebud mouth and popped the head of my dick in.   With Kelly’s small mouth and stature, my seven inches was huge.   It looked like she could barely hold the head of my dick inside of that mouth.


I figured I would give her a few moments to adjust to it before I started to insist on some return for the pleasure given, when I felt Kelly start to lick my head.   Not fast or vigorous, just a gentle lap, lap, lap of the ‘oh so’ sensitive underside of the head.   She gently ran her petit tongue side to side on my throbbing dick.   This was a very different blow job than what I had experienced from Gwen or Shay’La, not as much effort, but then again, Kelly was still pretty much out of it from her two mind blowing organisms.   


Since Kelly really wasn’t into a full scale blow job yet, I decided to see how far she would let me go in giving her pleasure.   While she slowly liked my dick as an ice cream cone, I once more covered my fingers in the girl’s joy juice.   Then I gently started stroking her slit, from the top over her clit al the way to the very back.   I made sure to add just a bit of pressure on that area of skin between her cunt and her pink, star shaped backdoor.   Kelly loved it.

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    She moaned and spread her legs wider to my amazement.    As I ran my fingers back the way they came, I pushed my pinky against that backdoor opening just a bit to see what Kelly would do.   She clamped down on my dick and gave it a good, long suck.   Since I liked that, I made sure my pinky was covered in Kelly juice so I could do some more on my next pass.   When I hit the top of her slit I circled her clit a time or two and was rewarded with some more sucking from Kelly.   This time, when I finished my circuit with my roamin’, dripping fingers I gently pushed my pinky against her ass.   She gasped a bit, but pushed back allowing my finger to slip inside of her.   With one finger in her ass, I slid two others into her love hole, as I did so I got to see her love juice come oozing to the top of that pretty chanal, covering my fingers and slowly dripping down the crack of her ass, to land on the cushion.


This time I slowly started caressing her clit while I ran my fingers simultaneously up and down her love hole and her ass.   Kelly’s bottom squirmed and she licked my cock harder.   Since this is what I wanted done, I continued to stroke her with my hand.   In short order she was moaning her pleasure around my dick as she licked for her life.   This time I slowed Kelly down until I was ready to cum.


When I started to feel that familiar pressure building in my balls I brought my hand back up to full speed in Kelly’s snatch.   She quickly started humping my hand again with rivers of fluids running all over my hand, her leg and the couch.

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    I heard her say with my cock in her mouth, “Oh God!  I’m cuuummming again!!!!”  That put me over the edge.   I thrust my cock forward and shot wad after wad of hot, sticky man cum at Kelly.   She had gagged on the first wad and pulled my dick out of her little mouth.   That didn’t stop me from cuming all over her face and in her hair.


As her breathing slowed down I looked down to she what damage I had done.


Kelly was a mess, between the dirt, the sweat and now my cum, this girl needed a shower. Her hair had pulled out of the pony tail holder.   It was plastered to her head and face by first by sweat, now by gobs of cum.


And we weren’t done by a long shot.   I asked Kelly how she was feeling.  


“Uhmm, wow.   That was … wonderful.   Not you shooting cum all over my face.   That sucked, but the two, no three climaxes.   I have never felt anything like the first one, then you go and have me cumming two times in a row without letting me catch my breath … that was amazing.

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    Wow, I need to clean up. ”


I asked her, “Who said we are done?”


“You’re not?  My mom’s boyfriend always rolls over after one time. ”


“I am not your mother’s boy friend.   I think I have a few more rounds left in me. ”


“Oh. ”  Kelly said, “Oooh.   Wow.   This could be fun. ” With a bit more enthusiasm.


Kelly reached out and hesitantly touched my half limp dick.   It was still dripping a bit of spunk since she hadn’t finished the job.   She put a few fingers on my sperm and then licked them.   “Hmmm, not as bad as I have heard.   A bit salty, but not that bad. ”  As she said that she started caressing my dick to life with her hand.




“Hay!” I teasingly said “You better be sure of what you want before you start something you won’t finish.   That ain’t fair to me. ” 


Kelly slowed down her hand, pouting a bit and asked, “What’da ya mean?  You came; all over my hair and face. ”


“Yes, I shot a load, but that was nothing, barely a hand job, and really not that good.   If you want to play, this can be totally mind blowing, not just for you,” gesturing to her still sticky leg and crotch, “but for me as well, but you have to be willing. ”


Kelly hesitated, “Well, I don’t know.   Mom put me on the pill, she thought I was sleeping with one of her creepy boyfriends last year, but I have never done anything like this before.   When I touch myself, I get warm and wet, but never that. ” pointing to her still dripping snatch.


“Well,” I said standing up and walking away from Kelly, “it is up to you.   I am not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to.   I don’t roll that way. ”


Kelly hesitated only a moment before saying, “OK big boy, show me what you’ve got. ” With a grin of anticipation on her cum soaked face.


I laughed at that and said, “C’mere.


  ” Leading Kelly into my bedroom I wrapped my arms around her waist kissing her ear and neck.   Kelly liked that, nuzzling into my mouth while giving me a nice “Mmmmm. ”  I then gently spun this young lass into my arms, picking up her tiny tween body and placing her on my bed, then giving her a gentle kiss on her smiling lips.   Kelly returned my kiss with enthusiasm, pulling me on top of her.


Her small breasts were firm against my chest, and her mouth tasted husky, with a bit sperm finish.   Kelly was a good with her lips, I was glad to discover.   That meant her blow jobs wouldn’t be impossible to tolerate.


I continued kissing her, rubbing her shoulders with my free hand while my other held her close.   After a bit I shifted off of Kelly’s body allowing my hand access to her boobs.   As I mentioned before, they were small, maybe a large A cup on a generous day.   That didn’t mean their sensitivity was small, quite the opposite.   After a few moments her nipple was sticking out nearly a half inch, begging for someone to bite it.   So naturally, I obliged.  


Kelly’s response was classic.   She moaned out her pleasure, arching her back and thrusting those A cups into my face.

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    Since my mouth was sucking on Kelly’s tits, my hand had nothing to do, so it roamed down range, finding her sparse, dripping thatch.   After rubbing that for a minute or two, I started rubbing her slit again.   As each finger entered at the top I made sure they hit Kelly’s engorged clit that was sticking out as far as her nipples were.   This had Kelly resuming her water works.   Her snatch was quickly creating a large wet spot on my bed, helped along by her hips pumping and twisting in to the air.


I continued my attention to her boobs and clit, but this time I didn’t sink any fingers into her love hole.   I wanted Kelly to beg for release.  


As my tongue went clockwise, my fingers went counterclockwise.   When I sucked her nipple between my teeth, my fingers pinched her clit.   Kelly bucked up, twisted down moaning the whole time, “Ohhhhh…. . ahhh …. Moore. ”  and so I continued until her pelvis’s insistence got to the point she was going to throw one of us from the bed.   So I murmured in Kelly’s ear, “Do you want something?”


She mumbled something in reply.

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    Biting down a bit harder on a nipple I said, “I can’t hear you. ”


Kelly said, “I want you in me. ”




Louder, “I want you in me. ”




Nearly a shout, “I WANT YOU IN ME!”


Rolling on to her, my rock hard seven inches dripping pre cum nearly as bad as Kelly’s pussy, I said, “OK. ” Spreading her pale legs wide, opening up her for man to see for the first time.   The view did not disappoint.   Pink lips clenching and releasing, looking for something to grab onto and pull in, joy juice in rivulets running down the cheeks of her small, round ass, and the sparse red curly hairs, some sticking out, others plastered to her pink mound.


I removed my hand from Kelly’s now quivering pussy and slipped the head of my dick into the entrance to Kelly’s Tunnel of Love.   Figuring that she had never had a man between her legs before, I gently rubbed her clit, letting Kelly pick her speed to have me impale her on my rod.  


At first she moved slow, taking just a bit of me inside her with each thrust of those hips, maybe a quarter of an inch.   After getting about two inches of me inside, Kelly said “Fuck it!” and thrust herself on to me fully.   No pop, just a gasp from both of us. God was she tight!  I could feel her juices squishing out of her and all over my pubes, dripping onto my balls.   Kelly’s eyes were wide open in surprise.  


I asked, “Are you OK?” 


She nodded her head saying, “I have never felt like this before.

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    So full, it feels great!”


Once her pussy relaxed on my dick I started to slide it out, slowly, oh so slowly.   I wanted to take it slow not just for Kelly’s pleasure, but because she held my dick so tight in that vice gripe love hole I was afraid I would shot my load in three strokes if I wasn’t careful.   I wanted her first time to be the one she compared all the other guys she would fuck in her life to; and they would not measure up!


When my head was nearly out I slid back into Kelly.   Again slowly; very, very slowly.   I did this for nearly five minutes or so.   I knew it was time to speed things up when Kelly started meeting my dick with her own thrusts.   They were not very slow, so on my last retreat, I slammed into Kelly with full force and all seven inches.   She was once again moaning in my ear, “Ohhhhh… yes!”  Now I was banging into Kelly with reasonable speed and she was meeting my effort.   While she was getting hot and bothered again, she wasn’t ready to cum yet, but I could feel a pressure building in my balls, so I stopped Kelly.

      She looked a bit hurt asking, “What’s wrong?


    “Nothing,” I said, “but there are other positions.   I want to give you a change.   This is your first time with a man, so lets try different ones. ”  Kelly looked relieved at that and said, “OK, what do you want me to do?”


    I grinned and said, “Ever wonder why they call it doggy style?”  She shook her head no. “Well, get on your knees and you will discover why. ”


    Reluctantly Kelly rolled to her knees and spread her legs a bit.

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        I moved behind her and gently spread them much further, opening her still dripping pussy.   God, how much juice did that girl have?  My bed already looked like I pissed it!


    My dick was still wet, and the pressure decreased as I rubbed its head up and down her slit, letting her know that it was going in her wet love hole, not her pretty ass.   When I hit Kelly’s clit she arched her back and wiggled that ass at me.   Her pussy lips were the lightest shade of pink, surprising for how fully engorged they were.   They were spread open in anticipation, with drips of joy juice making their way slowly down to my bed.


    A few strokes of that and I placed my head once again at the entrance of Kelly’s tunnel.

    “Ready?” I asked.   She nodded her head and I grabbed her pony tail and slammed all seven inches in at once.   Kelly gasped and thrust back so hard I thought she was going to knock me from the bed!  Again I gave her pussy a moment to get use to having me there and then began sliding nearly out, then slamming back in.   Holding on to her hair the entire time just made Kelly wilder.   She quickly met and matched my rhythm, thrusting back to meet my strokes, helping to impale her lovely teenaged body on my cock.   I saw that her tits were so firm they barely moved at all with all the rocking.   God this was great!


    This time Kelly quickly let her temperature rise, calling out as her pussy was split by my dick, “Yes!  Oh God!  Harder!  Ahhhh!”  Soon she was bucking with intent and I knew she was going to have herself an orgasm with a dick in her. Also, I figured it was time I got some relief.   Our pace quickened and I could hear the ‘slap, slap, slap’ of my pubes on Kelly’s’ ass.

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        As our pace increased, her moaning became deeper and frantic:  “Ooooooo!  Ooooooo!  OOOOOOOOoooo!” until she broke out with a final “OOOOOOOO GOD!” and her lithe body convulsed on my dick.   That sent me over the edge and I shot my load into her tight pussy.   Spurt after spurt shot from my dick and bounced off of her pussy’s walls bring more joyous sounds form Kelly and more twitches of pleasure.   Once I was done my dick shrank back to normal size and slid out of Kelly’s cum soaked twat.   Our mingled juices of love poured from her hole as she rested on her forearms with her ass still in the air.


    That gave me an idea.   “I’ll be right back. ” I said and Kelly mumbled something.   I ran over to Gwen’s room and grabbed her silver bullet vibrator, checking that the batteries were good.   When I returned Kelly hadn’t moved yet.   Her ass was still in the air, legs spread, and pussy wide open for the world’s viewing pleasure, and her breathing still a bit ragged.


    I turned the vibrator on low and put the bullet on Kelly’s clit.   She nearly launched herself off of the bed!  “Oh my God!  What is that?” Kelly said as she rolled on to her back, grabbing the bullet and thrusting it on her button.


    I smirked and said, “Just a toy. ”  I don’t think she heard me.

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        Kelly had a smile on her face as she maneuvered that bullet over her clit, keeping her legs spread wide, toes pointed to the stars.   In seconds she was moaning, “Oooooooo  Goooood!   Ooooo GOooooood!  Ooooooo GOOOOOD I’m cumming again!”  This time as her fifth orgasm shook her body she just totally shot girl cum all over herself.   It splashed on her chest, on her mound, on her tummy, and she just kept cumming.   Squirt after powerful squirt, until she flopped, drained physically from her introduction into womanhood.


    This was so hot!  My rod was standing ready in no time.   As Kelly was coming down off of that mind blowing climax, I crawled between her splayed legs and pointed my cock at her open hole, with the remnants of my creampie joining with her cum draining onto my bed.   She opened her eyes briefly and said, “OK. ” And I entered her.   Not hard and fast, but slow and gentle.


    Kelly let go of her toy and clung to me for dear life as I let my cock do its work.   In and out I went, slowly until Kelly could feel the head of my dick head banging up against the end of her love canal. We kept this up as she recovered enough to appreciate what was being given to her.   God was that girl’s pussy wet!  It was like sliding into a hot, slippery, dripping wet velvet glove.   She was so wet; her juices mingled with my cum, her cum and sweat on her chest.   What a sight! 


    Once she was ready I increased my pace, each stroke still running out of room in that tight little honey hole.

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        Each stroke sending shock waves of pleasure through this girl.   After several minutes Kelly said, “I can’t take much more of this. ” and grabbed the silver bullet, putting it on her clit once more.   The feeling was awesome, but Kelly stopped me saying, “I want it from behind again, but this time in my ass.   My pussy is too damn sore for any more. ”


    “Are you sure?” I asked.   “You barely took my pinky, this is much larger. ” gesturing to my throbbing dick.


    She looked a bit dubious, but said, “I am game; if you will be as gentle as you have been I know it will be fine. ”


    I shrugged my shoulders and said, “OK, you tell me if I need to stop. ”


    Kelly rolled to her knees once more opening her ass wide for my viewing pleasure.   Her pussy was a lot redder than before, but still as wet.   I ran my fingers along her slit getting them good and soaked in our spunk.   I then rubbed her tiny, puckered ass with some spunk as well.   Kelly liked that and waved it back and forth, taunting me.

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        Once her star hole was well lubed, I pressed on it with a finger.   Kelly pushed back and my finger popped in past the first muscle ring.   I pulled back and slid it in to the second ring, but not through.   I did this several times until Kelly relaxed enough to let me get a second finger in her ass.   This time Kelly put the silver bullet on her pussy lips and started sliding it up and down before I was ready.  A few moments of this and my fingers popped through her second ring.   Once that was open, I slid a third finger in!  Kelly took some time with the bullet on her clit before she gently started rocking her hips.   Once she got into a rhythm, I asked if she was ready for the real deal.   Kelly said, “Yes.   Take my ass’s cherry!”


    Again I ran my dick over her and through her dripping pussy, getting it good and wet.   Then I gently spread her ass, placing the head of my dick on her backdoor.    Kelly slowly pushed herself onto my dick.   She moved so slowly I felt it as I pushed through her first ring, then the second, and up to the third.   I was actually surprised that Kelly took all of me.   It must have hurt a bit, because she was busy with that toy buzzing up and down her pussy for several moments before she breathed.

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        After a few breaths, Kelly rocked slowly forward.   I could feel each ring as it slid gently over my cock.   They felt like lips sucking on me, a three ring asshole blow job, sucking me off ever so slowly!  Wow!  What a mind blowing feeling!  Kelly had me nearly out of her ass when she started the push back.   Again I felt the tight caresses of the muscles in her ass as they milked my pole.    Slowly at first she went until Kelly was comfortable with my dick tickling her innards, then she started building up speed, slipping that vibrator between her pussy lips, then onto her clit.   Faster and faster she went.


    Kelly’s pony tail had long since given up any pretence of being a pony tail, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t grab her hair and start pulling on it.   I had Kelly’s head pulled back as she started slamming herself onto me, a final orgasm starting to build once more in this kid’s tiny body;  Gwen’s vibrator going from pussy to clit; my dick pounding in her ass, and now I started gently slapping an ass check.   Each smack brought a yelp of joy from Kelly.   “Harder!  Slam my ass!  Deeper!”  I didn’t need any encouragement as I took over from Kelly setting our tempo.   My rod was slamming in and out of her pucker hole like a machine.   Kelly had locked the vibrator on her clit, and she started her orgasm.   “Oooo.   Ooooo.   Ooooooooo!  OOOOOOOO!  OOOOOO GOD! O  God! O God!  O God! OGOD!OGOD!OGOD!OGOD! I can’t believe THIIIIISSS!”.


        By this time I was ready to blow my load again, so I let it go, from deep within my balls my cum came churning up the shaft of my dick, burning with feelings of sweet torture, to squirt out in glorious pleasure deep with in this girl’s ass, matching Kelly spurt for convulsion, spewing my cum within Kelly as I took my pleasure with her’s.   As she finished, she fell forward onto my bed where I flopped next to her, cradling her in my arms.


    “Isn’t that better?”  I asked.


    “Mmmmmm” was all Kelly said as she nuzzled her cum and sweat soaked body into my arms.




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